Rachel Leviss Reveals If Lisa Vanderpump Knew About Her Affair With Tom Sandoval & Why She Thinks Production Knew Months Before the News Broke

“This girl is a lightening bolt to my last nerve, I swear!” 

A week after Rachel Leviss confirmed that Tom Schwartz knew about her affair with Tom Sandoval all along, the former Vanderpump Rules star is revealing who else knew about the cheating scandal, prior to the Scandoval going public. 

On a recent episode of her Rachel Goes Rogue podcast, Rachel was asked by her podcast producers if she believes ‘Vanderpump Rules’ matriarch Lisa Vanderpump and Lisa’s husband, Ken Todd, had a heads up on what was going on between Rachel and Sandoval– who at the time, was in a long-term relationship with cast member Ariana Madix. 

Whether these two knew or not, we’re eternally grateful that this scene–- and Ken’s Emmy-worthy “I can’t believe” performance, specifically–- happened.

“I don’t know if Ken and Lisa knew about the affair as much as I think production probably knew about the affair,” she said. 

According to Rachel, producers likely suspected something after catching a moment between her and Sandoval on-camera while the cast was in Cancun, Mexico, for Scheana Shay and Brock Davies’ wedding.

“There’s a moment that they caught on-camera of Tom like, slapping my ass like, right behind Ariana’s back and me pushing his hand away, and they caught it,” she said. “I know that they saw it because they kept [that moment] in [the show].”

The on-camera  Scumdoval Sandoval ass-grab…

Rachel said she also suspects producers knew something was going on due to the content in the Season 10 trailer, which she claims “teased the affair.” 

(While the Season 10 trailer did include the scene in which Sandoval addressed the rumor that he and Ariana were in an open relationship, as well as a glimpse of the couple swimming with Rachel in Mexico and Sandoval and Rachel hugging, the trailer definitely put more of an emphasis on Rachel’s alleged interest in Schwartz.) 

“Yeah…thanks again for that.”

Rachel also noted that producers are “all up in” the business of the show’s cast members during filming. 

“They’re looking at what we’re posting [on social media] all the time, who we’re hanging out with, they’re hearing what we’re saying, like, when cameras aren’t rolling because we have mic packs on,” she said. “So it’s very enmeshed and I would be very surprised if they did not know about it.” 

One of the now-deleted photos Rachel posted of her and Sandoval, pre-Scandoval…

Season 11 of ‘Vanderpump Rules’-– on which Rachel will not appear–- premieres January 30 on Bravo. 

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(Photos: Bravo; Instagram) 


  1. Do we really have to go another season of hear about this scandal! Move on get another story line getting tired of hearing about it & will have to stop watching ! Get on with it!

  2. Maybe she should have gone to middle school Critical Thinking class before therapy because those brain cells are not working together.

    “[The producers are “all up in” the business of the show’s cast members during filming…] they’re hearing what we’re saying, like, when cameras aren’t rolling because we have mic packs on,”

    I’m more than happy to point out all the ways the producers are shady as hell: this is not one of them.

    The reason “hot mic moments” can create such drama is because everyone who puts on a mic–or has two brain cells working in tandem–knows that, if it’s on them, it’s on. They’re not being secretly recorded. Once every few seasons, someone on *some* show forgets and says something they wouldn’t have said had they remembered they were being recorded. But no one is shocked to discover they can be heard if they’re mic’ed.

    Middle school children in school plays are acutely aware of this when the use the restroom. If this dimwit was talking about or acting on her affair while her mic was on, she was desperately hoping to get “caught” earlier.

    And if production actually had anything recorded that even suggested she and Tom were being that sloppy, they’d have played it in flashback with a sketchy door as the visual to imply the two were talking, sleeping together, anything, right under their noses, in the next room.

    She’s said before that she and Tom (read:Tom) had a whole plan as to when they’d tell Ariana. Now she wants to play like they weren’t trying to hide it until after the cameras were gone?

    I thought the one intelligent choice she made in this whole brouhaha was to go to treatment and disappear from the public eye in the immediate fallout. She’s undone any benefit that served her because she needs that attention. Good god. Get off the podcasts and SM, stay in therapy and out of the public eye, and find some work that lets you go live a quiet existence. Let Tom dig his own hole, and go live your life. Privately. It really can happen without recording equipment there to capture it all.

  3. If she did go for therapy then she needs a refund. There’s zero accountability and all she does is project on to other people. But when she’s done talking bout this where does the podcast go cos she seems to have nothing else going on…we’ve all moved on, she should get a job and do the same

  4. No One Cares, Rachel! Move on. Stop blaming everyone for you being a ho! Your therapist can brainwash you to believe you’re a bambie-eyed innocent child in all this just the same as you claim Tom brainwashed you. First of all, you have to have a brain to be brainwashed. Having watched the show, we all know that can’t be. Move along. No one cares. If you’re trying to heal and move on with your life then move on. You’re just making yourself look more like an ass. It’s embarrassing. Stop bringing your therapist on your show just to validate your messed up life! A good therapist would have told you by now to move along.

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