Former “90 Day Fiance” Star Karine Staehle Reportedly Charged With Fourth Degree Assault

These two are perfect for each other, and that’s not a compliment.

Nearly three months after 90 Day Fiancé star Karine Staehle defended a video posted online that appeared to show her abusing husband Paul Staehle, Karine has been charged with fourth degree assault. 

According to Starcasm, Kentucky court records show that the mother of two has been charged with domestic violence with minor injury– a misdemeanor. She is scheduled to appear in court April 20 for a pretrial conference. 

While the details behind Karine’s alleged charged are unknown, in addition to the video in which she grabs Paul by the hair before pinning him to the couch in a violent manner– while their two-year-old son Pierre looks on– Starcasm reports there is another video that shows Paul accusing Karine of throwing their youngest son Ethan into the front seat of a car. 

The footage in the second video (posted below) was captured by a security camera and shared on YouTube. 

There is also a video (also below) of Paul accusing Karine of trying to have him murdered, which he posted online in 2021. 

As “90 Day” fans know, Paul and Karine’s relationship has been consistently chaotic for years. During the summer of 2020, the cops were called the couple’s home on more than one occasion and their fighting ultimately led both to file a restraining order against each other. (Those restraining orders were dropped in October 2020.) 

The “90 Day” alums have also been involved in many controversies over the last couple of years, beginning in December 2020 when Paul claimed during an interview that Karine is allowed to go out with other men, as long as Paul does a background check on the individuals first. Paul and Karine welcomed their second son Ethan in February 2021, though Paul questioned the child’s paternity and even promised to livestream the paternity test results on his and Karine’s OnlyFans account. 

Paul, running to post more weird stuff online…

Another odd incident involving the couple occurred in August 2021 when Paul took to Instagram to post the results of his STD test. 

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(Photos: TLC; YouTube)

12 Responses

  1. I really wish Paul and Karine would stop posting these “abuse” videos — and get OUT of the abusive situation. (Yes, you’re both nuts. We get it.)

    Also hoping that someone somewhere can step in and take these poor innocent kids out of this never ending dumpster fire.


  2. I feel so bad for those two kids. Im also concerned about Karine’s mental health. People don’t realize everything women go through after having a baby, both mentally and physically. She’s isolated here and if she had post partum I doubt Paul would notice. He’s fucking weird post these videos

    1. Oh I agree she’s got mental problems. I used to feel bad for her because she was so young and Paul is a trainwreck. These two definitely do not need to be around each other and need plenty of mental therapy.

    2. As with many of the couples on 90day, I feel like these two got what they deserved in each other. I will start this by saying they should remove the kids as these two are and have been bananas. Imho, (unenthusiastic handjob face of the year) Karine’s golden ticket baby trap didn’t quite work out like she had planned and Paul (who could probably mess up washing a grape) was unstable financially and in life when they met, thinking this would give him some status and stability and heck something to do besides milk cows and set things on fire. Both got bit by money bug. I do not think she has ever loved him and sorry but she only calls PP depression after she messes up or causes friction as I have seen. So now we have two folks that have never really belonged in a relationship with an onlyfans account, pushing std tests and paternity questions and some sort of open marriage and it just sounds like they are the modern sex workers that most of these reality couples seem to become these days. I don’t really think there is much of a family life when so much of it is devoted to social media and selling jack off sessions and beating each other. It was just never meant to be and probably wouldn’t have without production money. Oh well. Hope someone saves those kids before something awful happens.

  3. Wow! That video was disturbing. What kind of mother throws her baby in the car like that?! It was so scary. Those children are in danger.

    1. They seem to hate each others guts. Just split up fgs. Those poor kids don’t deserve this trainwreck. Although there’s no way their co-parenting would be anything but a total disaster. What a mess.

  4. Both of them are bat shit crazy and neither is a good parent to those two children. They see all of this screaming and abuse, those kids live in a world of chaos created by dear mom & dad. They are both unstable and should not have custody of those kids. You can see that during these abuse videos Pierre doesn’t even blink he is so used to it. My heart breaks for those poor boys.

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