Nick Cannon Welcomes His 12th Child, A Baby Girl With Alyssa Scott, One Year After Their Son’s Death

“Here’s one for the photo album! The really, really thick photo album.”

This year just wouldn’t be complete without Nick Cannon adding one more baby to his ever-growing family.

On Thursday, Nick and Alyssa Scott announced the birth of their daughter, Halo Marie, who was born December 14. Nick and Alyssa’s baby news came a year after the pair’s son, Zen, died from a brain tumor at five months old. 

Baby Halo is the twelfth child for Nick (his fifth born in 2022 alone), and the third for Alyssa. 

Alyssa announced her pregnancy on social media back in October, posting a photo of her growing baby bump and her daughter, Zeela (who was not fathered by Nick). While Nick wasn’t tagged in the photo, it was later confirmed that the Wild ‘N Out host was the father. 

While announcing the birth of baby Halo on Thursday, Alyssa honored Zen in both her birth video and her Instagram caption. 

“Zen is in every breath I take,” she wrote. “I know his spirit was with us in the room that morning. I know he is watching down on us, he shows me signs everyday. I will hold onto this memory forever.”

In the video shared by Alyssa, Nick is seen anxiously waiting during the delivery to see if the baby is a boy or a girl.

“I will remember the sound of Nick’s voice saying, ‘it’s a girl’ and the look of everything we’ve been through flash across his face,” she continued. “I will remember the sound of her crying out with her first breath and feeling her heartbeat against mine. My sweet girl, I got my surprise!! We love you Halo Marie Cannon!”

Alyssa also shared photos taken before and after Halo’s birth–- one mentioning a meteor shower and the other featuring massive display of fireworks in the sky, both of which she attributed to Zen. 

“I just know my boy was celebrating,” she wrote. 

Halo is the last of Nick’s many babies born in 2022 (at least, we think so!) He (and his six baby mamas) have taken a lot of criticism this year for his frequent seed-spreading. 

Earlier this month, Nick admitted during an appearance on The Checkup with Dr. David Agus that it’s hard to find enough time to devote to each of his kids, while also managing his busy career.

“Obviously, being a father of multiple kids, it’s always, the biggest guilt on me is I don’t get to spend enough time with all of my children, one, because I’m constantly working, and two, it’s just I’m just spread thin,” Nick told the physician.


Nick’s 2022 baby boom kicked off in July when he and Bre Tiesi welcomed Legendary Love. Two months later, LaNisha Cole gave birth to daughter Onyx Ice and one week after that, Rise Messiah was born to Brittany Bell. (Brittany is also the mother of two more of Nick’s children– son Golden, born in 2017, and daughter Powerful Queen, born in 2020.) 

The Cannon baby boom resumed in November with the arrival of Beautiful Zeppelin, born to Abby De La Rosa. (Abby also shares twin sons Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir with Nick, and Nick is also a father to 11-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe with ex-wife Mariah Carey.) 

For those keeping count at home, Nick has fathered a whopping 12 kids with six different women. 

Nick, watching his monthly child support payments increase– again.

Stay tune to find out what– or rather who– is in store for 2023! 

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(Photos: Instagram) 



  1. Honestly… I lost a child from miscarriage and I was literally traumatized for over a year, looked at sec differently, cried constantly, etc. can’t imagine losing a live child and then jumping right back with nick to have another.

    1. Thank you!!!

      And Im sorry for your loss

      I’ve never been through it and hope I never am but members of my family have experienced it and the last thing on their minds is turning right around and getting pregnant again. My cousin suffered 3 miscarriages but waited over 2 years before even wanting to try again and my sister had 4 miscarriages before finally having a healthy baby girl got pregnant a second two years later but it died after 2 days, she then got her tubes tied and never tried again because the loss was to much to bare…she just decided to be happy with the one she has.

  2. So, before I knew Alyssa was pregnant by this douche bag again, I felt very sorry for her. It didn’t *sound* like she was hanging around him and she laid low. I felt like he had ran out after losing Zen, and promptly went on a “f**king spree” or however he said it, and knocked up 4 other women in the process of his “grieving”. That is completely inappropriate. He should have been there for Alyssa. That is a HUGE loss. It’s completely disrespectful to Alyssa AND to the memory of his son, Zen. Had it been me, I would have probably been unable to speak to him especially as at that point, we’d have no connection except a child that had passed away. After I found out she was pregnant AGAIN, and by him- I have to say, I am just as disgusted with her as well. I no longer feel bad for her whatsoever, except for the loss of her child. The only one I feel bad and embarrassed for is Mariah- as yes, he may have cheated on her, but she finally left and hasn’t gone back unlike the others. The others just ARE straight embarrassment, pathetic and desperate. What kind of woman not only sleeps with, but has a child with, a man that has knocked up 5 different women in a YEAR. CLEARLY it’s unprotected sex and CLEARLY it’s gross even if they weren’t planned but it sounds like they were- which is just foul. What’s worse is they all play house with him day to day, and you can tell they are all thinking they’re going to be the one to end up with this clown. Especially Bre (barf!).

  3. I think everyone’s biggest problem was that they were saying there was no way he could give each one quality time. Now he’s out there actually saying it. So…does this mean he’s done then???
    That’s a lot of babies. If no one hired him from here on out he might be able to give them all quality time but then that child support might seem a little high.
    Poor Moroccan and Monroe. They were both their parents worlds till Nick started spraying his seed to all the Wild N Out ladies. #demkids are old enough to realize they are getting the shit end of the stick now.

  4. I’m at a loss to understand why the media constantly gives this Serial Baby Daddy any attention at all. Those poor little kids are nothing more than trophies to him.

    1. I think they’re not just trophies to him, I think they’re probably trophies to their mama’s too…I can literally hear it now “Hey, I’m Nick Cannon’s baby mama”, like it makes them special!!!

      It makes them nothing but trash in my eyes…and Alyssa, she’s the trashes one of all!!! Getting knocked up twice by this douche then claiming Zen is in every breath she breathes.

      If she cared that much she wouldn’t have went back for seconds…you watch, by next December she’ll have another one by him!!!

  5. Zen is “in every breath you breathe”, right Alyssa…that’s why you’re having another kid with this guy a year after he died!!

    1. She’s trashy simply for sleeping with him, they all are after Mariah, really, and most have gone back, repeatedly.

      That said, stfu about her child dying and how she’s dealt with it, because that’s beyond disgusting of you. How she has chosen to deal with her grief, or incorporate her son into her life moving forward is no one’s place to judge (note, I didn’t say don’t judge her at all). You don’t know what it’s like to lose a child. You don’t even know what it’s like to be a parent.

      You have no idea how you’d personally deal with that kind of tragedy should it ever happen to you. No one does. They can pretend they know what they’d do, how they’d act, how they feel, but 10 times out of 10, they are dead wrong. Even if they’ve dealt with it more than once, they’ll still be wrong. I was dead wrong too, because, again, we ALL are. Sometimes in dealing with grief, we do stupid shit, too. Sleeping with him again, and getting pregnant from it, was her stupid shit. Mentioning her son and how much he still very much means to her (and will for her lifetime), is not.

    2. I may not have kids but if I did and one died I certainly wouldn’t jump in the sack and make another one 2-3 short months after the first baby died, it seriously makes it seem like this new baby is nothing but a replacement to either one of them and its DISGUSTING!!!!

      1. And truth be told, I think Mariah is a little trashy too, Nick cheated on her many times with several of his soon to be baby mamas and she kept going back like a whipped puppy because in her words “we have kids and they need their mom and dad” but FINALLY decided after YEARS of dealing with it that she’d finally had enough and she and her children deserved better!!!

      2. You are disgusting, you have proven it time and time again.

        Having another child after losing one, is not replacing the first child. Only a demented walnut with absolutely zero life experience would think something like that, and choose to actually say it out loud for others to see.

        Like I said, you don’t actually know, because you’ve never been in that position. Even if you had, which despite you being a POS, I hope never happens, you still don’t actually know how you’d deal with it. NO ONE does, and thankfully, most people will never have to really learn, because that kind of experience is absolutely soul crushing.

        1. Actually, for me, I know how I’d handle it, or rather how I WOULDN’T handle it, and I DEFINITELY WOULDN’T handle it by making another child so soon after losing one, in my opinion I think there’s a certain mourning period where you simply just mourn the child that was lost, you don’t jump in the sack and create yet another one that quick, I mean yeah in a year or two after the fact I may consider it, but that’s me.

          If somebody wants to handle it differently based on them, that’s their choice but I’m speaking based on my opinion, what she did was off putting IMO, I would have waited and I DEFINITELY wouldn’t procreate with someone as disgusting as Nick Cannon!!!

          1. And how do you know “most people will never have to really learn”? Who are you…God…do you know in advance who will lose a child and who won’t?

            Well, I can tell you, you AREN’T God so you don’t know that most people will never have to really learn.

            Yeah statistics say it’s virtually impossible for most to experience the loss of a child that isn’t a miscarriage or stillbirth but stats are JUST NUMBERS, no one KNOWS but God.

          2. I am not god, I’m just intelligent enough to understand statistics and how they work. The vast majority of people will never have to know what it’s like to lose a child (nor have the vast majority on the planet thus far) That is basic math, and a truthful fact no matter how much your pea-brain would prefer it not be. You are denser than a fruitcake make with quikcrete if you can’t understand basic math.

            Your god would be disappointed in you, and probably is. I hope he smites you.

            I’m not going to engage you on this topic going forward, as you’ve already proven the complete and utter POS you really are with your commentary about getting pregnant after losing a child.

          3. I understand basic math, I also know that statistics are like I said earlier, JUST NUMBERS!! No one but God knows what a person will have to go through…geez, talk about me being dense!!!

            Statistics are PREDICTIONS, God knows the TRUTH.

            Just like that “wait 6-8 weeks to have physical contact after giving birth”, anyone with a brain knows that that “rule” was invented by a “man”, a “man” that figured that since he couldnt wait any longer than that to have his pickle tickled then no “man” could, I mean let’s not think about the woman and what is best for them, as long the man is gettinghis needs met, nothing else matters!!!

            But a woman knows that a real man (not just a guy in a man’s body with a little boy’s mentality) would think about the woman before himself. Because, these situations not only have an emotional impact but a physical one as well. Pregnancy, labor/delivery and in this case grief take an physical toll on the body, what woman in their right mind willing does this to themselves or puts the want of the guy getting his pickle tickled first as opposed to putting their health first?

            And each pregnancy that a girl goes through also reeks havoc on their mental state as well, the extra weight and sagging boobs make a female feel less desirable!!!

          4. And there’s NOTHING wrong with getting pregnant after losing a child, but WILLINGLY getting pregnant that quickly is crazy!!

            I mean getting pregnant UNPLANNED that quickly, that’s one thing…that would be God’s plan and His way of speaking to the person and telling them that they need that to help them get through the heartache.

            But you and nobody else can tell me that these two dummies didn’t plan this!!

    3. So I will say that having a baby with Nick is a bad idea in general but just because she had another child that doesn’t mean she is “replacing” the one that passed away. I see that same comment way too often and it’s incredibly insensitive. Should everyone who loses a child stop having kids because other people will grow them as a replacement? I can’t imagine what it’s like to lose a child but I have had a miscarriage and that alone created a dark hole in my life that the only thing that helped heal that void was having a child. That baby wasn’t a replacement. Everyone is different and there is no set amount of time that is required for grieving or having another child.

      1. Im just saying that in my mind having another one that soon seems fishy. But hey, as you say “everyone is different” and they are.

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