Before They Were Reality Stars: Guess Who?

Guess who?

Recognize this little angel, seen here at about 9 years old in her Catholic school photo? These days, this little girl is all grown up and is definitely a hell-raiser among her group of um…friends. She’s also a tabloid darling, being featured in practically every page of the gossip rags each week.

Can you guess who this little girl grew up to be?

"It's me!"

It’s Teresa Giudice from The Real Housewives of New Jersey! These days Teresa is very busy writing books, fighting with her castmates and Jersey-ing up the country. She’s also the mother of four kids.

She obviously thinks a lot of herself, judging by the biography found on her official website, Fabulicious! (Yes, that’s actually what the site is called and, yes, it did hurt me a little to type that.)

(Photos:; People)


  1. Wow she really looks like a frog in that picture. I wonder how people like this grow up thinking they are so beautiful. Parents- it isn’t necessary to tell your children they are the most gorgeous thing in the world when they are not!!

    1. Wow your kind of a bitch aren’t you why don’t you make fun of someone for something they can actually control like(attitude or job) and not the way they look. GROW UP

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