Jordan Ward of ’16 & Pregnant’ Gives Birth to Baby Number 2

It’s a girl for Jordan!

It’s official: Jordan Ward-Finder from the most recent season of 16 & Pregnant is  a parent…again. She just gave birth to her second child tonight.

Jordan is officially the first ’16 & Pregnant’ girl to have a second baby (not counting the girls who had twins, obviously.) Jordan made quite a news splash when she announced that she had gotten pregnant again.

Even though she is married to her baby-daddy, it still shocked a lot of people to find out she was once again knocked up. (She was actually pregnant at the Season 3 Reunion Special taping, although she only had told a few people at that point.)

Jordan had her baby in the Monterrey Bay, California, area, where her husband, Brian, is stationed, meaning that her twin sis, Jessica, wasn’t able to be in the delivery room this time around. According to Jessica’s Twitter, she was able to watch the delivery via Skype.

Howdy, Arri!

Jordan’s mom is flying out next week to help her with the baby and her son Noah.

Update: Jordan has released her baby’s name and first picture. Her daughter’s name is Arri Monroe Finder!

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  1. My name is Jordan and my daughters name is Arri.. LOL she is 6 months old! I just NOW discovered this Jordan and Arri.. So weird.

  2. My sister’s step son got his girlfriend pregnant when they were both 14. They are 18 now and had another child. They are both married now. They never fight. There’s never any drama. They are doing great! I think it’s totally possible to make a situation like this work as long as both parents are mature and ready. I say congrats to Jordan and her hubby and good luck!

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