‘Teen Mom’ Star Catelynn Lowell Slammed By Fans After She Begs For Donations to Fly Her Dad’s Filipino Girlfriend to the United States

What Tyler should have said when Cate suggested posting this…

Catelynn Lowell is once asking her fans for money– and, this time, things did not go well. 

Fans began calling the longtime MTV star “a grifter” and “tacky” for begging for money, despite the fact that she (and her husband Tyler Baltierra) each make a very hefty paycheck for appearing on the Teen Mom shows! 

Earlier this week, Catelynn shared a GoFundMe she created to help raise money to help her dad, David Lowell, bring his girlfriend Christine to the United States from her native country, The Philippines. On the fundraiser’s page, Catelynn tells her fans that Christine is the person that her dad “wants to be with for the rest of his life” but that she and David haven’t seen each other in over a year because they live across the world from each other.

“My father has started the process of getting her to legally come to the United States so they can finally get married, be happy and be the family they want to be!” Catelynn wrote, later adding, “The process is hard and takes lots of money. It has been over a year since they have seen each other and we are hoping to raise money so they can be in each others arms again! If you see it in you to donate even a dollar we would absolutely be so grateful!”

Catelynn is hoping to raise a whopping $7,000 with her fundraiser but, as of press time, has only raised $645 (with $500 of that amount being donated by Catelynn herself!) 

Although Catelynn’s online followers weren’t willing to offer their money to the fundraiser, they were willing to offer their criticism of Catelynn for asking people for money, despite her own MTV salary. 

“Tacky AF!” one person wrote in response to the tweet Catelynn posted promoting the fundraiser.

All of our faces as we read Cate’s cringy fundraiser page…

Another person noted that this is not the first time Catelynn has asked her fans to donate money, as she posted a fundraiser in 2022 to raise money for her daughter Novalee’s sports activities.

“This grift is just as bad as you asking for donations for you daughter, & accepting gifts on TikTok,” the person told Cate on Twitter. “You make so much money there’s no reason you can’t help him out on your own.”

One person suggested that Catelynn posted this fundraiser publicly simply to buy herself a storyline for upcoming Teen Mom: The Next Chapter seasons.

“…so we have to turn crap like this into storylines!”

“What is the minimum amount of effort I can put into something and make it a storyline for next season? -Catelynn,” the person wrote. 

As The Ashley has previously reported, Catelynn has maintained a good relationship with her dad, David, over the years, but is currently estranged from her mother, April. Cate and Tyler are also estranged from Ty’s father, Butch Baltierra, following years of them attempting to help him with his addictions and legal issues.

One disgruntled follower brought up the fact that Tyler was happy to fork over money to get Butch into his most-recent rehab several year ago, and suggested that Cate do the same to help her own dad, instead of begging strangers on the Internet for money.

“Umm what? You can spend THOUSANDS on Butch going in and out of rehab but you can’t use your own money to help out your dad? This is kinda weird but maybe I’m missing something?” the person wrote on Twitter.

Catelynn clapped back, informing the person that Tyler didn’t pay for Butch’s rehab trip.

“Ummm he got that for free lol,” she revealed, adding, “Yeah he got in because my got him a scholarship people think they know everything.”

Anyone else think this guy may have been where the “scholarship” came from?

(Of course, this directly contradicts a statement Tyler made on Teen Mom OG in 2018 that he paid $48,000 for Butch’s rehab stay.)

Catelynn’s other recent online antics have also caused controversy. She started an OnlyFans account last year for Tyler, showing the ‘Teen Mom’ dad in various NSFW sexy time poses, and she continues to promote the site on social media. 

“Why can’t ya use Tyler’s dick pic moola to pay for Daddy Dearest’s lover to come over. Badda-bing! Badda-boom! Problem solved!”

Despite the harsh criticism Catelynn has received for posting the 90 Day Fiance-esque fundraiser, it still remains up as of press time. 

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(Photos: MTV; GoFundMe) 


  1. Hey Catelynn – are you and Tyler going to start calling her mommy too?? I wonder how much April has kicked in to this worthy cause? How about you Baltierra’s stop being moochers and YOU pay for it! Or have someone else in the family deal with it and leave us alone with it. People who can’t afford a funeral, life saving medical procedures or are financially desperate and legitimately down on their luck and have lack of access to government financial support, THAT’S A WORTHY CAUSE FOR A GO FUND ME ACCOUNT. Your dad wanting his “girlfriend” from the Philippines to come to America ain’t cutting it. It’s probably cheaper to send him over there anyway. YOU LOSE CATELYNN.

  2. Hey Catelyn, why don’t you sell one of your therapy horses or have Ty work extra overtime on your OF page ORRRRR.. get real jobs and use your paychecks to pay for your tacky AF family members mail order brides. You’re both almost 40!!! Nobody’s going to care about your outdated story about how you were ordinary careless sexually irresponsible teens who got knocked up and put your kid up for adoption. You’re not the first or last couple to do this. There, now that that’s been said.. start putting in those job applications.

  3. If he can’t afford to buy a mail in bride that’s his problem?! If you can’t afford, you can’t have it.
    People work everyday for the things they want. Get over yourselves leeches.

  4. This stupid show is STILL on? Aren’t these losers on social security yet?? What have these two done with their lives….NOTHING! They will probably go straight from the MTV payroll to welfare! All those big plans they talked about, that’s all it was TALK.

    This dumb show didn’t help them one bit. It has made them lazy, whining, complaining, entitled losers.

  5. Wanting people to help you purchase a step mother is tacky af . Especially when people are struggling to feed their own families. Girl if you want to purchase some cooch for your daddy , do it with your own money.

  6. I’ve flown to the Philippines several times before. It definitely didn’t cost 7k. Max 1500 dollars. This is ridiculous.

    1. I think they are intending to apply for the K1 visa so she can move to the US and marry him. The $7k isn’t the flight but applying for the proper visas and the immigration lawyer so she will eventually get her green card after marriage and stuff.

  7. Give her the number to whoever sneaks hundreds of thousands of illegals in through our border every month.. they’re coming from all over, why not this lady

  8. Omg we live in these apartments that used to be offices, but were turned into like 4 separate apts by the business my dads always worked for, and most of the people who have lived here have worked for that company, too…but like 15 yrs ago a nasty ass gross sweaty creeper dude lived in one, and he literally had a mail order Filipino bride. He paid thousands for her, she didnt speak english, and he was so sketch with her. Like, wouldn’t let her go no where alone while he worked, he would actually take the keys, apparently he was so scared shed see what a gross unattractive loser he was if she went out to do things alone. I didnt kno this til after they left and a neighbor’s son told me, I was a teen at the time. But he got fired not too long after and then he moved out, so I have no idea what happened to either. But I have NO DOUBT at all that this isn’t the SAME thing going on.

  9. I don’t know who is dumber – Cate for thinking this would go over well, or her Dad for thinking this is “true love”?

  10. I hope Cate isn’t stupid enough to co-sponsor this woman, like Leah did for her sister. At least there was a child involved with Oreo (I mean the fact that man left all his other kids behind, so that he could take care of one of them, well just ignore)

    If her father can’t even afford the plane ticket, he probably doesn’t have the minimum income required for a K-1 visa.

    Cate’s family loves reality tv so much, just sign them up for 90 day Finance. We can watch this sh*t show go down and two networks.

      1. I think its 25,000 now for non-active duty military. But yeah. Its low.

        I just don’t believe her dad makes that much in a year.

  11. Catelynn and Ty never accomplished what they said they would. They never graduated college, obtained careers or really anything. They are entirely dependent on MTV. IMO, Catelynn making her “mental health” issues here whole personality hasn’t helped her.

    1. She sure did.
      Every year it was some new retreat or vacation or treatment…

      Not once did they, 2 alternative school kids, try to advance a career.

      Of all the moms that had an opportunity, the couple without a kid had the best chance. Smh.

      1. Just because they gave up their daughter for adoption doesn’t mean they had the best chance of success. Their parents were absolutely unsupportive and they were very poor and addicts. Of all teen moms, Chelsea was the one with the best chances to succeed and she did because her family always supported her and had money.

        1. They had zero responsibilities and all the time in the world.

          Instead of getting tattoos and going to teen clubs, they should have been inside school.

          Poor folks get educations. So do children of drug addicts. At some point, the victim label, victim mentality needs to stop.

          They had help and resources, they just didn’t use them.

          Kail was poor, had an absent alcoholic parent, raised her baby and went to school. And she worked.

          Cate and Ty wallowed in self pity and look where it led them.

          1. It led them to have more money than you and me combined 🤣
            It’s not victim mentality, it’s reality. Inequality is a real thing and we are all different. Even Kail had support from Jo’s family. Cate and Tyler had no one to turn to and a whole life of trauma, including giving up their daughter. They are not perfect at all, they make a lot of mistakes but acknowledging that their daughter would be better raised by strangers was the bravest, most responsible thing a person can do.

    1. Ofcourse it is. Its a legal(ish) way traffic young, poor girls with the promise of a “better life”.
      It always ends bad.

  12. Why don’t you use the money you earn from doing nothing on MTV or pimping out your husband on OF to help your dad? Asking strangers who probably work minimum wage jobs (which you never did) to paid so your dad can fly in his gf is so tacky. If he can’t afford a foreign gf he can date locally. Boom problem solved

  13. Sorry everyone! I spoke these 2 up today..

    “Oh it’s like we get to forget about them..”

    At least it isn’t a story of Kail patting herself on the back.. or a story about Jenelle..

  14. My family doesn’t have a lot of money, nothing even close to what Cat and Ty make. I lost a family member and chose to fly out of state for the funeral. With MY OWN money… never would I consider asking for handouts. Our kids play sports and we gladly pay for everything out of our own pocket. It’s called being responsible adults.

    I’m starting to really lose respect for these two.

  15. It’s weird that people think she should be paying for anything for her dad. She isn’t obligated to give him money. He’s a grown ass man. It’s weird he’s asking his daughter and strangers for money.

    1. I don’t think most think it’s her resposibility to pay but if she tgibks it’s so valid and important then she (who has made $$$$ for years doing nothing) should pay for it rather than asking others to.

  16. Wait I never knew about the gofundme for nova’s cheerleading. Omg I will never look at them the same again. Tons and tons of parents WISH they could afford sports for their kids I’m sure but only the trashiest beg for money online. There are So many scholarships, financial aid etc offered for certain programs. I am low income single mother and I look specifically for things like this to enrich my daughters life. Maybe cate shouldn’t put her in a sport she can’t afford??? Or maybe she could ask her followers to contribute to the team as a whole and put something along the lines of “many families are in need” etc. OR post the link to something actually dire like animal shelter food donations or school supplies for kids.
    She is so gross and tacky. How embarrassing.

  17. Isn’t it a condition to be able to financially support some one in order to bring them to America? That’s a thing even in my very invaded european country.

  18. She’s trash to ask for money again.. money that she can simply give her dad. We don’t make hundreds of thousands of dollars for sitting around a house being lazy, Catelynn. Unlike you and Tyler. You’re repulsive. And anyone who donates to this are just as repulsive as they are.

    1. Most likely, Tyler paid for it and told Butch he got a ‘scholarship’ to relive some of the guilt about going. At best, the rehab might have given a discount, but Tyler probably footed the bill and kept it from Cate.

      1. @alsoash ~ oh, agree 💯 that ty paid for rehab. just didn’t realize that a rehab ‘scholarship’ was even a thing (that he could use as an explanation).
        although butch certainly isn’t the sharpest crayon in the box 🚫🔪🖍️, and would probably believe just about anything. 🤣

        1. Totally agree with that – SOMEBODY put up some significant cash to get Butch to rehab and the lie was probably only perpetuated so that Butch could get past the money/guilt and maybe have a chance at success this go around.

          I mean, we all know how that turned out but 🤷🏻‍♀️

          (Also – I’ve read The Ashley for at least a decade and have always LOVED your username. My own husband once tried to apologize to me with Cracker Barrel ala Gary because he thought the reference would get me back in his good graces 😂)

      2. Multiple people on the show have talked about how Viacom will pay for rehab. Butch, Amber, Cate, Sean, Leah (for like one day), Rhine. I think MTV paid for most of them.

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