‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Briana DeJesus Reveals That She’s Planning to Move To Texas; Corey Simms Reveals His Dad’s Awkward Sex Advice & More

“And the state! I’ll start a Texas chapter of The Coven!”

From giving (awkward) sex advice to giving an explanation for poor driving, it’s been another busy week for the stars/former stars of the Teen Mom franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom: The Next Chapter and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last few days…

Briana DeJesus Reveals That She Is Planning to Move To Texas Soon; Gives An Update On Her Love Life 

Briana, checking to see if any of Kail’s exes currently reside in Texas…

Not long after moving into her new home in Florida, Briana says she’s soon to be on the move again!

The former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star went Live on Instagram on Friday to discuss her future. As fans know, Briana moved into a new home in Florida after gifting the first townhome she purchased to her mother, Roxanne DeJesus. Now, Bri claims she is considering moving again— this time to the Lone Star State!

“My new place is coming together really well, but I don’t think I’m going to stay there much longer,” Briana said before revealing her big moving plan.

“I think I’m ready to buy another home, and I’m looking at homes in Texas…”

“If I find out there’s some dude named Javi that you’re movin’ to Texas to be closer to, I’m gonna pop you with a shoe. Imma tell you that right now!”

“I was looking in San Antonio and I saw some really nice houses that are in my budget,” Briana said, adding that she will actually be in Texas for a upcoming cruise, so she plans to stay there a few extra days to look at houses she’s found online. And— she will apparently be going down there with cash in-hand, ready to lock something down!

“I really like most of [the houses I’ve seen online] so I may just go check it out and put a down payment. I think that’s the plan,” she said. 

Briana also confirmed that she has no special Javi man in her life at the moment. (She and her last boyfriend, Bobby Scott— who was a former ‘Teen Mom’ security guard— broke things off not too long ago.)

“I’m single. I am single and I am not ready to mingle,” Briana said. “I want to stay single for quite some time. I don’t think I ever gave myself time to be single, I think I jumped into situations pretty quickly without reevaluating the situation.

That’s an understatement…

“I feel like I fall in love with people’s potential and not necessarily them as a person,” she continued. “I also think I need to heal…and I think I need to take care of myself first before I jump into anything else. So, that’s where I’m at currently.”

Corey Simms Tells Leah Messer the NSFW Advice His Dad Once Gave Him To Prevent Pregnancy 

“I shoulda listen to my dad!”

Leah’s ex-husband (well, one of them anyway) made an unexpected return to the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise recently. Corey– the father of Leah’s twins— appeared on an episode of ‘Girls Night In’ alongside Leah and her (now ex-) fiance, Jaylan Mobley. As if sitting between two men you’ve boinked isn’t awkward enough, good ol’ Corey Tyler decided to up the awkward factor by telling a very NSFW story.

Corey crushed a beer (while also crushing any chance that this segment would be somewhat comfortable) as he regaled Leah and Jaylan with a tale about the “birds and the bees” talk his father, Jeff Simms, gave him when he was a teenager.

While the trio watched an episode of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ Leah mentioned that pregnancy prevention and safe sex are discussed more now than they were when teen Leah and Corey were knockin’ boots in the back of Corey’s truck back ‘er in the holler. 

“I think we talk about safe sex now more than we did before, whether it’s condoms or birth control,” Leah said. “We definitely talk about it more in 2022 than we did in 2009 when the twins were born. I didn’t have any talks with my parents.”

“That ain’t true. I done told you not to let no boy put their pecker near ya, but you don’t listen.”

Corey stated that his dad did talk to him about preventing pregnancy, although clearly the talk wasn’t very effective. (Corey and Leah’s twin daughters were born when Corey was 19 and Leah was 17.)

Corey then told Leah and Jaylan the “tip” his father gave him to prevent getting a girl pregnant.

“Dad said, ‘She can’t get pregnant in the mouth, son.’ And that was it,” Corey told a shocked Leah.

He added that he will not be repeating his dad’s words to his own kids.

“I would never say that to Ali and Aleeah,” Corey said.

During the segment Corey also revealed that he was “tricked” into appearing on ‘Girls Night In,’ because he didn’t realize the contract he was signing to appear on the show was for him, not his daughters. 

“I gotta start readin’ them contracts so I don’t end up on dumb shows like this!”

“I thought I signed the contract for the girls to do ‘Girls’ Night In’ is what I thought,” Corey said. 

“And you signed for you?” Leah said. “They tricked your ass.”

“I didn’t know. I thought it was for the twins,” Corey revealed. “I didn’t know it was for me. Yeah. They got me good. So here I am.”

Farrah Abraham Blames Her Poor Driving Skills on Medical Diagnosis

Raise your hand if you threatened to slam your doctor on Yelp if they didn’t give you the diagnosis you wanted…

Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ star Farrah Abraham took to social media Wednesday to reveal a new medical diagnosis( and a classic “Farrah Speak” explanation) on how said-diagnosis has affected both her ability to drive and her Animorphs-adjacent appearance. 

Farrah announced her latest medical diagnosis on social media (where else?!) by posting a side-by-side photo of her original face/Iowa drivers license and her most recent mug/Texas license. 

“To see the me that had to take her drivers test over 4x because I didn’t know that mental struggles were separate from physical,” she captioned the nonsensical Instagram post.  

Farrah went on to ramble claim that she previously thought she was a “late bloomer,” but now understands that she had ptosis– a treatable condition described as a drooping of the eyelid, which can occur in both children and adults. According to In Touch Weekly, Farrah has seemingly resolved her ptosis problem, though it’s unclear as to what method of treatment she used to do so. 

We’re telling ourselves this is how Farrah actually solved her ptosis predicament.

Treatments for ptosis can range from use of daily eye drops to surgery– the latter of which Farrah is known to be a big proponent.  

Coincidentally, days before Farrah revealed her ptosis condition, she posted a shocking selfie in front of her Christmas tree that left a lot of ‘Teen Mom’ fans questioning whether Farrah had recently undergone yet another cosmetic procedure, as she appeared to have made changes to her face. Again.  

Though Farrah has not opened up about her particular ptosis treatment method, she claims that she’s now able to help her daughter, Sophia, “study for her own first drivers test.” 

“You realize that I’m only 13, right?”

“I just love I have the education and words,” she continued. “I can now see not only in me but others dna differences within shining outward. I love knowing I can help me and others.” 

We’re glad Farrah has “words” because after trying to decipher that post, we have none.

‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ and ‘Teen Mom: Girls Night In’ Continue To Deliver Terrible Ratings. 

“…but don’t force it to get a real job.”

Despite MTV’s best efforts, it seems that fans of ‘Teen Mom’ just aren’t feeling the newest additions to the franchise, Teen Mom: The Next Chapter and Teen Mom: Girls Night In

According to ShowBuzzDaily, ’The Next Chapter’ kicked off the month of November with an episode that brought in 246,000 live viewers, finishing No. 28 among the Top Original Cable Telecasts for the night–- and things have only gotten worse since then. 

It might take more than that to save this garbage-fire of a show.

The November 8 episode–- which, to be fair, did air on Election Night in the United States–- didn’t even crack the Top 50, coming in at No. 51 with 310,000 live viewers. Things got even worse for ‘Next Chapter’ this week, when it dropped to No. 55 and only had 253,000 live viewers tuning in to watch the cast walk through urine-drenched homes and/or obsess over their upcoming weddings.  

Describe this show in one sound…

While ‘The Next Chapter’ ratings are certainly nothing to brag about, even fewer people are tuning in to watch ‘Girls Night In’– the franchise’s knockoff take on 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk. 

You mean to tell us bringing in these two didn’t save the show?! Color us shocked.

A mere 161,000 live viewers watched the November 1 episode of ‘Girls Night In,’ earning the series the No. 65 spot for the night, and by the following week, viewership had fallen to just 115,000 live viewers, with the series failing to even crack the Top 100, coming in at No. 106. 

Things improved, albeit slightly, during this week’s episode, which brought in 135,000 live viewers. The episode also helped the series reclaim a spot in the Top 100 shows for the night, though it landed at No. 96. 

Those are DEFINITELY not happy tears…

As The Ashley previously reported, despite the series premiere being one of the least-watched episodes in ‘Teen Mom’ franchise history, ‘The Next Chapter’ viewership was actually on the rise by Episode 4, finishing in the No. 17 after failing to crack the Top 50 right out of the gate. 

To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


24 Responses

    1. Sophia is only 13. But of course Farrah never makes sense so who knows why she’s talking about teaching her to drive.

      1. It’s not unheard of for 13 year olds to be taught how to drive on not busy backroads or empty parking lots.

        They gotta learn somehow, i was never taught until i was able to get on the road and it was TERRIFYING!!

        I’ve heard of 11 years olds driving through fields in trucks, tractors, ATVs, etc.

        My uncle’s driveway used to be a circle (he’s since moved) but he used to let my 12 year old cousin use the driveway as a driving lesson until he was allowed on the road at 16 so he would be semi ready.

        1. I was driving jeeps on the beach at 13, doing driftwood cleanups and stuff ?‍♀️ Pretty common in rural places, I think.

          1. Exactly.

            And even though I don’t know how Farrah plans to teach her how to drive at 13 in California the article above says she’s only talking about helping her STUDY for the test.

            I dont suppose there’s any harm in getting a head start in the studying department.

            And I dont think there’s any harm in getting a head start behind the wheel at her age either, as long as there is a way for it to be done safely and responsibly.

            It is common and NOT unheard of.

  1. There’s got to be more to the story. Briana constantly has people around her – Shirley, family, her other friends and boyfriends. I can’t see her just moving to Texas by herself where she knows nobody. And she’ll have no help with anyone watching her daughters, which doesn’t seem like something she’d be able to handle.

    There’s no way she’s not going there for either a guy or some other hidden reason. It’s too random and so unlike her. Either way it’s very sad for her girls to be taken far from Devoin, their aunt, and their grandmother. I know that’s part of life, but it’s still very sad.

  2. Looking at the pictures above, I am wondering if the next show should be “Teen Grandparents” and focus on the moms of Barbara, Debra, and Christy (Jade’s mom) along with Butch.

    They are all way more interesting to watch than their kids.

  3. So Briana and that man got the whole crew fired in vain to just hook up briefly?
    And she has so much money thanks to getting knocked up in a club’s bathroom by a guy that gave her STIs that she can buy multiple houses and go on cruises? This world is beyond f*cked up, Humanity needs extinction

    1. Could not agree more….honestly knowing someone like Briana so well he should have been terrified to even kiss her!!

    2. There are conflicting reports about whether the whole crew got fired or not, and I’m inclined to believe they did not. We know MTV used the same crew for both seasons of Family Vacation, as they went on strike during the second season.

    3. Honestly I think it’s her handing out the STD’s bc who’s to say that random man she hooked up with gave her the STD!! The Psycho is sleeping around with random men in the bathroom stalls of the nightclubs and with sloppy seconds of a former cast members exes!!! She is a SKANK and she knows it to u, she tells so MANY lies that it’s to the point her fans are turning against her but for the ones who are staying loyal to her are condoning her reckless, selfish, bullying her current and past cast members online and off think about it first it was Kail then Kail practically told the Psycho that she didn’t care whom her ex-husband dated but The Psycho kept gloating/bullying at her online and off leaving Kail but to sue her so FF they went to court where Kail lost (HONESTLY I think the judge made a mistake on his decision) so The Psycho throws a RIDICULOUS pity party for winning the case inviting everyone from Kail’s exes to Jenelle of all people and sending Kail a clown suit, treadmill telling Kail to lose weight, making fun of Kail’s mental health!!! Next she moves to Jade sticking her ugly nose in Jade’s business then afterwards turning Jade into a mean girl and to be like her!!! Next she goes to Leah and Ashley taunting them. First she forges friends with Leah then she invites her and Maci to a livestream chat on Instagram where she gloats to Leah about the state of Leah’s relationship with Jaylan where a drunk Leah told her that it was none of her business about that!!! The smart thing Leah did was to stick to herself and hung up on The Psycho & not tolerate The Psycho’s childish behavior!!!! Finally she opened a can of worms with Ashley from their moms fighting on tv at the reunion in Florida, making racist remarks about Ashley online and off, claiming that Ashley spitted on her, once again sticking her ugly nose in Ashley’s business revealing Ashley’a pregnancy to the world b4 Ashley was able to!! Like Leah, Ashley is a who lot smarter than the Psycho and knows how to fight her battles where as the Psycho runs away from her problems and has her mommy and sister to fight for her, plus her refusal to appear on stage is so childish and it practically proves that she can’t handle the truth whenever they ask her the hard truth about her psychotic acts or she refuses to admit her psychotic acts!!’

  4. Briana thinks it’s a good idea to take her girls this far away from Devoin, their only father figure (rip Louis), and her mom and sister who help care for the girls? This is going to blow up in her face and is such a disservice to her kids. I hope Devoin takes Briana to court over this. A friend of mine has a daughter and isn’t allowed to move out of state due to the coparenting with the father.

  5. I’m so glad to hear Briana and Bobby are going to spend their whole life together after getting everyone fired!

    1. They called it quits months ago!! Sad the psycho cost a man and his coworkers their job!!!! But he is equally responsible as well he should have known better to hook up with her!!!

      1. He’s lucky he only got fired and not burned??….he must of wanted to see Briana’s new body,cause I can’t for the life of me figure out why he would even touch that girl!

  6. Corey *facepalm* sure man we believe you. ? Bri, don’t move to Texas ugh.

    And finally.
    MTV probably staged Ambers house to stir up more crab between her and Andrew.


    1. Right. Can def see this being staged.
      I want to see the video he has of the house when he left it.
      That’s why it’s so important to take videos and pics of any place you rent or stay so no one can turn around and do this

  7. When you put 2 of Farrah’s faces next to each other like that, it’s pretty jarring. I wonder if maybe she’s not as confident as she pretends to be.

  8. So both Leah and Corey struggle with looking at contracts?

    Farrah’s needs Sophia as the designated driver when she hits the clubs.

  9. If the psychopath does move they won’t be far behind her bc she needs them to watch her daughters so she can go out and party with the locals plus to watch them for her constant vacations!!! We CERTAINLY DON’T WANT THEM HERE IN LOUISIANA!!! They need to stay where they are from!!!

  10. In my opinion I feel like it’s 2022 now so the time is coming closer to when you just won’t be able to rely on live viewers anymore cuz pretty soon people won’t even watch actual TV. You can watch almost all the seasons of all the Teen Mom & 16 & Pregnant shows on Paramount Plus except for the last 1 or 2 seasons, but even with those people are just posting them on Facebook in parts so you can just watch it for free as soon as it comes out & you don’t even have to turn your TV on. Times are changing & you can’t just go by how many people are watching it that way anymore

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