More ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Storylines: Briana DeJesus Gets Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder & Cheyenne Floyd Gets Rushed to the Hospital (RECAP)

“On the bright side, though, it gives me a good storyline for the season!”

MTV has given us yet another glimpse of what we can expect to see when Teen Mom: The Next Chapter premieres next week. A new trailer released on Thursday gives viewers a bit more insight into info that was released earlier this week in the cast bios, as well as in a previous trailer.

It’s truly classic ‘Teen Mom’: someone is getting engaged, someone is getting rushed to the hospital and someone is talking about balls. (All we need is someone to find themselves knocked up and/or dunking their pregnancy test in a Tupperware of urine and we’re all set!)

Allow The Ashley to recap what is shown in the trailer! 

Catelynn Lowell makes us picture her husband Tyler Baltierra‘s man parts when she tells him– after he reveals he’s having a vasectomy the next day– that she plans to cover his “family jewels” with vegetables.

“I have a whole bag of frozen corn for your balls!” she tells him excitedly.

“So if I see your mom April with a scissors and a bag of Green Giant corn niblets tonight, I’m outta here!”

Poor Maci Bookout continues to limp along in her storylines. Once again her teen son Bentley is carrying Maci’s segments on his back. The only part that makes it into the trailer for Maci is Bentley asking to get Instagram. 

DEAR GOD. I am having flashbacks to the Teen Mom 2 season devoted to Chelsea‘s daughter Aubree getting a new phone. I CAN NOT GO THROUGH THIS AGAIN, MTV.

Maci, as per usual, gets unnecessarily intense while talking about Bentley getting the ‘Gram.

“Anything he says, it doesn’t go away,” Maci tells her husband Taylor McKinney. “The consequences become bigger.”

(I mean, she’s not wrong…but couldn’t she have just told Bentley “not yet” and moved it along? I’m sure there’s a PTSD/PCOS storyline just waiting in the wings so she can film about something other than poor Bentley.) 

“It doesn’t go away…kind of like me…and this show!”

Unlike Maci, Cheyenne actually is going through a lot this season. First, we see her scolding her fiancé Zach Davis for what we can assume is his pesky little run-in with the law. (As The Ashley previously reported, Zach was returning from a vacation in Mexico with Cheyenne and her family in January when police met him at the airport and arrested him for his outstanding warrants. He is set to go to trial this month for a plethora of legal issues, just weeks before his wedding to Chey.) 

“What you did was reckless,” Cheyenne tells Zach, who then tells her, “There is possible jail time.” 

Cheyenne is is seen breaking down in tears as she talks to her other baby daddy Cory Wharton.

Cory, for some reason, has willingly chosen to wear his hair like THIS, apparently…

Later in the trailer, we get a glimpse of Cheyenne being loaded onto a stretcher and then in a hospital bed. Someone can be heard saying, “It’s hard to see her like this.”

(This is likely footage of the mysterious medical incident that MTV mentioned in the cast bios, which were released earlier this week. Chey’s bio stated that she claimed to have been “shot at” while driving in her car with her kids and had to undergo surgery for her “injury.”) 

We still don’t know what Cheyenne’s “injury” is. Remember, MTV did NOT state she was “shot” but rather “shot at”…

Leah Messer is forced to confront some possible struggles she may face from her interracial relationship with Jaylan Mobley.

“Have you thought about how it may be different raising a Black kid?” one of Leah’s friends asked her. (Who is this broad? We’ve never seen her before? I demand they bring back Cousin Chastity and her Mary Kay Cosmetics-covered face!) 

“I’m available, MTV! Call me!”

Leah begins to realize that, while the holler is great for learning how to deep-fry possum or how to hide your lover from the deer cam (I kid), it may not be the best place to be in an interracial relationship.

“Some people are just naturally gonna look at you different,” another friend tells Leah.

We also get a peek into Amber Portwood‘s custody situation for her son James. She tells Leah Messer that she doesn’t know what will happen. (As The Ashley previously reported, Amber’s ex Andrew Glennon filed for— and received— legal permission to move James to California.)

Amber’s other baby daddy Gary Shirley and his wife Kristina are shown reacting to the news that the four-year-old will be moving.

“I’m speechless. James is her life,” Kristina says sadly.

“I feel bad for Amber. I also feel like we should try to squeeze an extended vacation to California out of this…”

Next, we see that Briana DeJesus and her family are going through some hard times themselves. First, Briana reveals a medical diagnosis she recently got from her doctor, which causes her mom Roxanne to break into tears.

“I got diagnosed with bipolar depression,” Briana tells them.

“On the bright side, I’m chlamydia-free!” 

Later, we see Bri’s sister Brittany getting into a nasty argument with Roxanne over something Roxy did. (In previously released info about the season, MTV stated that Roxanne reached out to Bri’s long-lost biological dad to try to convince him to see Briana, so it’s likely that this fight is about that.)

“You’re not protecting nobody!” Brittany screams at Roxanne.

“Don’t forget! I was a f**king victim of his as well!” a sobbing Roxanne claps back.

Brittany rolls her eyes and tells Roxanne to stop making things about herself.

“SHUT UUUUP!’ Roxy roars in a voice that makes it sound like her head should be spinning around and green stuff should be shooting out of her mouth a la ‘The Exorcist.’ 

“I really don’t want to chuck a Size 7 Hush Puppy clog at my daughter on-camera but, BY GOD, I’ll do it!”

Later, we see Briana hanging out with her new booooooyfriend, former ‘Teen Mom’ security guard Bobby Scott. (As The Ashley told you, Bri has been dating an older man named Bobby who used to work security on the ‘Teen Mom’ shows–– until his relationship with Bri was discovered, resulting in him and many of the other security guards getting fired.)

Bobby (and his gray beard) and Bri “cheers” to the next chapter. (Pun very much intended.)

“I’m excited for this relationship. Also, do you know anyone who is hiring?”

Meanwhile, Jade Cline gets surprised by a romantic proposal from her baby daddy Sean Austin. For Proposal No. 3, Sean goes all out, dropping to his knees as giant letters spell out “MARRY ME” behind him.

“Jade, will you marry me?” a smiling Sean asks as he holds out the ring box. (A woman who appears to be Jade’s mom Christy sobs in the background.) 

(Hey, this sure as hell beats his last proposal, which included talk of Jade having “sausage fingers” and Sean getting a fist-bump from Jade, who called him her “homie.) 

All jokes aside, this is the the healthiest– and happiest– we’ve seen Sean in years and I’m so happy to see it…

‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ premieres September 6 on MTV. You can watch the newest trailer below! 

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(Photos: MTV)


  1. I CANNOT stand Breanna, I cringe when her storyline comes on and I used to love Maci but hearing her complain about the same thing over and over in that damn monotone, lip chewing voice just makes me wanna forward through her stuff also…love love love that Jade and Sean are doing so well. Shes such a beauty and he looks so healthy and happy now.

  2. So the B just keeps growing
    Bri Bitter Bacteria B—- Bully now Bipolar I think she is Tripolor and her Cray Moma the Ts Trash Truffling Trouble Tramp

  3. Why are you even asking about her black child, he or she will be beautiful.I have a black grandchild and she is loved by our whole family and we could not love her more.Stop asking those questions to her, she doesn’t look at skin color.

  4. This show needs to be cancelled! It does detour 16 year old girls from getting pregnant!!! It actually inspires them to get pregnant. They see them driving nice cars, getting their hair and nails done, going on expensive vacations and living in nice houses!! I’ve even heard girls say I want to be on teen mom’s!!!!!

  5. Gotta say, the diagnosis totally makes sense. I hope she sticks with the meds and gets some therapy. Her kids deserve to have some good stability.

  6. Unpopular opinion coming at ya… So everybodies bipolar now? Sounds like an excuse for poor choices. Get treatment, and stop breeding if you have mental issues. It’s not fair to your kids or your spouse to be raised or live in F’ing chaos.

  7. I knew for a long time that Brittany and her mom are bipolar, by the way they act and relate to normal every day issues that everybody deals with. Jenelle too is bipolar I’ve been watching the show since it began. I’m hoping Kale is done. I’d rather watch Joe and Vee.

  8. I knew for a long time that Brittany and her mom are bipolar, by the way they act and relate to normal every day issues that everybody deals with. Jenelle too is bipolar

  9. I haven’t watched teen mom since season two of teen mom two. I’ve ALWAYS stayed updated via The Ashley. She does such a great job, keeps me from wasting my time watching it.

    I’ve watched first few seasons of 16 and pregnant. O like all the different story lines back to back. Always something nwq.
    Anyways. I have a theory about Brianna. It’s obvious. Just like all these qomen on teen mom series. I see much of myself in all of them.
    Yes, I’ve been pretty unhealthy myself to status of jenell. Just not total extent of her. These past two years after I quit drinking, did my shadow worked and truly healed, I became someone different.

    I’m a huge empathetic person. I can put myself in almost any person’s shoes, to really imagine what it’s like. Since this. I’ve been able to understand people.

    All these girls on teen moms were failed in some way.
    I’m not saying ALL those girls, look at Chelsea for example. She had what most of fthem didn’t, a strong support system/family bond! And maci, until she chose party life more. That’s how majority of all these girls were failed and made good entertainment.
    Janelle, kail, amber, Farrah (but she has some serious other shit-look at Michael-creep) Leah (she may really took rehab to heart)

    They weren’t taught any life skills at a young age. Probably taught they NEEDED to have a man, place other shit before your kid.

    Narcissist parents create kids with borderline personality disorder.

    THIS IS NOT 100% FACTUAL. this was something I thought about

    Chelsea was easily liked by everyone and seemed kind hearted, and also genuine.

    Amber’s father dies cirrhosis of the liver fairly young, didn’t he? Amber probably learned from a young age by example there, too.

    What we do as parents REALLY affect our children.
    My son’s father still drinks.(we divorced 2016) One day my son was drinking apple juice and said he was drinking his “whisk-kaaaay”. He was 6. That was so inappropriate. He’s NEVER seen me drink, none of my kids have.

    My point in this, look at these mothers or even fathers and it literally explains these “teen mom” women.
    They are grown women and learn to be responsible and heal. Move on from this childish shit. You can heal borderline personality.

    Dialectical behavior Therapy.
    Doc Snipes on YouTube is awesome. She is a ginger headed lady who has helpful power points. I like listening to her podcast on there.

    Maybe these teen moms look ok here and see this

  10. “MTV has given us yet another glimpse of what we will can expect to see when Teen Mom: The Next Chapter premieres next week.”

    “– after her reveals he’s having a vasectomy the next day–“

    “How you thought about how it may be different raising a Black kid?”

    “… former ‘Teen Mom’ security guard Bobby Smith. (As The Ashley told you, Bri has been dating an older man named Bobby Scott…”


  11. Mixed kids exist in WV. They do. Black folks too! Really hope Leah’s storyline isnt “””racial drama”””. This isn’t the 1950s.

    Maci better step it up or she’ll be out!

    They’ll never get rid of C&T. Never. Amber too. Briana is a keeper too. And Cheyenne.

    The rest better get lives real soon.

    1. unfortunately what leah’s friends was telling her is the truth. of course there’s gonna be black people and mixed kids everywhere but there are people in those places that are still racist and treat mixed kids and their white mothers differently. hopefully that doesn’t discourage leah from having kids but that it makes her wanna become more educated and not like some white savior that she was acting when victoria had a baby with a costa rican stranger

  12. mais elles sont toutes bipolaire dans cette émission !?! the ashley Merci pour ces recap très très drôle je les lis avant de regarder la bande annonce! top et alors roxy tournant la t^t^ en sortant la bouillie VERTE : du grand THE ASHLEY : merci bisou de france !!

  13. Leah’s friend that asked her if she thought about how it was going to be like raising a black kid- that’s the same friend from last season. the girl she had that “office” rental townhome with.

    We all know Maci is boring but why would she not explain to her son why he can’t have an instagram? kids his age need explanations in order to have understanding.

    Cheyenne will hopefully soon realize she doesn’t have to settle for Zach. All she wanted was more children and now she’s dealing with the consequences of his actions.

  14. So just bc Kail is bipolar it makes the psycho to get diagnosed with it as well!!! This psycho once again decides to get diagnosed with like her former co-star!!!! Briana BELONGS IN A MENTAL INSTITUTION!!! She desperately wants to be like Kail!!!! She’s more delusional just like Amber!!! Think about it bc Briana harrases Kail from the very beginning wanting to be like Kail and still is!!! No wonder why Nova wants to quit the show bc she’s absolutely getting tired of her mom’s psychotic behavior and antics!!!! Briana cares about herself and only herself causing her daughters to suffer the aftermath of their psychotic behavior and antics!!!

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