Former “90 Day Fiance” Star Karine Martins Accuses Ex Paul Staehle of Rape & Other Abuse As Her Restraining Order Against Him Is Upheld By Court

Trigger Warning: The story below contains mentions of sexual abuse and rape. Please be advised.

The chaotic relationship between former 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days couple Paul Staehle and Karine Martins continues to get crazier with every legal action. 

According to Starcasm, the Kentucky Court of Appeals has upheld the restraining order taken out by Karine in December 2021 against Paul–- the very same order that resulted in Paul filing two petitions for emergency protection against Karine.

Karine filed the initial restraining order while in the process of divorcing Paul, and with the decision of the appeals court having been made public, it was revealed that Karine accused Paul of forcing her “to have sexual intercourse without her consent multiple times,” with the alleged incidents being recorded and posted online.

“[Karine] also claimed that [Paul] engaged in other abusive behaviors including threatening to sell her into prostitution and threatening to have her deported,” the appeal ruling continued. “According to the record, [Karine] came to America to take part in the ’90 Day Fiance’ television show or one of its spin-offs, on which both parties appeared.” 

Karine reportedly added to these allegations in January at the hearing for the initial petition motions, during which she accused Paul of penetrating her with a plastic object and continuing to do so despite “her crying and asking him to stop.” Karine noted that Paul gave her alcohol and pills “to facilitate his abuse.” 

While Paul denied these claims during the hearing, he noted that his and Karine’s residence was “equipped with cameras and lighting equipment for the television show and that much of what they did was acting or drama for the cameras.” 

This isn’t the only instance of Paul has attempted to use the presence the “90 Day Fiance” crew and/or cameras to deny claims made by Karine. During a July appearance on the Domenick Nati Show, Paul revealed that Karine has been living in a home provided for her through a government program–- one to which she was accepted after claiming to be a “victim of human trafficking.” In response, Paul seemingly argued that the presence of the “90 Day Fiance” crew invalidated any trafficking claims Karine has made.

” … We were on a TV show for four years so I mean, apparently she’s a victim of human trafficking?” he said. “I won’t get into it, but someone else took her in there, claims were made that she … came to America and everything else, and she was human trafficked and [all these] things against her will … .”

As for the domestic violence that allegedly occurred, the court “found by a preponderance of the evidence that [Paul] committed acts of domestic violence against [Karine] and that such acts may occur again,” the appeal ruling stated.

The circuit court found that Karine’s claims regarding domestic violence “were credible,” with the restraining order preventing Paul from contacting Karine for three years.

In addition to other restrictions on Paul, the order prevents him from owning a firearm.

Paul went on to appeal the circuit court’s decision, to no avail. 

As you may recall, Karine was charged with domestic violence with minor injury (a misdemeanor) back in March after two videos were posted online– one of Karine pinning Paul to the couch in a violent manner in front of their eldest child Pierre, and another of Paul accusing Karine of throwing their youngest child Ethan into the front seat of a car. Another video (posted by Karine) resulted in Paul admitting to biting Karine’s arm during an altercation that took place in a car.

Neither Paul nor Karine have custody of the two children at the moment.

According to his Instagram account, Paul is currently in Brazil. Karine remains in the United States and was recently slammed by fans for dancing, doing makeup tutorials online, etc., all while she has no custody of her children.

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15 Responses

  1. Katine is a liar ding the system to enjoy freebies because she squandered her 90 day money. Paul is definitely a nut job… they are both guilty of DV…. But trafficked?!? Girl stop lying.

  2. I don’t think either of these 2 are bothered by the fact that they’ve lost custody of their kids. Pole posted the strangest video om his Live, of a woman dancing in a 40 year old looking gym. It’s like he’s on the prowl for a new victim already. Why pay $$ to go to Brazil when you could be putting a retainer down for an family law attorney???

  3. They are both violent nutjobs. Grant both of them restraining orders and place those poor kids up for adoption. And send her violent ass back to Brazil

  4. They are both toxic losers, but not for one second do I believe Karine was trafficked here. The girl is batshit looney. Also wth is Paul doing in Brazil?!

  5. The Ashley, I love you, but these pop up ads on mobile ain’t it. They’ve popped up 4 times while I’ve tried to read this article, taking over the whole screen and sending the page back to the top. What’s up with this? Hopefully this isn’t permanent..

    As for these 2 train wrecks, people on social media are saying the kids were adopted by a family? I thought they were going to be with Poooolllle’s mom. Whatever happens, they should be kept away from their poor excuses for parents. They don’t deserve those innocent babies.

    1. If you have an iPhone or iPad, download AdGuard, it’s completely stopped all ads for me on every page. On both my iPhone & iPad.

  6. 2 kids they basically don’t even want and I can’t even make one. Every day the people on this planet get me more and more angry.

    1. It is so profoundly and stunningly unfair – I’m very sorry you’ve had to deal with that. I’m sending you tons of love and positive energy. ❤️

  7. I just hope and pray that the children are in a stable and loving environment. They did not ask to be born to two toxic people.

  8. I don’t believe a word she said. She has been telling lies for years and she sure learned our system to stay in the US didn’t she. Look at all the trash this one show brought into this country.

  9. No words can express how much I hate these people, they never deserved children, hopefully the two they have will be placed with loving people and can attempt to live normal lives. I hope they both wind up in jail . She is posting videos of having a wonderful time without her children, he is off taking vacations and videotaping it. The courts will definitely see this information, and hopefully use it against them. I wish Paul and Karini nothing but misery for the rest of their pitiful lives.

    1. Sorry but I have to side with Paul on these allegations. I seriously don’t believe anything that rolls off this girl’s tongue. She also has had multiple affairs on Paul. He is quirky and a little weird but do I think he raped her or beat her? Nope..don’t believe that for a second. Do I believe she is saying all this to qualify for her free government housing and also to get a free car from this program she is in for abused women? Not only yes but HELL YES!! She is taking up a spot in this program where someone who truly is abused could really use. I’m so confused on how she qualified for all this when she has lost custody of her children. She lost both boys. She needs to be shipped back to her parents. Do I think Paul is completely innocent? Absolutely NOT. However, I don’t believe all the things she has said about him. The true thing that is sad about all this is those 2 children. I pray they’re now in a healthy, loving home and honestly I hope they don’t get them back until it’s proven that they have gotten therapy and major parenting classes. She also lives in filth. Paul has documented all of her nastiness through out these years. The girl is lazy. I’m definitely not a fan of either of these adults but I pray the kids grow up in a great home with healthy adults.

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