Former ‘Teen Mom’ Star Mackenzie McKee Gives Sad Update on the State of the Relationship Between Her Ex Josh & Their Kids

“Any chance you remember those three oddly named kids you created?”

Mackenzie McKee is getting honest about her ex-husband Josh removing himself from their three kids’ lives.

The former Teen Mom OG star recently opened up about the state of Josh’s relationship with his kids. Mackenzie’s Instagram post from this week shows Mack and Josh’s oldest son, Gannon, graduating from elementary school. While Mack and her boyfriend Khessy Hall posed for pics with Gannon at his graduation, fans noticed that Josh was nowhere to be seen in the photos.

Mackenzie responded, confirming that Josh did not show up for Gannon’s big day, while also revealing that she can’t even get him to answer any of her messages regarding their kids.


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“Damn, Josh didn’t even show up?” someone wrote in the comment section.

“He wasn’t here,” Mack replied. “Probably didn’t even know he graduated. But I do tell him anything that’s happening with no reply just to continue to do what’s right.”

In addition to Gannon, Josh and Mackenzie also share daughter Jaxie and son Broncs. After Josh and Mackenzie split in 2022, it appears that Josh went M.I.A. in his kids’ lives. Back in March, Mackenzie told fans that her failed rodeoin’ ex-husband has basically left their three kids behind and that it had been unnecessary to work out a custody plan with Josh, as she hadn’t even been able to get in contact with him.

“Can’t even reach him,” Mack responded. “Wish him well though.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Josh has been keeping himself busy dating, pumping iron and making extremely corny “inspirational” videos for The ‘Gram. In the comment section of his most-recent Instagram thirst-trap post, though, fans began to slam him for seemingly ditching his kids.

“Your son graduated middle school the other day…glad the gym was open though..” one person wrote in the comments. 

“Bro call your son,” another person commented.

The Instagram page @TeenMomFanz recently interviewed Josh’s ex-girlfriend, Brooke, who reportedly claimed Josh is “furious about” Mack’s relationship with Khessy, and that he has not seen or spoken to his kids for months.

“Josh has not been in contact with his children and hasn’t seen them in several months due to the relationship [of Mack and Khessy]!” @TeenMomFanz stated, sourcing Josh’s ex. “Josh is even ignoring Mackenzie’s messages to him, which is ‘always about the kids and their activities, and nothing more.'”

Josh has not yet responded to Mackenzie’s claims.

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21 Responses

  1. Saying the guy wasn’t there is simply stating he wasn’t there, bot bad nothing but stating facts. Didn’t need to explain to the public but not surprised Josh never showed up and if his side is stating she inly contacts him about the kids then she’s doing right by trying to keep communication open only for the sake of the kids and nothing more.

    Sounds more like he’s mad she’s moved on and he’s not controlling her even though he moved on first, wanted to keep her chained.

  2. Josh never seemed interested in those kids anyway, so this isn’t shocking. Such a shame she made 3 kids, and 3 high risk pregnancies with this fool.

  3. Josh’s actions are what makes him a pos, not Mackenzie’s response. If anybody bothered to actually read the article it’s Josh’s ex who had all the things to say.

  4. She knew who he was before she married him. Keep this shit off social media damn. Can you imagine as a parent bad mouthing your kids dad during a difficult divorce on top of the kids having to deal with their dad not being around. It seems like it should be abuse to dish this crap about about kid related issues idk

    1. how was she supposed to know he wouldnt be there for the kids if they were to break up and when she was 18??? not a mackenzie or josh fan i think she can be really dumb and ignorant but even though josh was emotionless and a dick he was still there for the kids and it’s sad that he’s not there for them now but i don’t think anyone in their family would’ve thought he’d do that

    2. It’s hilarious you interpreted Mackenzie’s response as ‘bad-mouthing’. Now, the ex-girlfriend on the other hand, she spilled the tea.

  5. What a stupid excuse. They are YOUR kids! What difference does it make if she is dating someone new? You don’t even have to talk to him but be there for your kids. This isn’t surprising though that he is a POS deadbeat.

    I don’t like Mack one bit but I will give her one on this one, at least she informs the father of his kids’ achievements.

  6. So is Josh mad that Mackenzie moved on at all? Or is he just mad that she moved on with a black man? If it’s the latter, Josh is a bigger POS than I ever imagined.

    No matter what his excuse is, his relationship with his kids should have nothing to do with his relationship with Mackenzie. I’m not a Mack fan, but I’ll give her credit for trying to keep Josh informed about the happenings in the kids’ lives.

  7. It’s kinda weird that people are so involved in the lives of people they most likely don’t know, that they tell a stranger to call his son. It’s also not the smartest idea for her to post public pictures with the name of her kids school clearly visible. These reality tv people are not the brightest ?

  8. They BOTH suck. It’s one thing to be putting her kids business and milestones out there on social media(I think its wrong, but whatever), but she has NO reason to be sharing ANYTHING about how her kids father is dealing with his kids. That only reads bad for her kids! It gives information to other kids and adults in their lives to weaponize.

    Jesus Mack, do you need sympathy SO bad that you have to badmouth and share that he’s a POS? We already know. Come on, do your kids a favor and deal with this behind the scenes. Its so fucking unhealthy for your kids. Try putting them first for a change.

    1. I agree with you. Imagine publicly announcing that your children’s father wants nothing to do with them so that you can assure the public that you’re “doing the right thing.”

    1. So because Mack is “embarassing herself” the kids have to suffer? Lol, good logic there “Team Josh.”

  9. He hates the new boyfriend so much that he’s left his kids to be raised by the guy? Makes so much sense.

  10. WTF does her relationship have to do with him being a father?! Another POS deadbeat. He honestly never seemed really involved with the kids before.

    1. What do you mean missing? Like no one has seen or spoken to him or did he just like up and move?

      Is he on drugs?

  11. He’s mad bc she found someone else.. or.. ???

    Either way, grow up. Ignore Mack’s personal business and deal with your children like an adult.

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