“90 Day Fiance: The Other Way” Star Kris Foster Addresses Rumors She’s a Drug Addict

“I may have EPICALLY bad luck…but I do NOT have an addiction!”

Kris Foster is clapping back at 90 Day Fiance fans who are accusing her of using drugs and lying about her plethora of medical issues as a way of covering it up.

In a series of comments posted to Instagram over the weekend, the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star responded to fans who were proclaiming her to be a drug addict. Kris’ sometimes-bizarre behavior (which she has attributed to her various ailments, including narcolepsy), as well as her seemingly endless run of bad luck, (what with all the car accidents and stolen bikes/property and whatnot) have been hot topics of discussion on social media this season, and Kris took to Instagram to address it.

Kris— who starred on this season with her now-estranged Colombian wife Jeymi Noguera— responded after a fan told her that people were calling Kris a drug user in the comment section of one of Jeymi’s Instagram posts.

“There’s a bunch of people over in Jeymi’s posts talking about you being an addict. Any response to that?” the person wrote on Kris’ Instagram on Saturday.

“I’ve been burgled, broken-necked and berated! Must I endure this Internet gossip too?!”

The comment obviously struck a nerve with Kris, who launched into a rant that spanned several comments in which she denied being an addict and listed the reasons why she says she is actually anti-drugs.

“People can talk all they want. They don’t know the first thing about me they only know how the TV want[s] them to portray me,” Kris wrote. “I ain’t sweating anything that people say.. If you knew me you would know I’ve had more than a dozen people put in jail for breaking into my home, all addicted. I’ve buried most of my friends from school [because they were] drug addicts. I was beaten as a child by a drug addict.”

(Kris also claimed that she once raised a baby born addicted to cocaine for a year and then had to give the child back to her addict parent.)

Kris then stated that she feels it’s “sad” that her “sleep disorder,” combined with injuries she says she sustained in yet another car accident that happened three months before she filmed ‘The Other Way,’ are to blame for her behavior, not drugs. 

“Hugs not drugs, obviously, y’all!”

Kris also pointed out that she has excess money, something she says most addicts don’t have.

“How many addicts have two homes, car, motorcycle, three jobs, kids with cars– one with a college degree?” Kris wrote in response to another comment. “I’ve always worked really hard to help my kids have a better life and opportunities I didn’t have. If I were this big addict I sure as heck wouldn’t be where I am today.”


She added that she is currently “spending the money I make from [‘The Other Way’] to start a charity to travel the country helping families in need.”

As fans saw during this season of the show, Kris told Jeymi she had to return to the United States shortly after moving to Colombia because she needed to get a medication that she said was unavailable in Colombia. Kris stated that this medication was for one of her extensive existing medical issues, but many fans were skeptical to believe Kris’ explanation.

Basically all of us reacting to Kris’ ever-tragic, always changing stories…

More drug use rumors began to circulate after it was revealed that Kris’ adult son, Dayne Warren, was arrested in April 2022 (while Kris was back in Alabama). He was charged with trafficking fentanyl and possession of a controlled substance, both felonies. (His legal case is ongoing.) 

“My son just went to jail. That’s why I didn’t come back for [Jeymi’s] birthday because my son got arrested,” Kris told producers at the time.

In the comment section of the same Instagram post, Kris also addressed Jeymi’s claims that Kris only paid $1150 in rent during their relationship, despite Kris stating that she paid for everything for them. 

“But according to Jeymi, Kris only sent her money for two months?” one person wrote in the comment section of the post.

Kris denied the claims.

“That’s not true at all. But again people believe whatever they want and I’m cool with that,” she wrote.

Kris then insinuated that Jeymi was spending the money she was making from working “day and night.” 

“I sold one of my homes and got 5k deposit two days after being there and in two weeks it was gone,” Kris wrote. “On top of the other money I had from selling my stuff and money saved from my jobs.”

Clearly that money didn’t go toward Kris’ clothing budget…

Part 3 of the “90 Day Fiance: The Other Way” Tell-All episode airs Sunday at TLC.

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram)


  1. Kris is not a good person or friend. She blows up constantly. That poor wife she looks scared to death of her. Tread lightly Kris. Fentanyl is her main reason to get back to the USA. She has tons of money then why does she need 3 jobs? Not even sure she is gay. Maybe she I’d BI. Who cares she is prickly. Her wife isn’t even a citizen of the country they’ve lived in. She tried to explain that it is hard to work there. Thankfully she found work. She seems like a phony person. Good riddens to her Jen.she would do or say anything to get on TV. I believe that about 80% of these people on TLC programs try to think of the most outrageous situations just to get picked for the show. Like the 62 year old female moving to be with a 24 year old guy. Now that’s unbelievable you know that’s a fake set up.

  2. I haven’t seen her on TV but judging by this statement alone it screams addict. If I had to guess it sounds like she probably gets prescription drugs for her variety of ailments and doesn’t consider it an addiction because they’re prescribed. Plus she fact she has so many connections to addicts in her life. I also think its pretty offensive that she’s saying she can’t be an addict because she has money and houses. “Poor” people and those who don’t own homes aren’t the only people who do drugs. There’s plenty of “rich” people who are addicts too. And drugs are a lot more affordable when they are prescribed to you.

  3. She might not be on HER version of drugs, AKA STREET drugs, but after all her issues and car accidents, it’s clear she’s on some sort of opioid. You can tell. I am in recovery, so the behavior is all too familiar in those that have been around me and within myself at one point in time. The first step to recovery is acceptance and clearly she is in a STRONG state of denial. And her having all these material things and having other addicts arrested for breaking in or whatever the heck she claims means nothing- I’ve known addicts who have had it all- including in active addiction, to nothing- completely sober. That is not an all-inclusive situation of addicts as a whole.

  4. For someone who isn’t an addict, she sure has a lot of interaction with people who are involved with drugs and are addicts.

  5. I don’t know but the way she was throwing her head and body around on Sundays reunion episode makes me wonder about her “injuries.” 🙄

  6. Maybe she’s not taking street drugs, but someone who goes on and on about chronic pain is definitely on some type of opioid..

  7. Hmm dozens of addicts arrested for breaking into her home, among the other shenanigans listed? Why would you be connected to so many addicts? Unless…

  8. I’m getting Farrah-speak, word salad, vibes.

    She’s talking out of both sides of her mouth: “I have two houses.” “I sold one of my homes.”

    And I have (quite) a few questions about her charity venture where she “travels the country to help families in need.”

    I hope she gets the help *she* clearly needs.

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