‘Sister Wives’ Fans Get Angry After Kody & Robyn Brown’s Controversial Parenting Choices Are Exposed In Bonus Clip

Kody, basically saying what we’re all thinking after seeing this clip…

Kody and Robyn Brown‘s parenting choices continue to shock (and anger) Sister Wives fans.

After a new clip of “bonus footage” was posted to the official ‘Sister Wives’ Facebook page on Wednesday, fans flocked to the post’s comment section to express their outrage and anger over the Browns’ poor parenting. The clip showed Kody and Robyn laughing and joking as they discussed their young daughter Ariella’s poor sleep schedule and habits. 

In the clip, Robyn is shown bringing Ariella home from her first day of kindergarten, where Kody and some of the other kids greet them. Kody tells us that, until that day, Ariella had never had to wake up early. He then revealed that having his then-five-year-old daughter sleep so late makes it easier for him and Robyn. (In the clip, Robyn states that Ari often sleeps until 11 a.m. or noon.)

“We let her sleep late to spare us, so we’ve got the freedom and stuff like that,” Kody says, laughing. “We’ve allowed her to sleep late.”

“And Christine acts like this parenting stuff is SOO hard. I nailed it!”

Robyn chimes in to say that, since Ariella was a baby, they have let her stay up “really, really late” and then sleep in. Now that Ari is in kindergarten, that will have to change, though.

“I don’t know how she’s gonna manage it,” Robyn says, later adding, “She’ll stay up all night long if you let her.” 

Kody then tells us that his daughter often keeps him up at night because she wants to stay up. He also reveals that their son Solomon (who was 10 at the time), was often kept up by his little sister.

Raise your hand if you’d like to finally get a decent night’s rest without having some kid bugging you all night…

“Robyn and I weren’t parenting together at that point,” Kody said, adding that he’s “not always around all of the time” and often Robyn has to try to get Solomon to go to bed while allowing Ari to stay up late. 

Robyn explained that, normally, when Ari is forced to wake up early, she will try to take a nap around 6 p.m. and then stay up really late. She explained that she hopes Ari will now go to bed at a “decent time.”

“We’re just like, ‘This is scary,'” she said, laughing.

Robyn, discussing the concept of parenting sans nanny…and her eyebrows…probably.

‘Sister Wives’ fans certainly didn’t see the humor in Robyn and Kody’s lackadaisical parenting. People flooded the post’s comment section to give their thoughts on the clip.

“He said it himself. Let [Ari] sleep so they don’t have to deal with her. Wow. Great parenting,” one person wrote of Kody. 

“Wait…is that wrong or something? I don’t see the problem!”

“Yup you’ve just discovered parenting, Kody,” another person wrote. “Shame you didn’t help with the other wives’ kids when they needed help with bedtimes.”

A large number of the critics in the comment section were surprised at how funny Kody and Robyn found their daughter’s situation.

“We got these two dimwits laughing when they could have worked on her sleep schedule 6 months to 1 year in advance. It’s not rocket science,” one wrote.

“Wth?!? They knew school was starting so why wouldn’t you started working on a normal bedtime and a morning routine before the first day of school? Seems pretty logical,” someone else commented.

“That segment should be so embarrassing for Kody and Robyn to watch back,” another wrote. “There are a lot of things in this world to be scared of when parenting. However, setting a bedtime schedule for a 6 year old and sticking to it, definitely should not be one of them! They really have no clue on how to parent!”

“Is there any possible way we can blame Christine for this?”

You can watch the clip in question below!

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(Photos: TLC) 


  1. They’re totally brainwashing those kids.. I feel bad for them, you can tell Robyn’s older kids have been totally brainwashed and they’re screwed up.

  2. Ari always looks like she just rolled out of bed. Her hair is a dang mess. When she came home from school I was like WTF Robyn? Take care of your kids ffs.

  3. They “hope” she goes to bed earlier? My mom would have tanned my hide if I fought going to bed. Make her go to bed! She isn’t a baby anymore.

  4. Sponge Robyn Square Head is a terrible excuse for a mother. She babies Aerosol and King Sol. Kody is a shitty father, but we already knew that. Noodle head and his wife are shameful.

    1. She stays up all nite watching Ari so they can have alone time.you know she even sleeps with them
      He was complaining about it before.so that’s what the nanny does lol

  5. How can two adults be so stupid?They let her sleep late because they are sorry parents.They had six years to give this child a bedtime.That is some of the poorest parents I’ve ever seen.I can’t believe they let that little girl stay up all night for six years,someone should take those kids away from them.

  6. Robyn this is your 5th child, don’t pretend you don’t understand that most babies often sleep all day and are awake at night. It’s up to YOU to help adjust their schedule to work with the family and parents schedule. Don’t be pretend it’s cute or that you don’t know any better and it’s so scary. It’s called sleep training and there are many different methods. Also doesn’t she still sleep with them too?!?!? That’s some pure laziness to let this child get to kindergarten with no sleep/nap schedule.

  7. I usually don’t judge other’s parenting, and I certainly have made a ton of mistakes myself. But for 5 or 6 years she’s been sleeping until 11 or NOON??!! At no point did they think they needed to adjust that? That is wild! I knew they let Solomon run the house but now I see Ari does whatever the heck she wants too. I hope they can catch up on their social skills now that they’re in school.

    1. Kody, Robyn (and her eyebrows) are definitely the sort who think their kids and their antics are cuter than they truly are.

    1. What Christine wouldn’t, agree with terrible parenting choices.
      That’s why the other sister wives were not asked to help probably. Robyn’s kids are raised different than the family norm.

  8. IMO, Robyn joined the family because she saw a way to pawn parental responsibilities on 3 other women. We all saw from day 1 that Kody would never get a father-of-the-year award. It always seemed to me that he was fidgety and just waiting for the family gatherings to end. Once Mari sacrificed her legal marriage to Kody for Robyn’s kids, Robyn was exactly where she wanted to be and the other wives started to have less input and their kids fell to the wayside and Robyn’s moved to the forefront. All the other kids see it, even Truly. Kody and Robyn deserve each other. They claim to be Christians while acting quite the opposite.

    1. It’s always appeared to me that Kody was always way more interested in the little kids than he ever was with the older children. It’s like once they hit a certain age, he can’t be bothered with them any longer. Most likely because when they’re little, he can control them and manipulate situations. Whereas when they get older, they start to catch on to his bullshit and form their own opinions. Not to mention seeing how terrible he treats their moms.

      You can clearly tell how his relationships with his adult children are non-existent. They seem distant from him and even awkward when they are together.

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