“90 Day Fiance” Star Karine Martins Starts Online Fundraiser to Hire Lawyer To Try To Get Custody of Her Kids Back

“Gimme money!”

Karine Martins of 90 Day Fiance is asking fans for donations as she attempts to regain custody of sons Pierre and Ethan. 

As The Ashley previously told you, neither Karine nor her ex Paul Staehle currently have custody of Pierre and Ethan, with Paul confirming in July that the children were in CPS custody. (While Paul noted at the time that the children may live with his family at some point, it has not been confirmed whether or not this has happened, or if the kids remain in foster care.)

In an effort to obtain legal representation regarding the custody battle, Karine launched a GoFundMe over the weekend titled, “Lawyer to get my kids back.”

On the page, Karine claims she is not being given an opportunity to get her kids back, “because I am Brazilian.” In the description for the fundraiser, she explains that she is an immigrant from Brazil whose “two Brazilian children were taken from [me] by American CPS because me and my husband argued in front of our children.”

Karine goes on to state that despite being compliant with CPS for nearly a year, she’s only allowed to see her children once a week during a one- or two-hour supervised visit. Karine also claims that her children’s passports have been revoked and that it’s been made clear to her that her sons “will not return to Brazil where they were born.”

“Please help me to hire a lawyer and fight for my rights to have an opportunity to get my children back,” she writes.

Karine’s fundraising goal is set at $5,000 and as of Tuesday morning, she has raised more than $1,745 in donations.

According to In Touch, Paul told “90 Day Fiance” blogger John Yates last week that he and Karine are working “as a team” regarding the current custody battle for their children, and that he has suggested to Karine they “get the Brazilian embassy involved at this point.” Paul also claimed that legally, he isn’t permitted to see his children until they are 18 years old. 

Paul, trying to figure out how many years from now that he’ll be able to see his kids.

” … I let Karine see the kids … There was an order on there that Karine could only see the kids supervised,” he explained. “I let Karine see the kids unsupervised, therefore I violated the court orders.” 

Paul stated in September that he and Karine’s parental and custodial rights were terminated “without a fair opportunity at reunification.” He went on to blame Karine’s limited access to their children on Judge Tara Hagerty, the family court judge who made the ruling, calling the former prosecutor “harsh.”

Harsh…much like watching these two attempt to parent.

Though he and Karine are no longer together, Paul said they will do “what we have to do to hire a legal team” to fight for their children, claiming he and his ex have been treated “like complete trash” and offered “zero help” from their case worker. 

The Kentucky Court of Appeals ruled in September to uphold the restraining order taken out by Karine in December 2021 against Paul–- the very same order that resulted in Paul filing two petitions for emergency protection against Karine. 

Karine filed the initial restraining order while in the process of divorcing Paul, and after the decision of the court was made public, it was revealed that Karine had accused her ex of forcing her “to have sexual intercourse without her consent multiple times,” with the alleged incidents recorded and posted online. Paul also allegedly engaged in other abusive behaviors and threatened to have Karine deported. 

On Monday, Karine posted a photo of her kids, seemingly during one of her visitations. She captioned the post, “I always think of you.” 


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14 Responses

  1. The truth is that the boys have already been adopted and Paul confirmed that. Karine has a new boyfriend and is rumored to be pregnant again. She should be banned by GoFundMe because this is the second or third time she’s set up an account to get custody of her boys, and yet has done nothing to try regaining custody. In other words, she’s committing fraud. She’s taking whatever money people donate and she’s using it for something other than it’s intended purpose. Anyone who donates money to her needs to do a little research before entering their credit card number for her.

    1. Oh, and sorry–but anyone who uses John Yates as a source for anything loses all credibility. The guy is a clout-chasing habitual liar who makes up shit to look important. When you confront him with the facts, he gets nasty, calls you names and blocks you. Please stop using him as a source for any stories!!!

  2. She had a long time to behave and take care of her kids. Now, she wants us to give her money to get them back? Fat chance. They are better off where they are. Fight to get them back on your own Karine.

  3. Karine is a selfish human being, she wants those boys so she can get government checks. She is a terrible mother, she started caring about them when she got kick out of her stolen housing for people who where trafficked. Why didn’t she care when she did have a safe place to live, and free time.

  4. Why does Go Fund Me allow her to post a huge lie about why her children were taken from her? What kind of people are giving her money? Does Go Fund Me know that she has posted with them before, begging for money and then not using it for the reason she set it up for? Can’t someone report this to Go Fund Me?

  5. The passports were revoked because Paul already ran with one of the kids once already. They are trying to make sure that they can’t leave the country to hide if they snatch the kids. Standard in this situation. And the only way I’m donating to a GoFundMe regarding custody is if the GoFundMe was set up to keep these idiots from getting those precious boys back.

  6. CPS definitely gets a lot wrong when they should be removing children from their abusive parents. In this case they are 100% right. They didn’t lose custody of their children because the US government were being big, fat meanies. They lost custody because Paul videotaped Karine’s abuse to both the children and Paul and Karine videotapes Paul’s abuse to both Karine and the children. Then these two geniuses put it on the internet. What did they think was going to happen?

  7. CPS didn’t take your kids because you are Brazilian and you argued in front of them, they took them because they witnessed countless violent situations between the two, as we have.
    You are so dumb you made an spectacle of it and it has consequences. I hope neither of you regain custody of those kids. Maybe that way they’ll have a chance at life

  8. Pray for those poor baby boys!! Neither of their parents can get it together enough to care for them!! You have to be the worst of the worst to have your parental rights terminated!! These little boys need caring parents who love them!!

  9. Maybe these 2 should of thought about their children before subjecting them to witness domestic abuse, filth, emotional abuse, etc. Don’t sit there and complain when you call the the cops on each and they finally remove the kids from an unsafe environment. It’s their fault. Shitty parenting has consequences.

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