Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Tells Farrah Abraham to “Grow Up” Following Farrah’s Arrest: “If She Can’t Handle Alcohol She Should Stay Home!”

“You know your behavior is bad when I’M able to criticize you, Farrah!”

Jenelle Evans is giving her former Teen Mom Franchise co-star, Farrah Abraham some advice, as well as tips on something she knows quite a bit about: drinking at home!

The former Teen Mom 2 star decided to stop shaking her rump roast on TikTok long enough to chastise Farrah for acting immature on Saturday after drinking–and getting arrested— at a Hollywood club. As The Ashley reported, Farrah was held face-down in the dirt by a club security guard after she allegedly slapped a club employee. The Backdoor Teen Mom was caught on video belligerently screaming, insisting that she’s a “public figure” and a “JD law student,” but was still arrested and hauled off to jail.

In a new interview with The Sun, Jenelle— who has been hauled off to jail many times herself in the past-— said Farrah is immature.


“Farrah needs to grow up and act her age. If she can’t handle alcohol she should stay home,” Jenelle advised.

Jenelle also stated that Farrah has no regard for her 12-year-old daughter Sophia’s feelings.

“It’s sad she acts this way when she knows it’s going to end up in the news and her daughter can read it,” Jenelle said of Farrah.

“That’s interesting coming from you, Ma!”

Jenelle also gave the Backdoor Teen Mom some advice, stating it’s better to slug your beer at home rather than go out and risk getting in trouble. (Farrah recently claimed that she feels that she was “set up” by the person who made her dinner reservation, although there is no proof that person had anything to do with the incident.)

“If she was set up then maybe it’s best to stay home and drink,” Jenelle advised. 

“We always drink at home because most of them damn bars these days have a ‘No Sasquatch’ rule so I ain’t allowed in!”

Farrah has yet to respond to Jenelle’s “advice.” (The Ashley, a certified Farrah Speak translator, is patiently awaiting the word scramble that will be Farrah’s retort.) 


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29 Responses

  1. Dear Jelly – I’m sorry I into’ed you to smack. I mean heroin. Every day I get down on my knees & thank my spiritual spirit we didn’t have a kid, your mother hated my a##, and the lasting memories of you were easily cured with penicillin. So have a seat, shuddup, and don’t ever attempt to get bail money from me again.


    1. Make that, not until she really leaves David, divorces him and has seen a therapists twice a week for at least 6 months and has been a sober single mom for 6 months

  2. A stopped clock might be right twice a day.

    But at least it doesn’t let an alarm go off those two times, or it would only highlight the 1438 times each day that it’s not.

  3. Bitch must have had too much white claw, weed, and spinny rides at the fair again. Go do a drunk tic tok dance while you ignore your children more. Then release a drunken video telling us what a great mom you are. Remember to remove the guns in the background this time . Fucking mother of the year, aren’t ya. Idiot

  4. When Jenelle is telling you to grow up and stop making bad decisions, you have hit rock bottom.


  5. Janelle, you conveniently forget about your domestic abuse incidents? That took place in front of your kids? You forget your children being hit and threatened? You forget several gun incidences in front of your kids? You forget the dog being murdered in front of the kids?
    You forget hiding in the attic while you left your kids downstairs in danger?
    You forget all your arrests? You forget your husband is due back in court again? You are an idiot, and this posting you did will not change public opinion of you. You and Farrah are both shit mothers, and human beings. Read the room, we ALL hope you and Farrah lose your kids, for their sake.

  6. I am no defender of train wreck, Farrah but Jenelle giving advice? I count 15 mug shots of Jenelle online. I count 9 mugshots for her dog murdering, child abusing husband David. I’m sure there have been more arrests. Jenelle needs to feel sorry for own children. She is just as abusive as David is. All of Jenelle’s children & Farrah’s daughter have really hit the shit lottery for their parents.

  7. How many arrests has Janelle had for alcohol and drug use, in public?
    Maybe you should be worried about your husbands upcoming court date for, Drinking and driving?
    And YOU think you can give advice as a parent? How about the gun incident with Jace in the car?. I hate Farrah, and hopes she pays for her behavior, but who the hell are you to say anything about drinking or raising kids? STFU and have another drink.

  8. Seems someone is STILL mad that she was the ONLY one NOT INVITED to the TM Family Vacation!?

    Of ALL people to be touching the subject of embarrassing her kids, Janele really should know to just leave that one well alone! Heck, she embarrasses her hoard of random offspring multiple times a day on that thing she calls a TikTok…SHE INTENTIONALLY POSTS THAT (lame) “content” that embarrasses EVERYONE who has to see it, nevermind her trap babies!

    Jealousy doesn’t look good on anyone but it’s laughable coming from a swamp monster

  9. i meeaaan… was jenelle wrong? jenelle may be an expert at drinking at home but at least farrah puts her daughter before men

    1. Not quite sure how you can claim that “Farrah puts her daughter before men,” when Farrah is a prostitute who has been leaving Sophia alone in hotel rooms, while she goes out to service her Johns, for years? Even in foreign countries like Dubai, where she has earned herself the ever so classy name as the “Dubai Porta Potty” because she allows men to shit on/in her for money. She also recently began advertising jars of her own ? for sale. Imagine what Sophia must think of that?!! How freakin’ embarrassing and degrading for anyone… Let alone a young girl!! ?

      1. Ummmmm…. Even men don’t want her. Sam even said she was a “violent alcoholic”. She puts HERSELF, before Sophia. Always has, always will

    2. She puts her daughter before men? Are you kidding me? She includes her daughter when she interacts with these men for money. Her daughter is included in her yaught and foreign country escort trips. She involves her daughter when she sells her shit to perverts. She has her daughter film her ass to post on line for men. She had her daughter witness her vaginal rejuvenation again, to make money from MEN. How is this putting her daughter first? Am I missing something here??

    3. Ummmmm…. Even men don’t want her. Sam even said she was a “violent alcoholic”. She puts HERSELF, before Sophia. Always has, always will

    1. Farrah left her 10 year old daughter alone in their one bedroom apartment a couple years ago so she could go meet a guy in MX. Sophia went down to the pool and recorded herself and Michael had to fly in and care for her because she was alone. She’s also been known to leave Sophia alone in hotel rooms in Dubai while she goes out on “dates…” So yeah, Farrah doesnt put her daughter before men…

    2. The symptoms vary per minute, she can go from resting her rump with horrible shoulder and back pain to shaking her rump and having D hump her rump in hours. It’s a very special condition.

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