Catelynn Lowell Shares New Photo of Bio Daughter Carly After Recent Visit; Tyler Baltierra Applauds Carly’s Parents Brandon & Teresa For Doing “An Amazing Job Raising Her”

“We didn’t even try to make a scrapbook this time!” 

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra shared a rare family photo to social media on Sunday featuring their three young daughters and their 14-year-old biological daughter, Carly. In a heartwarming comment left on Catelynn’s post about their visit with Carly, Tyler expressed his happiness to be with all four of his biological daughters and Catelynn, praising both Cate and Carly’s parents Brandon and Teresa.

As you may remember, Cate and Tyler placed Carly for adoption during their 2009 episode of 16 and Pregnant. Carly’s parents, Brandon and Teresa, were featured in the episode, and Cate and Tyler’s visits with the family were documented on the early seasons of Teen Mom OG. 

Over the years, Cate and Ty have had some tension with Brandon and Teresa, mainly over the fact that Carly’s parents don’t want Catelynn and Tyler sharing photos or information online or on the show about Carly, who is now 14.

These visits were a pretty major storyline…hence the giant “CARLY” graphic seen above.

Since placing Carly for adoption, Cate and Tyler have welcomed daughters Novalee (in 2016), Vaeda (in 2019) and Rya (in 2021). While their visits with Carly later took place off camera-– and at one point, not at all–- Cate and Tyler revealed Sunday that they recently had “an amazing visit” with the teen. 

(The group is shown walking away from the camera in the photo Cate posted, likely keeping with Brandon and Teresa’s request to keep their daughter’s life private.)   

“Had an amazing visit with our girl. She’s funny, kind, SMART, goofy and STUNNING,” Cate posted to Instagram. “Adoption is hard and saying goodbye time and time again is soooo hard!!!! But seeing all of our girls together, getting to know Carly deeper and deeper each time and being with all four of our daughters is truly such a blessing!” 

“Yeah…good to see you guys, too.”

In his comment on Cate’s post, Tyler called the time spent with Carly, Cate and their three daughters “truly indescribable.” Tyler also shared some kind words about Carly’s parents, Brandon and Teresa. 

“ … Her parents have done such an amazing job raising her!” Tyler wrote, adding that it was “pure magic” getting to see Carly interact with her sisters. 

“ … They have an unmistakable connection that’s bonded between forces that are far greater than just shared dna…it’s literally pure transcendental magic. I didn’t want it to ever end.”  

Tyler also gave his wife a shoutout for being the “strongest woman I’ll ever come to know.” 

“ … You are the BEST MOTHER I have seen & this family is only a family because of YOU!” Tyler wrote. “You are the most courageous, loving, wise & intuitive spirit & this family of ours is beyond blessed to have you as its beautiful matriarch.” 

Catelynn’s father, David Lowell, was also present for the meet-up with Carly. In a comment left on Cate’s post, David described it as a “beautiful, emotional, loving time.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to have shared this next visit with Carly,” he wrote. “She’s a beautiful soul. The bond is magical between her sisters and you two. That hug from her was priceless.”

Cate and Ty’s trusty adoption counselor, Dawn Baker, was also present for the meet-up.

“Loved every moment of the visit with and for you guys!” Dawn wrote. “You sure do make beautiful daughters and it is very clear that they ALL love you.” 

Camera crews were present to capture footage of the visit with Carly, so it’s likely that it will be covered during the upcoming season of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

22 Responses

  1. Notice in the photos Carly holds on and connect with…is touching her biological sisters and never Cate or Tyler?
    No folks…when she turns 18.. she’s not even thinking about visiting.

    1. Her sisters probably want to hold her hand. She’s 14. If she did want to hold cate and Tyler’s hands I woukd think that was odd.

  2. Why can’t you just….spend time with your daughter and not post meeting her? I am so tired of this storyline, especially since these two bozos have fans who have been hating on BrandonandTheresa since the day they adopted Carly.

  3. I’m honestly surprised that Brandon and Teresa didn’t cut off all contact with these fools years ago. Nobody would blame them if they did.

  4. can’t stand them and can’t wait till she decides on her own to walk away from the two couch huggers

  5. This show really illustrates just many complications an “open adoption” leads to. I don’t really like Cate/Tyler but I feel bad for them how the adoption agency scammed them. I bet Brandon and Teresa regret ever doing it also!

  6. Painful and ugly comments. They did a wonderful thing to put her up for adoption and not murder a fetus. How wonderful to her adopt parents to allow her to have a relationship with her siblings.

  7. Thinking this exact thing. Ty’s photo appeared to be on a house boat or something so they’re obviously somewhere hot/humid. Are they expected to wear business casual clothes to an outing with 4 kids? Nothing wrong with shorts/tank tops/t-shirts in the summer.

  8. The negative comments on Tyler and Cate’s appearance makes me realize that I would love to see everyone post their photos so we can continue to pull this train of judgement based on appearance. Y’all corny; y’all probably look pretty normal (read: boring) too.

    I can’t.

    1. What a hideous thing to say. No one wants to feel like they’ve been babysitting someone else’s child for 18 years. She IS home with her PARENTS.

      1. Tell Cate that bc that’s exactly what shes thinking.

        These 2 absolutely think the day she turns 18, shes going to peace out on the white breads and come back home to the trashies.

  9. I think it would make a better impression on Carly if her biological parents didn’t always look like hillbillies. It’s such a contrast to her adopted parents who are the two most vanilla people in the world, it must make Carly privately relieved that she ended up with a ‘normal’ family!

    1. And Carly doesn’t have anything with April and Butch so she dodged a bullet there. Grandma and Grandpa Whitebread are probably normal, respectable, stable grandparents.

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