Amber Portwood Has a New Boyfriend Named Gary Who Has “Never Seen ‘Teen Mom'”: What We Know So Far

“Getting a new man means I also get to try out plenty of new couches at his house!”

Amber Portwood has a new boyfriend!

Us Weekly revealed on Friday that the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star has been dating a man for about four months, and that Amber’s new beau is named….wait for it!….Gary!

While her new boyfriend is not her former fiancé and baby daddy Gary Shirley, he does have some things in common with the OG GarBear: he’s from the Indianapolis area and is in his early 30s, according to Us Weekly.

Amber and Gary 2.0

“Despite dating for only a few months, things are heating up between the couple,” the magazine’s source claimed, adding that the lovebirds met via a dating app. “They are taking their time getting to know each other, but it’s getting serious.”

When you realize you can bust out all your 2009-circa items emblazoned with “Gary+Amber 4Eva” and reuse them…

Unlike her previous suitors (cough, Matt Baier, cough), Gary 2.0 has reportedly never watched Amber’s ‘Teen Mom’ shows, so he can’t judge her for her past on-air antics.

“All the guys Amber has dated before she met on social media and were fans of the show,” the source stated. “This new man in her life has actually never seen ‘Teen Mom’ so she feels she can finally date in the way she’s always wanted to.”

“Please, Lord, don’t let him find out about that season of ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ I was on!”

Gary 2.0 reportedly has no baby mama drama of his own, as he has no kids.

However, the source claims he’s “very family-oriented” and is a caretaker to his parents.

As ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, Amber has two kids: daughter Leah with [OG] Gary, and son James with ex Andrew Glennon, who, in 2022 moved from Indiana back to his home state of California, taking James with him. Amber and Andrew currently have a set schedule to deal with the cross-country visits. 

“It’s a hard situation,” the magazine’s source stated. “She does the best she can to navigate it.”

It is unknown is New Gary will be featured on the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.’ 

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(Photos: MTV; Schmooze PR)


  1. The guy is super creepy, as one would expect from Ambien. What drama can she get into with her latest hostage? This girl is never out of bed, so how are they dating? It must happen in those odd moments when Ambien isn’t high out of her miniscule mind!

  2. These boyfriend moochers of hers always trip me out when they say they don’t know anything about her, when Google is available. He better make sure he doesn’t get her pregnant, and hides the swords, machetes, and sharp objects in the house.

  3. What happened to her last boyfriend? The European one, I forget which country he was from.

  4. Poor fake Gary, he has no clue what he’s gotten himself into, probably literally.

    He reminds me of September from the show Fringe though ( if you don’t know, look him up, you can’t unsee it lmao).

    Also, she still looks high af almost 24/7. Either her eyes are permanently stuck, or someone has some splainin’ to do.

  5. Know who else we ain’t heard from lately?
    Cate and Tyler.

    I kinda like these folks having faded away.

    We get to forget about them, which is nice.

  6. If he knows nothing about her past, I hope the day he finds out about it he runs away. You DO NOT want to be chased after with a machete, Gary 2.0!

  7. Who is going to break the news to him that she is a machete wielding psychopath from hell? Hopefully he googles her ass.

    1. And if he doesn’t google her, that’s his own dumbass fault. Who tf dates someone semi “famous” and doesn’t Google them. That would be extremely stupid lol

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