Former “90 Day Fiance” Star Karine Martins Is Slammed For Smiling & Dancing on Social Media Despite Losing Custody of Her Kids

Karine, doing the two-kids removed from my home two-step.

Karine Martins appears to be living her best life on Instagram, despite neither her nor her ex Paul Staehle currently having custody of their two young children, Pierre and Ethan. 

On Tuesday, the former 90 Day Fiance star took to Instagram while smiling and busting a move, as if everything in her (nearly always) chaotic life is going smoothly. Karine’s cheerful and fun video did not go over well with Karine’s followers, who skewered the former reality TV star in the comments for posting it despite having lost her kids recently.

As The Ashley told you last month, Paul claimed Pierre and Ethan remain in CPS custody, but would be going to live with Paul’s family until he and Karine “figure out what we want to do in life.”

I mean… parenting would be a start.

This news came after the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children reported that Pierre had been missing since early June, possibly “in the company” of his father. Paul denied kidnapping Pierre and insisted he had taken the toddler on a job-finding trip… one which happened to take place right after CPS had been granted custody of Pierre and Ethan.

According to Paul, Karine has been living in a home provided for her through a government program– one to which she was accepted after claiming she was “a victim of human trafficking.” 

Given the current custody situation–-not to mention the alleged human trafficking-– Karine’s happy dance on Tuesday was met with a lot of criticism from those who have followed her (and Paul’s) story, with one person calling out both parents for “living life like you didn’t lose two kids.” 

“Like why are you dancing?” the commenter asked. “Invest your time into getting your damn kids back. You shouldn’t have time for giggles and dancing.”  


Other comments on Karine’s video asked about Ethan and Pierre’s whereabouts, while one person accused Karine of being “happy without her sons.” 

Other commenters called out Karine for prioritizing social media over her children, while one person said it was “probably why she doesn’t have her kids anymore.” 

“Legit totally mind blowing… ,” another person wrote. “I know I wouldn’t be dancing on camera for the gram if my kids got taken…” 

“Dude. I’d be DYING without my kids,” someone else commented. “I don’t know how people can live without them and do things like this.

Despite the criticism, Karine’s video currently remains on her Instagram page. 

As for Paul, he’s also living it up. He recently posted photos and videos of his trip to Hollywood, posing with a tour bus driver, walking down the Hollywood Walk of Fame and randomly hocking T-Mobile products in a promo. 

“The best part is that now I don’t have to pay for two junior tickets to go on this bus tour!”

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC) 

10 Responses

  1. If she’s happy, it’s because her hell years with Paul are over. Her kids are safe from him, too, finally. She has a plan to get them back, and she’s working hard. In the meantime, all she can do is wait. But she cares about her kids a lot! She’s just not allowed to talk about the case. She’s afraid of saying too much so she says nothing. Don’t mistake that for her not caring about her kids.

  2. Karine is a survivor. She’s compartmentalizing the way only a survivor can. Her instagram is about getting a steady income for the future, promoting products. She DID NOT want Paul to release those tapes! I think he is a seasoned criminal and a predator. She’s finally learning English. She’s working. She sits at home and instead of doing nothing, she’s building an Instagram following. She’s not allowed to talk about her case so she says nothing about her children. But it’s still breaking her heart! Paul lies all the time. Anyone who pays attention to him is a fool.

  3. They have treated their dogs better than their kids. By the way, I hope ASPCA removes those poor dogs, they are not capable of taking care of any living creature, yet alone a child.

  4. They should have never had one, let alone two children to begin with. Period. Their relationship has always been super dysfunctional and lacking maturity from the BOTH of them. Bringing those two boys into the insanity was irresponsible, at best. The fact that she is dancing and all happy go lucky and he’s on a flipping trip to Los Angeles, while their children are not in their custody while his family (?) picks up the pieces and handles THEIR responsibility, is sickening, but I wouldn’t expect anything less. It’s clear that Paul has mental health issues that he refuses to acknowledge and treat and Karine likely does as well, and she is also incredibly manipulative and lies to her benefit. She wasn’t human trafficked and with the publicity of the show, I am surprised they didn’t look into that before giving her a place to live and resources to live her life. I hope those boys are adopted by a loving, sane family that values and cherishes them instead of being used as pawns between their biological parents.

  5. She has said many times she cannot speak about the case. She has also posted pics and videos of getting her life back together and setting up spaces for the kids. Is it possible She is displaying growth and healing? Let’s not forget, Paul recently kidnapped one of the kids, he emotionally abused her with std and DNA tests, encouraged her to start OF. Karine was young and naive when they met and married. She also came from an extremely impoverished part of Brazil and moved to a foreign country with a psycho. How she was raised was far different from what was expected of her in the USA. Then add Paul to the mix as well as mental illness…I hope she can get her shit together for her sake and the kids. We all know Paul isn’t an option.

  6. Those babies need to be placed in a loving adoptive home with parents who will spend time with them and appreciate them. A stable home with attention from parents, not a chaotic home with parents who only seek attention online is what they need and deserve. Unfortunately those little boys are better off without these two leeches in their lives. I hope they can find stability and encouragement in their lives and that they are eventually surrounded by responsible adults who can help them grow as people.

    Paul and Karine are selfish, abusive narcissists who need their internet privileges taken away.

  7. This should come as NO surprise. Paul has ALWAYS BEEN A LOSER! Low life CAN’T find a job but has time to go tour Hollywood. He has ALWAYS played the victim. As far as Karine goes, she NOT a victim of Human Trafficking. She came here of her OWN FREE WILL!It’s sad because we have homeless Vets living under bridges & people & kids homeless not of their own free will, then you see her dancing around & him as irresponsible as ever. I HOPE THEY NEVER GET THOSE KIDS BACK because they DON’T DESERVE THEM!

  8. Kids are better off w/o them.

    These people need to be ignored. Stop giving them attention and feeding their desire to be seen. Keeping these fools relevant is not doing those kids any favors- you’re just keeping their parents escapades in the public eye for these poor kids to see later.

  9. Neither Paul nor Karine are right in the head and should be spayed. I hope their kids end up adopted by a loving, sane family

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