‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Season 1 Episode 9 Recap: No Fun With Guns & a Frolic In Florida

That face I make when I realize I have to watch another episode of this horrible show…

Oh, hey there! Are you looking for an hour of riveting reality TV to watch? If so, you may want to leave now. But, if you’re like The Ashley and have nothing better to do than watch 30-something chicks with no jobs talk about how hard life is— even though they’ve managed to stretch a decades-long career out of their stretched-out teenage hymens— then you’ve come to the right place! 

We kick this episode off in Michigan, where Catelynn and Tyler are attempting to wrangle their gaggle of Not-Carlys. The oldest Not-Carly, Nova, recently told Cate that she is “sad.” (Surely Producer Larry is on the phone off-camera calling up “Therapy Horse 4 U” to get another batch sent to The Octagon ‘o’ Triggers.) 

“I’m on it!”

Cate tells Ty that Nova is sad because she misses Carly, her biological sister. 

Sure, she does….and sure she said that out of nowhere. I’m sure there were no producers talking to her about how it must be “really, really sad not to get to see Carly a lot.” Surely she came up with this idea all on her own…

“Hey…you think therapy horses grow on trees? We gotta get something outta this too!”

Catelynn says that Not-Carly doesn’t understand why Carly doesn’t live at the Octagon. This is a new thought for Catelynn, who tells us she never thought about how their decision to place Carly for adoption all those years ago would affect all the other Not-Carlys she would later give birth to.

Tyler says that the thought never crossed his mind either that his future Not-Carlys would wonder about the adoption.

Um…really? REALLY?! You people have literally milked 115 seasons of this horrific show out of that decision. You never thought your kids might want to know what happened and why MTV sends a camera crew to their house each month (and more-importantly, a check)? 

We then get to watch clips of a young Catelynn (with her braces and sideways hair) and a young Tyler (with his popped collars and sideways hat) discussing the adoption with Carly’s parents, BrandonNTeresa. We watch as the Whitebreads basically agree to anything and everything to get Cate and Ty to sign on the dotted line and give them the kid, all while Adoption Counselor Dawn tells Cate and Ty that they get to make all the rules.

“Can’t you guys just get tattoos of Carly’s name and call it a day? We’ll take it from here!”

Cate and Ty then go talk to the Not-Carly in question, who explains that she’s sad that she has a sister out there she can’t see much. 

“Imagine getting split up from your sister!” Nova tells Tyler, who looks absolutely enchanted by the thought of being split up from his sister and the rest of the Baltierra clan.

“You’d still pay my rent though, right Tyler?”

Cate tells Nova that she was only 16 when Carly came flying out of her hooter, and that’s why she had to give Carly up. 

“That is NOT a grown-up! You should be like 40 or something!” Nova exclaims.

“But having kids at 40 don’t get you no MTV show, kid!”

Not-Carly wants to know why the hell a 16-year-old Catelynn thought it was OK to get the Spawn of Tyler lodged in her underage uterus. They explain that they were making “bad choices” and being irresponsible when they did that.

(I suppose that’s a better way to explain it than, “Your dad forgot to buy a rubber at the Chevron station before he came over to April’s Little Trailer ‘o’ Horrors, so we just went ahead and banged it out anyway while your Grandma was passed out from drinking too many off-brand malt beverages.”)

They explain that, when Catelynn got pregnant, they hadn’t finished school and had no jobs. 

Some things never change, eh?

Not-Carly still wants to know how Carly got into her mom’s baby chute, so Tyler explains that he and Cate had to “mate” to make her. 

JESUS GOD LEAH. I do not want to picture Catelynn and Tyler “mating.” You can’t make me do this. I never thought I’d long for an episode about Ty’s vasectomy but here we are…

“It’s like, science…and stuff…”

All this talk about Carly and mating and teenage knock-ups and whatnot gives Cate an idea for a storyline. She tells Tyler she would like to convince The Whitebreads to let them see Carly soon, even though they don’t normally see Carly every year. 

Catelynn tells “the gals” that she’s going to try to put together a visit with Carly soon, so she will definitely be getting some screen time soon.

Next we check in with Ashley. She and Bar are at (where else?) a random park with Holly, but instead of swinging and sliding about, they sit Holly down at a picnic table to break the news that they have to move to another state so that Ashley can become a nurse. Being the absolute ray of sunshine that she is, Holly is completely fine with the decision and doesn’t even bring up the fact that her mom could absolutely attend a school closer to home if she really wanted to.  

Holly, you realize this move isn’t entirely necessary, right?

With Holly on-board with the move, Ashley says the only person they’ve left to break the news to is her mom, Tea, whom Ashley predicts will be “highly emotional about the situation.” 

Tea? Highly emotional? I find that hard to believe! 

Moments later, we see Ashley and Tea meet up for smoothies so that Ashley can rip off the Band-Aid like the future nurse that she is. Ashley wastes no time in blurting out, “I’m moving out of state in two weeks to Nevada,” seconds after her mom sits down. Tea asks what the plan is for Holly, and appears somewhat surprised to learn that Ashley and Bar plan to take their daughter with them to Nevada. (Well, to be fair, this is ‘Teen Mom’ so ditching your kid and skipping town is always in play…)

Tea also wants to know what the plan is for Holly’s “support group”– aka the family she will be leaving behind in Modesto. Ashley isn’t worried and reminds her mom that they’re only a phone call away. 

“And we’ve all seen your Instagram Stories, so don’t even pretend like you don’t know how to use one.”

Tea says she’s proud of Ashley for pursuing her nursing degree, but thinks it’s sad that Holly has to be uprooted in order for it to happen.

Next we check in with Leah, who left the holler for a quick vacation in Florida with the girlseseses, Jaylan, and Jaylan’s family. Leah says spending time with “the whole family” made her consider the possibility of having another kid even more than before. If you ask us, it was the JayBot 3000’s graceful pool jumps that convinced her. I mean…who wouldn’t want to drop trou and get busy after witnessing…whatever this is:

Um…can robots get wet? 

(I’m not gonna lie: I watched Jaylan’s dainty dash into the pool about 50 times and it was never not funny.) 

After Jaylan’s family heads home, Jaylan says he knew Leah earned his dad’s approval when Leah paid the bill for the trip his dad hugged Leah goodbye. (I suppose the dad was just thankful Leah didn’t break up with Jaylan right then and there after seeing his tip-toe cannonball?)

Leah says it was nice seeing Jaylan interact with his family during the trip, and that it made her fall in love with him even more.  

This aged like a Dr. Miami BBL.

As for Jaylan, he tells Leah he’s “blessed” to be a part of her girlses’ lives. Jaylan doubles down and announces that he’s ready to be a father because he “loves doing it”–- fatherhood, we presume–- despite having never done it. 

Next, we head to Tennessee, where, to The Ashley’s complete dismay, it’s time for yet another storyline about a shooting.


That’s right, folks! Somehow Maci has convinced these people to film her talking about crap that happened to other people. (Apparently there were no more storylines they could squeeze out of the whole PCOS thing?) 

That’s what we’re all saying, Maci…

We see headlines discussing the shooting in May that killed 21 people at a Texas elementary school. They start playing the music that tells us this is about to be a Very.Special.Segment featuring Maci Bookout, martyr and storyline scrambler. 

How the hell did they allow a tragic and horrible shooting to become a “Maci storyline?” This is beyond disrespectful and just plain dumb, I’m sorry.

What follows is the most-scripted conversation between Maci and Taylor talking about the shooting. Seriously, get the hook. If she doesn’t have a storyline, don’t put her in the episode! 

Maci Googles some “resources” to help her fight gun violence in our schools. I don’t know about you all, but I feel much better knowing that Maci “Beer Bong” Bookout is on the case!

Over in Los Angeles, it’s time for Cheyenne’s weekly wedding countdown. On top of planning her over-the-top nuptials, Cheyenne and Zach still haven’t moved into their new home and Ryder will be starting kindergarten soon. Cheyenne yet again tells viewers how stressed she is. 

Me, every time Cheyenne gives another monotoned monologue about her busy life.

Cheyenne demands Zach sit down listen to her bitch about all the wedding/house crap she has to do. (I mean, they still have to get THE HELICOPTER! Who’s gonna get the helicopter?!) 

Zach tells Cheyenne to not get so worked up. This comment does nothing to comfort Cheyenne who instead, reminds Zach that they still don’t have a closing date on their house. 

“Can you hurry this panic attack along? I have to get to work…oh, wait…”

In an effort to wrap up the conversation, Zach assures Cheyenne that everything will work out and that they’ll “be all right.” 

After a sad excuse of a pep talk from Zach, Cheyenne heads to her wedding dress fitting where she is pleasantly surprised to find that the beading on her dress “helps the body.” (That trip to the surgeon didn’t hurt either…but I digress…) 

I, for one, will be lighting a candle and praying to the Baby Jesus God Leah…

Back in Michigan, the Not-Carlys are screechin’ and screamin’ through the Octagon, and Catelynn is not having it because Adoption Counselor Dawn is on her way over to negotiate a visit with Carly. 

Catelynn shovels the screaming Not-Carlys into a pile on the couch and tries to make everything look normal before Dawn arrives. 

“I’ll be damned if a Not-Carly is gonna ruin my visit with Real Carly! Hell no!”

Adoption Counselor Dawn arrives and she’s just full of fun stories. She reminds Cate and Ty of the time where they were making the excruciating decision to place their unborn baby for adoption, and Cate’s mom April had purchased a bassinet and left it in Cate’s room to try to convince Cate to keep the baby. She tells this story with a giant weird smile on her face, by the way.

Good times! 

“Gee, Dawn. Thanks for that fun memory. Wanna bring up the time my mom called me a bitch while prom dress shopping, too?”

They tell Dawn that the Not-Carly misses Real Carly, and ask if Dawn can call up Ma and Pa Whitebread and have them bring Carly for a visit.  It seems that the Whitebreads may have already turned down a visit request once this year, because Dawn says that it’s “worth asking again.”

“But, not gonna lie, they’re still pretty pissed about that whole scrapbook fiasco from a few years ago…”

Later, Nova is gnawing on some sort of fried wing-like object, as Ty and Catelynn talk about a text they recently received from Teresa. Ma Whitebread tells Cate “thanks but no thanks” on the offer for a visit. She blames it on them being so busy with “kid stuff.”

Tyler can’t believe that BrandonNTeresa don’t want to visit with them. I mean, who wouldn’t want their family discussed on a crappy MTV reality show?

Tyler’s getting downright pissed! He starts talking about the terms and conditions to the Carly adoption and he says The Whitebreads aren’t holding up to their part of the bargain! 

Why does it sound like they’re talking about a laptop warranty?

They talk about the time in recent years that Dawn brought out the handy-dandy adoption paperwork that teen Ty and Cate signed in regard to their future with Carly. 

Tyler starts yelling that he was a minor who wasn’t all “learned” and whatnot to know what all these fancy contract words meant! He yells that he knows it was BrandonNTeresa prompting Dawn to bust out the paperwork in order to get Ty and Cate to pipe down and quit yelling on TV that they were swindled. Tyler said that he never wants that paperwork thrown in his face again.

“Don’t you dare use my 16-year-old, very volatile, very emotionally vulnerable state of mind against me at the age of 26!” he yells.

“Um…Tyler? I’m gonna need you to have a seat…”

When we check back in with Ashley, she and Bar are busy packing up their house and preparing to move. Ashley says she’s already gotten an apartment in Las Vegas, but hasn’t physically seen it.

After a quick(ish) seven hour drive, Ashley and Bar arrive in Las Vegas and head to their apartment. Within seconds of walking in, Ashley complains about having to downsize to such a small place, though she says the apartment will do while she’s in school. 

Why does it look like they’re living in a doctor’s exam room?

Ashley later tells “the gals” how stressed she is from all the packing, driving, unpacking, etc. She calls the whole ordeal “a humbling experience,” and says she’s trying to remind herself that she’s doing the right thing. 

Ashley seems to throw this positive mindset out of the window later, telling Bar, “I hate it here”– here being the apartment, not Las Vegas as a whole. Ashley says she isn’t a fan of how small and loud their apartment is, and that she already misses living in an actual house. She also isn’t down with the small closet situation she and Bar are now faced with. 

“Do these randos not realize an MTV reality star and future nurse is living below them?! Have some respect.”

Bar tries to put a positive spin on the situation, telling Ashley, “I’m from the projects, this little bit of space don’t mean nothing to me.” 

Ashley tells Bar her biggest concern is making sure she isn’t “uprooting” him and Holly…despite having already done just that. She then starts to get emotional as she worries Bar and Holly won’t be happy in their new place. Bar says as long as Ashley and Holly are cool, he’s happy, and he encourages Ashley to just give it time. 

“…and I feel that quieter neighbors and my own walk-in closet would bring you both a lot of joy.”

Back at Cheyenne’s house, the wedding to-do list is still not done, and Cheyenne is now equally stressing about potentially having to drive Ryder an hour to school everyday if she and Zach are unable to close on their house soon. 

To sum up Cheyenne’s storyline this episode…

Unfortunately for Cheyenne, after talking to their realtor, Zach finds out the closing date has been delayed once again. Needless to say, Cheyenne isn’t happy to hear this news. In an effort to keep Cheyenne’s complaining at bay, Zach suggests they switch schedules with Cory so that Ryder would be with them on the weekends and with Cory during the week. Cheyenne isn’t convinced that Zach’s idea is a good one–- mostly because it wasn’t hers–- however, she says they can talk to Cory and think about it. 

Back in Tennessee, Maci tells “the gals” that she and Taylor are meeting with a volunteer from a gun safety group…or something. The gun safety group manages to find one person who is not humiliated to have their face shown on this port-a-potty of a show. The person is going to give Maci and Taylor “tips” about having conversations about school shootings with the mulleted Oopsie Babies. 

“This is so excitin’ being on The TV! I feel like one of them Kardashian girls!”

Jill, the lady from the organization, talks about shootings and whatnot. Her “tips” for explaining shootings to kids are to basically just, like, tell them…and stuff. 


Then…(JESUS GOD LEAH) Jill asks Maci and Taylor if they’ve personally been impacted by gun violence.

No….nooooooooo….Jill why the hell you gotta ask that?

Of course, Maci brings up The Great Gas Station Shootout (again).

Us, describing hearing Maci tell this stupid gas station story for literally two seasons…

Man, I miss having Ryan and Mackenzie on this show. I long for the days of letter-writing and playing “Is Ryan Chasing the Dragon Or Just Lazy?”

Jill is literally no help at all. That was a complete waste of a segment. (But, hey, on the bright side, it wasn’t about Tyler’s testicles…although that may have at least been more interesting.) 

Back at Maci’s MTV Mansion, they collect all the Oopsie Babies and make them sit in the living room so that Maci can talk to them about what she’s “learned.” 

“Hey, as long as this conversation isn’t about my therapy or my caloric intake, I’m willing to sit through anything!”

The kids inform Maci that they do “bad guy drills” at school to prepare for when a “bad guy” comes into their room. 

Bentley just sits there, knowing he has to get through this Very.Special.Moment before he can escape to his room to go preen his mullet. He seems super-uninterested, but this is a Maci segment so who can blame the kid? 

Mercifully, Maci’s Hail-Mary-of-a-segment ends and it’s time to check back in with Leah. After returning home from Florida, Leah sits down with her friend Shelayne to tell her how “f**king fun” her vacation was.

Shelayne and Leah go on and on about about how great Jaylan is with Leah’s girlseseses, which brings Leah to talk about how willing she is to marry Jaylan and possibly pop out a mini JayBot or two. Shelayne asks Leah if she’s trying to make it down the aisle before making a baby. (Wait, what? Is that even an option for the girls on this show?!) 

I think it’s also safe to assume that Shelayne doesn’t watch this show…lucky her.

Leah says she and Jaylan will probably have a kid before they get married, “so I still look good in my wedding dress.” Leah and Shelayne continue to chat about Leah and Jaylan’s wedding and future child and laugh over the fact that Leah isn’t even engaged at this point. Later on, Leah says it’s exciting to be “planning to have a baby” for the first time in her life. 

“…and knock me up!”

Over in LA, Cheyenne begrudgingly talks to Cory about the potential schedule switch when Cory stops by the house to drop off Ryder. Cheyenne explains that currently, her commute to Ryder’s private school would be an hour, to which Zach interjects to say it would actually be a two-hour drive.

Cheyenne tells Cory she doesn’t want to do that to herself Ryder, and proposes they switch schedules for a month or two. Cory has no problem with the switch, telling Cheyenne and Zach to “say goodbye to your weekends.” 

“No more bougie brunch bashes on the weekends for you two!”

That’s all for this episode of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter!’ To read The Ashley’s previous recap, click here!

(Photos: MTV) 

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  1. If you are THAT repulsed by this show, why are you devoting so much time to writing this long of an article on it?! Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but this entire thing is childish and so unprofessional. It’s just coming off simply as jealousy to me. Write some articles on serious issues or something. If you can’t do that and want to continue covering Teen Mom-like content, at least do it a little more tastefully ??‍♀️

    1. Well, I have been watching them for what 13 years (more or less)?

      So I’d like to think I know a little bit. And I can’t help that I have my own opinions and that they don’t match the majority.

      But God didn’t put me on this earth to agree with everything and everyone, nor did He do that with you.

      I march to the beat of a different drummer, I’m not like everyone else and I’m glad of that. If I was like everyone else this world would be full of robots and would suck worse than it does!!!

        1. Just because I agree with what that person doesn’t mean I am them.

          He/she actually has some common sense if you think about what he/she says instead of being set in your opinion being the only opinion that matters just because it goes along with the majority.

      1. So I am not the one that posted on here 27 times trying to convince multiple people you are right and they are wrong. But you respect other people’s opinions. Hhhmmmm.

        1. Im not trying to convince people that I’m right and they’re wrong

          I have an opinion and feel strongly about it. Perhaps the wrong lies in the people who continually reply to me trying to start a fight?

          There’s a very simple solution, don’t bait me replying argumentatively and I won’t bite, it simple.

          If a person must reply, then reply with a respectful “I agree” or “I disagree” or just DONT REPLY…easy peasy.

  2. Maci is getting increasingly desperate. I miss Ryan and co, it was a mistake on MTVs part to do her bidding, it would be no great loss if she left so why sack Ryan the only entertaining thing about her segments.
    I would have more sympathy with C&T if they had made a proper effort with Carly on the last visit rather than fucking about with a scrap book. B&T have probably asked Carly if she would like contact, and making themselves to be the bad guys when she says no. It is inexcusable of them to being all this stuff up with Nova, all the time for a desperate storyline-they both have very dysfunctional family’s to mine for that and using a child is the lowest of the low. I do however understand how Taylor feels he was rail roaded into a contract at 16, most would feel the same.
    Love how Cheyenne and Corey co-parent, the only parents on the franchise who not only seem like are not on massive doses of anti depressants but actively enjoy their lives.

  3. Honestly anyone appearing on tv these days even if teen mom only aired that one time years ago there’s no way privacy would exist so they shouldn’t have gone through with an adoption id they were worried about privacy.

    1. Well, I wouldn’t say they shouldn’t have gone through “an adoption” just not “this adoption”.

      They should have thought about the “what ifs” of adopting a child whose life was aired on television before she was even out of the womb and if they weren’t sure about a future situation they should have picked a child who isn’t by association “famous” OR chosen a private/closed adoption if they had their hearts set on Carly.

  4. Good news. In about 4 years C&T will see if Carly comes running back to them to live in the room they saved for her in the Octagon of Horrors or if she’ll continue the life she’s been living.

    Then they cant blame B&T or anyone for the child not wanting a relationshit with them..

    But if I know C&T, they will. Responsibility isnt in their vocabulary.

  5. Those things can not be enforced. It’s not like they share custody. B&T could completely cut off all contact pictures and otherwise and there isn’t anything a judge or anyone in the world can do. If Cate and Ty keep pushing that’s probably going to happen.

  6. I need a clarification on Bar. Wasn’t he getting those forehead tatties removed? I thought I saw something about that several years ago yet there they are.

  7. Cheyenne sure has some hardships to endure that so many teen moms can really relate to – her new house being delayed (pretty much the norm with new construction homes) and all that planning for her lavish wedding. Zach is riding the gravy train – I haven’t watched in years, but I’m going out on a limb and guessing he doesn’t have a real job. She probably covers his legal bills too.

    I really do feel bad for Leah. Sounds like she genuinely loved the JayBot and he played her – hard. She made some stupid decisions and everyone but her saw the red flags, but her heart is probably broken now. Plus her finances are a mess and supporting her messy mooch sister’s family probably only adds to her stress. Hopefully she’ll avoid the substances that got her in a bad place in the past – she can’t do that to the girlses again.

    Cate & Ty should focus on their gaggle of Non-Carlys – most people with three little kids barely have time and energy for anything beyond the daily grind. But also most people have to work.

    Maybe Ashley wanted to relocate to get Bar away from his past, although I thought there were recent articles that he’s still finding his way into trouble – lost cause.

  8. Who else scrolls paste Cheyenne? Thank you TARR for making it clear where her portion starts & ends. Much appreciated.

  9. Maci’s story line is so boring. Her segments were much more entertaining when Ryan and his family were on. She always loved pointing out Ryan drug use while guzzling beer. She has a low key problem with alcohol. She may not be a raging alcoholic but I think she should seek help.

  10. Maybe Cate and Tyler should think about what’s best for that little girl instead of how they feel.

    Everytime this is brought up on TV it then brings Brandon and Theresa publicity they never wanted and possibly makes it harder for them and their children to live a normal life.

    They act like Carly is their property instead of a real person who now old enough to have classmates that can read articles on the internet. I can’t imagine that would be an easy situation for any child to navigate.

    1. Brandon and Teresa are the ones who wanted the completely open adoption, they chose Carly, they had to have known that considering Cate and Ty’s celebrity that some sort of publicity was bound to approach them whether the publicity was wanted or not.

      If they didn’t want any publicity they should have said no to an open adoption and went with a private adoption.

      It may just be me but I personally think Teresa may like the attention but she likes to bitch so it doesn’t seem like she does. And that just makes Cate and Ty look even worse.

      I like Brandon, he’s very soft spoken and nice but I think Teresa pulls his strings because the 2 or 3 times I’ve seen him he would barely say anything and when he did speak he always looked at her beforehand to make sure it was okay to speak.

      1. I get what you’re saying but I don’t think anyone thought that teen mom would be anywhere near as popular as it was and definitely didn’t think they would still be on tv.

        1. That’s true, but anything is POSSIBLE so shouldn’t they (Brandon and Teresa) have thought about the “what ifs” if the situation before signing on the dotted line? I mean Carly wasn’t the only child up for adoption.

          If they didn’t want publicity they should have thought it ALL through first.

      2. Or maybe Carly is a teenager now and has been able to express an opinion to her parents for several years. It could be that she doesn’t want to see Tyler and Catelynn. We have no way of knowing, but villainizing Theresa when we have no idea what goes on behind closed doors is silly.

        At least they’re not publicly manipulating their kid like Cate and Tyler did with Nova this episode. Pulling Nova into this storyline and acting as if Nova misses Carly, who she barely even knows, is shitty.

        1. Im not villainizing anyone, im just explaining what I see and expressing an opinion.

          I saw loving and supportive parents explaining the situation to Nova. Sure, it didn’t HAVE to be televised but such is MTV, they want high ratings at any cost.

          And to honest, at 16 and 17 I wouldn’t have thought about how it would effect my children in the future neither. You don’t think about that when you don’t have any other children. They only wanted to give her (Carly) a better life than she would have had being raised the way things were then. And hopefully that’s what she has.

          1. Care and Tyler chose to have this talk with Nova in front of MTV and the cameras. MTV didn’t make them do that.

          2. We don’t know that though, I mean it’s possible but anything is possible.

            Im just referring to how ratings hungry MTV is and how they will stop at nothing to get a high rating. That’s why Teen Mom: The Next Chapter is doing so poorly, the only ratings they have are the conversations with the kids, there’s no fights or catfights and very little trash talk like before.

          3. We don’t know why? Are you saying MTV may have forced Cate and Tyler to put Nova in front of a camera and talk to her about Carly? Not buying that for one second.

          4. It’s possible (anything is POSSIBLE), but MTV is in charge not Cate and Ty. And MTV wants whatever coverage that will assure them a higher rating no matter the cost and Cate/Ty want the money so of course their not gonna say no.

      3. Didnt they do a magazine article or appear on the cover of a magazine?

        Thats pretty high profile for someone wanting to remain anonymous.

        1. You mean when Carly was like three years old and they were still seeing Cate and Tyler and appearing on the show? Yeah, that was like a decade ago. I assume things have changed since then. It’s so funny to me when people use that as evidence of something nefarious. Their kids were babies then and they’re not babies anymore.

          1. But if they dont want further publicity, why start it? They should know that if you start something it’s NOT gonna stop with just one picture and interview.

            The publicity is not gonna stop until either Carly turns 18 or Cate and Ty are no longer on television.

            They signed up for this so does Teresa really have any right to bitch, moan, groan, or complain?

          2. Lol it was an adoption magazine. No one else is asking them for interviews. They have managed to avoid that for over a decade. It’s only Cate and Tyler who keep dragging them into their televised conversations. And literally when did Theresa “bitch, moan, groan, or complain”? She hasn’t been filmed or interviewed in several years. We only hear stuff about her from Catelynn and Tyler who can’t shut up about her. And that is most of the problem. They refuse to keep their conversations with her private because they like the $$.

          3. Im pretty sure it was People or another tabloid, but even if it was an adoption magazine she realize that having adopted a child with “famous” parents that tabloids were sure to follow. I mean, that’s the name of the game.

            And she (Teresa) bitches every time she has to drop what she’s doing to reply to Cate or Ty and whenever things don’t go her way.

            I know Brandon and Teresa are Carly’s parents but they should be thanking their lucky stars for Cate and Ty (simply for the fact that if it weren’t for them Carly wouldn’t even exist)

            And how dare she get angry when Ty posts pics of Carly on social media…I’d be willing to bet that she has social media accounts and posts things, so whats the difference (other than birth parents and adoptive parents)? Kinda hypocritical.

          4. What tabloid has reached out to them? And yeah, it was an adoption magazine. No one other than Cate and Tyler have been trying to get them on TV (or tabloids) in over a decade.

            And again, you only know anything about Theresa and what she may have said through Cate’s filter. Because Cate and Tyler refuse to respect their privacy.

            And yeah, I feel like this should be obvious, but Theresa and Brandon are probably only sharing pictures with their friends and family on social media. That’s a lot different than the thousands of perfect strangers who follow Cate and Tyler on social media. You’re not making any sense.

          5. TMZ is one gossip column that has reached out to them, as well as PEOPLE and US magazines. I’m not 100% but I think National Enquirer reached out too.

            And if you post something on social media and your account isn’t private, then anyone can get their hands on the posts (not just friends and family).

            I highly doubt Brandon and Teresa’s social media’s are private. They had to have wanted the publicity, otherwise they’d have chosen a child whose birth parents weren’t in the public eye. They chose a child whose parents were on TV from the beginning. They are feeding off the popularity and publicity just as much as Cate and Ty.

          6. “I highly doubt Brandon and Teresa’s social media’s are private. They had to have wanted the publicity,”

            So, then you can easily find and post a link. I’ll wait.

          7. Its not nefarious or bad.

            It just the opposite of being private. They were public. At the time.

            Then they saw how nasty the public/ TM fandom really is and went private.

          8. Im not saying it bad that they want privacy, I’m saying that it was bad that they agreed to the pretense that “Cate and Ty would make the rules” then change their minds and want privacy. But that’s truly all thanks to Dawn because she made that rule. I think both Brandon and Teresa as well as Cate and Ty are confused about what to do.

            They (Brandon and Teresa) should have went with private adoption from the beginning so they wouldn’t have the mess they have.

            That way Dawn wouldn’t be around to encourage what Brandon and Teresa don’t want. She is just prolonging the inevitable by hurting Cate and Ty and pissing Teresa off.

        1. Or better yet, maybe Ty should have kept it in his pants knowing the risks of an unplanned pregnancy and their home lives? But let’s face it, what hormonal teenage boy who wants his pickle tickled is gonna do that?

          But MY point is, Brandon and Teresa had to have realized what they were doing or thought about the future “what ifs” of the situation when they picked Carly. I mean, how many other children could they have picked? Children whose birth and adoption would not have been televised and whose birth parents dont continue to be televised.

          1. Couldn’t they tell MTV, as they do now with not showing her face, etc, to stop having THEIR child the center of this couple’s storyline? She is a minor.

            C&T have several other children they can focus on talking about.

            Yes the adoption was part of a one- off episode, and no one knew the show would still be on 15 years later. Yes. But in the meantime, Im sure they have some legal measures to take to keep their child’s name out of C&T’s mouths every singe episode.

          2. True but isn’t Carly and her adoption the reason Cate and Ty even have a storyline? So it stands to reason that they would want to talk about her on camera. Sure Brandon and Teresa can say “enough is enough, keep her name of camera” but they haven’t. And do you know why…its because Teresa secretly likes the attention.

            I’m sure Carly gets an MTV trust just like all the children and everytime she gets brought up more money gets put there. I just hope Brandon and Teresa aren’t waiting to pounce on it when Carly turns 18 and can get her hands on it or that Teresa doesn’t bankrupt her by taking out of it now before that day comes because Carly needs her share of the fame just as much as the kids who have or still do appear on camera.

            I mean, Carly is the whole reason behind Cate and Ty’s “success” (she started it all). If it wasn’t for her then Cate and Ty would have been on TV for the last 13 years.

          3. Wait, why in the world would Brandon and Theresa steal from their own child? You hope Theresa doesn’t bankrupt her?? The fact that you would even put that out there is unhinged.

          4. It’s no different than saying that about Jenelle when it comes to Jace or Kail and her kids.

            Some parents are just unhinged and greedy, I’ve wondered from the get go if they picked Carly based on fame as opposed to the millions of “normal” kids they could have chosen from?

          5. As someone who has adopted twice, I can tell you that there are approximately 40 couples hoping to adopt per baby born in this country. There simply aren’t enough babies available for adoption for people to “pick.” Instead as a prospective adoptive parent you hope and pray that you are one day blessed with a baby. I have friends that have been trying to adopt for years with no luck.

          6. I would like to add that my husband and I would have hated being on tv during our adoption process, but if that’s what it took to get a baby we would have done it in a heartbeat. You clearly don’t know anything about adoption. There simply aren’t millions of babies available for adoption like you seem to think. I’ve been in Brandon and Teresa’s shoes. You are so desperate for a baby that you will do things outside of your comfort zone.

          7. No, they’re aren’t millions of “babies” available but that’s the problem, people want “babies”, they aren’t satisfied adopting a child of any age. That’s why the majority age out of the system because after a certain age they just simply become “undesirable” and thus “unwanted” Then they get lost in the cracks of society because they have no one and nowhere to go.

            Hell, if I was desperate enough for a kid, I’d adopt no matter the age, hell I’d adopt a teenager if it was available.

            Perhaps if people quit having unneeded abortions there’d be more babies available.

      4. Actually they did not want an open adoption they agreed to it. And how would they know those 2 were gonna be on tv for more than 1 season when the whole adoption was completed before the show ever aired.

      5. Pearl….

        When you adopt a baby, that baby becomes YOUR child.

        When a person has a child, (typically) they have FULL rights to that child. In the case of adoption, the biological parents GIVE UP their rights to see the baby, raise the baby, make legal decisions for the baby, provide financial resources for the baby, etc.

        In this adoption, Cate and Tyler GAVE UP their rights to have ANY SAY in Carly’s life.

        Now it may be realllllllly hard for you to understand, but Dawn – not the adoptive parents – is the one responsible for failing to communicate the reality of adoption to two very young kids from dysfunctional, poor families.

        But they are grown now, they are parents to other children, and they have access to plenty of money. If by chance there was a way to have legal rights to Carly, I’m sure the rich octagon family could hire a lawyer and fight for it.

        Newsflash, there isn’t.

        With that said, they are being completely irresponsible bringing their young kids into a very complicated situation that they can’t possibly understand, and even worse they are doing it on camera so they can make money off it. You are quick to demonize the adoptive parents when MTV has shown us that Cate and Tyler aren’t exactly parents of the year…..

        1. Cate and Ty didn’t bring Nova into any situation. She asked “why did you separate us” to which Cate and Ty explained the situation.

          Is it their fault MTV was present and wanted to film the segment?

          Like I said, Cate and Ty signed that enchanted contract with MTV essentially making themselves the puppets and MTV the puppet masters. And they (Cate and Ty) want that enchanted paycheck so of course they’re gonna let them film what they want.

          Common sense goes right the window when fame and money are involved.

    2. Holly is the star of this crap show and the only one with a brain among her, Bar and Ashley. That is all.

  11. Didn’t Care and Tyler say something on 16 and pregnant about just wanting to send presents for birthdays and holidays. They never mentioned visits as far as I can remember.

    1. Im pretty sure they said send presents and “stuff” (which to me insinuates visits). Besides I believe yearly visits is one of the stipulations of an Open Adoption.

      I find it appalling that Brandon and Teresa don’t realize that since they are parents of Carly now that the whole visit scenario lies solely in their laps not just Cate and Ty.

      TWO YEARS!! I mean yeah, I realize covid put a hitch in alot of people’s getalongs but there is this thing called the outdoors where children can play. Perhaps Nova wouldn’t be so sad at missing her sister if they’d have thought of that.

      I also realize that Carly is a teenager and has her own stuff going on (extracurricular activities, friends, etc) but shouldn’t they as the parents say “no, you need to do this, your friends can wait” I mean she’s not an adult and they still have a say.

      And that Adoption Counseler Dawn is full of crap too, its not JUST Cate and Ty’s responsibility to reach out, Brandon and Teresa hold some responsibility too.

      1. I’m pretty sure at one point I heard semi open adoption. As much as it sucks they aren’t just babysitting.

        1. It started out on 16&P as a semi open adoption which is what Cate and Ty wanted but Brandon and Teresa later decided on a completely open adoption to allow visits.

      2. I am an adoptive mother and I would never force my children to have visits with their birth parents. If Carly is saying no, then it doesn’t matter that she’s a minor. Her wishes need to be respected.

        1. But it’s an open adoption, yearly visits are a stipulation no matter who likes it or not. And Brandon and Teresa wanted the open adoption. Cate and Ty only wanted a semi open adoption.

          1. Actually there is nothing that says the visits have to be yearly. Open adoption just means they can get pictures & maybe visits. Cate & Ty need to realize that other people have lives & work!

          2. There is no way to enforce that “stipulation”. If B&T say no, it means no. I’m not too invested, so I don’t know if the paperwork was ever shared, but even if visits were in the contract – what are they going to do now?

          3. Well, if visits (yearly or otherwise) were stipulated and Brandon and Teresa signed on the dotted line (which they obviously did) then they have to follow the rules regardless of whether they like it or not.

            Perhaps Brandon/Teresa and Cate/Ty should work out a schedule that best works for EVERYONE involved.

            And as far as Dawn is concerned, well she needs to but the hell out. Her job was done 13 years ago.

          4. Nope – open adoption only means they know where she went and they are permitted to contact the family and in the case of fully open to request visits. The parental rights are terminated once the adoption is finalized. There are also always parts that say the adoptive parent or child may decide at any time to close all contact.

            I know someone with a semi open adoption – regular picnic meet ups but no direct contact with the child. But they are considering closing it because the birth mother keeps getting in trouble with the law (hard drugs), talks to the child about getting her back during visits which upsets the child, and has tried to get into direct contact with the child through another child. Breaking the rules leads to losing the privilege of the open side of the adoption.

      3. “but shouldn’t they as the parents say “no, you need to do this, your friends can wait””

        Huh, what? Carly doesn’t need to do anything. She has no obligation to maintain any sort of relationship with Cate and Tyler if she doesn’t want to.

        1. Im saying that IF visits are a rule then yes she has to do them until she’s 18 (or maybe 16) whether she wants to or not (unless otherwise stipulated in the paperwork) and as her parents Brandon and Teresa need to put their foot down and let her know that she don’t run things, THEY do!!

          That’s what is wrong with society today, too many PARENTS letting their KIDS think they run things when they dont.

          1. You don’t seem to understand how open adoption works. 1. Cate and Tyler have both said that the visits were only agreed upon until Carly was five. She’s well past five years old now. 2. The adoptive parents ALWAYS have discretion to stop visits if they don’t feel it’s in the best interest of the child. There is no enforcing any sort of agreement to have visits. The bio parents have absolutely zero parental rights.

          2. Well, the 5 year thing has obviously changed. Who knows who changed it? But it was probably Brandon and Teresa since they changed from the semi open adoption (that Cate and Ty wanted) to a completely open adoption so that visits could be allowed.

            Im not an adoptive parent or a counselor nor have i ever given a child up for adoption so you’re partially right, I don’t know much about adoption. However, I know enough to know there is a difference between a private adoption and an open adoption.

            Im also pretty sure an OPEN adoption gives both the adoptive parents and bio parents rights. Im sure Cate and Ty don’t have very many rights but I’m sure they have some.

          3. “Im also pretty sure an OPEN adoption gives both the adoptive parents and bio parents rights.”

            It does not. The parental rights are terminated. Period. Any visits are at the discretion of the adoptive parents and there is nothing the bio parents can do of the visits stop.

          4. I actually have worked in foster care/adoption. ALL of C & T’s parental rights were entirely terminated when Carly was adopted. That’s how adoption works. B & T get to decide everything about their child, including whether or not she sees her birth parents. They are not bound by any “open adoption contract” that appears to exist only in your mind. Pearl, you have no idea what’s best for Carly, but I’m sure her parents (B & T) do. Please stop conflating your opinion with fact.

      4. Let’s pretend for a moment that C&T *didn’t* completely agree to relinquish all legal rights to Carly, and act as though it’s a custody agreement in which B&T have primary custody and C&T have visitation.

        Carly is thirteen (the OG cast has almost literally dragged their 15 minutes of fame into that many years. Oy vey). Her opinion is very much relevant to this. If she were to express that she did not wish to visit C&T because she felt they were disrespectful to her and B&T, disliked that they shared details of the arrangement on social media after being asked repeatedly to not do so, and that she felt uncomfortable with the relationship that she and the Not-Carlys were expected to have, there’s a good chance a judge isn’t going to force the matter.

        1. This show was done and over in 2012, but because the fans wanted it back MTV brought it back in 2015.

          But let’s face it, MTV not only was listening to fan input but they were running out of shows and brought it back for ratings sake.

          The first time around (2009-2012) they were literally individual segments, the cast was not linked in any way. That’s the reason it got canceled, no fights or catfights of any kind. Each member did their own thing. It wasn’t until 2012 when the show was brought back that the film crew and producers got involved as well as the cast having contact with one another creating friction and fights (both on camera and via social media). Creating an MTV version of the shittiest show of all time…Jerry Springer.

          If MTV had left well enough alone then the show would have been long gone as opposed to spilling over onto another show that is closing in on cancelation because there’s no drama yet again.

    2. C&T also told the tattoo man doing the footprints that they “could see the baby any time they wanted”, as if B&T were just babysitting.

      They really had no idea what they signed and didnt understand the limitations and such.

      1. That was Dawn’s job as I understand it. She was supposed to explain the ends and outs of the adoption but she obviously failed. I mean isn’t she the one that told Cate and Ty that they “could make all the rules”?

        But yet they keep her around and she just urges them to “keep trying, it doesn’t hurt to ask”. And I just wanted to slap her last week when she brought up April’s approach to the adoption and how her mom had bought all this stuff hoping Cate would change her mind and keep the baby.

        I mean come man, isn’t it enough that she had to hear it to begin with, let alone have it brought back up 13 years later?

        1. That Dawn is shall we say….not completely great at her job in particular and coming off as a normal person in general seems to be the lone point of agreement here.

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