‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Season 1 Episode 10 Recap: A House That’s Trashed & A Co-Parenting Clash

Describe this show in one sound…

Oh hey there! Welcome to another crap-tastical episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter! On this episode, Amber discovers that her ex Andrew has turned her Indianapolis Barbie Dream Home into a urinal, while Catelynn goes to the hospital (and no one but Cheyenne, ironically, actually cares).

Let’s get started! 

This episode kicks off in Los Angeles where Cheyenne is taking Ryder to pick out a dress for The Wedding Of The Century that we’ve been hearing about for entirely too long. Zach is riding along for this excursion, and by riding along, we mean napping in the passenger seat. 

“Tell those dress shop peasants to get ready! I expect a bottle of sparkling grape juice open and ready when I arrive!” 

Once they get to the dress shop, Cheyenne warns the dressmakers that Ryder has a long list of demands and the dressmakers already look exhausted– rightfully so. 

When you realize you’re not only taking orders from a kindergartener but also doing it on one of the worst reality shows of all time…

The women at the dress shop head to the back and pull out the first princess-y child gown they see, present it to Ryder, and despite the dress looking nothing like the one Ryder demanded on her wish list, she’s thrilled because it’s big and it twirls. 

Just when we’ve decided Ryder is a mini-Chey, she busts out her inner Cory.

Back in the car, Ryder begins telling Cheyenne about an upcoming trip she’s taking with her dad to Atlanta–- one which Cheyenne is completely unaware of. Ryder claims Cory has already booked a flight for her and they’ve already begun packing. Meanwhile, Cheyenne says Ryder can’t go on the trip because she’ll be in school. Ryder insists that Cory has everything squared away with school, but Cheyenne is more focused on Cory not talking to her about it first. 

Zach is all of us during Cheyenne’s scenes.

Next, we hightail it up to Indiana, where Amber is telling “the gals” that she won’t see her son James for a month, now that he’s moved to California with his dad Andrew. “The gals” offer half-ass sympathy comments. (I’m sure Amber’s puppets were much more comforting.) 

Over at Gary‘s farm, everyone’s acting like poor James is being thrown in a Turkish prison, never to be seen again.

“Did you girls enjoy your last visit with James?” Kristina asks Leah and Emiliee, who both look disturbed. 

Leah says she did, although the farewell visit was “weird.”

“Like, are we even ALLOWED to do stuff like that without an MTV cameraman breathing down our necks?”

Leah is sad that her visits with her little brother will soon be reduced to seeing his face on Gary’s broken iPhone screen via FaceTime. Gary and Kristina have no idea when or if Leah will see James again, but Gary assures Leah he’ll figure out a way to get her to see her brother.

Can we get a spin-off show featuring the Shirleys (plus their teenage daughter Amber) Beverly Hillbilling their way across the country, heading to see James in Cal-i-forn-ee (swimmin’ pools, movie stars…). Of course, they’ll have Ambie’s beloved couch strapped up to the top of Gary’s jalopy, and her puppets clinging to the banjo GarBear has stashed in the back. 

Oh, imagine the hijinks that would ensue! Let’s put a pin in that idea and come back to it, MTV!

Anyway, back at Amber’s RENTAL, she invites a rando friend over to talk about how miserable she is…as you do. Amber says her last visit with James was extremely sad for everyone involved. She says that being in prison was a picnic compared to the pain she was feeling knowing her son was leaving.

“It was even worse than the days I pushed crotchgoblins outta my hooter!”

Amber says she knows she’s going to have to shell it out (and actually shovel herself off that three-piece sectional) on the regular if she wants to see her kid. 

Now that Andrew’s no longer in the state, Amber is going to be able to finally leave her RENTAL and move back into her “big ass house.” (As we know, Ambie allowed James— and Andrew by default— to live in her home for the past few years.) Amber says she’s going to go back to the house for the first time in three years to see if Andy left anything–clothes, household items, machetes— that she may want.

When we check in with Jade this week, she’s happy to remind viewers of the “big fat rock” she’s now sporting on her hand after accepting Sean’s marriage proposal. She tells “the gals” that she will be planning her nuptials in the coming months. They all “congratulate” her (while secretly plotting to ensure that their own screen time isn’t cut for Jade’s nuptials). 

“I’ll let you know if I need tips on how to plan our honeymoon around my fiancé’s jail sentence, Cheyenne! Thanks!” 

Before setting a date–- and undoubtedly convincing Christy not to wear a white gown of her own on the big day–- Jade is focused on sending Chloeey off for her first day of preschool. Jade says sending Kloughee to school is bittersweet because, while she’s finally getting some time away from her kid, she’ll have no one to blame her frustration on while Cloe is gone.

(Sean gets a free pass for another month or until Jade is no longer blinded from staring at her bling– whichever comes first.) 

“Peace out, mom…hope you can find someone else to pick on while I’m away.”

While getting ready to go, Kloey begins to cry as she tells her parents she’s nervous about her first day. Jade and Sean assure her that she’ll have a good time and even promise to walk her into school and hang out until she’s comfortable. 

“Who do you think we are, Grandma Christy?!”

As they load up into the car, Sean tells his daughter, “not to worry, dude” while repeatedly asking why she’s “freaking out.” Once they’re on the road, Khloeii tells her parents it looks like it’s going to rain, so maybe today isn’t the best day to make her preschool debut. (I see little Klo-y has pulled that one out of the Amber Portwood Book of Excuses!) 

She worries that, with the potential rain and all, the playground might be closed, so she tells her parents to spin the car around. 

“Where the heck am I going to let out all the energy I have after chugging my morning Coca-Cola?”

Jade tells Khlloe nice try, kid not to worry, and that it will probably stop raining before playtime arrives. 

Jade pulls into the school and she and Sean escort Chloughee into the building. Afterwards, Sean and Jade come back to the car and Jade breaks down in tears claiming she doesn’t want her little girl to grow up yet.

“Would it make you feel better if I let you yell at me and tell me I’m acting grumpy?”

Finally, we check in with Catelynn, who is in the hospital. She explains to “the gals” that she had an inner ear issue that was radiating pain all over her head. She is also experiencing a half-numbed tongue. She got a whole bunch of tests done and is waiting to see what the results are. 

And guys, get this: she’s doing this without a single therapy horse!!

Catelynn calls Tyler to inform him that she will not be coming home, because she’s spending the night at the hospital to get an MRI.

Tyler on the other line when he realized he had to take care of all three Not-Carlys by himself…

Cate says the doctors need to rule out MS, so she’s worried. 

Back at the Octagon ‘o’ Triggers, Ty’s mom Kim calls to chat. Ty tells her it’s business as usual here— kids with no pants on are jumping on the furniture and whatnot— so he’s doing OK, despite Catelynn being in the hospital. 

The next day, Cate says that none of the doctors have bothered to look at her test results, so she will have to spend the night again.

“Can I get a damn doctor in there! PLEASE. I’ll take a dentist at this point!”

Cheyenne calls Cate while she’s in the hospital. Cate explains that she’s been having weird sensations in her face and tongue. Cate says the doctor thinks she has Bell’s Palsy.

“Speaking of bells…do you think I should have real church bells ringing at my wedding?”

Later that day, Cate is released from the hospital. The Not-Carlys are relieved to see her (but not as much as Tyler is!) Cate tells them that it was, indeed, Bell’s Palsy and that the doctor gave her some pillseseses to take to get it to go away. 

Back in Los Angeles, Cheyenne is drawing with Ryder and forcing Zach to participate, because for some reason, she can’t have her future husband out of her sight for longer than 10 minutes. (She’s probably worried he’ll commit some sort of felony if he’s left to his own devices.) 

Why the hell is Zzzzach so tired? Has he been working too much? Oh, wait…

Cheyenne says Cory is coming to pick up Ryder shortly and when he arrives, they need to talk about Ryder’s schedule– specifically, the trip to Atlanta she’s supposedly taking. Cheyenne says Ryder has “dropped a few bombs lately” regarding her travel itinerary, and Cheyenne says it all began after they swapped schedules with Cory.

“…and don’t even get me started on how this could impact wedding planning.”

Cheyenne says they need to work out a schedule that works better, to which Ryder reminds her mom that she “can’t just take over…you’re both parents.” 

Has Ryder been hanging out with Dr. Drew or…?

Moments after Cory arrives at Cheyenne’s house, he gets an earful about Cheyenne’s “concerns” regarding Ryder’s upcoming trip to Atlanta and how it could conflict with her school schedule or— worse— one of Cheyenne’s 25 bridal showers. Cory confirms that the dates do, in fact, conflict, yet he still plans to fly Ryder out to Atlanta for a week while he’s filming a movie. Cory says he’ll go home and double check the dates for everything, to which Cheyenne reminds him of the most important date of all: her wedding.  

“Don’t worry, as soon as Zach wakes up, I’ll have him add you to our weekly wedding email blast.”

Back in Indiana, Jade and Sean are in disbelief at how quiet their house is without them having a kid around to yell at. Sean says he worries that since he went to rehab, Kloeee will think she’s not going to see her dad for a long time, but Jade tells him not to worry. She also says Chloie was so upset at school because she just enjoys hanging out with her parents so much.

Sure, Jan Jade. 

I will not make a Brazilian Butt Lift joke here…I will NOT make a Brazilian Butt Lift joke here…

Jade and Sean then head out to pick up Khloeiii and surprisingly, Jade allows Sean to take the wheel–- a decision she soon regrets after Sean runs a red light. Jade calls Sean out for doing so, only for Sean to claim that he saw the light turn red too late and didn’t want to slam on the breaks. The two go back and forth over the red light debacle, with Jade insisting that she will be the one to drive home. 

And there’s the couple we know! No amount of shiny diamonds or shiny teeth could change the dynamic these two have!

After retrieving Clouey from school, Jade and Sean pepper her with questions and proceed to drive home in awkward silence. Later, Sean apologizes to Jade for arguing in the car and Jade reminds him that he pulled something similar days earlier. Despite this, the two pat themselves (HARD) on the back for being able to work through their issues and be “mature.” 

Meanwhile, at Gary’s place, Gary tells Kristina that someone “thinks she’s king of the hill.” I swear to the Baby Jesus God Leah that I thought he was talking about Amber, but he was actually referring to his dog.

“I swear I was talking about the dog, Amber! Please don’t hurt me.”

Gary (and the dog) sit down on his trusty Lazy Boy recliner and are just maxin’ and relaxin’ in pure comfort when it’s brought up that Amber wants him and Kristina to go with her to inspect her house, to see what it looks like after Andrew and James have moved out. Kristina— being the absolute SAINT that she is— agrees instantly to go with Amber for emotional support. 

Kristina brings up that the house was the scene of “the incident” (i.e. Portwood was ragin’ and swinging weapons around and got arrested), so it might be difficult for Amber to be there again, especially without James. 

“Will I be sneaking upstairs to check for machete whacks in the wall?”

Gary and Kristina say that Leah wants to go, too, and that she has been a great support to Amber throughout this time. 

The next day, Gary and Kristina and the girls go to pick up Amber (who, being the King of the Hill and all, naturally takes the front seat of the car while poor Kristina slums it in the back.) Leah is very supportive of Amber, telling her it’s OK if she’s upset today, given the circumstances.

“Honestly, nothing you do could surprise me at this point, Ma. Let it all hang out!”

Amber is genuinely appreciative that Leah and the Shirleys have all agreed to go with her to the house. She thanks them all and you can tell that Leah is really happy to know that she’s helping her mother get through a hard time. She tells Gary that she’s grateful that they have such a good relationship (unlike her and that dern Andrew!) 

No one knows what the hell to expect when they walk through the door of Ambie’s house. Will there be charbroiled puppets strewn about the place? Will Andrew have MTV promo photos of Amber hung up all over the house with machetes through them? The tension mounts as they get closer to the house…

When they pull up, everyone is shocked to see how overgrown the bushes and trees are out front. 

Apparently Andy was going for that ‘House From a Horror Movie’ look with his lawncare motif?

Gary offers to go open up the house, telling the ladies to wait in the car. (I guess he wanted to make sure that the home was free of squatters and/or Matt Baier before he let them in?) 

It’s time for everyone to enter the house. Kudos to MTV for choosing some very “Michael Myers-esque’ background music for this scene. It really adds something! 

Gary opens up the side door and everyone files in. The second Gary walks in, he begins to gag, stating that the whole place reeks of urine.

“Did someone move Farrah’s driveway Porta-Potty into the living room here or what?!”

We then get our first look inside Amber’s home. Andy is obviously not a great housekeeper, as there are old clothes, trash and apparently pee-soaked blankets thrown everywhere. Kristina points out that there are “tons of stains” on the floor.

I guess Andrew took ‘pissed off’ to a whole new level?

Everyone is disgusted by the condition of the house. Amber is horrified to see her things— her beloved couch!— trashed and covered in pee. Gary starts sniffing random blankets around the house (as you do) and discovers that the urine scent is coming from a sloth blanket on the couch. He gags when he realizes Andrew’s been curling up on the couch right next to the Quilt ‘o’ Piss. 

Upstairs, Amber has discovered that her jetted bathtub is now full of dirt and bugs and pubic hair and whatnot. 

It looks like the one Leah Messer used to “bath” her babies, no?

Good ol’ Gar takes control of the situation, promising Amber that he’ll get a team in there to clear out Andy’s dirt, pubes and crap. Amber says she’s feeling sick, knowing that James had been living in such filth all this time. 

We then learn the fate of Amber’s once-beloved giant sloth toy. He’s lying on the floor, next to the filth. (OK, why does this upset me the most about this scene? What’s wrong with me?) 

I really hope Ambie took him home, cleaned him up and put him on her couch with her puppets…

That’s all for this episode of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter!’ To read more of The Ashley’s recaps, click here!

(Photos: MTV) 


55 Responses

  1. Well, I see by all the down votes people are getting for being behind Amber that no one believes her mental health is shit. I have the same mental illnesses that she does, and I can say from some of my experiences that you’re not always a stable, responsible adult. Gary raised Leah, Amber went to prison because she said she knew she wouldn’t get sober otherwise, not because she chose drugs over her.
    Amber’s the one girl on this show that’s living real life & owning it. Look at Cheyenne trying to make her life seem perfect & Maci is the same. Sometimes, mentally ill people AREN’T using it as an excuse. They’re just trying to get through life the best way they know how. And trust me, people with BPD struggle everyday to have some sort of normalcy in their life.
    Before everyone attacks me, think about what I’ve said. I would never excuse someone being a terrible person due to mental illness, but I just feel that Amber’s come a long way in attitude since her 16 year old self. Everyone loves to take jabs at her, but at least she’s taken responsibility. Andrew moved in on her like a hawk (BPD makes you love that & it becomes intoxicating) and knew what to do or say to set her off, and he did it. Amber was completely taken advantage of. I think Gary & Kristina know it too. And nothing happened LEGALLY to Andrew or Matt. I feel bad for James, as Andrew uses him as a pawn. Hopefully one day Andrew (and Matt!) get what’s coming to him/them.
    And no I’m not an idiot for believing Andrew did this. He’s scum. People take advantage of me all the time because they know I’m mentally ill. I feel that’s what happened to her a few times now.

  2. It’s cause the sloth was just an innocent bystander who unwillingly became collateral damage and couldn’t fend for itself.

  3. You are hilarious ???. I actually love the teen mom series but it is a bit boring and a lot of the content seems staged to make it politically relevant. Your recap is brilliant and much more accurate.

  4. Andrew is straight disgusting. I completely believe that he left the house that way. He’s a slob! What on earth would Amber have to gain by trashing her own house? He has custody, he’s out of state, that’s her house now… And I’m no Amber fan (but I don’t hate her) but let’s not forget he has a legal past of his own and a drug/alcohol use issue as well. It’s gross that he couldn’t keep a house clean and I am willing to bet they DID live in it, in that condition. Which is sad for James. It’s just disrespectful to leave the house like that as well- he lived there rent free, while she had to rent a place, he doesn’t work, he has ONE child… I’m a single mom, I have a full time job, THREE boys and am constantly on the go with said boys and my house is clean. He’s pathetic. I cannot respect a man that doesn’t work, and a man especially that keeps a child from their child’s mother out of spite. He’s trash and he’s a hypocrite. Now he’s off to freeload off his family in California. Hopefully they’ll have a housekeeper or enforce making him clean up

    1. I’m sickened that he gets everything, and she gets nothing. Hope she gets a great lawyer and finally gets justice.

    2. Andrew always came off like a schiesty antagonizer. It was like he would always throw the 1st stone, then hide his hands, because he knew Amber would always violently react to his antics. That dude was a walking red flag from the very beginning. Anyone who persued Ambo as relentlessly as he did, has a hidden agenda. He saw Ambo in action on that Marriage Bootcamp show, and decided to date her anyway, then got her pregnant within months. You cannot tell me that he did all of that out of “love” for her, he did it out of “love” for himself in hopes that he would end up an MTV regular and get a nice check. He’s a scumbag, always has been, and you know he left that house in that conditon just to piss her off. He couldn’t even toss the pee blankets into the trash. He left that house like that as a final EFF YOU to Amber.

        1. That’s even worse! I have never liked that guy, he always gave off opprotunist vibes. He thinks he’s so slick and is always crying victim and looking for sympathy, but then we see him do passive aggressive stuff like this. He didn’t deserve to get beaten by Amber, but the dude is a conniving slime ball. Has been from day 1.

        2. So how did he then get everything his way, and Amber is left left holding the bag. Don’t others see him for what he really is? He absolutely won.

          1. Apparently nobody sees him for what he is, that’s why he ALWAYS gets his way.

            If people weren’t 100% anti Amber and would realize he’s just as bad, then he wouldn’t get his way.

            He’s spoiled and entitled and he thought he could come aboard the gravy train and reap some of the benefits.

            He never pictured getting saddled with a kid and being stuck, so knowing her history he pushed her buttons until she reacted so he could play the victim and get his way and now hes out of MTV money so he’s going home to mommy so she can cook, clean and hell I wouldn’t be surprised if she wipes his ass after he shits so that he doesnt even have to do that!!! ????

            I never liked any of her exes other than Gary.

            Matt was an opportunistic douchebag too, what honest and self respecting 40 something gets with a 20 something (whose on tv and has a temper) other than for money and fame?

            And that guy from some other country (I can’t even remember his name because I only saw him twice), well he was only using her for a green card so he could get to the US. What pissed me off more than anything about him wasn’t that he wanted to come to the US, it was that he was willing to leave his TWO CHILDREN to do so.

  5. If Andrew was granted full custody of course someone went to check where James was living, probably several times and unannounced. I don’t believe Andrew trashed the house. Maybe James wetted his bed and that’s why a blanket smelled like urine. Both Andrew and Amber had psychological evaluations, if he was the kind of filthy lunatic to live with his son around urine infested blankets he wouldn’t have been awarded full custody

    1. If James wet the bed then a responsible person would wash the bed clothes and not leave it laying so that it starts smelling.

      Im sure he shoved it in a closet somewhere in the house and sprayed Febreze or some other kind of air freshener to hide the smell. He knew they’d come at any time so he used every precaution. Then when he got his way then he got every shred of trash he could find to lay around before he left. Hell, I’m sure the urine and feces were either his or James’ (and he was saving it for just this occasion)…he can blame pets all he wants but he didn’t have pets so how does an imaginary pet defecate in a house??

      He did all of this on purpose. He was running out of money without that blessed MTV paycheck and couldn’t afford a housekeeper and god forbid he do anything.

      He never planned on getting trapped with a kid so that is why he’s going back to Cali, but he can’t very well leave his son so he’s taking him away from a loving sister and going back to his mommy.

    2. I am guessing you don’t know how the home visits work… It’s super rare that you won’t know they are coming to your house. I’ve had a few friends and a family member that has had CPS in their lives and they don’t do full on surprise visits. You will get SOME idea of when they’d be coming to see your house. And if James wetted his bed, then you wash the blanket… And you’d also be surprised at some of the households custodial parents have their child in…

      1. “And you’d also be surprised at some of the households custodial parents have their child in” Exhibit A: Janelle got her kids back.

    3. Guess you haven’t been in a family court setting. She didnt trash her own house and if you believe she did I have a bridge out back you might be interested in buying.. 3 2 1 moron alert

    4. I believe they would only come to the house if CPS was involved. From what I’ve read, which could be wrong, that was not the case.

    1. My guess is same “job” as several of the other winner productive TM dads like Tyler, Zach, Andrew, David, Taylor (unless t-shirts count), Chris Lopez, Luis, Adam, Nathan.

      I’m seeing a pattern.

  6. Give me a break that house was just as filthy when Amber lived there . Locking herself in the closet all night getting high when she wasn’t sleeping all day

    1. It was NEVER that bad Meg!!!

      When Amber was there the only things that were everywhere were James’ toys.

      This is ALL on Andrew!!!!

    2. Andrew didn’t make enough to hire a housekeeper? He made more than enough to live for free and get paid child support.

  7. Reading this makes me concerned about Andrew’s parenting. Maybe the outside of the house wasn’t a priority to landscape, even though he got paid way more than enough to get it done, but the inside shouldn’t be trashed and smelling like urine. Maybe he’s a spiteful guy and peed in a bucket and dumped it in the house on his way out the door, who knows. But it certainly speaks to his maturity level the very least. Hopefully James doesn’t smell like filth and Andrew takes care of him properly.

    I’m really not a fan of Amber, but Andrew got paid to live for free in their home for 3 years! This was after his questionable choice to date her after her quite unhinged and threatening behavior on “Marriage Boot Camp”. Andrew was on the crew of the show, he can say whatever he wants but I believe he knew/heard about her unstable personality and sought her out to take advantage of her.

    Amber’s guilty of what she did and said. Andrew was a DV victim regardless of the circumstances. But reading this made me feel for Amber. Clearly the Shirley’s have seen even more complex actions and emotions from Amber than we have on TV. I applaud Gary for always bring the bigger person and staying by Amber, even when she didn’t deserve it. I’m not saying Amber should have primary custody or that James should be in Indianavs California, just that Andrew’s actions toward Amber’s home should be taken into consideration. I think it’s disgusting, personally.

  8. If you dont want Bells palsy(or worse), dont get the vaxx people!

    Poor James. If Andrew failed to keep the house in a decent condition, what else did he fail to do in his parenting?

    Everything else aside, how cute is Chloe?

    1. Please stop with the vaccine nonsense. It saves lives. Period. Making up stories or repeating “my hairdresser’s cousin’s next door neighbor’s yard guy lost the use of legs after he got the shot and now his mower doesn’t work either” stories is not helpful. Please check your facts. Get them from reputable places, not twitter or facebook.

      People need to listen to doctors and scientists – not people on reality gossip websites.

  9. OMG!! I love this writer! I can’t stop laughing!!! Although it was funny as hell….why keep spelling Chloe’s name differently. SO DAMN FUNNY!!!!

    1. Well, she’s too young for hot coffee – how else is she supposed to get her caffeine fix before a long day at pre-school? #qualityparenting

  10. Please, for the love of Cloghie / Corey’s bent hat / Starburst / Delta Dawn / Farrah’s new teeth / Butch’s parole / Catelynn’s Tupperware / Gary’s moms blue eyeshadow and Keiffers green hoodie: let poor James live with Kristina!!! Please!!

  11. I have so many unsettling questions about Andrew’s “housekeeping” and the way the house fell into disrepair. If Andrew did not have pets, then living in a house that reeks of urine is disturbing. Even with pets it’s still gross and unsanitary, but something is really wrong if there weren’t pets. And the fact that a young child lived there – yikes. Poor James drew the short straw when it came to parents. At least Leah has Gary and Kristina.

    There are so few redeeming characters left on this crapfest show. And they’re not even entertaining anymore – it was one thing to laugh at Janelle getting yelled at by her mom and chasing Keiffer when she was a teenager or Farrah making her dad be her servant after her first boob job. Now it’s just entitled grown-ass women whose lives are either boring (Maci, Jade, Cate & Ty) or the drama is brought on by their own stupid adult decisions and actions (Amber losing custody, Briana and her STDs, Leah getting played by Jaylan and her financial problems, Cheyenne’s family getting shot at because she chooses to be with shady Zach).

    1. The house that we saw looks like EVERY apartment AMBER ever had – every single one, and it’s well documented on the show.

      Anyone who, for one second, believes that she didn’t go into that house, trash it, then bring in cameras is an absolute fool.

      1. Andrew did this NOT Amber, none of Amber’s house have ever been covered in feces or urine not has anyone ever complained of that smell.

        This is all Andrew, hell it was probably his urine stains. He is a spiteful sob. I would NOT put it past him!!!

    1. Because Andrew never punched her partner in the face, tried to shove him down the stairs, choose drugs over getting sober and staying out of jail, attacked her partner with a FREAKIN’ MACHETE WHILE HE HELD THEIR BABY, neglected and abandoned both her children and engaged in repeated, constant verbal abuse.

      1. None of those actions were ever documented camera as far as Andrew being the assailant but I honestly wonder if he ever did any of those things before he “became famous” via his association with Amber?

        They are both (Amber and Andrew) messed up people.

        But at least Amber is TRYING to change. She’s staying on her meds, she’s off probation and she hasn’t gotten into anymore trouble. Yeah she still drinks some which is unsettling since I don’t think she’s supposed to drink with her meds (but maybe they changed her meds or decreased the dosage). Whatever the explanation she seems to be able to live life responsibly (mentally speaking).

        She can’t change the past but she can control the present and the future which she is seemingly doing a good job with.

        Hopefully she can continue the uphill climb she’s doing so well with.

        And the judge will see that and let James stay…at least for Leah’s sake?

        1. We ALL saw Amber punch Gary in the face and try to shove him down the stairs. We saw her plead guilty and SHE SAID she would rather go to jail and miss Leah growing up than get sober. We saw her say that she missed more than half of her visits with James for reasons like “it was raining”.

          Amber has NEVER tried to change. Never. Not for one second. She’s still on drugs, she’s still abusive, she’s still violent, she still neglects her children.

          Andrew may be messed up, but he’s never chased someone holding a baby with a machete, WHICH SHE ADMITTED TO DOING.

          1. It’s never been documented so we honestly don’t know what he’s done nor do we know what he’s capable of.

            Yes Amber did all those things but she is trying to change, I see it, hell anyone with eyes sees it…if they choose to.

            It’s people like you who don’t hold out hope of someone changing that’s the reason people DON’T change.

            They see all these hurtful comments bringing up their pasts and that they’ll never be any different and think “well, these people don’t hold out any hope so why try.”

            She’s proving you and everyone like you wrong and I hope above all hope that it continues!!!

  12. I absolutely 100% believe Amber went into that house and trpictures. A custody battle usually involves a home visit, living like that would have been. Hope Andrew took puctures.

    1. I hope Amber did take pics. I’m not an Amber fan but at least her house is clean and liveable.

      I couldn’t believe Andrew had let James live there. I gagged a few times myself, I wasn’t there but I could just imagine the horrid smells….and a judge let HIM have custody???!!! That’s just appalling!!!

      Man and I thought my justice system was fucked up!!!

      1. LOL Amber’s house was clean? Did you miss the first half dozen seasons of Teen Mom? Her apartments were always FILTHY, it was absolutely disgusting the conditions she had Leah in – she wouldn’t even put sheets on mattresses, there was dog crap EVERYWHERE – that’s what happens when you throw your kid in a crib while you sleep 20 hours a day and get high the other 4.

        1. When she was with Matt yes, it was a mess but after that she kept a respectfully clean house.

          And yes before that (when she was abusing drugs) it was a mess.

          But I think she’s learning and she continues to do so!!!

    2. I was thinking the same thing! I really wouldn’t think he would leave the house like that since he knew it would be on tv & she could always take him back to court to show what the child had to live in.

      1. Exactly, and he was totally using her for her money, I firmly believe that!!!

        He never wanted a kid and now he’s stuck with one. And that’s the only reason he wants to go to Cali, he wants his mommy to take care of that baby. 10 to 1 he won’t get a job or help her in ANY way!!!

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