Kody Brown Says He Doesn’t Want to See Ex Christine “Ever Again” & Calls Family Send-off “Demeaning” In Sneak Peek of Next ‘Sister Wives’ Episode

Chill Kody, you’ll be fine. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for your hairline.

As Christine Brown prepares to say goodbye to both Arizona and her family on Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown continues to express his anger over his third wife’s departure, calling the Brown family sendoff “demeaning.” 

On the last episode of ‘Sister Wives,’ viewers saw Kody drive off angrily after yelling at Christine following a tense discussion between the exes and Kody’s remaining wives Meri, Janelle and Robyn. In spite of the chaotic way in which that conversation ended, Christine decides to have a small farewell gathering at her home before heading to Utah with daughter Truely. While Kody does show up to say his goodbyes, he claims the family sendoff feels wrong. 

How I feel about Kody’s tragic hairstyle and equally tragic personality.

“There is such a strike to all my feelings and all the work that I’ve done for our family to come here to sort of have this family gathering and say goodbye, that is way off course for me. Way off the charts,” Kody says in a clip from Sunday’s episode shared by People. “It’s not even right. It feels so demeaning.” 

Kody goes on to say that he’s “in sort of this weird place where I’m thinking I don’t want to see Christine ever again.” 

“Believe me, that can and will be arranged.”

“I don’t want to think about her,” he continues. “I don’t want to drive past this house ever again and mourn this. I don’t want to sit and be in this place again. I don’t want to deal with this at all.” 

As the clip goes on, Meri explains that she technically isn’t at Christine’s farewell gathering because she’s out of town; however, she doesn’t appear to be very upset about missing out, given her fractured friendship with Christine. 

“Unless, of course, Kody needs a shoulder to cry on, in which case I’ll be there faster than you can say, ‘It’s not a pyramid scheme, it’s an MLM.'”

“I don’t know how weird it would have been if I was [there] knowing that she really wasn’t interested in having a relationship with me,” Meri says. “So, why be there and do some big goodbye?” 

While Kody and Meri (and Robyn) grapple with Christine’s decision to leave, Kody and Janelle’s son Gabe reveals he’s “not really sad” about Christine leaving Kody, but is “really sad” about her moving. 


“I’m not gonna, like, sit here and blame her for doing it,” Gabe says. “If I was in her shoes, I would do the same.”  

Meanwhile, Kody and Christine’s daughter Mykelti and Mykelti’s husband, Tony Padron, show up to support Christine–- and, according to Kody, “affirm that the family is still a family”–- but even they can’t ignore the family tension. 

Describe the 17 seasons of ‘Sister Wives’ in one sentence…

“It’s awkward outside,” Mykelti says. “It’s weird. It’s intense. Nobody really wants to be here. Dad doesn’t want to be here, Robyn doesn’t want to be here, mom doesn’t want to be here. 

“It’s weird,” she continues. “It’s intense and it’s uncomfortable.” 

“…and thick,” Tony adds. 

I’m not sure if they’re talking about the family tension or Tony’s hair, but I suppose these adjectives apply to both.

New episodes of ‘Sister Wives’ air Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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26 Responses

  1. Yes, seeing your child off is SO demeaning. It was very clear where the lines are drawn and Kody drew them. I hope Janelle has seen him for the asshole he is this past year and leaves him. Meri, Janelle and Christine “served their purpose” with Kody and he has moved on and shows every day where his heart and loyalty is. JanelLe needs to go and take her money with her(because that’s all Kody wants her for) then sue Kody for her financial stake in Coyote Pass because without her it won’t get paid off.

  2. Am I the only person who thinks that Cody is a narcissist? Watching the footage of him would make for a great drinking game. If he says the words me, my,or I it’s time to take a drink. Even when he’s trying to write the wedding vows for that couple he married he said he wouldn’t be fully to blame if he couldn’t come up with something. Yes, you would be 100% to blame. Also, why is it that you seem to have difficult relationships with most of your family members but it’s never your fault? Hmm? Cody? Crickets. You’re a terribly selfish father, husband and man. Period.

  3. I have watched thishow for a couple years now & find youreding to much time on Christine.
    She moved on s o why do we still she her on the show.
    Ow needs to kove on without her.

  4. Christine Im proud of you ita very difficult to leave but i think youll be fine and many hopes and wishes to you and your children as you escape this marriage
    signd Tinkerbell

  5. Is it just me or is Cody in denial that the other wives are NOT INTERESTED IN HIM SEXUALY, ANYMORE. Once he gets another wife, Robin is done. He has NOTHING to offer anyone, but 5 minutes of air time on a show going nowhere. All the kids seem really nice, thanks to the mom’s. I have been married for 42 years, to my husband. It has been fun watching this show, but it is hard now to watch Cody treat these women badly. We are now just hearing on what’s been going on behind the cameras. 10 years of no intimacy with the other 3 wives. All Cody says is that they have to do what, and when he says. Christine just wants to be happy and wants more for her and teach her daughters not to follow what she did. Great job Christine. I hope you get your own show to teach all the other wives stuck on how to stick up for yourself and get out. I wish you all the best 8n finding real love ?.

  6. Kody is an oversized baby! Maybe just keep it to one woman since you cant handle more than that anyway! If I were Janelle I would be the next one to move on!!! He blames everyone else for the issues! Couldn’t be him!

  7. It’s statements like this, when he slips and is honest, that make you realize everything he says when he’s pretending to GAF about anyone outside his family with Robyn is a lie. Last week’s freakout when he yelled about “all the sacrifices I made to love you” made me LMAO. He’d love nothing more than for everyone outside of his Robyn family to drop off the face of the earth.

  8. Surprise, Surprise!! Kody continues to act worse than a 5 year old. He doesn’t want to ever, see his ex-wife Christine again. He said he never loved her, he said he made all kinds of sacrifices to love Christine and says that he put in work forcing himself to be close to her and now HE is the one who feels betrayed??? I’m beginning to think that Kody is either living in Bizzarro World where everything backwards is correct or he is just as dumb and conceited as he has always appeared to be since the show started. He and Sobbyn Robyn make a lovely couple.

  9. So what Kody, the viewers don’t ever want to see YOU, ROBYN, OR GROSS AND PATHETIC MERI EVER AGAIN. Please TLC give Christine and Janelle their own show, listen to the viewers.

  10. Meri please stop lying, you weren’t there because you weren’t invited. Nobody calls Meri, especially Kody.

  11. You expect a woman to stay with you when you’ve openly admitted you don’t love her or want any intimacy? That isn’t a marriage. That’s just having a roommate that you happen to have kids with. He is so delusional.

    1. A roommate you have kids with and who also has to share all of her money with you so you can spend it all on eyebrow pencils for your real wife

    2. Did anyone else catch the preview for next week? I can’t wait! Kody wants him and Janelle to buy Christine’s house for Janelle to spend the winter in. From the little bit of clip they showed, Janelle is really telling him how she feels about that! Come on next Sunday – maybe this is what pushes her over the edge and she leaves him! Hahaha

  12. Perhaps, just perhaps, Christine had a “good-bye gathering” for Truely’s sake? You know, the kid that is also moving away? Too bad Cody, Robin and Meri couldn’t have put the child’s feelings above their own.

    1. Mykelti set the whole goodbye up. She said that her mother would regret not saying goodbye. If you ask me she’s more on Robin and Cody’s side it’s like she’s stabbing her own mom in the back. Listen to her without a crystal ball. Katie Joy explains what led to the whole thing.

  13. Oh, poor, poor Grody, he got his feelings hurt, more like his wallet. He always has said, they can leave any time they want and even put out there that Christine could get a boyfriend and they could live on Coyote Pass – translation: as long as your 1/4 of the family’s money stays here, you can do what you want. Here’s what Grody didn’t hear: “Christine is leaving because this relationship with him & Polygamy is TOXIC and unhealthy mentally and physically for her children and herself.” His blaming Christine or the kids or Covid, Catfishing, the nanny, whatever his excuse, is called: deflection by a true narcissist. The show’s over, buddy so is the TLC bankroll – they aren’t interested in you & Robin’s story; hell we, the fans, have been subject to that since Day 1 and it’s boring, sick, full of hatred and jealously and clearly money motivated; that’s not a marriage; that’s a Grody Dictatorship. The fans want Christine and Janelle to have their own show and I’m all for that. You and Sobbyn can sit in your McMansion together with the kids and the nanny and contemplate your next move; you might have to buy Janelle’s trailer so you and Sobbyn & kids will have somewhere to live. While you’re there you can contemplate why none of your other kids live anywhere near you or live this life of polygamy. The bottom line, Grody is that you couldn’t handle four wives or Polygamy; it handled you. You reap what you sow.

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