Farrah Abraham Pleads Not Guilty to Battery Charge Stemming From Nightclub Altercation; Her Lawyer Vows To Pursue “Civil Damages to the Max” Against Nightclub

“I am not guilty, PER LAW, of this celebrification of a police batterment issue!”

Farrah Abraham is fighting back against the LA justice system!

The former Teen Mom OG star pleaded not guilty at her arraignment last Thursday to a charge of battery on a police officer/security officer. The charge was filed against her on June 2 in Los Angeles. (Farrah had previously denied that she had been charged, despite court records stating otherwise.)

The charge stems from Farrah’s altercation at a Los Angeles club in January, in which she was held in a citizen’s arrest by a nightclub security guard after she reportedly struck a member of the club’s security team. She was later arrested by LAPD and cited.

(The Big F has denied all allegations and proclaimed— per law— that she didn’t hit anyone.)

Farrah will be due back in court on September 2 for a pre-trial hearing. 

“I plan to wear my Harvard sweatshirt so they know they are dealing with a JD law student!”

In the meantime, Farrah’s attorney Kia Feyzjou is vowing to exonerate the Backdoor Teen Mom of the charge– and hold the nightclub (Grandmaster Recorders) responsible for using “excessive force” against Farrah that he says resulted in “significant physical, emotional and mental injuries.” 

“In due time, we will absolve her of any and all criminal liability, will clear her arrest record pursuant to PC 851.8 and pursue civil damages to the max to deter future similar misconduct on others,” he said in a statement to In Touch Weekly.

(It appears that Farrah is no longer using the legal services of Dario C. Gómez, the attorney who released a statement on June 6 declaring that Farrah had not been charged with any crimes. That statement was released four days after Farrah had, indeed, been charged with battery.) 

Farrah’s attorney Kia stated that his law firm feels Farrah was unlawfully arrested in this case by the security staff at Grandmaster Recorders for an act that she did not commit.

Farrah, the night of the altercation…

“Additionally, in addition to the unlawful arrest, video footage taken at the scene appears to indicate that their staff also used excessive force in arresting her, causing significant physical, emotional and mental injuries. Negligent investigation and training by the security staff at Grandmaster Recorders led to this unfortunate arrest.”

In video taken of the citizen’s arrest, a loud and (seemingly)belligerent Farrah is being held down by a security guard who keeps asking her to remain calm and refrain from trying to bite anyone. Farrah, in turn keeps screaming, and informing everyone that she’s a “JD law student.”

“You know why people fight hard in jail?! Sickos like you! Harassers like you!” Farrah is heard screaming as she’s face-down in the dirt. “Harassers like you! Harassers like you, to a single mom! AMEN! I’ve already been calm. I already will be calm…I am a JD law student! I will be more calm than anyone has ever been!”

Farrah’s lawyer vows to hold Grandmaster Recorders accountable for what happened to Farrah.

“As a JD law student, I can confirm that it’s guiltism to the ninth degree, PER LAW!”

“This business will face civil and potentially criminal liabilities for their actions,” the attorney told In Touch Weekly. “A citizen’s arrest is not without risks and dangers. Security staff clearly failed to exercise safety considerations when they decided to become the heroes of the night.”

The penal code mentioned by Farrah’s attorney in the statement— California Penal Code 851.8 PC— is a petition for a certificate of factual innocence (PFFI). Basically, Farrah plans to ask the court to find that she did not commit the battery on the security guard. 

Farrah to the judge, if her petition is not granted…probably…

Farrah will need to prove that she is “factually innocent” of the crime. If the petition is granted, her record will be cleared. Records pertaining to the incident will be sealed for three years and then destroyed so it appears the arrest never happened.

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  1. SHE hit HIM, not the other way around!
    I’m so sick of stupid lawsuits. People just sue everyone for everything.
    Imagine getting hit and then getting sued by the person who hit you.

    I say it all the time, but she’s going to mess with the wronggggggg person one day. She’s had incredible luck so far. With all the people (& companies) she’s yelled at, accused of crimes they didn’t commit, hit, lied about, slapped, screamed at, accused of SA, etc., it’s a miracle she hasn’t had the living daylights beat out of her by now.

  2. Is there anyway The Ashley can find out if she is actually in law school or in any school for that matter? I’m curious to know. I mean, I highly doubt it. She constantly claims to be taking the LSATS, but you can only take them a few times a year. She should have met that quota by now already for 2022. She’ll fail miserably anyway, she’s dumb af.

    1. That’s definitely way too far. She’s dumb, obviously. But suicide? Really? @theashley can we get this removed?

      1. Lmfao boo fucking hoo. The Ashley can remove it with zero fucks given from me. I’ll even put just a lovely smiley face when I FINALLY read the news she’s topped herself ?

    2. What kind of person wishes or suggests suicide?!?! Please take those horrible thoughts and comments elsewhere.

        1. Normally I would disagree with this comment, HOWEVER, Farrah is pimping out her daughter. If you don’t believe that, I’m sorry and you are naive. Anyone who harms children deserves death.. ?‍♀️ sorry not sorry

    3. When Farrah and you finally have the courage to face your mental health issues, you might meet in rehab.

      1. Na I’m good thanks. Don’t need help. Can’t help with the anonymity on here but I’d gladly say it to your pudgy face if I could. I’d probably even tell you to go kill yourself too. You’re a worthless bag of crap like Farah ☺️

  3. If she’s so convinced she wasn’t charged, why did she plead anything? She’s in her 30s and makes less sense now than when she was 18 ??‍♀️ Her brain cells are clearly in distress

    1. Because you have to plead something when you’re arraigned. The choices you have are guilty, not guilty, or no contest (nolo contendere).

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