‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Briana DeJesus Gets Slammed For Applauding Herself For Paying Off Two Houses; Jenelle Evans Gets Slammed By BFF Tori Rhyne For Her “Cringey” TikToks

When Briana realizes she should also probably thank Devoin for not putting on a Trojan during that fateful moment of teenage passion all those years ago…

From building houses to rebuilding a relationship with your baby daddy, it’s been another busy week for the stars/former stars of the Teen Mom franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last few days…

Briana DeJesus gets slammed online after applauding herself for being a “single mom” with two paid-off houses.

“…but the haters are ruining my moment.”

Briana DeJesus’ surprise reveal on Christmas that she is building (and has paid off) a second home in Florida for her family created a lot of backlash after Briana applauded herself for being a “single mom” who pulled off this feat. However, because she failed to note that she was able to buy the homes only because she of her money from appearing on the ‘Teen Mom’ shows, Bri was raked over the coals by her followers, who pointed out that she is not the typical single mom who is struggling financially.


“We did it….again!!!! Merry Christmas to us!” Briana shared on Instagram. “I kept this a secret from the girls to be able to surprise them today. So blessed to have two homes fully paid off as a single mother of 2. I am forever grateful for the opportunities God has placed in our life. We move into our new home in the spring and we are so excited.” 

As fans of ‘Teen Mom’ know, Briana previously built a home in Orlando, Florida, where she and her girls were living along with her mom, Roxanne, and sister, Brittany. However, the home–- seen on ‘Teen Mom 2’ and ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’–- is currently occupied by Roxanne (and her extensive shoe collection) only, as Brittany is now living with her boyfriend and Briana has moved into a different home with her girls. 

“Not gonna lie, I’m loving all the extra space for my high heels!”

Briana said just a month ago that she was ready to buy another home and would be “looking at homes in Texas”; however, in the comment section of her post, she revealed that her older daughter Nova objected to her plan to move to Texas.

“I was looking at houses in Texas and Nova caught the only fit!” Briana wrote. “So we are staying in Florida for now! But I still want another home in TX. That is the goal. Maybe later.”

Briana’s decision to stay in the Sunshine State wasn’t what drew criticism from people in the comment section of her latest post, though. Instead, Briana was called out for failing to note that most of the money she used to purchase her homes was made by appearing on the ‘Teen Mom’ shows.

Briana, talking about the amount of drama she’s caused within the franchise to earn that money…

“All this just from getting pregnant at 16,” one person wrote in the comment section of the post.

“Must be nice to afford it,” another person wrote. “I work my a** off and I still can’t afford stuff like this. Maybe I need to put myself in the public eye and cry about my [baby daddy] not paying child support.”

 Others noted that Briana didn’t give credit where credit was due–- to MTV. 

“You’re not a regular single mom,” someone else wrote. “You make hundreds of thousands of dollars for putting your dirty laundry in public.”

“They may get new houses but they have lost their privacy,” someone pointed out of Briana’s two daughters.

“Because MTV paid for it sis stop acting like you put any work in,” one comment read.

“Don’t forget to say thank you to MTV,” another wrote.

It should be noted that Briana is one of the only girls from the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise that works a “regular” job (in addition to appearing on MTV). She has worked in the timeshare industry for years.

Maci Bookout says she’s worked through some of the hate she has for Ryan Edwards & wants to help him have a relationship with their son, Bentley.  

“Ok, but I’m still blaming you for being late to trick-or-treating that one time, dad.”

After years of Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards airing their tumultuous co-parenting relationship on MTV, it seems that the exes may have finally made some progress for the sake of their 14-year-old son, Bentley. 

While promoting the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion,’ (premiering January 3 on MTV) Maci was asked how her relationship with Ryan is today. Surprisingly, the mom of three revealed to Page Six that there has been some amount of progress between her and her ex-– at least enough for the two to have each other’s phone numbers, anyway.

In an interview with E! News Maci said her first step to helping Bentley and Ryan reconnect was letting go of some of the hate she held onto for Ryan.

“Probably because I’ve been sayin’ stuff like this for a decade on TV.”

“… I think honestly the main thing that made it more clear was the work that I had done on myself and working through my anger, my sometimes even hate, just working through all of that and pinpointing what’s worth holding on to and what’s worth letting go of, ” she said. 

Maci admitted to Page Six that throughout filming, Dr. Cheyenne Bryant (aka Coach B) was able to help her gain some insight on the situation between Bentley and his dad.  

“We were able to determine what role I played in the relationship–- or lack of relationship–- that Bentley and Ryan have,” she said. “ … And figuring out just how I can show up better as a mom for Bentley and be supportive of him in his relationships.” 

“But in return, you have to keep letting me exploit you on TV, ok?”

Maci told E! News that for a long time, she didn’t really understand how she played a part in Ryan and Bentley’s relationship. 

“It’s like, Bentley has a phone,” she said. “If [Ryan is] not calling or texting Bentley, what does that have to do with me? But on a much bigger scale, I do play a large role in it.” 

“It sure as heck is, if ya ask me.”

Though Bentley is old enough now to have more of an opinion on things-– specifically his relationship with his dad–- Maci said it doesn’t necessarily make the co-parenting relationship between her and Ryan any easier. 

Maci added that getting to know “the hard parts” of her and Ryan’s relationship as co-parents has made things more comfortable for her. 

“Not easier, but maybe just a little more comfortable,” she said. 

Jenelle Evans’ (Kind of) BFF Tori Rhyne (Jokingly?) Slams Her For Being Mean, Bossy and “Cringey As F**k” On TikTok

Please for the love of the Baby Jesus God Leah, get these girls some drumsticks and a lot of liquor and let’s see what happens…

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a decade since Jenelle and her on-and-off best pal, Tori, beat the ever-living BeJesus out of each other on-camera with their assorted fists and drumsticks. While these two have been through a lot— drunken nights, wedding day arguments and long periods of estrangement— they are apparently friends again (for now anyway).


While they may be currently getting along, things got a little heated this week when Jenelle and Tori decided to talk about what they dislike about each other, while making a video for TikTok. While Jenelle kept things relatively light, Tori went straight for the jugular– calling Jenelle out for her mean, bossy ways, as well as for her habit of making absolutely cringey TikTok videos.

“You were so bossy all the time. Every time you made me go do something, you also don’t want me to do it…” Tori said, later adding, “You’re so f**king mean. You’re so mean sometimes…”

Tori also slammed Jenelle for her cringe-tastic TikTok videos.

“Every TikTok that I see about you sometimes is cringy as f**k,” Tori told Jenelle, who looked kind of offended by the jab.

Jenelle argued that her TikToks (which often include shaking her rump roast off-rhythm to music, showing herself crying or participating in general #SwampLife activities) aren’t cringey because they get a lot of likes and that she “jumps on trends” of the app.

“How could anyone think there’s anything cringey about this!?”

Tori, however, was ruthless and continued to mock Jenelle’s TikTock-ery.

“She’s cringey,” she said. “And I have to support it because you’re my best friend, but half the time, I cringe.”

Next, Tori slammed Jenelle for randomly ghosting her for weeks or months at a time.

“David needs me! If I’m hanging out with you, who would be there to preen David’s toenails for him!?”

“You make all these plans with me and then you ghost me for like f**king a week or maybe a month and you don’t talk to me. And I’m left thinking she don’t like me no more,” Tori complained.

Jenelle admits that she does ignore Tori for no reason. Tori then mocked Jenelle for constantly being on social media.

“Another ick is that she ignores me when I see that she’s online all time. She’s online all the time.” 

“I’ve told ya, Juh-nelle. Ya outta get off that Ticky Tacky every once in a while and get ya-self a job!”

In the comment section, Jenelle insisted she’s not mad at Tori for what she said.

“Nah we just argue sometimes,” Jenelle wrote.

“16 and Pregnant” star Jordan Ward is Engaged Again

”Member me?”

Wedding bells will soon be ringing for “16 and Pregnant” girl Jordan, whose very memorable episode during the show’s third season remains the most-watched episode of the show of all time.

Jordan— who, as fans may remember, had a twin sister named Jessica, and went on to marry Brian Finder, the father of her son Noah, shortly after her episode aired. She was also the first girl from “16 and Pregnant” to get pregnant again. Although she was pregnant when she filmed the Reunion show for her season, Jordan was asked not to reveal the pregnancy.

(As The Ashley reported in her 2013 book Teen Mom Confidential, Jordan’s second pregnancy was the main reason producers chose not to use girls from the third season of “16 and Pregnant” to make up the cast of Teen Mom 3. Instead, they chose girls from Season 4.) 

Jordan and her son Noah during her 2010 episode of “16 and Pregnant.”

Anyway, Jordan and Brian divorced after their daughter Arri was born in 2011, and Jordan went on to have a third child– a son named Leo— in 2017 with another man.

On Christmas Day, Jordan became engaged again to a man named Chris. It appears that Jordan’s twin sister Jessica approves, as she posted photos and details of the proposal to social media this weekend.

Jordan’s Christmas Day proposal…

“So excited for my sister!” Jessica wrote on Facebook. “Y’all know how much I love my sister and how much she means to me! She deserves the world of happiness and Chris gives that to her. Her and Chris have been smitten about each other since they’ve met and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!” 

According to Jessica, Chris had Jordan’s engagement ring custom-made for her. 


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Jordan Ward (@jordantward)

Jordan is currently living in St. Louis, Missouri, and working as a lash artist. Jessica is now married and the mother of two kids.

To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

(Photos: Instagram; TikTok; MTV)

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  1. Why does she always say “radio silent” and “suck my D..K” Does she have a d..k?

    Oh and being a single mom, she’s always had the coven to take care of her kids whenever she chose to venture off on vacation and whore- around.

    1. But if fairness.. she must take care of the coven finically. And paying off her mothers home first before she paid off her own. That had to sting.

  2. At least this money is invested and not spent on shoes or vacations. She will have a cushion once the show ends, a tax shelter, etc.

  3. Honestly, I think if it was worded a bit differently it would have gone better. Like if Briana had said “I’m grateful for the opportunity to have two houses paid off as a single mom of 2. It’s has been a blessing for my family.”

    And yeah, the criticisms do come from a place of jealousy. A majority of single moms (even ones who are married or in a relationship) aren’t awarded the luxuries that she has been granted. If it wasn’t for MTV, she wouldn’t have been able to achieve this and that will hit a nerve for people who are struggling to even make rent.

      1. Idk why people think that she should, she doesn’t have to. And why do you think you feel so strongly about what she does? It’s her life. She doesn’t owe anyone a darn thing. So weird of you to dictate who she should thank. She signed up for it and is getting paid, it’s work.

      2. Why? She has a contract with MTV that obviously benefits them both. MTV wouldn’t pay her 100s of thousands of dollars if she wasn’t bringing in much more than that for them. MTV didn’t buy those houses, she did, from the insane amount they are willing to pay her.

    1. I feel the same way. It just looks like people are mad they didn’t get an opportunity like she did. Props to her for putting her life out there and banking on it. She doesn’t have to thank anyone. People are so weird. Let the girl live. Two houses because she works. Literally has a real job on top of her mtv job. That is something to be proud of. Not to mention she was taking care of her mom and sister but no one wants to talk about that. They just want to talk down to her. It’s annoying.

  4. Her second child exists solely because it gave her more of a storyline and kept her on the show. Single mom doing it by herself, b*tch f*ck you.

    1. MTV was going to pick her or Mackenzie. They did some filming with both. Bri never got accidentally pregnant again but MTV shows up and Louis slips over the bathroom floor and lands in her baby maker and big surprise, she wasn’t on birth control.

  5. What is not clear about the “I am forever grateful for the opportunities God has placed in our life” part? That definitely includes MTV. Also, filming every aspect of your life IS a job, so why demeanish it? People on line really cannot be objective. And I don’t even care or like Briana or people flaunting their money ??‍♀️

  6. It’s one thing to buy 2 houses. It’s another to pretend like the time share job paid for those…or that MTV didn’t. I’ve never not liked a person this much for someone I’ve never met. I can’t stand her or her Mom (and will continue to boycott ALL Teen Mom shows of any type until she’s GONE!)

    I like Maci as a person but I’m sorry she is a snooze fest. She should do as Chelsea and Kail did and let her kids get used to not being in the spotlight anymore (…which will probably be soon as ot will only continue to decline in ratings as long as Jade and Bri are on the show. Yes, I will continue to beat that dead horse!)

    Congrats to Jordan I guess. I feel like we need a recap of every season and where they are now from the Ashley!

  7. IMO Briana sold her soul years ago to MTV for fame, glory and and to let people see what a worthless POS she really is……. Nothing to be proud of here, that’s for sure.

  8. The Psycho doesn’t have the time sharing job anymore!!! She’s getting the money by having unprotected sex with random men in the bathroom stalls at the nightclubs in Orlando or wherever she goes!!!! She just won’t admit how she REALLY makes her money besides being on the show and the only fan’s website!!! There’s no way she will afford those houses once the show is cancelled or they fire her which is should happen!!! But the show won’t bc they are practically CONDONING HER PSYCHOTIC AND BULLYING BEHAVIOR!!! I am glad that I stopped watching a show where they are condoning it simple as that!!!

  9. I don’t understand why people are mad? If she just blew her money on renting apartments with her mom, people would still have a bad reaction.

      1. What point am I missing? What she does with her money doesn’t affect anyone in this comment section. Just say you don’t like her and don’t want to see her do good for herself and her children.

        1. I don’t like her. I’m glad her children have a roof over their heads. I just don’t like people pretending to be “selfmade” when they are not. MTV pays her hundreds of thousands of dollars for airing her dirty laundry. She’s not a single mom just working 3 jobs to make ends meet. She’s not a hero, she’s exploiting her children’s privacy for money. At least she should be honest about it and not pretend to be something she is not

          1. The crazy thing is the girl never said she was self made. She saved her money and is spending it correctly and no matter what the girl does you all show your jealousy. It’s not even hatefulness it’s straight jealous. Go buy a house yourself. Don’t be mad someone took an opportunity to make money. Be mad at yourself you’re not where you want to be. Everyone in the comment section is wild to be so hateful. Mackenzie bought a house, Kail just had her 100th house built, Chelsea bought a house but you all want to shit on Bri for putting her dirty laundry out there BUT complain about the girls who don’t tell enough. But Bri is doing her job and doing exactly what gives the ratings and yes she’s still shit on ?? she will never win with you all and I HOPE this girl continues to make the good moves to providing for her children and continue working her other job. Good on her. Jealousy is reeking in these comments and you all stink lol.

          2. I don’t like her either but I don’t see what’s wrong with spending her money wisely. Where she got that money is irrelevant. I don’t see her pretending something she’s not. Everbody knows how she makes her money, she doesn’t need to acknowledge MTV in the purchase of her properties.

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