Caryn Chandler— Girlfriend of Matt Roloff— Reportedly Quitting ‘ Little People Big World’ & Moving to Arizona Following Feud With Matt’s Family

“I’m outta here!”

The ongoing feud between Matt Roloff and his children has reportedly gotten so bad that Matt’s longtime girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, has decided to move to Arizona full-time in an effort to escape the drama. The Sun recently broke the news that Caryn plans to rent out her home in Oregon and relocate permanently to the home in Arizona that she and Matt purchased as a vacation home in 2018.

As The Ashley previously told you, Matt’s decision to sell a portion of Roloff Farm has resulted in a family feud between he and his twin sons Zach and Jeremy–- some of which has been playing out on the current season of Little People Big World. (Matt has since announced that he is pausing plans to sell a portion of the farm and former Roloff family residence in order to open up the home for short-term rentals instead.)

Matt and his twin sons remain at odds, and fans have seen Matt’s girlfriend of five years, Caryn, get pulled into the family feud. On a recent episode of the TLC series, Caryn was accused of encouraging Matt not to sell the farm to his twin sons, resulting in Zach and wife Tori Roloff proclaiming they have no intentions of introducing their newborn son Josiah to their father’s girlfriend.

The latest feud has resulted in Caryn not only planning to quit appearing on ‘Little People Big World,’ but also planning to relocate from Oregon to their vacation home in Surprise, Arizona.

The couple purchased the home from Caryn’s parents in 2018 for $375,000, and while they often spend time at the two-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home, a source claims Caryn will be moving there full-time “likely by January.” 

“She’s been wanting to relocate there for so long, and she and Matt often stay at their vacation home on weekends, but this would be permanent,” the source added. “[Caryn] is moving first without Matt to get settled in. She’s going to rent her house out in Oregon. They want to start planning for the future.” 

While Caryn is unsure if Matt plans to walk away from the TLC series as well, she “definitely” will be leaving the show as she “wants to get away from all the drama going on with the family.” 

“She’s letting [Matt] make his own decision about it, but she’d rather not be involved anymore,” the source continued. 

In addition to the short-term rental renovations currently happening on the farm, Matt is building “his dream house,” which is set to be complete in April 2023. Matt doesn’t plan to live in the new home full-time, though he will stay there whenever he’s in town working with youngest son Jacob Roloff on the farm. 

Caryn will also continue to spend time on the farm, however, she is “making Arizona her base.” 

Caryn has not publicly addressed the fact that she does not intend to return to ‘Little People Big World,’ and Matt recently confirmed that plans for Season 25 have yet to be discussed with TLC. 

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24 Responses

  1. I think she should walk away from it all as she is the one that is causing such hate with Matt and his family, remember she did make it sound like she owned it when they started this feud and now guilt is forcing her out and I don’t blame Zach nor Tori for keeping the kids from her as she doesn’t care about them to begin with she only wants the attention and the Ching Ching all the money…you’ll see, shell force Matt into marriage yet so she can have it, she’s making it to Matt that by going is going to put more of strain in him and his family, I say let the reason for this hate go to Arizona and stay who cares, I don’t!!!!

  2. Amen! So long Caryn and good riddance! You should have never been involved with any of the feud between Matt and his family to begin with. It’s none of your business, it’s strictly a family matter and contrary to your idea on the subject you are not family nor have you been for the last twenty plus years. Sure, your a “girlfriend” but that’s it. Enjoy roasting in Arizona …

  3. They all have gotten rich being on the show. Now they are acting like stuck up people instead of the good people we have come to admire. I won’t watch anymore because of the attitudes

  4. OMG….I just had an “evil” thought. What if the entire family (except for Molly, who has wisely kept her distance) has fabricated – or at least, exaggerated – this entire “feud” just to keep the ratings up???

  5. I will say that Caryn should just get out of Matt’s life. She manipulates his life to where he is fighting with Zachary and Jeremy. It is a chuckle to find Jacob is helping Matt. When we didn’t even see Jacob for along time. Caryn is just pulling the wool over Matt’s eyes and keeping the feud going.
    Go Caryn you home in Arizona is awaiting you. I know she has lots of money of her own but she likes spending Matt’s too !

  6. Caryn needs to stay in her lane.
    She recently bought a house in Oregon for over $400,000…there is no reason she has to leave there to relocate to Arizona..if she doesn’t want to be on the show, she doesn’t have to leave the state

    Its just more drama

  7. I’m sick of Tori and Zack being so rude and inmature, as well to act entitled to Matts property! They all made monies, fame, and yearly incomes from Matt for years! He knows the farm require lots of work and I can’t seeZack or Tori working and giving all it takes to run a farm! I’m sure he paid for all their weddings and for anything they wanted all the time! Caryn is very nice to everyone and also sick of Amy and Chris to gossiping all the time about The farm and Matt and Caryn! Stay out of their business and have your own life!! Sick of Amy whinning and Chris mooching off Matts farm and their nosiness! Go live your life and your so called fairly tale marriage and have your own agenda and life! Back off Matt and his girlfriend! They are far nicer than anyone else on the show!

    1. Oh Caryn, so sweet of you to have more than one screen name! You can write whatever you want. We all see through your manipulative ways. I used to be team Matt, no more, we all now see what Amy had to deal with for 30 years!

  8. Ok moderators, really? Angry ďwarf is not a derogatory statement. He refers to himself and his children as dwarfs. Ffs. It is the politically correct word for you woke fks.

  9. I don’t blame her. Zach and Tori have been acting like a couple of entitled spoiled brats. The property doesn’t belong to anyone but Matt. So what he does with it is only up to him. I feel so bad for the kids Matt and Caryn just want to love them. Good luck with life.

  10. When parents split up and get involved with a new person, it is 100% the parents’ responsibility to ensure their new person stays out of family relationships, particularly regarding the children.

    Also, it makes me crazy when children believe they have an automatic birthright to their parent’s or other family members’ assets. They don’t. And parents should not ever allow a kid to believe they do. It’s okay to leave assets to kids. It is not ok to practice entitlement.

  11. I wish the people on the show, especially Zach, Tori, and Amy would realize that if not for Matt and what he built that farm up into–there would be no big money, property or show. Not sure about Jeremy, Audrey and Molly as they aren’t shown on the show. None of them would have all their houses, money from the show, etc., if not for Matt and they should show him more respect. Once the kids were grown, Amy wanted in on everything Matt did, and usually in a negative way. Before that, she didn’t appear to care much. Amy is all about me, me, me–and Zach is exactly the same way. Zach brought Tori to the meeting–why couldn’t Caryn be there? Yes, Matt and Caryn aren’t married yet, but eventually probably will be. All I am trying to say is Matt basically turned that property into a goldmine financially for them and was instrumental in getting the show. If not for Matt, all these people would be living from paycheck to paycheck like most people. Why doesn’t Zack work? And eventually, those kids will have a sizeable inherence. And yes, I know Matt has his faults, but read above again…

    1. Matt owns that land solely. Amy sold out and needs to stop manipulating the family to punish Caryn and Matt. How can those entitled kids not see what she is doing? Not their land and Matt has no obligation to support kids’ families!! Grow up. You don’t have to see him if you don’t want to, but your children are not weapons to be used to get your way.

  12. These kids would have nothing if it wasn’t for a Matt. Zach and Tori should thank him instead of holding on to a stupid grudge!

  13. It’s all so very weird. I wonder what really happened. There must be something more if Zach and Tori won’t let Caryn meet the new baby unless it’s just for show.

  14. It’s no longer a reality show, it’s a soap opera circus. All that’s needed is some trapeze artists, a few elephants, and a lion tamer to round things out. The show already has its own well-stocked clown car.
    I’m not a fan of the lady, but she’s smart to depart. (Yes, I know that rhymes!)

  15. Caryn didn’t get pulled into anything. She should have stayed out of negotiations with Matt and his kids. She chose not too. She always has something to say about the farm and that is not her place. Going to Arizona is her best bet… There is just something about her that doesn’t feel right…

  16. I wouldn’t let the spoiled entitled brats run me off. All they have accomplished in life so far is whining and having babies. It’s time to grow up.

  17. I feel like she is heartbroken over the feud and really misses the grandkids. But she needs to stand up to Matt and tell him to stop being a greedy grouch and put family before everything.

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