EXCLUSIVE! A Look At ‘Teen Mom OG’ Dad Zach Davis’ Criminal Past: More Info On Why He Was Arrested at LAX Airport

That face you may when you know your fiancé is going to kill you…

Teen Mom OG fans were shocked on Sunday morning after TMZ broke the news that Zach Davis— fiancé of Cheyenne Floyd and recent star of Teen Mom Family Reunionhad been arrested earlier this month at LAX airport, due to outstanding warrants. Now, The Ashley is taking a deep dive into Zach’s criminal past, and looking closely at the court cases that led to him being arrested!

As The Ashley previously reported, Zach was returning from a Mexican vacation with Cheyenne, their son Ace, her daughter Ryder and other members of Chey’s family when cops arrested Zach on January 3. He was booked and released the same day.

Zach’s warrants stem from him breaking his probation for past theft and DUI charges. Zach’s criminal past was never really discussed on ‘Teen Mom OG,’ so The Ashley can now reveal what crimes Zach is currently on probation for.

According to court records obtained by The Ashley, Zach was arrested in October 2018 and charged with Grand Larceny (Theft). (This is charged when the money, property, etc. taken is valued over $950) At the same time, he was charged with five counts of “False Personation & Cheats” (essentially taking someone’s personal identifying information and using it for unlawful purposes); all five of those charges were dismissed or not prosecuted though.

Zach did plead no contest to the Grand Larceny charge in September 2019. He was found guilty and sentenced that October to three years of probation and 32 days in LA County jail for his crimes. 

Zach, when the judge asked if he did it…

However, in February 2020, the court was notified that Zach had possibly violated his probation.

In January of this year, a bench warrant hearing was held, and earlier this week the “Setting of Violation Hearing” was held. Zach is due to go back to court for this in October.

However, the Grand Larceny charge isn’t the only legal issue the ‘Teen Mom OG’ dad is dealing with.

Back in June 2020 (right before Zach was introduced on ‘Teen Mom OG’) he was arrested for DUI. He was also charged with driving while his license was suspended or revoked. 

He was arraigned in September  2020, and a warrant was issued on October 13, 2020. 

That case is still pending as of press time. 

Surprisingly, Zach’s criminal history doesn’t end there.

“There’s MORE?!!?”

In February 2015, Zach was charged with some petty theft crimes. He pleaded “no contest” to those crimes in March 2016. He was sentenced to 24 months of probation and 10 days in LA County jail. He also had to complete five days of community labor.

In July 2015, he was charged with (and later pleaded guilty to) driving without a license. He was fined $90 for that.

In September 2015, Zach was charged with reckless driving on a highway, as well as driving without a license. He pleaded “no contest” to those in February 2016.  He had also been charged with Driving Under the Influence of alcohol during this arrest, but those charges were dismissed or not prosecuted.

For the reckless driving charge, Zach was sentenced to 36 months of probation. For the driving without a license charge, Zach received 36 months of probation and a 10-day jail sentence. 

The judge also ordered that Zach enroll in and complete a three-month licensed first-offender alcohol and other drug education and counseling program. 

As The Ashley previously reported, Zach has two court dates scheduled for May, and one for October to handle his pending criminal court issues. 

“In other words, take care of your legal crap, Zach!”

Chey and Zach have yet to comment publicly since the story of Zach’s latest arrest broke. 

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(Photos: MTV)

55 Responses

  1. He is a criminal and keeps getting a slap send him to real jail for a while then maybe they won’t get shot at by his gang buddies

  2. Odd she ended up choosing him considering her mother, father and stepfather are all hard working successful career minded individuals.
    He can’t even abide by the terms of his probation, showing he has not changed.

  3. He was shown driving a car multiple times on teen moms last season. I wonder if that violated his probation? Sounds like he isnt suppose to be driving.

  4. LOL Chey plays like she’s some upper-class, well-to-do MTV starlet…meanwhile this is the best she could do? Dude with no real career, DUIs, thefts, and seemingly endless probation? All smoke and mirrors. Makes it even creepier he now has her daughters face tattooed on his hand.

    Hopefully it’s not his dominant hand ?

  5. I wonder why this didn’t come up in the powerpoint presentation.

    Chey… you need some new friends because if I was your friend, he wouldn’t be friend approved for this sh*t.

    And now she has a baby with him.

    I guess this finally squashes all the questions about how he made a living before TM.

  6. Go to a funeral of the victims of someone who made the choice to drive drunk.
    I have, family is never the same.

  7. So a total of 5 dui’s?
    That means he has at least a serious problem with alcohol, or he just doesn’t cares about breaking the law.
    Both outcomes are shit 🙂

  8. This is clearly why Chey’s friends weren’t overly keen on Zach.
    Also-does he have a job? What was he doing before he knocked up Chey and scored a TMOG check?

  9. No wonder he/they don’t like to talk about his “job” or lack there of. He’s a thug. Look at his neck. He has a ton of tattoos under there. Add up all these factors. No wonder Cheyenne doesn’t respect him.

    1. Faulting him based on the stealing, DUIs and the lack of a job is one thing. But to call him a thug because of tats is crazy.

      And did you ever think that the MISTAKES he’s made are the reasons for his lack of job? Very few employers (even fast food) frown upon hiring someone with a criminal record.

  10. So he’s a thief. He stills other ppls property. He takes things that dont belong to him.

    That’s low.

    As much as we hate Amber, Farrah and Jenelle.. They never got caught stealing.

    1. These were 5 and 6 years ago, the arrest wasn’t about new stealing or DUIs, it was a probation violation because he left the country.

      People change, from what I see of him on the show he’s loving. caring and responsible.

      Yes it’s still wrong but at least he isn’t a repeat offender like Amber, Jenelle or Farrah who are still making and haven’t learned anything from their mistakes.

        1. Exactly. He’s had 5 DUI’s with the latest one being June of 2020… that is a ‘repeat offender.’ He clearly has a problem with alcohol and thinks it is ok to drink and drink. He’s been caught FIVE times, how many times has he not been caught?

          1. I said he was wrong, all I’m saying is that maybe he’s changed because I don’t see anything new since 2020.

            Hes also young but now that he has a family, maybe he’ll fix himself.

            I’ve made bad choices, I’m not perfect but I’m human…so who am I to judge?

      1. Uhhh … Jenelle stole Babs credit card and drove to NJ with Keiffer. And used it to get gas and food and probably drugs.

        And they all stole their children’s childhood so….

        Really you think stealing is worse than child abuse. like really….

          1. I’m sorry @TEENMOMOG2FAN, I know this comment isn’t towards me but nobody said that stealing was worse than child abuse.

            @UPPERCUT actually said the exact opposite. He or she said, “Child abuse, animal abuse, and domestic violence are arguably worse than stealing”

          2. @COME ON PEOPLE

            “As much as we hate Amber, Farrah and Jenelle.. They never got caught stealing.”

            It’s just like saying as much as we hate Amber for abusing Gary and Andrew, at least she never shoplifted.

            Or As bad Jenelle is for abusing dogs (Nathan’s when he was in gelll) or abusing drugs, or abusing her children, well at least she isn’t a thief. And she is a thief is stole from her momma. WHich I even think is worse than stealing from Walmart, like yes stealing from Walmart is bad, but her mom doesn’t have billions in the bank to still pay their bills. Babs worked an hourly job for 40 hours to pay for everything including Jenelle’s son.

            Come on. like, come on. That’s exactly what @My Name said.

            So maybe read what people say before you defend them.

          3. I quoted @UPPERCUT with exactly what they said, and as far as @MY NAME goes, they never said stealing was WORSE than child abuse, thru said, “As much as I hate Amber, Farrah and Jenelle. They never got caught stealing”…and none of them ever did…at least not by cops.

            Babs caught Jenelle, reported her but never pressed charges.

            All crime is wrong, but quit putting words in a person’s mouths.

            That’s all I’m saying. I’m not defending anyONE or anyTHING.

        1. @Come On People,
          He hasn’t had anything since 2020…
          Well due to Rona Mania…..2021 was all restricted..
          So idt we can act like that was a whole year of “learning a lesson” !!
          Just sayin’

    2. He drives when he’s drunk. That’s absolutely disgusting. Stealing is one thing, but when you drive drunk, you are willingly putting innocent peoples lifes (possibly children, btw) at risk. He’s a selfish pos.

    3. Uhhh … Jenelle stole Babs credit card and drove to NJ with Keiffer. And used it to get gas and food and probably drugs.

      And they all stole their children’s childhood so….

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