Amber Portwood’s Young Son James Has Reportedly Moved to California with Amber’s Ex Andrew Glennon

When your ex moves your kid across the country and you’re left to hang out with the couch puppets…

Amber Portwood’s son James is officially a California resident. 

According to The Sun, the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star’s ex boyfriend Andrew Glennon is now living in his mother’s Malibu home with his and Amber’s son, nearly three months after he was granted sole custody of the four-year-old.  

As The Ashley previously told you, along with sole custody, an Indiana judge granted Andrew’s petition to relocate to California with James. Though Amber is allowed to visit her son, she is required to fly to California every other month to do so. (Andrew has been ordered to bring James to Indiana on the alternating months for visits, too.)

Andrew is now listed as living in the $5 million Malibu home, owned–- and currently occupied–- by his mother, Charmaine Witus. Zillow describes Andrew’s mom’s Malibu pad as a single-family home located on 3.05 acres. The house includes 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a pool and spa. 

“Ok, but how many couches are we talking’ about?”

The residence also features a guest house, currently occupied by Andrew’s sister and her fiancé. Andrew reportedly attempted to use this detail to his benefit in court, arguing that there is more family around the home to help support both him and James. 

“Helllooo free lodging and childcare!”

While Amber previously likened the judge’s ruling to a nightmare, the current custody plan will be rolled out in phases to help James adjust, and Amber will be allowed overnight visits with the boy for the first time since 2019–- back when the former couple split following Amber’s arrest for felony domestic battery against Andrew. 

Andrew first noticed the court in April that he wanted to move back to his home state of California and take James with him. He also demanded at the time that Amber pay him $125,000 in back child support he said Amber owed him, $20,000 to cover his lawyer fees, as well as regular weekly child support. Instead, the judge ruled that Amber would pay Andrew $52,266 in back child support and $3,000 towards Andrew’s attorney fees, in addition to $624 weekly for child support. 

When determining these figures, the judge reportedly took into consideration that Andrew had been living rent-free in Amber’s Indiana home since their 2019 split.

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34 Responses

  1. I know Amber is far from perfect, but this is ridiculous. What kind of judge takes a child from his mother and makes her pay all this money. Andrew just used her and she just happened to get pregnant.

  2. He’s an opportunistic leech…..He can’t even support the kid financially, like he literally lived rent free in HER house for years while dragging her through court, now he’s going to live with his mommy in California, and a judge thought this was smart? If a judge is giving this man-boobed man-child custody, they must have some major dirt on Amber ?!

  3. I like Gary but I do agree that he should have pulled out of this show a long time ago. When his only storyline was Leah & Amber’s relationship, he should have known it was time to go! That’s having Leah’s most vulnerable moments played out on National TV. It’s the exact same situation Aubree had… just a different parent and Chelsea did what she had to do to make sure the show wasn’t exploiting her daughter. Gary Is too dependent on the money train coming in and can’t bring himself to do it!! Like someone else said & it was a great point.. Amber does not have custody of either child and is no longer a teen but is making millions off of a show called teen mom!! It doesn’t make any sense!

  4. Andrew if you ever see this you are a REAL POS!!!! I hope Karma comes back tin foil and bites you in your a$$ 10xs harder!

  5. Andrew is a pig who stole this baby away from his mother and gagged her for money to boot. Amber is going to get it together and I hope she gets him back

    1. Not gonna happen. And baby wasn’t taken, she never wanted a baby, and they were given up by her because she is not competent to raise a child , she is too selfish to put her children before herself. Her actions are why her kids are gone.

  6. I think he’s the lowest of lows. No child should be kept from his mom the way Andrew has kept him from Amber,and now take him out of state I think that’s terrible Amber has had her problems but has come a long way to change for her kids. I just hope she is able to see her son as much as possible. Andrew seems like he was brought up to be a big spoiled child and moved on to mooch off of Amber and purposely had a child and knew what he planned on doing all along to move back home to MOMMY and live sitting on his ass sucking people of money he is far from being a MAN.hes a sad excuse of a man or dad.

    1. You read like you have a personal stake in this matter. Remember that Amber CHOSE to go after Andrew with a machete while Andrew was holding their son. Also, remember that Amber CHOSE to cancel many scheduled visits with James and Leah.

      1. It’s a lot of shit that you choose to do but u ended up learning n growing from it. Ppl make hella mistakes but you choose to ignore yours and come for hers. You’re far from perfect. If you was u wouldn’t be sitting here judging on her past.

        1. This wasn’t a one-time mistake…It has been repeatedly bad behavior for 13 years (more than that, but I’m just talking about when Leah was born). Amber has had all the money and resources to help herself, but she won’t. Only when she is on probation or in jail. If I remember correctly, the judge also took what she wrote in her newest book into consideration. Amber herself questions her behavior once she’s off probation. It’s best to give children a stable environment growing up. Luckily, Gary and Kristina was there to provide that for Leah. I hope Andrew can provide that for James, the judge knows more information. Obviously, the judge thought Andrew could provide the stability for James. Amber has no stability, I mean I hope she has learned from this situation and has bettered herself. But it doesn’t mean she should even have custody.

    2. Ambien is famous for not using her time with her kids, she blows it off most of the time. BEFORE she lost custody, she would be high and in bed, while hired help took care of him. That lasted until she met Andrew and had James; then he became the sole car-giver of little James, again she was high and sleeping most of the day. She is trash, NOT a “loving mother” she tries to ACT when her image is exposed.

  7. I have no sympathy for Amber whatsoever. She repeated history and lost her second child for the identical reasons she lost custody of the first. Amber continues to be a bad parent to her first child, as well as continues to not accept responsibility for her damaging behavior and actions.

  8. As a mother myself this would be a nightmare, but I would’ve never let it get to this point.. she never put the effort into her kids period. This is her second child to lose custody of and perhaps he’s better off there

  9. So Amber has ZERO children and is in her 30s and on a show called Teen Mom, which films her life raising her kids.

    Make it make sense

  10. Both are bad for James..they should of gave custody to Gary and Kristina so he could stay with Leah and have a chance at life..

    1. That is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard! Seriously? You are either joking or in an alternate universe! WTFlip is wrong with some people? Hey why not hand the kid off to some stranger down the street? #idiotville

  11. I think some here are forgetting that Amber is a violent abuser. She is not stable enough to be around her son alone.

  12. They’re not normal. Momma in a mansion supporting her two adult children and their families. James was attracted to Amber while she was filming a different trainwreck relationship. I’m no Amber fan, but she got screwed from the time James targeted her for the cash. He didn’t have a career, he just got lucky.

    1. Can’t help but agree with most of this. Although, in regards to living with the mom… I guess in this housing crisis I’ll give it a pass. It sure doesn’t look good on paper though.
      This child is not having the best start, that’s for sure. Both parents are…. Not quite Right.

    2. Jenn, I agree 100% Let’s see if this dude ever even gets a job. I’m sorry but I can’t stand this guy. I feel as though from the start he heard her interviews in the show he was a camera man on and took advantage of Amber. He played a game and he won. How sad. My heart aches for little James. He will be an adult some day and will be able to make his own decisions and have his own opinions. I would put money on it that Andrew will do nothing but destroy Amber’s name to their child…but as I said James can form his own opinions before we know it. When he becomes a brat teenager I’m sure Andrew will want to give him back to Amber. We will all be setting back and watch this all unfold. James is the most important part when it comes to this train wreck. ??

    3. Actually Amber put herself into every stupid situation she’s ever put herself in with her children Amber was not screwed Amber screwed herself completely Andrew is great with his son he was meant to be a daddy but Amber was never meant to be a mother from day one

      1. Andrew won’t have to say one thing to destroy Amber’s name. She has already done that herself. Do you even recall the audio of her tormenting Andrew? WITH baby James right there? No she’s a lost cause lunatic waiting for her rubber room and in need of a frontal lobotomy. She’s had way too many chances to straighten up and be a decent mom, let alone human! #trashy

  13. I by NO MEANS like Amber or think she’s mother of the year but this guy is a prick & got exactly what he wanted. I don’t think he was ever in it for Amber. I think he saw dollar signs! She gave him exactly what he wanted!! The whole time he has James in Indiana, he could have worked to support him. Instead, he chose sponging off Amber and doing nothing to financially support his child. I said financially… I know he was the primary care giver and would never say he did nothing for him. He’s going to do the same thing in California. Live with mommy, rent free and sponge off her instead. He told the judge he had a real estate job waiting for him in California… with NO REAL ESTATE license!!! This guy has been creepy from the get go and a loser!!! I don’t know who James would be better off with but I do know James not having both parents in the same state will definitely affect him growing up.

    1. Definitely no winners here, except Andrew I guess. Guy doesn’t have do work! He can leech off mommy. What a “man”. Ugh.
      Poor kid is getting the shorter end of the stick. He’s a cute little boy too. Sucks to see it.

    2. MER119…can you scream that comment so that the ones in the back can hear?!?! I agree with everything you say ?!!!! Poor James…one day he will be grown and have his own opinions about his parents. I just have a gut feeling his entire childhood will be nothing but his father trash talking his mother to him. So sad. I don’t believe a word Andrew says…he’s a lazy asshat. Lived off Amber for how many years now?! I mean damn not only did the loser live in her house rent free but also drove her vehicles. I seriously can’t stand him. Sorry…but at least Amber has been seeking help. It’s so very obvious that Andrew has major issues as well. With all the things he has posted and put on the internet. This dude is a damn narcissistic jerk. I do believe he was gas lighting Amber and poking her over and over the night everything went down. There is always 3 sides…and I sure don’t believe his. Neither are innocent. But damn like I said at least Amber admits her faults and reaches out to get help. I haven’t seen Andrew do anything but suck money from everyone he’s around..first Amber now his own Mother. Disgusting.

      1. Penny I agree 100%! Something has been so off about this guy from the very beginning but I think Amber was so desperate for a “normal” relationship after that train wreck of a relationship with Matt that she was blind to the red flags waving right in her face!! He definitely played a huge part in what happened that night! I think everything went right according to plan for him! He came back to the house after the first fight knowing it wasn’t gonna be any better!! He wanted money and hes got it now!! He’s never gonna have a real job and will blame it on having to take care of James by himself!! James will be a full ass grown adult and this guy will still be living with mommy!! Poor James… he’s the one suffering in all of this!

  14. i hate to say this especially since it’s affecting leah but as much as i dislike both andrew and amber maybe james is better off with his family in california. hopefully they don’t have any screws loose and he can actually grow up peacefully

  15. What a prick?!!!

    Im not an Amber fan by any means but I was actually pulling for her to continue to do good. I mean she’s finally off probation and this happens…Lord have mercy!!

    And it’s like Gary said this is not only gonna hurt Amber but Leah too. But that what Andrew wants, he’s only out for what benefits #1 (himself).

    1. Gary only cares that he gets those checks from mtv or he would of pulled leah out of teenmom. Kids deserve semi normal life and privacy not being paycheck for parents.

  16. I sure hope Andrew’s family is normal. I think Amber losing custody was a positive thing for James, but who knows how these other family members are.

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