‘Teen Mom OG’ Grandpa Butch Baltierra Posts Scandalous Video From Rehab


Butch Baltierra is showing Teen Mom OG fans a new part of himself— the part that is normally covered in pants!

The father of Tyler Baltierra showed off his svelte body in a TMI video posted to his Instagram account on Wednesday. In the video, Butch– who is currently in rehab in Austin, Texas, gives his followers a “come hither” look, while the Four Tops’ song “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch” plays in the background.

However, the “Butchcapades” don’t stop there!

Butch then pans the camera to the reflection in the bathroom mirror, where we see him oiled up and showing off his, um, “Tyler-maker” while standing in his underwear.

Jesus God Leah!

“Awe that shower was awesome after a hard days work,” Butch captioned the video of himself in his skivvies.

While fans complimented Butch on his hot “Dad Bod,” his kids were somewhat scarred by the TMI video.

“OMG dad!” his daughter-in-law Catelynn Lowell commented. “Ur kids follow you on here!’

“OMG thank you!” Butch’s daughter Amber Baltierra wrote. “I was like…what in the actual f**k is going on right now.”

Watch Butch show off the goods in the video below. (Don’t worry– there’s no actual nudity in the video!)

Awe that shower was awesome after a hard days work,

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  1. I was in prison with butch and I just want people to know that we was taking pics he had of Tyler first baby and signing them and selling them saying his son was gonna make him famous

  2. Butch really is looking GOOD. I fear that he is a bit manic at this point, happy to be clean. It still shows he is lacking self control to be posting like this. He definitely has a way to go. It is unlikely that he can remain clean when he is not able to control his impulses. I wish him the best, though. He is a good guy. He has a wonderful life ahead if he can stay sober.

  3. Butch is feeeelin himself haha. Super awkward and a cell phone in rehab?
    But he looks great! STAY SOBER!!!

  4. I used to be a butch fan until he asked his son for 50k to go to a fancy rehab resort instead of seeking ALL the affordable help out there.. lost all respect for him.

    1. You’re right but I figured that was part of the story line. They SAID they ended up giving him the treatment for free.

  5. this is exactly what you get when you give white trash anything. once again proving the luxury therapy places both him and cait go to are not true therapy because if there were he would be tossed from the program for something like this. now his white trash kids can defend him and call everyone on twitter haters

  6. All jokes aside: Butch actually looks good! Especially considering his rough life for the past 30 years. I bet he can’t handle all the dm’s coming in after this!

    1. In the words of Butch himself: “There’s snow in the roof, but the fire’s still cooking down below!”

  7. Ew. Just ew. I’m surprised they allow phones and social media in rehab. I’m sure supervised phone calls are permitted but Instagram posting seems odd. Hopefully his stay is doing him some permanent good though. On another note, I just read that Mack and Rhine have revealed the sex and name of there poor trap baby and I would LOVE to hear The Ashley’s commentary on that train wreck!

    1. Their* also for whoever downvoted me, I’m sorry I offended your love for that Butch Bod

  8. I’m surprised the staff and rules allow phones/cameras in rehab, especially when they are used for this. Maybe he can get a text to his local dealer while he’s at it.

  9. Go on butch with your bad self. If only I were older and not married. Butch is feeling frisky. Wishing you the best Butch.

  10. He looks totally normal and healthy now that he has been sober. He looks young and great for his age. Its funny seeing how he was with april and april was with catelynns dad, and in my opinion catelynns dad is pretty good looking as well. April probably would have aged better if she didnt do drugs, smoke or drink. She looks good but those 2 men in her life are dar more attractive then her.

    1. Catelynns Dad is very good looking! April ages very poorly, for sure. Catelynn is not aging too well, either.

  11. He is just having some innocent fun. Newly sober, feeling good about himself is a good thing. We have seen much worse from younger teen mom cast members. Go Butch

  12. Ummm………. ????????????????????? this guy. He does look healthy and happy tho. I have a soft spot for him. Addiction is no joke, i really hope he sticks to it this time. He seems like a decent person when hes clean.

    1. I agree – he seems that he really tries to be there when he’s sober. We saw him really appreciate Cate and Tyler and was even fine staying in the trailer during their wedding. I wish him luck in his sobriety – please let it stick.

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