EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Butch Baltierra Arrested: Get the Latest Details

“I’m back, biotches! I hope you saved me my special cell!”

Butch Baltierra is once again behind bars!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that the Teen Mom OG grandpa was arrested on Tuesday in Michigan.

Butch— who is the father of ‘Teen Mom’ star Tyler Baltierra— is currently behind bars as of 5:38 p.m at a county jail in Flint, Michigan.

While The Ashley is working to find out what Butch— whose real name is Darl— has been charged with, it appears that he has two charges against him. For one of his charges, his bond has been set at $4,964, according to county records. For the other, it appears that he has no bond offered.

Bust out your “Free Butch” T-shirts!

As ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, Butch has a long history of incarcerations, mostly due to his substance abuse issues. During a Season 8B episode, Tyler and his wife Catelynn Lowell discussed Butch’s most-recent break from sobriety and revealed that he was back in Michigan after living and attending rehab in Texas for several years. The last time Butch was behind bars was in 2017.

In January, Catelynn stated in an interview that she and her family have little to no relationship with Butch, due to him once again being sobriety-challenged. (As The Ashley told you in July 2019, Butch told Dr. Drew Pinsky off-camera during a Reunion taping that he was sober, but “was done ‘working the program’ [of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous] and said he’s doing sobriety ‘his’ way.”)

The Ashley has not yet confirmed, though, that this latest arrest was due to drugs.

Butch, who is now 57 years old, does not appear to have a court date on the books yet. However, The Ashley will update this when more info (and a fresh mugshot) is available!

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(Photos: MTV)

48 Responses

  1. You wish you had someone as BEAUTIFUL & KIND as Catelynn!! U r obviously a sad,sad person if u think its ok to speak about someone this way!! DISGUSTING!!!

  2. Aw jeez, hope he’s okay. It’s a bad time to be older and in the clink, especially if you’re probably already unhealthy from drug-related self-neglect.

  3. Well, it won’t be a DUI because as we all know, Butch ain’t no juicehead

  4. At this point it’s too late for Butch to change. I bet he will be in and out of prison until his death. Sad but probably true.

  5. oh no now you really cannot have a boy tyler your whale of a wife already said she doesn’t want to spend 20 grand on boy baby she will never give you the money to help your dad again she needs to safe it for her therapy I mean vacations

  6. If Butch was arrested in Flint, MI it can’t be good. I can only say that because that’s where I’m from. Hopefully it’s not due to anything substance use related. My heart goes out to the family.

    1. It is, guaranteed substance related. In 2019 Butch stated he was going to do sobriety his way and quit NA and AA. That generally means hes going to fall off the wagon quickly. 10% of addicts stay sober. Butch is choosing not to confront a (probably) harsh reality. Pain is why drug use happens in the first place.

  7. I always thought it was strange that he avoided Michigan like the plague after he went to Texas , I know he had the girlfriend there, but to totally disregard Vaeda’s birth seemed out of character for him.., on drugs or not.
    This makes me wonder if he had an outstanding warrant , if there’s no bond set on one of the charges he can’t bail out of the other charge. Butch is either considered a flight risk or they haven’t formally charged him with the second that has no bond set.
    I understand he has an illness , but he has no ambition to want to change, it’s like he’s content with the addiction. I hope Tyler doesn’t try to be a savior this time, Cate will be running to the courts with a pocket full of money if it’s up to her.

      1. @Flossie, when your body physically and mentally is addicted to a substance.. it’s an illness! Contrary to your bizarre comment, most don’t think they are sick, they think they can stop if they want, they only use the illness card in front of a judge to get rehab and not prison . On another note, people suffering from this have all been called “ druggy, crack head, snowman, and Ill, it doesn’t matter to them, they can careless what you call them, their only thought is the next fix.

  8. I have to be honest, The Ashely, I’m a little let down you didn’t go with “Butch Baltierra Busted!” Judges would have also accepted “Harrested.”

      1. Someone on here is putting Drug abuse & Cancer in the same catagory. I’m not shitting you. She got a bunch of likes on that comment. This is one f’ed up world when you have a bunch of morons that think Drug abuse is a disease the same as Cancer. Drug abuse us a choice. Cancer not so much. Ffs

  9. Tyler please don’t bail him out. He is never going to change. If they do owe 800,000, a lot would have to deal with Butch,his sister,and wife. Tyler make payment arrangement so you don’t have to loose what property you own.

  10. I struggled with addiction most of my life. What some people don’t realize is that not everyone can get clean/sober. I believe Butch tried his best at the fancy rehab that Tyler paid for. Not every one makes it. Addiction is a chronic disease like cancer and not everyone who gets treated for cancer survives.

    1. That’s true. A former coworker (whom I was quite close with) who ran local NA/AA meetings told me one time that 10% of addicts actually stay sober. He did prison time, did 9 times in rehab, and would not sponsor anyone unless they met certain criteria of his of wanting to change. Butchs behavior isn’t that surprising but I’m glad Tyler is starting to see it for what it is and not enabling butch. It’s not a lack of empathy, its about not enabling someone who isn’t interested in helping themselves and doesnt want to deal with their issues.

  11. So…off subject…but Cory and Taylor’s special was supposed to be on tv tonight…and they aired an episode of Catfish instead. Does anyone know if it was pulled because of Taylor’s old racist tweets? I wonder if MTV is about to clean house on bad past behavior too since Dee was fired also. It’s just weird that suddenly the special MTV has been promoting for weeks isn’t on. Not even On Demand.

    1. I don’t know if it will show but if you have directv and look at other showings, it’s showing that it’s coming on again tonight at 10pm central time but, I don’t know if that’s the case everywhere or if it will even air.

    2. That’s a good observation. Racial tension is at all a all time high in America. You could be right.

      1. Me too! Ive only just started to watch TMOG & Butchs’ epsisode was THE BOMB I cried when he talked at therapy for the 1st time I was so happy to see him with his grandchild i hoped so much he would make it but shit ADDICTION sucks & yes it is a disease but u also choose what u do about it im an addict not sober well not properly & dont think i ever will be 100% but i dont have kids which makes it so much different!! not better just different!!

    3. Cheyenne made racist remarks too but against white people. Bet nothing comes of that. Racism only works one way.

      1. Racism does only work one way, dumb dumb. Going the other way it is called prejudice. You clearly have access to the internet, why don’t you dust off your brain and learn something ?

      2. People of color cannot be racist against white people. White people are the majority and are the OPPRESSOR and therefore cannot be oppressed. Cheyenne’s old tweets are called being prejudice. Please educate yourselves people ??‍♀️

        1. Try again:

          Definition of racism
          1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
          2a : a doctrine or political program based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principles
          b : a political or social system founded on racism
          3 : racial prejudice or discrimination

          1. Again, white people are the MAJORITY. White people are the most superior of all the races. You CANNOT oppress white people. You can be prejudice against them, but because white people are the standard in this world, minorities CANNOT be racist against white people. Again, prejudice -YES, racist – NO. And I’m saying this as a WHITE person who has taken many classes on racism and social justice and inequality. EDUCATION is your friend, buddy. Have a blessed day ?

        2. Friggin Babs why dont u EDUCATE yourself im a white Australian & damn straight & people of colour r racist towards white people i think ur the one who needs to be educated not ANYONE ELSE

    4. I just read on UsWeekly that they fired Taylor, but she pulled a Jenelle and David and claims to have chosen to stop filming because “reality tv doesn’t benefit her or her family anymore” ?

  12. Sadly this is reality for those with substance abuse issues. At this point all the family can do is live their lives apart from him and hopefully NOT put “free butch” shirts on their kids ?

    1. So was I Cassie. I hope the best for him. Addiction is terrible and a lot of people struggle to overcome it.

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