Catelynn Lowell’s Brother Nick Claps Back After Catelynn Posts About Feud With Her Family; Nick Claims Catelynn & Tyler Baltierra Took Money From Their Kids & More

File this whole thing under: “Things we shouldn’t care about but we do…”

Catelynn Lowell is in the middle of a very public family feud with her mother April and her grandmother– and now her little brother Nick is jumping into the dogpile!

The Ashley is going to attempt to wade through all the social media posts and rants and recap this mess for you…

Just days after Catelynn posted photos of her heartwarming reunion with her firstborn child, Carly, the Teen Mom star blasted her mom, grandma and little brother for their “toxic” actions on the day of Cate’s visit with Carly and the ones following. It appears that April was present for the visit with Carly– which took place last weekend— and, according to Cate’s Instagram post on Thursday, April “celebrated” the reunion in a toxic way.

“This is how my ‘family’ treats me the morning after our visit [with Carly],” Cate wrote in the caption of screenshots of texts between her and her grandmother Judi, and her and Nick. “The morning after saying goodbye AGAIN to Carly… the morning after seeing my mother drink a beer at our visit…even tho I spoke about my boundaries and not wanting to be around her when she is drinking.

A morning when I was going to have to call her out for that…and I’m the toxic one in this family?”

(As ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, April has struggled with alcohol issues for years.) 

“Cheers, biotches!”

In the screenshots posted of the text convo that Cate had with her Grandma Judi, Grandma Judi tells Catelynn that she “never [has] to worry about me crashing your FAKE reunion because if I wanted to be there I would’ve. You are disrespectful and TOXIC.”

(It appears that some of the family members were upset that they weren’t included in the visit with Carly.) 

Grandma Judi went on to scold Catelynn for treating April so poorly and messaging mean things to her.


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Also defending April was Nick, who tells Cate that she shouldn’t have been “talking s**t” about April behind her back. 

In her caption, Catelynn wrote that she feels betrayed by her family.

“How can a ‘grandma’ and ‘brother’ speak to me like this?” she wrote. “I’m the one that’s working so damn hard to break these intergenerational traumas! When is enough enough?! When does a person just walk away from all the toxic s**t?! This is NOT how family is supposed to be…I’m so over it. I’m exhausted…” 

Nick— who is now 17— was not happy about his sister’s rant about their family. He decided to go on Instagram Live on Thursday and blast Catelynn, as well as her husband Tyler Baltierra.

Here’s what Nick had to say about the couple:

Nick Claims Cate & Ty Took Money From Their Kids to Pay Off Their Tax Debt

On Instagram Live, Nick discussed Cate and Ty’s recent tax troubles, claiming that they have had to “take” money from their three daughters’ bank accounts to pay their tax debt. (As The Ashley previously reported, Cate and Ty paid off their massive tax debt— which at one point amounted to $856,800— in January.) 

“They’re gonna be screwed,” Nick said. “They had to pay a million dollars in taxes last year. They had to pay 20 grand every month… they eventually got so broke that they had to start taking from Nova’s bank account, Vaeda’s bank account, Rya’s bank account.”

Nick Slams Catelynn & Tyler For Acting A Certain Way For The Cameras 

The only person in this whole battle who should be acting like a teenager…because they ARE a teenager…

“[Catelynn] portrays this character; she’s the princess and [feels] we should all bow down to Catelynn and she is our queen,” Nick said. 

When asked about what Tyler’s really like, Nick stated that he’s not nice.

“Tyler is not [nice], nearly. He almost divorced my sister like 12 times,” he said. “No, he’s definitely not nice.”

Nick Also Claims That Tyler Has a Boyfriend in Arizona

“He’s got a boyfriend,” Nick said of Tyler. “This is a true story, too. I love John [whom The Ashley is assuming is the alleged boyfriend] to death, but you know it’s bad when [Tyler] goes to Arizona a lot. And Catelynn was worried about him going to Arizona, so she had to buy a trip to go there to make sure Tyler wouldn’t cheat on her with [the artist known as] Sik World. Just sayin’!” 

(Tyler has appeared in several of Sik World’s music videos over the past few years.)


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Nick Claims April Got a Tattoo of the Word “Toxic” Because Cate Has Called Her That So Many Times

Nick went on to defend April, stating that Catelynn messaged April and called her a “piece of s**t”, etc. and, according to Nick, the attack was unwarranted. 

Nick added a chuckle-inducing anecdote, stating that Catelynn has been calling him and April “toxic” for years. In fact, Catelynn has described April as toxic so much, that April went out and got a tattoo of the word ‘toxic!’

“My mom’s got a ‘toxic’ tattoo, just for Catelynn!” he said. 

“And you thought me marrying Butch was the only joke I had!”

Catelynn Responds to Nick’s Claims

I agree…but here we all are…

Cate took some time from peeing in Tupperware to respond to her brother’s nasty accusations. While she didn’t address each of Nick’s claims directly, she did make it clear that, in her opinion, he is a liar.

“If you believe anything my ‘brother’ said on his Live then you are just as crazy as him,” Catelynn wrote on Instagram Stories. “This poor kid is soooo brainwashed it’s insane and sad! Hopefully one day when he’s older he will realize. And how he pretends he’s so nice to me. He’s not!”

Catelynn went on to claim that Nick has stolen from her, and that she has paid for him to take a lie-detector test (as you do)….

“Like I’m sooo over it all…but again, I’m the toxic one?” she wrote. “Wanna talk receipts? I’ve got more! All he had is some made up s**t in his head. 

Nick posted a final comment to Instagram Stories.

“I’m not responding to anything else,” he wrote. “I said what I needed to but in all reality she shouldn’t have posted any of this to begin with. Very very immature.” 

This is not the first public feud Catelynn has had with a sibling. Back in January, Catelynn’s half-sister (by April), Sarah Haviland went on a rant against Catelynn and MTV over how April was portrayed on Teen Mom Family Reunion. (You can read about that online battle here.) 

April and Tyler have yet to speak publicly about Catelynn’s post and/or Nick’s claims.

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52 Responses

  1. I know Cate and Taylor play the victim with the adoption but April, gramma and Nick are completely wrong here. I hope Cate continues to build these boundaries and walk away from toxic ppl, even if it is family .

  2. Team Nick! And I believe his statements on Tyler also. If they took the kids money they will have a huge problem. I doubt Cate and Ty ever loved echother. The situation kept them together. Glad Carly is safe. Let all the skeletons come out of the closet, starting with Ty.

  3. Ohhhhhhh this was some juicy stuff here.. I kinda believe her brother. He’s talking like a person would that knows he’s telling the truth!

  4. I would love for the Ashley to comment on whether or not her sources say the rumor about Tyler is true or not. Just saying.

  5. Nick and Caitlyn were raised differently in very different circumstances. He had an older sibling who did everything she could to protect him. I understand him being loyal to his mom but he should ask himself where they would be if not for Caitlyn. Also, I can’t believe Caitlyn’s family is still giving her grief over Carly’s adoption. Granny needs to chill out and realize other peoples children are none of her business. It is not her place to be saying these things. She is being downright hateful and mean.

  6. If Cate’s family is trying to prove that placing Carly for adoption was the right decision, then they’re doing a great job. That decision was the best choice either Cate or Ty ever made

  7. Tyler’s sexuality is between him and Cate and no one else. He doesn’t owe any of us INCLUDING Nick any sort of details, and neither does Cate. It’s their business and the only people that look bad are the people who are all over social media demanding Tyler publicly explain himself. It’s gross.

  8. I can’t believe I waded through that shit to say this but here we go.

    As someone who grew up in a family that was (is) garbage, I’ll give you some insight. These are people who have nothing except drama, hate, & narcissism to hold onto. This is what they live for. It’s tied in with their idea of self-worth, and to be worthy they HAVE to stir the shit pot & give the spoon a good hard fling once in a while. Her brother Nick is nothing but a little bitch (have one of those myself) who thinks he’s smearing Cate & Tyler’s names for the sake of attention & ‘look how bad they are compared to us’ etc. It appears Cate & Ty were never taught to manage finances (again, look at their raising) but the fault is on MTV for not setting them up with some fucking classes which would have benefitted them. Who cares if Ty is gay/has a boyfriend. That is between him & Cate, period.

    This is the type of ‘family’ that mindfucks their kids into feeling some type of way about them so they can never truly leave or be done with them. Their family made a bunch of bullshit choices that they have to live with but by god if they can stage Cate down with em, they will. Terrible, horribly toxic & they won’t ever let go.

  9. We’ve all seen April in action on camera, and it’s never pretty…so I get why Cates mad. Drinking on a Carly visit is effed up. I’d be infuriated if I were Cate and Tyler. However, I do believe some of the things Nick said, especially about HOW Cate and Tyler are paying off that tax debt, and Tyler having a boyfriend in Arizona. That family is a mess man. Carly has got to feel so grateful they did the right thing, and gave her up for adoption.

  10. 20k a month for the year does not even come out to a quarter of a million. Stay in school Nicky.

    1. I am not sure how you came to this conclusion = 20 k per month is not close to 250,000.00. 20k per month is 240,000.00 which is pretty close to 250 K. So maybe everyone needs a math lesson today. Add another 800 + dollars per month to your 20k and you have got it, 250,000.

      1. He said they paid a million in taxes last year, and that they paid 20k a month. So as I stated: $20k a month does not even come to a quarter of a million, let alone a million. Stay in school friend.

  11. Wow! I live in Michigan and have never been to bumf#&@. There’s no reason to offend an entire state. We also have a city named Hell but no one offered for you to go there. Be careful with your words; you don’t have to hate on everyone that lives in bumf$&# just because of a few bad apples.

    1. Girl, my point was that Cate and Ty will be set for life, even if they have to take some of the hundreds of thousands of dollars back from the money set aside for their kids. Because one, they live in Michigan, in a non-city area that is inexpensive. So their money goes really far, not like if they lived, say, in a world like Cheyenne, right near the Kardashians. And two, because they are simpler people – they’re happy in regular clothes from Target and don’t need to have designer everything like Cheyenne.

      Believe me, I probably have less money than April and Nick. My house is falling down around us. We live worse than paycheck to paycheck. Like, we make less money each month than covers our bills. So I surely wasn’t being snotty. My point is that it’s a fact that where Ty and Cate live isn’t a fancy area. So Nick shouldn’t be yelling about their kids only having $300k vs. $200k. Who cares? They’re all going to be fine. So Nick can mind his own business and worry about himself and not Cate and Ty’s finances. No matter which accounts it came from, they just had almost $900k on hand to settle their tax debt, so they’ll be fine living where they do. In that inexpensive more rural, non-big-city area, money goes a lot further and most people don’t have huge bank accounts, including their kids’ classmates.

      So no, it wasn’t an insult and it wasn’t that deep. I just feel terrible for Cate because her family treats her like garbage and she has a really big heart and is very sensitive. If it wasn’t for her, April/Nick/Butch/Amber/Grandma would probably all be out on the street by now instead of living a very comfortable life, but they still can’t leave her alone and they always hit her where it hurts most. They’re cruel.

  12. Sad her family is extremely toxic and addiction runs deep. I’m very proud of Cate for having boundaries and exercising those boundaries.
    When your working hard to change toxic patterns..Others will not like it. That’s their problem you do you.
    I was wondering when this day was going to come because April’s done some horrendous things to her.Quite frankly if that was my mother she would have been cut off a long time ago.
    Caitlin went to treatment for childhood trauma. I’m certain what most of you are not aware that she was sexually abused, physically abused & abandoned forced to raise her younger brother as a child herself because her mother was busy drinking & smoking crack doing meth and bringing different men home every night.

    Her and Tyler made the best decision giving the baby up for adoption because they had no way of supporting themselves or that child. They are one of the few success stories to come out of that whole series of Teen Mom. Both have done a tremendous amount of work to get to a better place.

  13. Can we all just remember this started, because Cate didn’t want April, the addict that would get drunk and abuse Cate, drinking before or during the visit with Carly?

    Like Cate has a right to make the rule, I wouldn’t even put it past that B&T made the rule, and Cate for the sake of the relationship with her daughter, is enforcing it. Maybe from now on, Cate and Tyler just do the visit without the family.

    Cate and Tyler have been single-handedly supporting these people (financially and physically) for years, and this is how they treat her. Cate’s not perfect, far from it, but between April and Cate, I’m betting Cate is probably in the right.

  14. If I were Brandon and Theresa, I would hide Carly FOREVER!

    This gene pool is seriously tainted.

  15. I can see why she won’t have anything to do with her family both of them have given money to her family despite them using her.

    1. He might be bi, he might have an open relationship. But it doesn’t matter. Like I thought we were over “outing” people.

      True or not, its not Nick’s place to say anything.

  16. Carly was so lucky to get out of that family. If they thought she’s gonna run to them when she turns 18, they should think again.

    1. She will it’s why they have a relationship now. That has nothing to do with Tyler and Cate. It’s their family that is trash.

  17. I absolutely believe that they raided the kids bank accts to pay that tax bill.

    They’re broke. Leah is broke. It happens..

    It shouldnt with the amount of income they have but they obviously waste it on dumb shit and dont save and don’t pay their taxes when they get paid.

  18. Cate and Ty what can I say. Act like they’re trying to do some big amazing thing in their lives for their kids but it really looks as if it’s nothing at all. They come from family problems and are continuing it especially by blasting it online, being in a toxic relationship with each other and still sitting on teen mom instead of showing their kids even if you become a teen mom you can build a future. Without the tv. I wouldn’t doubt they took the money from the kids to pay their debts, kids probably have none.

  19. Why do they feel compelled to air everything publicly? I’m sure Cate is hurt, very understandably, but why share screenshots and let it play out for the world to see? April clearly has an alcohol problem and most likely she is in denial. Getting her fans to jump her will definitely not make April seek help. And even if Tyler’s gay (which I’ve always suspected) Nick outing him is a d1ck move. I honestly feel sorry for them because these two have been labelled as the couple who made it since they were practically kids, despite all the chaos. Imagine the pressure they’re under to stay together for their kids and their brand, and I do think there’s trauma bond too.

  20. what an embarrassment, all of them.. if you don’t want to be known as trailer trash don’t act like it? Completely unnecessary to air all of your dirty laundry online. But anything to stay relevant right?

  21. And Nick can sit down. I’m sure he has less than five bucks in his bank account, and if he has more than that, it came from Cate. As for the bank accounts, first, he’s probably lying, but even if it’s true, relax little boy. Three little kids in bumf$#$ Michigan with hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank will be just fine. I’m sure their classmates all have $0. Even if their parents need to take some back, they’ll still have a lot. It’s not like the kids worked for that money all their lives – that IS Cate’s money from the show, she just put it aside for them. So what if she had to take some back? A zillion parents have found themselves in a situation where they need to take money from savings or their kids’ accounts or college funds or whatever. It’s called life. And apparently he has forgotten how many times Cate and Ty rescued him from that hell house when he was little, and babysat him, had him sleep over for a while, took care of him. She used to cry about him all the time and feel terrible about his situation. Now he thinks he’s a big man and he’s going to trash them? Ok Nick.

  22. They’ve been cruel to her since she was a little kid, and although I know she won’t, she should move far away from all of them and cut them off. The grandmother saying that is beyond a low blow. She knows Cate didn’t want to do that and regrets it and it breaks her heart every day.
    The grandmother is a grown adult talking to her granddaughter like that?!! What a nasty witch.
    I wouldn’t even say that to my worst enemy. If she was upset and couldn’t have a calm conversation with her like an adult, she could’ve at least used a less hurtful insult. Who does that? Plus I’m sure Cate has spent tens of thousands of dollars on each of them, if not more, and every single one of them has continued to be nasty to her. They all act like trash and then they wonder why Cate wouldn’t invite them to visit Carly — Cate has to walk a fine line with Brandon and Teresa so the visits don’t get shut down. Did you see Teresa’s face at their wedding, when the relatives were acting up? It would be worse at a visit with Carly. Something would happen and poof, no more visits ever.

  23. Grandma acts like she’s so superior because she would never place a child for adoption. The truth is she’s too selfish to understand the tremendous love and sacrifice it takes to be able to do that. She’ll keep her “blood” whether it’s in their best interest or not.

    1. Grandma needs to remember that she raised April. So maybe she shouldn’t be judging anyone else’s parenting decisions.

  24. I do think Tyler is gay, or at least Bi. I also believe the part about him almost leaving her 12 times.

  25. And some of you got upset 3 days ago when I posted “These two are the poster children for why open adoption is not always a good decision.”

    1. I love how this kid “Nick” is talking about how Caitlyn used money from her kids bank accounts to pay off debts. Nick, how much is in your bank account from your “mother” April? Oh, wait, you don’t have one? Your mom is living paycheck to paycheck buying you food at gas stations or from the losers she sleeps with night to night? Or maybe from freeloading off of Caitlyn and Tyler like all the rest of your white trash family? GTFO of here. They are the only ones who made a smart choice to get their first born away from the likes of you guys! This poor girl will NEVER have peace because your loser family will constantly make her feel guilty for what her motherly instincts told her was the right thing to do! You did the right thing Caitlyn! Even if your jerk ass family won’t ever acknowledge it!

    2. Actually they are their family has shit to do with them they have done a great job. It’s their family that they don’t have a relationship with anymore is trash.

  26. This family is just MESSY! It’s not cool to put anyone. Not your place, not your business, not your story. If Tyler is gay (not saying I believe that statement), it’s not for Nick to discuss. Worry about your own life and own business.

    Living life in front of cameras and a judgmental world would be horrible. Not worth the MTV payday for most people. Definitely not for me.

    1. Sorry, I tried to say that it’s not cool to out someone’s sexuality, not put anyone. Stupid autocorrect

  27. The way my eyeballs rolled all the way into the back of my head at “I’m the one that’s working so damn hard to break these intergenerational traumas!” ??? OMG y’all, you woulda thought I was Linda Blair herself!

    This is too much. Where is Maury at when you need him? We need a trash-whisperer to sort these fools out ??

    1. Right.

      Break the “””curse””” by ignoring them, not posting all this online for the world to see.

      It’s not that complicated. .

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