EXCLUSIVE! Butch Baltierra– Father of ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Tyler Baltierra— Incarcerated in Michigan For OUI Offense

“I hope they saved me my special cell and chow tray!”

Butch Baltierra is behind bars…again.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that the Teen Mom OG grandpa— who is the father of Tyler Baltierra— was put behind bars on Friday in Michigan. Butch has begun serving his jail sentence for getting his third OUI (Operating Under the Influence), which he committed in 2020 but was found guilty of in March 2022. It was noted in county records obtained by The Ashley that Butch was allegedly under the influence of alcohol when he was arrested.

As The Ashley had previously reported, Butch (real name: Darl) had been living in Texas, and Tyler recently stated in an Instagram Live that he was asked by Butch not to discuss his dad publicly. Butch had previously gotten sober, but, according to Tyler, has since fallen off the wagon, making Tyler cut off most of his communication with his dad.

Bust out your “Free Butch” T-shirts!

In his Instagram Live last month, Tyler said he that Butch had a sugar mama.

“He’s with this chick who has got lots of money, so he’s kind of got this endless enabler, really. They’re in a toxic—they ain’t in a good situation… I’ve gotten to a point where I’ve just accepted him. He’s an addict. Relapse is part of it.”

Anyway, according to court records, Butchy went into jail today and will be stuck in the slammer until at least June 25 (which happens to be his 60th birthday!)

Butch’s latest muggy– taken on Friday—shows that Butch’s once fabulous salt-n-pepper mullet has turned white…and weird…

Once Butch is released from jail, he will have to follow very specific and strict probation terms. In March, Butch was ordered not to possess a deadly weapon; to have his vehicle immobilized for one year; refrain from “assaultive or threatening behavior” and to participate in both mental health treatment and an inpatient/residential substance abuse treatment program. He will be forbidden from buying, using or possessing alcohol or entering any establishment that serves it. He will also need to submit to alcohol and drug tests and perform 360 hours of community service. 

He will also need to pay several fines and find and maintain a job; however he is allowed to live in Texas while on probation and does not have to move back to Michigan.

“Texas is lovely. Why not stay in Texas?”

Butch will be a free man once he does all this and completes three years of probation.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram: Oakland County Sherriff’s Department)

31 Responses

  1. It sickens me when I think of how much money Tyler and Catelynn sunk into his multiple rehabs. I wonder how Tyler’s sister, Amber, is doing. Tyler and Cate hit the lottery but their family keeps dragging them down. I’m hoping Tyler has had enough and at least will put money away for his kids instead of trying to save his dad.

  2. Holy. Tyty looks like daddy Butch doesn’t he?
    April and Butch love story lives on in their mini-me’s.

  3. Butch will never quit until he is ready sorry to say but I feel bad for the family cuz he is harming the family just as much as himself love to all involved

  4. Butch looks Native. I wonder if they are?

    Before you come at me, I’m Hopi and Creek, plus some white.
    Also, ss a recovering alcoholic, relapse is not a part of recovery.
    Yes, they happen, but it’s not part of a strong recovery.

    I get that he totally disconnected from him years ago. Butch did this, tho…but hey, at least he can stay in Texas.

      1. His mama named him Darl Lyn (no joke, that is his real name). He has to be at least half white trash. Sorry, not sorry!

  5. Tyler I hope you see this. RELAPSE IS A PART OF ACTIVE ADDICTION IT IS NOT I REPEAT NOT A PART OF RECOVERY!I am 18 years into my recovery. You have addicts all around you. Including your wife she is a food addict. Educate yourself and set boundaries. The relationship with Cait is codependent and not healthy. You dont owe her your sanity or future. You deserve your own happiness.

  6. It’s a straight up miracle that Cate and Tyler aren’t big time drug addicts with the way they grew up.

  7. Sorry to hear that about butch I was hoping he would get it together for the grandkids .but he’s sick all’s you can do is try to be thief for him Tyler is a good son and he’s understanding how butch is now I wish them the best

  8. I really respect Tyler for just putting up boundaries with his dad, and not allowing it to seep into his life anymore.

    It makes me respect Tyler a little more for the fact that he hasn’t gone down that path, which could have been really easy.

    His girls will really never understand the life that he and cate grew up in and that’s really amazing. Cops pounding on the door at 3 am, dad in and out of jail, drug use, abuse.

    1. It took Tyler a really long time and a lot of hard work to get to that point.

      This is one thing I will credit MTV for, is actually seeing the situation played out.

      Its one thing to live it and another thing to see yourself live it.

  9. It’s nice to see Butch is back home. Some folks who struggle with substance abuse never recover even if they want to. Prison is where Butch belongs and feels the most comfortable. This is coming from a guy who always liked him too.

  10. You should credit the Redditor who found this. They predicted you would put this as an ‘exclusive’ though ?

  11. we love butch and were all rooting for him so sad even after endless support from family and fans he still cant get it together 🙁

  12. That sucks that he can’t enter any establishment that serves alcohol. Around me that’s almost every restaurant besides fast food. Eek

    1. Mc Donald’s offers beer with the menus here, the bakery also with the sandwiches. He couldn’t go anywhere in France!

    2. In my neck of the woods, probation conditions usually state that someone cannot enter any establishment whose primary purpose is the sale of alcohol. Restaurants that serve alcohol would be permitted for him to go into because they make most of their money off of food. Bars that serve food, however, would be off-limits. (I used to work in the court system….this condition was largely a joke, because someone could be busted inside a bar numerous times before anyone actually considered it a violation. And even once the courts actually violated them, the worst they’d do is extend their probation 3-6 months.)

  13. Definitely not shocked. If you haven’t grown up at 59 years old it is highly doubtful you ever will.

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