‘Teen Mom OG’ Couple Tyler Baltierra & Catelynn Lowell Reunite With Birth Daughter Carly After Two Years

“Don’t worry guys; we left Butch and April at home!”

It’s been two years since Teen Mom OG stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have seen their birth daughter Carly. Over the weekend, the reality stars finally got the chance to reunite with the little girl they placed for adoption days after her birth in 2009.

The MTV stars shared the news of the reunion on social media this weekend, noting that their two-year-old daughter, Nova, would be joining them for the special day.

“On our way to see Carly! Can’t wait to watch this cutie play with her birth sister,” Tyler posted on Instagram along with a photo of Nova looking ready to hit the road.

Catelynn and Tyler first introduced their story to viewers on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, which documented the two teenagers’ decision to place Carly for adoption. Through ‘Teen Mom’ seasons that followed, viewers have seen the couple advocate for adoption and at times, struggle with their decision to place Carly.

Catelynn and Tyler have also struggled with their relationship with Carly’s adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa. At the time the adoption was arranged, Catelynn and Tyler had actually not been chosen for “16 and Pregnant,” and Brandon and Teresa never became all that comfortable with having their lives– as well as Carly’s life– put on display on TV.

Tyler and Catelynn have continued to discuss Carly and her adoption on ‘Teen Mom OG’ and their social media, despite Brandon and Teresa’s requests to keep their daughter’s life private. Many believe that the somewhat strained relationship between the couples is the reason Catelynn and Tyler have not seen Carly in two years.

The day before the planned reunion, a fan asked Tyler if he planned to respect Brandon and Teresa’s rules for keeping their interaction with Carly private.

“I hope you respect that rule and you are over your ‘she’s my kid & I’ll do what the hell I like’ attitude,” the fan tweeted to Tyler.

Tyler’s response was…um, interesting…

Tyler’s tweet has since been deleted…

He did clarify in another tweet, though, that Brandon and Teresa are Carly’s parents.

“I’m NOT her parent. I’m just her birth father. Creating a child does NOT make you a parent. Raising that child does,” he tweeted.

Despite Tyler’s “attitude” on the matter, it seems he and Catelynn are continuing to respect Brandon and Teresa’s request, as photos of the recent reunion have been kept private.

“Um…Tyler? I’m gonna need you to have a seat…”

Catelynn, however, did share via Twitter that the day went well.

“Today was awesome.. seeing my two Little’s play and have fun. all I know is she is beautiful, smart, sassy and TALL!! #blessed #Adoption.”

Tyler shared a similar sentiment, noting the sweet interaction between Carly and Nova.

“Seeing Carly & Nova playing together, Carly pushing Nova in the stroller & holder her, omg you guys!”

Catelynn and Tyler’s visits with Carly were documented on Teen Mom in earlier seasons, although the reunions eventually became private at the request of Brandon and Teresa when Carly got older. Viewers last saw the birth parents and adoptive parents interact on TV during an episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’ in Season 5, when Carly and her parents attended Catelynn and Tyler’s 2015 wedding. (Carly’s face was not shown in the footage, however.)

Catelynn and Tyler are currently filming for the next season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ and, while they will likely talk about their reunion with Carly on the show, it is doubtful that any footage of the day was filmed.

Watch a clip from ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 6 in which Tyler and Catelynn discuss the problems they were having with Brandon and Teresa:

(Photos: MTV)

52 Responses

  1. Both are just not that bright, and Tyler is know-it-all buffoon. If they had any sense, and really did care about seeing her more often they wouldn’t post anything about about it. The adoptive parents have not wavered in the least with concerns on having her be part of the 16&P/TM side show.

    If they would shut their social media mouths maybe BrandonnTeresa would loosen up.

    According to Tyler, you would think two world leaders were meeting. It’s just two kids having a play date, Sheesh

  2. What ever happened to Catelynn and Tyler’s ambitions? Neither has gone to college or had a job!! Tyler is “writing books”. Any crap he writes will be purchased by the same lame brains that buy Amber and Kailyn’s crap. He sits around and complains about how fat Catelynn is. She’s depressed! She has a husband who doesn’t work and whose stupid rants endanger the relationship with the adoptive parents. She wants to see her daughter! One would think that they would be overjoyed about parenting Nova. They seem completely bored with the idea. They should start making SOME efforts to live productive lives. Their daughters both need to see this.

    1. Agreed. I used to like them a lot and respected them for the choice they made to place Carly up for adoption. But they both claim they gave her up so that they could make something of themselves, which they have yet to do. I don’t think they’re bad people, just people who got pregnant at an opportune moment. I don’t even believe they should have been picked for TM. Not because they don’t have Carly, but because it isn’t healthy for them to harp on something like giving their daughter away every single day for ratings. They might have had a chance if they were allowed to cope in private and motivation to do literally anything if they didn’t have MTV money funneling into their bank accounts, MTV has 100% screwed these two up majorly for the entertainment of America and its disgusting.

  3. I think one of the major issues for Cate and Ty is the FANS! I saw the post Tyler made on his Instagram and about 90 % of the comments were telling him that he’s Carly’s real Dad and that Brandon and Teresa are horrible people for keeping Carly away from them. I think they would have a totally different perspective on the situation if morons weren’t egging them on constantly and blowing smoke up Tylers butt so he’ll like their comment. It’s probably hard for Tyler having a bunch of people on social media telling him these things and not feeling a sense of entitlement. I think that’s one of the main reasons B&T want their story kept off of TV and social media. One day Tyler will realize that the way he went about this was childish and not for the good of his relationship with Carly. He’ll say he was young and foolish blah blah blah. I just wish he would stop using social media as his platform cause all he does is attract trash who boost his ego.

  4. Tyler should consider himself extremely lucky that they have any contact with Carly at all. I’m surprised Brandon and Teresa have not cut them off completely.

  5. Glad they got to see her, especially Catelynn…but Tyler seriously needs to stop with the thats “his” kid and he’ll do what he wants attitude. That kind of stuff is going to completely ruin their relationship with Brandon and Theresa, and it’ll be another 10 years before they see Carly….and Brandon and Theresa would have every right to do that. He needs to watch it before he ruins it for him and Catelynn.

  6. As an adopted person, I find Tyler’s attitude disgusting. Trust me, there’s a stigma against parents who adopt, like they aren’t real parents, and I’ve actually had to exaplin 1000000 times that my “real” parents are the ones who RAISED me. My BILOGICAL parents are the ones who placed me for adoption.

    I hate the weird idea that I see a lot, that parents who adopt are just glorified babysitters until the biological parents are,ready to take their kid back. It’s disgusting!!!!

  7. I guess I’ll be the odd person out here on opinions. I’ve watched these two through the majority of the seasons from the beginning, not lately though. I’m betting you guys are right about wishing they were better parents recently. I’ve got to tell you, I wish my parents were better parents and I suspect many can relate to that. I just have to say though, even if Tyler has an attitude and has been rude about wanting more rights (which is understandably not the best way to get what you want), he is still the birth father and Carly still the birth mom. I get that that doesn’t make them the parents now. And that is extremely painful for them as was having Carly adopted. I bet that the truth is that they do or will matter to Carly a great deal, just like all the people who want to know where they came from and crave that connection with their birth parents. If these are their worst crimes, smoking pot, getting demanding, breaking a social media rule (which seems very sensible to me, not questioning the rule!)…I mean jeez, think of all the shitty parent mistakes/choices and then what that could mean to the kid- a supervised visit once a year gets taken away?? That does read like insecurity to me. Plus, although it was a legal decision and what was done is done and likely for the best, not everyone has legal decisions for which they experience trauma that they had to make at 16 years old, and it’s damn reasonably to feel sad about how that played out and what resources they had then to function, let alone just mentally that age in that scenario.

    1. They lack maturity, Carly will probably want to get to know as she gets older but that decision is up to Carly.

      I don’t think Carly will appreciate how difficult Tyler’s immaturity affects her parents, and T&C need to focus on Nova and let Brandon and Teresa raise Carly in peace. I don’t think it is “insecurity” on their part, it is most likely because of Tyler’s attitude, disrespect and constantly over stepping the boundaries so aggressively.

      1. I totally get what you are saying, and you may be absolutely right, that they are angry that he has been disrespectful of their boundary, and I’m not saying they shouldn’t be mad. But I am saying that maybe that’s not a fair shake for Carly, to lose a visit and just that small bit of knowing her birth parents with limited supervised meet ups. Because I also totally agree, that if she has the exposure, she gets to decide if they treat her well or how they live their lives, if they are kind, etc, or if they are flawed (like we all are somehow)- or indeed if they are flawed enough so that she doesn’t want any contact or a relationship.

        1. But you have to understand that T&C have no rights to Carly. At all.

          I think Carly is just fine and the lack of a relationship isn’t affecting her, most likely is just confusing and really selfish on T&C’s part. They should just let it be til Carly takes (or if) an interest in her biological parents. Not all adopted kids do choose to seek them out, my ex and his sister were both adopted and they chose not to.

    2. Your reasoning does not add up. How is it insecurity on B&T’s part when they allow visits as long as Tyler refrains from posting Carly’s face online and Butch stays away? They only refuse visits when Tyler is acting like a jerk and outright refusing to abide by their one request. If they were really insecure, they are well within their rights to close the adoption. They haven’t done that because they are nice enough to keep giving T&C more chances to respect boundaries.

  8. I cannot wait for the day Carly tells them exactly who her parents are and to stop talking about her on the internet. They seem to think Brandon and Theresa are babysitting until she goes to college.

  9. Tyler and Cate still don’t get it, 9 years later. Carly is NOT your little, Cate! I can’t imagine how awkward this must have been at first for Carly, seeing two people who aren’t in her forefront after 2 years. No doubt Cate and Ty were on her like flies on shit. I feel bad that when Nova is older she will probably have a feeling of inferiority because of Cate and Ty’s obsession with Carly. I love how in a tweet Cate posted last week Carly’s name was capitalized but Nova’s wasn’t. That little subtly right there shows Nova isn’t as important. I really wish they would close the adoption and let this girl live her life without the TM adoption cloud over her head every day.

  10. I’m going to be completely positive in this reply and say, good for them that they were able to see Carly. The last time was at their wedding (was that 2 years ago already)?
    They’re sweet kids and they mean well.

  11. I’ve gone from loving these two, to not liking them at all, you are both lazy and disgusting and both in need of a good bath, you need to me parenting your feral little girl and give her a nice bath and for the love of god, put clothes on her!!!! Bloody hell

  12. @TheAshley the title needs to read Catelynn and Tyler reunite with Brandon and Teresa daughter after 2 years.

  13. B & T took on Tyler’s responsibility of raising Carly. From all given evidence, they are doing a fantastic job at it. In fact, C & T have stated they gave Carly to them because they would not be good parents at the time…so my question is, why not be grateful? Cate seems to be…But Tyler is not. B & T do not have to allow these to drug heads to see Carly at all, but they do. Tyler is a self-entitled asshat. “Biologiclly that kid is mine and I will do what I like”. Did Dawn not give him a good explanation of adoption??? No, Tyler. You CAN NOT do ‘what you like’. THAT IS NOT YOUR KID!!!

    1. My guess: As much as he pushed the adoption into Cate, he regrets it now. But they have ANOTHER daughter now which they should parent since she’s actually their first child! Don’t they pawn her off all the time?! And they think they are ready (well, he thinks prob) to have a son now, hahahahahaha NO! He is really immature and thinks just cuz he made her, he has all the rights to her but he gave up those rights when he gave her into adoption, now it’s time for him TO GET OVER IT! I honestly think B&T are saints to put up with his dumbass, I would close the adoption as soon as he would start to blab about how she is his child.

      Btw, I think their fans who know nothing about adoption, made them think they have rights to her too. (I’m pretty sure they get tweets all the time how she will leave the “mean” Brandon&Theresa to come back to them and I’m afraid they will never give up on that false hope cuz of that)

  14. Noooooh, we respect B&T from now on!
    Gives the ‘anything to sell a picture’ – photographers information when and where they will see Carly.

  15. Tyler is incredibly immature, and honestly if I were Brandon and Theresa I wouldn’t let them see Carly at all. I would maybe send pictures once a year IF they agreed not to share them on social media. Tyler was the one pushing so hard for adoption when Carly was born and now he acts like he has every right to see her and talk to her whenever he wants. Obviously they regret the adoption, but they had no idea this MTV money would be coming in and they have a hard time accepting their decision as teenagers.

  16. I don’t understand why they continue to post things and pictures about Carly and get upset when Brandon and Teresa do not let them visit Carly. It dosen’t help that they both sit on their asses use drugs and have no jobs or education. Carly is not Catelynns and Tylers child and they should respect her real parents Brandon and Teresa!

  17. I have a feeling the only reason Tyler and Cate are still together is because they hope Carly will one day run away and come to them. But SHE HAS HER PARENTS! I just……..I just don’t think he will ever get it. I don’t think she is even attached to Nova, she’s like “Ok, she’s my birth sister but I have a real brother at home who I play with all the time.” (Another adoptee as far as I know) Cate seems more chill about the whole thing and she gave birth to her! I hope she has the courage to dump his ass one day, he is just so condescending to her, that’s not good for her self-esteem.

  18. Can’t Tyler Shut the F*** Up?!?

    There was no need to post that, I suppose he spent the majority of his life spilling every little detail that he doesn’t get it? There was a reason BrandonandTeresa kept Carly away from their surreal lifestyle.

  19. I think that Catelynn and Tyler legit think that the day Carly turns 18, she’s going to back her bags and move in with them and it will be a big happy family.

    If I was Brandon and Teresa, I would’ve made the same decision restricting visits, especially with Tyler continually making an ass out of himself with his “she’s MY kid” comments. Yeah, you sired the child Tyler, but she is not “your kid”. It’s like they both forgot that they signed all of their rights over.

  20. Entertaining show. But it is their lives to do with as they please. We have all made mistakes. Only ours are not on TV. I know they are held to a different standard then most because their entire lives are being taped. But all we can do is watch and hope they make better decisions in the future. They are after all human beings like the rest of us. Nobody is perfect.

    1. The thing about mistakes is you learn from them. Tyler has not learnt one thing. He constantly boats on social media about Carly when her parents have asked him time and time again to not. He does it out of spite. That is not being human, it’s being an entitled brat

  21. At this point I would love for Brandon and Teresea to be like, “Catelynn, you can see Carly but that ass you call a husband can’t.”

  22. In the first season of 16 and Pregnant, I loved Caitlin and Tyler so much. Even then, though, you could see that they wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything without intense mentoring. And there’s no one in their lives who can do that for them. It’s such a waste, and so sad.

    That said, I’d never let my children associate with such potheads. They do it on TV!

  23. My only hope is that these two grow up and realize Brandon and Teresa are only doing what’s best for Carly. I actually feel sorry for Nova as she is obviously not having the same quality of life. I hope the girls will have enough it common to be friends as adults.

  24. Yeah! Parenting is letting your kid take a shadoob on the floor and not cleaning it up. Go Tyler! ???

  25. I get that Tyler is being an ass but at the same time I would be frustrated with Brandon and Teresa as well. I think when a child is involved you have to do what is BEST for them. I think Brandon and Teresa are insecure about not being her birth parents and try and keep Carly away from them even when you can tell she adores Cate and Tyler.

    1. I don’t know. In a perfect world I do agree. However, it may be confusing for Carly as she’s still very young. It may be in her best interest to keep things simple for the time being. I also think Brandon and Teresa have (founded) issues with the extended family of Tyler and Catelyn too. Plus, while T&C are far from the biggest f*ck ups in the franchise, they do drugs, their lives aren’t as together as they boast (like not finishing school, etc), and have violated B&T’s wish to not put Carly’s face on the Internet (amongst other boundaries being pushed). B&T are the parents and even parents with no connections to reality TV sometimes don’t want their children’s faces over social media, so given the circumstances it isn’t an insane request. I’m also not sure we can or cannot tell if Carly adores her birth parents; it’s been a long time since we’ve seen an interaction between them. In a perfect world yes, but I’d probably be nervous too if I were B&T. Whatever the case, hopefully the relationship won’t get so strained so that Carly can decide how much she wants T&C in her life when she’s 18 without bias or muddied circumstances.

    2. They are trying to do what’s best for her. Brandon and Theresa decided that it was in Carly’s best interest to live a private life away from the spotlight. That is a perfectly rational parenting choice. Tyler decided to publicly and repeatedly refuse to respect their wishes. Brandon and Theresa didn’t withhold Carly until Tyler gave them a “I’m her dad and I will do what I want. You should be grateful to me” attitude. It also really didn’t help that Butch approached Carly at the wedding even though that was the one thing B&T said they didn’t want. If Tyler can’t respect her parents, then it’s not in her best interest to be around him. Catelynn unfortunately was guilty by association.

    3. Rest assured that Carly considers the people who have raised her since birth as her parents, she has seen Tyler and Cate sporadically through her life and has never even spent more a few hours in their care if any. What is best for Carly is up to Brandon and Teresa and they are doing a great job trying to keep her life normal.

      Not with people who have no jobs, no education, and buy houses on whims and whose entire fortune/paychecks come from exploiting their lives on television.

      Tyler is especially annoying with his complete lack of respect toward Brandon and Teresa, I don’t blame them one bit because God knows what Tyler might tell Carly to undermine their parenting. He has a been complete tool for years now so I really wouldn’t put it past him due to person he has become.

    4. When you give your child up for adoption, you give up your right to be in that child’s life and make decisions for them. It’s called boundaries, and Tyler has zero of them:

    5. First, how do you KNOW Carly adores them? Because Tyler says so? Second, even if she does, just because a kid adores someone it doesnt mean it’s in their best interest to be around them. Third, and most importantly, Carly is NOT their kid! She is Brandon and Theresa’s. The point you are missing is, B & T ARE TRYING TO LET CARLY SEE TYLER AND CATE!!!! Hence the visit…She she’s her birth parents….but Tyler wants to post on the internet like he is God’s gift to parenting. He is not. They do not want their child all over the internet, as most reasonable parents would.

      1. Our daughter who is the same age as Carly “adores” her grandma…who is a thieving, pill popping drug addict. In our children’s best interests they have extremely minimal contact with her. (ie only if she’s at a family gathering we attend.)

    6. You are a grade A moron.
      Ty and care are not Carly’s parents, they stopped being that the moment they signed their rights away!!!! What part of that do you not get?? They are the birth parents, and that’s alll they are, that kid had had one lucky escape,poor nova is a spare and cate seems to be not that bothered about this poor child, seriously if I were B&T I’d close that adoption and get away from these two useless lazy moronic work shy pos.
      She’s not your kid T&C
      And I pray when she’s 18 she flips you the bird and tells you both where to go

      She isn’t their child ok

    7. You’re clearly not adopted and have limited knowledge on the subject. Trust me, as an adopted person, what’s best is firm boundaries. The second those are gone it let’s really messy

    8. Hi. Let me help you understand adoption. It means that Tyler and Catelyn gave up any and ALL rights to Carly. They do not have any say in what is best for her. It matters not whether Brandon and Teresa are insecure. They are doing what they believe is best for Carly. This is not a coparenfing agreement between two families. They are not keeping Carly from Tyler and Cate. This was supposed to have been a closed adoption. Any contact they are allowed is a gift from Brandon and Teresa.

  26. Tyler just has to show his ass yet again. Honestly, as many have pointed out, neither he nor Caitlin has done even one of the many things they swore they would do to “Make Carly proud!” Sitting around bitching out her real parents ain’t going to cut it.

  27. With the disrespect they showed Brandon and Theresa in the past, they should feel fortunate they get to see her at all.
    Maybe Dawn needs to remind them that Carly’s adoption was initially closed and they weren’t going to be allowed to see her at all.
    For two teen parents whose child was placed in a loving and stable environment (as far as we know), these two are wholesale ungrateful.

  28. I’m glad they got to see her. I know as a fan I want to see the visit, but as a parent I wouldn’t want my kids on tv.

  29. When you don’t see your birth child for two years, get the OK to see her and write a comment that is bratty and hurtful towards her parents. Way to go, Tyler!

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