‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Kail Lowry & Vee Torres Say They’d Return to Reality TV; Farrah Abraham Says She’s a Paralegal & More

“Wouldn’t you guys love to see these smiling mugs back on your TV screens?”

From eyeing more reality TV to eating flowers, it’s been another busy week for the stars/former stars of the Teen Mom franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last few days…

Kail Lowry and Vee Torres are Interested in Doing a Reality TV Show Together 

“We’re baby mamas with no drama…give us a show!” 

Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Kail Lowry and Vee Torres–- the wife of Kail’s ex and (first) baby daddy, Jo Rivera–- have expressed interest in returning to reality TV, but don’t expect to see the Baby Mamas No Drama podcast co-hosts schlepping it back to the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise. 

“I think I’m done with reality TV for now,” Vee told The Sun in a new interview. “Unless it was for the podcast, then I’d be down.” 

Vee went on to say that she and Kail have “definitely” discussed the idea. 

“If we could, like, do more of what we wanted to do, I think that’s something that we would like, if we could have a little more control,” she said. “I would love for it to focus more on us as moms who are just entrepreneurs and things that we do with our kids.” 

The world thirsts for more of this type of riveting content…

Ideally, Vee said, the show would be family-oriented, fun and light on the drama. She also discussed the possibility of filming a series for YouTube or Snapchat.

Vee said it would be a “dream” for her and Kail to launch their own show and they hope “it could come to fruition one day.” 

In addition to the podcast she co-hosts with Vee, Kail hosts the Barely Famous podcast and co-hosts Coffee Convos with Lindsie Chrisley. She is also the creator of the KILLR Podcast Network, which she launched in September 2021 to help other people start podcasts of their own.

“What about you, Isaac? You ready to become a podcast mogul?”

Kail said in February that she was open to returning to reality TV and feels she’s interesting to watch– especially if a show were to focus on her work in the podcasting world. 

“I do think that I have proved that I have the capability to be on a reality show and be interesting enough for people to watch,” she said. “I think people would be very interested to see the dynamic behind the scenes of podcasting, especially when it’s really saturated and people don’t like each other.

You can take Kail out of ‘Teen Mom,’ but you can’t take the ‘Teen Mom’ out of Kail.

“There’s a lot of cattiness that people don’t realize, and so I think that would be a really interesting show,” she added. 

Farrah Abraham Claims to Be a Paralegal Now; Talks About the “Challenging Legalities”  She Has Due to Her Being a “Celebrity” 

Raise your hand if you learned a new legal term and you’re eager to use it in a sentence…

File this one under: “More Farrah What-the-F**kery.”

Farrah is still determined to foist herself into the legal world…or, at the very least, make it appear that she has.

The Backdoor Teen Mom took to social media recently to take a swipe at aspiring lawyer Kim Kardashian, while also bragging about legal work she claims to have done.

The Big F— who, as The Ashley has previously told you, has aspirations to become a lawyer— now claims to be a paralegal who has been breaking her back(door) to give free legal help to…someone.

Or something. 

It ain’t lookin’ good, Farrah…

After People posted a story about Kim K paying off the legal fees of more than 50 moms involved in court cases, Farrah naturally had to make it about herself. She reposted the story and gave Kim some “advice,” all while bragging about now having a “top credited” paralegal certificate. (As always, The Ashley has not edited Farrah’s words at all, in hopes of preserving the authentic “Farrah Speak.”)

“The smarter thing would have been to excuse the fees & clear the moms record,” Farrah wrote to Kim. (Obviously Kim has no capability of excusing the legal fees the women incurred from legal professionals or the courts, nor does she have the ability to clear someone’s legal record.)

“Kim’s part in law allows women to keep paying a price they shouldn’t pay,” Farrah said before bringing on the “humble” brag.

“I’m glad I at least have a top credited paralegal certificate to know this much,” she wrote. “(Congrats to the mothers who didn’t know any better) you deserve far better assistance.” 

In the words of Nathan Griffith…stop it.

And, naturally, Farrah feels the “far better assistance” will come from her.

In another post to Instagram Stories, Farrah claimed to be already helping out people legally, all while dealing with “challenging legalities” of her own that have come because she’s so famous and all.

“My probono work consists of clearing records and excusing fees, as I am going through challenging legalities due to my celebrity,” Farrah wrote. “I truly know what mothers and fathers need to set them up for future opportunities.”

She then signed the post “-Farrah Abraham PARALEGAL.” 

A gander at Farrah’s LinkedIn page (which, honestly, is a treat in itself), now shows that Farrah claims to have obtained her “Paralegal Certification Paralegal Satisfactory Completion” (whatever that is) from the University of Texas at Austin in 2023. She also claims to be a member of the National Federation of Paralegal Association.

For her skills, she lists, “Legal writing, Civil Law, Tort Law, Contract Law, skills for paralegals.” (As you do…)

(Of course, her LinkedIn also states that she has a Masters Degree from Harvard University. In case you missed it, Farrah took an online class at Harvard and got kicked out. However, she now claims she has a Masters from there so…) 

“I got the sweatshirt, which is basically like getting the Masters Degree.”

Farrah was— per law— not thrilled that her followers were not taking her claims of legal accomplishment seriously. The next day she added, “That’s just one job. My next is ‘prosecutor’ since Los Angeles’s should be fired.”

As The Ashley has previously reported, Farrah’s “challenging legalities” due to her “celebrity” started last January when she was held face-down in the dirt on a Los Angeles sidewalk after allegedly hitting a security guard outside of a club. She was arrested and, in June 2022, officially charged with Simple Battery and Battery Upon a Police Officer/Security Officer.

The case is ongoing, with Farrah’s most-recent pre-trial hearing being held last week.

Kail Lowry Says She’s Blocked on Her Baby Daddy Chris Lopez’s Cash App For Requesting Money Too Often; Praises Boyfriend Elijah Scott  

“I know you can see my payment requests, Christopher!” 

Kail may be getting along better with her third baby daddy, Chris, these days, but things between Kail and Chris’ wallet are still bad.

During the most-recent episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, Kail revealed that Chris is not paying her child support for Lux and Creed, the two sons they share. She also revealed that she’s asked Chris for money so many times, that he’s actually blocked her on Cash App. 

“He doesn’t pay child support that he’s supposed to pay,” she said, adding that Chris also doesn’t contribute to their kids’ activities.

“He never offers to pay excess bills. He won’t pay, he won’t Cash App. I’m actually blocked on his Cash App for requesting [payment] too many times,” Kail said.

Chris every time another Cash App request comes in from Kail…

She went on to say that Chris is currently court-ordered to cover 50 percent of the kids’ medical costs.

Kail then praised her live-in lover, Elijah, for willingly helping her with all of her kids. 

“He will willingly help me with the kids so I can sleep and I don’t feel that he holds it over my head or is resentful…and these are not his kids,” Kail added. “He didn’t choose this but he helps so much.”

(Rumors have swirled for months that Kail actually welcomed a fifth child who was fathered by Elijah. However, Kail and Elijah have never confirmed these rumors.) 

Kail stated that, while she is happy to take some parenting help from Elijah, she does not take money from him for her kids. 

“Don’t worry, Elijah. Your piggy bank is safe!”

“I don’t ask Elijah to contribute financially for anything regarding my children,” Kail said before insinuating again that Chris doesn’t contribute financially to his kids. “Especially for Lux and Creed that is solely, 100 percent my responsibility.” 

As The Ashley reported last month, Kail stated on her podcast that she was currently getting along with Chris– as well as her other baby daddies Jo Rivera and Javi Marroquin. Her improved co-parenting with Chris came after she pleaded with him to end their feud.

“I saw him at the football game and I’m like, ‘Please, let’s just do a truce. Whatever it’s going to take to do what we have to do for these f**king kids. I love these kids, you love these kids, so please let’s do a truce.’ We’ve been getting along this week,” Kail said in April. 

Debz OG Dances & Eats Pansies on TikTok

Debz OG: Coming Soon to OnlyPlants

Former ‘Teen Mom’ granny/hip-hop legend (in her own mind) Debra “Debz OG” Danielsen took to TikTok recently to show off her super sick dance moves— while munching on some of the finest offerings from the local garden center.

“Eat pansies!” Debra captioned her, um…unique TikTok. “Deliciousness.” 

In the video, Farrah Abraham‘s mom could be seen dancing and twirling–- to her own song, “White Woman’s Rap,” natch–- while holding a pot of pansies. She then proceeds to pick off a few of the flowers and pop them into her mouth (as you do).

It’s the “eat flowers” caption for me.

Debz OG’s foray into floral foods was met with some confusion, including numerous comments asking the gift that keeps on giving her, “Wtf?”

“Lady are you alright?” one person asked. 

“What in the hell,” begged another. 

“Maybe you should lay off the flower petals,” someone suggested, to which Debra replied, “Don’t count on that my friend.”

While the confused comments were certainly entertaining, our favorite has to be the one asking, “Where’s Farrah?”– specifically Deb’s response. 

“Who knows,” she wrote, along with a series of laugh crying emojis.

Check out Debz OG’s puzzling pansy production below.


Eat pansies! Deliciousness #dancing #eatflowers #gardening #gardentok

♬ White Woman’s Rap – Debra Danielsen

To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 



  1. So if it came down to it, I’d feel more comfortable with Kim K with legal support than letting Farrah near any legal document.

    She and George Santos competing for most dumbest lies and she has to find relevancy now he’s getting more attention for being more famous and arrested.

  2. This obsession with Kim K is actually disturbing at this point. But yeah, she needs help and so does her her mom ..

  3. Farrah’s mother, Debra, seems unhinged and a danger to herself. It’s not even really funny anymore, just kinda sad.

  4. It is my opinion that Farrah is A) a narcissist and B) Also suffers from some sort of delusional disorder…
    With that said, I suppose that applies to Kail as well 😉
    I’m not sure which one I dislike more- I mean, you can pretty much escape Farrah and her BS but Kail does whatever she can to be relevant so she’s a more difficult case to avoid.

    1. Nursing student, had an inpatient psych rotation a couple of weeks ago. Throwing this out there, there was a guy on a 90-day hold who was genuinely convinced he’d recently earned a PhD from Harvard. In reality, the majority of the last twelve months were spent doing time for having (nonviolently, people just left keys in the ignitions) stolen a semi and drove it until it ran out of gas, at which point he commandeered an unattended cement mixer until police caught up with him. He also believed that he was the CEO of Jesus Christ National Enterprises.

      Aside from the whole “having overall positive interactions with him” bit (we chatted briefly wireless earbuds having came down in price and that he’d once a nice pair at Marshall’s for $20, he was kind of intense in his enthusiasm about it but definitely grounded in reality)…is this the least “Farrah” thing we’ve heard?

      Aside from being able to drive a manual transmission well enough to handle a cement mixer. Farrah could never. 😅

      1. I’ve had a few stays in psych wards over the years and you’re absolutely right. It’s actually pretty common in the acute ward to meet people who are convinced af that they have these grand accomplishments. I once met a guy who came across as totally ok but when he got to talking, he told me that Jesus spoke through the Illuminati and the Illuminati could broadcast that message to him via the holes in his crocs.
        It’s kinda sad to see how her grasp on reality has seemed to decline over the years. I used to think she was just up her own ass, but now it leans towards delusions of grandeur. She’s been filmed at therapy but it doesn’t seem like she’s gotten any solid help. I feel bad for her tbh

  5. Paralegal here; if Farrah is, in fact, a paralegal, she would know that we’re NOT lawyers and CANNOT give legal advice. So…not sure what “pro-Bono” work she thinks she’s doing, but she’s not clearing records and excusing fees. Ding dong.

  6. There was just so much going on in this post. Debs eatin flowers, Kail and Vee think people want to watch them co-parent, Farrah’s obsession with Kim K and her delusions are worse than ever before, and Kail is once again complaining about the storm she created by choosing Chris as a baby daddy. These people are nuts.

  7. hold up ~ was the bit about debz og added later, or did i just completely miss it on first read?

      1. @theashley ~ thanks for the reply; was wondering how i could’ve forgotten that ‘enchanting’ debz og tale! 😂💃🏼🌺

  8. Have yall seen that tiktok circling, it’s of Teen Mom 2 probably first or second season, kail is leaned against her car and Joe is wearing this bright blue shirt, walks up, tells her “it’s a nice day, she doesn’t deserve to be out” “you deserve to be in a cave” her reply” wait, what”
    I couldn’t stop dying.
    The video is captioned “when you and your ex are finally on speaking terms”

  9. So I actually went to the NFPA website and did a general search for Farrah. No results were found. To be fair, it only shows those who opt in to be listed.
    Then, I did a search of graduates for University of Texas at Austin. The search on their website lists anyone enrolled from 1977 to present. No record of her there either 😂
    It takes a lot of effort to make up such specific and easily verifiable lies. Effort that could be put towards an actual education or getting a real job. Instead, she spends her time fabricating her whole life for attention. How sad.

  10. I think it’s laughable think anyone would want to watch narcissistic multiple baby daddy Kailyn, pretend not to have drama with a younger prettier thinner girl than her who’s with the first guy she was ever in love with while her son tells her to keep her sex toys out of his view and basically keep her leg shut and stop popping out multiple kids. Why would we need to watch that? Can’t we just watch honey boo-boo show and get the same thing super sized white people who are full of themselves and constantly popping out kids??

  11. Seriously though, I have to ask…is Farrah brain damaged? Because she becomes harder and harder to understand with each year. Seriously, girl…take better care of yourself.

  12. Farrah is like one of those little yappy dogs, always barking for any attention she can get.

    Kail. Kail, Kail, Kail. Again spreading all her bullshit child support business all over the internet. I’m assuming she wants people to dislike Chris, but the only thing running her jowly mouth accomplishes is people disliking HER even more. She sucks.

  13. I’m no medical doctor but Farrah is in some way, shape or form mentally ill. She never makes any sense but believes she does. For her daughter’s sake I hope Sophia gets far away from her when she is old enough and gets therapy so that she doesn’t continue this cycle of madness that seems to plaque her other family members.

    1. Agreed. Her statements about “clearing the fees” for the women Kim K helped is ridiculous. Lawyers deserve to be paid for their work and Kim K paying them was a very kind thing to do. Being a paralegal is about so much more than a piece of paper. It takes years of actual experience and having Farrah throw the term around as though her mere interest is enough to qualify is offensive. That is like taking an interest in the medical field and then calling yourself a nurse. Nope, sorry.

    2. I’m a nurse. I’d ask for a psych consult on her after 5 minutes. And that’s if I’m feeling patient.

      Not about to claim diagnosis above my scope of practice, but from my years of nursing and interactions with people who truly have a mental illness, Farrah needs medicationS and help, fast.

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