Kail Lowry Talks About How Her Time on ‘Teen Mom 2’ Has Affected Her Career; Says She Wants to Do a Reality Show About Podcasting

“Tune in to one of my podcasts and I’ll tell you how I REALLY feel about it.”

Kail Lowry hasn’t appeared on the Teen Mom franchise in nearly a year, and despite having launched three podcasts, she says she’s still trying to prove herself outside of reality TV. 

She recently told People magazine that one of the biggest challenges she faced after leaving reality TV was getting people to know her as something other than a star of Teen Mom 2.

“People really did have a hard time accepting me for anything other than being a teen mom,” she said. “I think that was one of the biggest challenges for me.”

Kail’s transition to the podcast world began prior to her MTV exit with Coffee Convos (co-hosted by Lindsie Chrisley), followed by Baby Mamas No Drama (co-hosted by Vee Torres, the wife of Kail’s first baby daddy, Jo Rivera.)

Baby Mamas, Occasional Drama.

Kail also created the Barely Famous podcast, as well as the KILLR Podcast Network, the latter of which she launched in September 2021 to help other people start podcasts.

Kail revealed that launching her first podcast required her to “go against some MTV contacts,” and when it came time to announce she was leaving the show, she felt like there were plenty of people doubting her future success. 

“I also think that people didn’t really expect me to do anything with my [college] degree and just float around after MTV,” she said. 

“If she doesn’t want to appear on any more awful MTV reality shows, I’ll gladly take her place!”

While she’s happy building a podcasting empire, Kail said there are other things she’d like to accomplish in the future. 

“I have always wanted to host,” she said. “Even before podcasting, I would beg MTV to let me host. So, I would absolutely love to do that. 

“Stay in your lane, Kail.”

“I don’t know really where to start with that, but I’m going to claim it for 2023, for sure,” she added. 

While Kail said she has no interest in returning to the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise, she says she would go back to reality TV, because she feels she’s interesting to watch. 

“I do think that I have proved that I have the capability to be on a reality show and be interesting enough for people to watch,” she said. “I think people would be very interested to see the dynamic behind the scenes of podcasting, especially when it’s really saturated and people don’t like each other.

“There’s a lot of cattiness that people don’t realize, and so I think that would be a really interested show,” she added. 

So maybe we shouldn’t tell you what we really think about your podcasting reality TV show idea?

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38 Responses

  1. She only left the TM franchise because she thought she would get a spin off, she’s not that entertaining so that would be wasted money. Actually none of them would deserve a spin off.

  2. Seems like this horrible economy is giving Kail a much needed reality check that she needs those tv reality checks to finance her luxurious lifestyle. One year ago, Kail in her arrogance flipped the bird to her employer like many people did during the Great Resignation. Now she js ready to get back on tv. Skyrocketing inflation will humble anybody.

  3. Girl .. you aren’t interesting enough more than being a hot mess of men and kids to warrant your own anything. Just go away. Use your degree at a real job and disappear.

  4. Very unpopular opinion… the Ashley didn’t mind chasing Kail around to get the scoop when Javi and her were getting a divorce. Everyone will flock to the articles to read about her but no one in the comment section claims to like her. Despite the fact that she has 3 successful podcasts. Who cares if her platform was built with Teen Mom…at least she’s using it for something productive and NOT ON ONLY FANS like MOST of her ex-costars! The Ashley’s only wants to write half truths to stay talking about the couple of prevalent Teen Mom “stars”. They are for clicks and clicks alone. Kail is the only one who got her degree and also wants to put her degree to work. All things considered she’s a decent mom despite not having a good role model. Her kids all see their Dad’s and siblings regularly (even if she’s not on great terms with them). Kail and Chelsea were always my favorites. Although I did like some of the recaps I think I’m done here. I’ll see myself out. Y’all are some hateful somebody’s. You can’t stand to see someone come up the only way they know how. There is no prize for wishing ill on someone. Your candles will never burn brighter from trying to blow someone else’s out. Peace out!

    1. And yeah we all know she wasnt brought up very well but most people know enough to NOT be like those that raised them incorrectly…but not her.

      Kail is a piece of trash that needs to be disposed of like yesterday’s garbage!!

  5. Kail doesn’t realize that she would be a nobody if it wasn’t for her time on TM. If it wasn’t for that TM money, she would be living in poverty with her four kids, instead of having all the things the TM money afforded her: a huge home, fancy cars and luxury vacations. She is the most ungrateful teen mom in my opinion.
    And believe me, nobody thinks as highly of Kail, as Kail herself. Her idea of a reality show about podcasting is as interesting as watching C-SPAN. Nobody wants to watch that.

  6. Imagine pretending to be a self-made BOSS, when the only reason you aren’t behind the register somewhere is because you were lucky enough to have someone pick your submission for an MTV reality show about sad, dramatic lives. Then, pretending that show held you back, and is the reason people have poor impressions of you ?

  7. I started skipping Kail’s sections on Teen Mom 2 by about Season 2. She’s always been boring. Falling out with people and being a fertile Myrtle are her only personality traits.

  8. I’ll give Kail one thing: she is making use of her degree. However, her podcasts are successful because she was already in the public eye. She will not completely break-free from the TM stigma. Hell! We still get updates from time to time on the 16&P girls (and the baby daddies). Plus, Kail is still capitalizing off the drama in her life because there are people who want to know what is going on with her after TM. Same thing goes with Chelsea. They were given the opportunities because they were on TV. At this point, she needs to just accept that she will always be associated with TM.

    With how much she shares about her life on social media, I highly doubt she would get her own reality show. It’s one of the reasons TM is clinging to life. Besides it breaking away from the original premise, the girls hitting their 30s, and just being way past its expiration date, most of the juicy drama happens off camera and/or on social media.

  9. No one under the sun wants wants to watch that bull frog face make a show where she talks about how she talks about herself on a podcast.

  10. Everything about Kailyn is unappealing from her appearance to her bullying those unfortunate enough to have encountered her.

  11. Oh Kail that would be so, so boring. Look I love a podcast but some shows even have difficulty having enough content to go week to week let alone have enough interesting things going on to be filmed for tv. Like what, we are going to watch someone researching on the internet or re-watching an old tv program?!?! Catfish only works because of the reveal, there is buildup, suspense.

    It would be like an extended podcast intro where people just talk about their lives, which isn’t that interesting. For shows I have listened to for awhile I enjoy hearing tidbits about their lives but the ones who drag on and a 50 minute episode is 90% about them not the topic are a pass. I have never listened but from what I understand her podcasts are all about her, that’s not interesting UNLESS you are a public figure.

  12. While I didn’t mind watching them on Teen Mom, compared to some of the triggering toxic ones that are somehow still on the show, I think the fact that I rarely think of Kail and Chelsea etc anymore since they left speaks volumes. If she wants another reality show clearly she actually IS missing the pay check that she swore wasn’t a drop in the bucket compared to podcasting income. If it’s the loss of attention and interest, maybe surprisingly that was a consequence she didn’t consider when she made the decision. She made her bed, as we all do when we make decisions for our lives, we all have to pick up the pieces and move on. A reality show about podcasting?? Kail hosting? Really? Snooze.

    1. Chelsea is literally doing the same thing and Kail did it on her own, Chelsea never had to struggle. That speaks volumes.

      1. Chelsea never had to struggle because she had support aka loving parents, decent friends, oh and not having child after child with every Tom, Dick and Harry that will stuck their hoohah inside her…unlike Kail.

        But I’d be willing to bet every red cent I have that none of Chelsea will be messed up unlike Kail’s aka The Big Fat Cow.

        As for a reality show with her…its a big fat OH HELL NO for me!!

          1. ZRR, did you ever stop to think that Kail didn’t have support because she’s just as undesirably disgusting on the inside as she is on the outside?

  13. “I do think that I have proved that I have the capability to be on a reality show and be interesting enough for people to watch,” she said.

    I couldn’t disagree more. I tolerated her from day one, although I always thought Isaac was adorable. Then they added Briane and I had to stop watching since I was already struggling enough just to tolerate Kail.

  14. Nice that she checked in to let us all know that she’s still delusional. Surprised she said anything herself. I figured she was happy with her “people” putting out “statements” to make her sound way more important than she is and blow through money unnecessarily. Kail and her high opinion of her level of fame and Amber and her “in the industry” talk are so pathetic. They are the Mariah Carey and JLo of Teen Mom… except those two have actual talent to back up the diva attitudes and me, me, me behavior. Its not okay but you least understand how they became so self important. Kail and Amber blow my mind with their diva crap. If a college degree was all you needed to be famous and get hosting jobs…half the world would be celebrities. Now, excuse me, I’m going to take my English degree to MTV and demand my own reality TV empire.

  15. Jail seems to think she’s some kid of A-list self made celebrity. She forgets she only got on MTV because she was trying to hide her pregnancy with Joe. Yes, she has hustle, but had she gotte. Her degree and been on tv through her own merits, it would have been different and no one would be saying anything about the fact that she’s a mess and has all these baby daddies!

  16. Not being a hater here, although I find Kail to be miserable and cold, but she does not have the qualities that a host should have. She speaks too fast, her words don’t flow, and each word seems clipped. Like someone is hitting stop and start after each word on a tape player. Plus, her smile and enthusiasm seem very forced and uninviting.

    1. Agreed. She barely ever smiles and she doesn’t have the charisma to host a TV show. She would not be able to chat with guests nicely, or do a deeper, Barbara Walters-style interview.

    1. I remember when she announced she wasn’t returning to TM she bragged how she makes more money podcasting than she did on TM…she seems to be missing the attention she got by being on TM. She’s such a blow hard and a thouroughly unlikable person. I feel badly for her four (maybe five?) kids who have to live with her and her delusional BS.

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