Busted! ‘Teen Mom OG’ Dad Zach Davis Arrested At Airport For Outstanding DUI/Theft Warrants

“I’ll bet Chey’s family is already planning a jailbird-themed party because of this!”

Zach Davis was arrested at LAX earlier this month, after it was discovered he had outstanding warrants against him.

TMZ broke the news on Sunday that the Teen Mom OG dad was “welcomed” back into the United States by police on January 3, as Zach was returning from a vacation in Mexico with his fiancé Cheyenne Floyd. Police met him at the airport and arrested him for his outstanding warrants.

According to TMZ, Zach’s warrants stem from him breaking his probation for past theft and DUI charges. (The Ashley has done a deep dive on Zach’s criminal history, and you can read all about his extensive arrest history by clicking here!

“Ugh ZACH! You ruined my 200th vacation of the year!”

Zach— who welcomed his first child with Chey last year– was booked into jail and released on January 3. The ‘Teen Mom OG’h couple– who are appearing together on the Teen Mom Family Reunion— managed to keep Zach’s airport caper and trip to the clink a secret until now.

“If you need tips for how to survive in ‘jel’ I’m your girl, Zach!”

According to pics posted to Chey’s Instagram, her daughter Ryder, their son Ace and Chey’s nephew and other family members were in Mexico with Zach during that fateful trip.

According to court records, Zach has two court dates scheduled for May and one for October stemming from this arrest and the previous charges. 

UPDATE! The Ashley has looked into Zach’s criminal history and has done a deep dive on the crimes that caused him to have warrants issued, as well as his other arrests! Click here for all the details! 

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(Photos: MTV)

12 Responses

  1. People from Los Angeles are super fake and pretentious anyway. Im not surprised there is backstory to the super perfect happy family image these they put on.

  2. Ok I didn’t see this one coming. I’m used to DUI’s but theft? Are u marrying a thief, Chey? I don’t think her family would be very pleased with this

    1. I am not use to DUI’s. Terrible disregard for everyone else on the road. They can afford an uber if they are drinking. No one should put other people’s lives at risk. Don’t drink and drive.

  3. Lolololol

    Your man is a thief Chey. Thieves are lower than liars.

    He also could have killed someone while drunk driving.

    He’s a loser and Chey deserves every minute of it.

    1. Stealing is stupid but idk if I’d say that thieves are lower than liars because a person’s gotta be a liar to be a thief.

      Now, drunk driving…THAT’S lower than a liar.

      But in 2015 he appeared in court and pled “no contest” and the charges were dropped the following year. He has gotten a DUI since so MAYBE he learned his lesson?

      And Chey don’t deserve any of this. She probably shouldn’t have gone back to him but she did, but she’s a good person and a pretty damn good mom so don’t fault her for her man’s mistakes.

  4. Zach is almost as good as Kail about keeping arrests private. Why wasn’t this ever discussed on the show? Cheyenne’s family can throw another party but the real issues aren’t being discussed. The reality is missing in reality TV.

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