Former Star of ‘The Challenge’ Stephen Bear Says He’s “Scared To Leave” His Home & Claims He’s Attempted Suicide As He Awaits Sentencing

Trigger Warning: This story contains mentions of suicide.

Stephen Bear is begging the media to stop harassing him as he waits to be sentenced for sharing revenge p0rn of Georgia Harrison in 2020.

As The Ashley previously reported, the former star of ‘The Challenge’ was supposed to be sentenced January 31 for his crimes but his lawyer delayed sentencing until March so Bear could undergo a “psychiatric assessment.” On Monday, Bear took to Twitter to tell his followers that he no longer feels safe leaving his home. He also revealed that he has already attempted suicide.

Bear begged God for help in a tweet he posted, which also contained what appears to be doorbell camera footage of a reporter from The Sun coming to his door and trying to interview Bear about a fence that the reporter claims Bear put up “illegally” around his home.

“So this happened today and I’m  still in shock,” Bear wrote. “I’ve already tried to take my own life. Please leave me alone. I’m scared to leave my own home at the moment. I’m under so much pressure with everything and I don’t need people knocking at my house and harassing me. Please God help @TheSun.”

Bear received little sympathy, however, with many of the Twitter users who responded calling what’s happening to Bear now “karma” for what he did to Georgia

(As The Ashley previously reported in December, Bear was found guilty of voyeurism and disclosing private sexual photographs after a four-day-long trial in the UK. He was charged after Georgia stated in December 2020 that Bear filmed and shared a sex tape of her without her consent. She also claimed that Bear shared the video on his OnlyFans page without her knowledge or consent.)

“Reap what you sow mate,” one person responded to Bear’s tweet.

“Do you really expect people to feel sorry for you about something so minor after what you did to poor Georgia?” another person wrote. “If so you’re deluded mate. Nice try for the sympathy vote though I guess.”

While Bear’s attorney did manage to delay his sentencing, he will still have to face the judge on March 3. He will also reportedly have to face Georgia, who will be attending the sentencing and is planning to read a victim impact statement to the court. 

If Bear fails to show up to his hearing, a warrant will likely be issued for his arrest. He is facing up to two years in prison for his crimes. 

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(Photos: MTV; Twitter)

5 Responses

  1. Good, thats called regret. Maybe he shouldn’t be such a disgusting a**hole in the future and he won’t feel so bad again.

  2. In the past Stephen has made videos of himself crying and being melodramatic. He then later makes another video where he mocks people who thought he was actually crying and remorseful. The problem with crying wolf is that no one knows whether you are actually being serious.

    He also showed up to court like the clown he is dressed as some modern day pimp with his Barbie Bimbo on his arm. He completed the look with a cane and cigar and a sly smile. Finding it very hard to have any sympathy or compassion. Because sympathy and compassion are foreign to the guy.

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