“90 Day Fiance” Star Paul Staehle Denies He & Son Pierre Are Missing & But Confirms His Son Is With Him; Pierre’s Mom Karine Martins Speaks Out

You know your life is in the sewage plant when you read stories like this about yourself…

Paul Staehle is speaking out after the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children reported Paul’s three-year-old son Pierre as a missing child. In a missing poster circulated online on Friday, Pierre is listed as being missing since June 8 and possibly “in the company” of his father, Paul. 

The 90 Day Fiance star– who shares Pierre and son Ethan with his ex-wife Karine Martins spoke to TMZ on Saturday, denying that he is on the run with Pierre and claims it’s all a misunderstanding.


Paul had custody of both his sons for a few months, but reportedly recently lost custody. Karine– as well as Paul’s parents— also have no custody of the boys currently, according to “90 Day Fiance” blogger John Yates. On Friday night, Paul shared a bizarre message to Instagram Stories that seemed to confirm this.

“If two parents have their kids taken the grandparents or a relative should be allowed to have temporary custody. To ban the grandparents from the children as well as the natural parents is very sad,” he wrote.

Paul told TMZ on Saturday that his youngest son, Ethan, is currently in the custody of Child Protective Services (CPS), after being taken from Paul’s mother’s custody. Paul confirmed that Pierre is with him; however, he denies that he kidnapped the child. Instead, he stated that he took Pierre with him for a “long work trip together dating back to early June.”

Paul claimed he had been searching for work between Florida and Pennsylvania with Pierre in tow. He stated that he took the boy with him because Pierre suffers from “extreme separation anxiety” when away from Paul. 

Paul told the site that he and Pierre are heading back home to Kentucky to get this smoothed out and that he “hopes to regain custody of his children on his own,” or at least through his mother. 

Paul, running back to Kentucky…

As for the boys’ mother, Karine, she issued a statement in Portuguese on Instagram Stories on Saturday, claiming she is doing just fine, despite not having her children. Here is the statement after being translated via Google Translate (courtesy of Starcasm).

“In the last few days there have been some news about the current situation of Karine, her children and her ex-husband,” Karine’s statement reads. “We communicate that at the moment Karine is doing well and following as she was guided by the law and that she appreciates the affection and strength sent by all the fans who accompany her. Finally, we warn Sue as soon as possible, Karine herself will speak on social media & raves of a live to reassure all those who accompany her during these years.”

“I don’t think we’re gonna get nominated for World’s Best Parents any time soon…”

Back in March, Karine was charged with fourth-degree assault stemming from a domestic violence situation against Paul that was videotaped months before. The video showed Karine grabbing Paul by his hair and pinning him to the couch violently, all in front of Pierre. In another video, Paul accuses Karine of throwing their then-infant son Ethan into the front seat of a car. 

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available…

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram: NCEMC)

18 Responses

  1. Those poor little boys. Neither of their parents is capable of caring for them, and Grandma can’t follow the rules. Who else is there to take custody??? This is just horrific. Neither parent even seems interested in working to regain custody, they’re both two self-centered nutballs! Pray for little Pierre and Ethan, they both deserve love and stability from SOMEONE!!

  2. They are both a hot mess. Hope they can find a responsible caring foster parent to help their children

  3. 2 down votes? Was it Paul or Karini? Pieces of shit should never have contact with those poor innocent children. Someone stated they thought Carini was a good mom, what the fuck? How so? They should never have contact with those boys again.

  4. Wow. This is so messed up for these kids. I knew the parents were hot garbage but I didn’t think it would go this south. I hope they end up with someone responsible and caring…

  5. I always thought she was VILE and he was a MORON. Too bad people like them can have kids. They probably wouldn’t be able to get approved to adopt a pet from a shelter.

  6. From what i have heard majority of time cps gives kids to next of kin if they are safe there. I feel like pauls mom called cps to take the child.

    1. I am from Louisville, KY. Where these ignorant meatballs live. I have experience with CPS here. As I took custody of my brothers child 2 years ago. CPS immediately pulled my background, inspected my house and drafted an emergency temp custody agreement. This all happened in a matter of 3 days. CPS also was there anytime I had any questions and went to court to testify on my behalf to gain custody of the child. From start to finish I had actual legal custody in a matter of 2-3 months .

      So it makes me wonder what the hell is really going on with this family. Because CPS here really does go to family placement before they put a child into the foster system. 2+2 is equaling 5 here.

    2. No. CPS found his parents unfit as well. CPS took the baby while he was in daycare. Paul’s mother showed up at the daycare and was told CPS had him. Paul had a court date the next day but took off with Pierre because he knew they were going to take him as well.

  7. Both Karine and Paul are POS. And how come Paul doesn’t have custody of Pierre but is traveling with him? If Pierre is supposed to be in CPS custody then the police should be searching for him since early June. Why did they let Paul have him for a month before issuing this?

  8. There is a cameo of Paul that was posted and the entire time you can hear Pierre crying and screaming in the background. Not once did Paul stop his Cameo and take care of his son. Paul has always seemed unhinged. I used to think that Karine was a good mother. Sadly I don’t think either are stable enough to be what these children need. Very sad for the two innocent babies caught in this mess.

  9. So the reason why they wouldn’t give grandparents, or another relative, temporary custody is because they can’t find someone who they believe will protect those kids and keep both Paul and Karine from seeing them at unscheduled times or unsupervised. Karine doesn’t have family in the US and the government won’t just up and send the kids to Brazil. Apparently Paul told John Yates that Karine had said that Paul’s trying to kill her. Why would the government give his children to his family without first investigating it to make sure they’ll remain safe. My guess is that they’re going go be put in a home where neither parent is allowed to know where exactly they are.

    1. This is the answer. Relatives are usually the first place CPS looks when placing children, but the safety of the kids is their first priority. If any available relatives are unable to provide a safe environment, or if they won’t keep the non-custodial parents away from the kids when they’re supposed to be, then the children will be placed in a foster home with unrelated people.

    2. If I’m not mistaken the youngest child was in the custody of Paul’s mother. That child has since been removed and is with CPS.

  10. Hope both boys are put up for adoption with a loving sane family. These psycho parents should be spayed and neutered so they can never procreate again. Both their asses should be in jail. Thank you to the judge who was wise enough to remove those boys. Hopefully Pierre will be returned to CPS soon. God these parents suck!!

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