Catelynn Lowell Gives Update on Tyler Baltierra’s Dad Butch: Talks About His Sobriety & Current Relationship with His Grandkids

“I hear someone talkin’ about me!”

Teen Mom OG fans are gearing up for a new season of the show to premiere. While we’ll be watching the same faces we’ve been following for over 10 years, it appears that one familiar mug will likely be missing from the newest footage.

In an new interview with Champion DailyCatelynn Lowell revealed that she and her family have little to no relationship with Tyler Baliterra‘s dad, Butch, making it very unlikely that we’ll see Butch swinging around his salt-and-pepper rat-tail on the new season. (Yes, The Ashley is aware that Butch hasn’t had a rat-tail in years. However, she prefers to remember that masterpiece as it once was.)

Anyway, in July 2019, Butch confessed that he had relapsed in his sobriety, but promised fans that he was back on track with his program. As The Ashley’s behind-the-scenes sources reported back then, Butch told Dr. Drew Pinsky off-camera during a Reunion taping that he was sober, but “was done ‘working the program’ [of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous] and said he’s doing sobriety ‘his’ way.”

However, in the new interview, Catelynn states that she has her doubts, and added that she and Tyler are barely on speaking terms with Butch these days.

“He’s just kind of doing his own thing,” Catelynn said of her father-in-law. “There is some communication, though it’s sparse. He texts us randomly and Tyler also shoots him a text here and there, but that’s about it.”

Catelynn clarified that they are no longer actively involved in helping him.

“It’s not that we cut ties with him,” she said. “It’s just that we more or less don’t get super-involved. Honestly we are so not involved that we don’t know if he’s sober or not…Tyler’s okay with it. Sometimes it’s good to not be involved…”

Butch’s problems with drugs and alcohol have been documented on ‘Teen Mom’ since the show began. In November 2018, he celebrated one full year of sobriety, but relapsed a few months later. 

In July, Butch said that he had yet to meet his newest granddaughter, Vaeda, whom Catelynn and Tyler welcomed in February 2019, but he was excited to. Unfortunately, according to Catelynn’s new interview, that meeting has yet to happen. 

“He still has not met Vaeda,” she said, adding that her older daughter Nova has no relationship with Butch either.

“Nova does not ask about Butch. I don’t even know if she remembers him or not.”

Sadly this means Vaeda probably never had the pleasure of wearing this shirt…

A look at Butch’s most-recent social media posts shows that he is still dating Caroline, the woman whom Tyler and Catelynn believe contributed to Butch’s relapse. (They talked about that during this interview on the Coffee Convos podcast.)

He is still living in Austin, Texas, where he attended rehab.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. Butch is more comfortable in prison. I remember one episode Tyler commented that his dad has never celebrated his birthday without being in prison, probation or some type of parole. You smoke cocaine for 15, 20 years and you’re brain is fried. There is no coming back from that even if he wants to get clean. That is the big secret about rehabs. Sometimes they just don’t work and it doesn’t matter if the patient wants to get better or not.

    1. As someone who has gone through rehab… you’re RIGHT! I was young, late teens, when I went to rehab for opiate addiction (eleven years sober now)…the four people in my support group who were over 50 are all now dead. After a certain age, there is no hope.

      1. It’s good that you got clean at a young age. In a way, you should be grateful that you did opiates as that brings you down much faster. Alcohol is just as a any other drug but usually takes a long time before an alcoholic hits “rock bottom”.

      2. First of all , Congratulations on getting clean. I’m sure you definitely put in alot of hard work and determination, so be proud of yourself. At the end of the day no matter how or who supports you…..YOU were the one that did all the hard work. I have also had and still do have friends with addiction problems and as much as I love them , and I help where I can….. NO ONE can help unless the user wants to get clean! You can’t help those who won’t help themselves.
        Again….Congratulations on your sobriety 😊👍

  2. Its for the best that they do not talk to him. He has hurt Tyler so many times & its time for Tyler to put himself first.

  3. Good for Catelyn and Tyler. You can only do so much for someone else, who clearly does not want to do the work to stay sober. An addict will drain your time energy, and money like no other.

  4. Poor Tyler. And Cate too. They tried so hard. They did SO MUCH for him and the sister too.
    There’s only so many times you can be let down before it just breaks you down. It’s good they’re getting a break from him, but I’m sure he’ll be coming around eventually and they’ll try to help him again. I don’t blame them, I’d do the same for my family, even if it wasn’t good for my sanity.

    That lady he’s dating is a snake. She’s got a reallllllly shady past. He’ll never be in a good place unless he gets away from her.

  5. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I spotted him and amber at Jim’s in north Austin this past weekend. Only from afar, but they looked like they were doing well.

  6. I guess when the rat(Kail) is mum on her story. You have to do repeats of other online sources. Jenelle sells her stories to TMZ.

  7. As much as I appreciate Butch’s antics, I think that this is a good thing. Ever since their 16&P episode Cate and Ty’s storyline has been all about dependency (chemical and emotional), sadness, ratchetness, sloth, rehab and addiction and I think this is why they haven’t gotten anywhere in their lives that wasn’t a direct result of Mtv money. They need to get away from as much drama as possible so their children don’t grow up in an addiction environment with all the addiction lingo around them like “working the program” (ffs).

  8. Butch is a grown ass man…I’m tired of hearing about him. It’s ridiculous. Butch needs to put his big boy pants on. Or not. I don’t care. Tyler should cut ties with him. Helping family is wonderful but enabling is different and Butch uses Tyler. Tyler needs to worry about his kids not his deadbeat dad. And, mtv…cancel teen mom…they are all close to their thirties now!!

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