MTV Reveals Cheyenne Floyd Underwent Surgery After Being Shot At While Driving; More Details of ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star’s Mystery Health Crisis Last Month

Cheyenne’s medical mystery has been revealed…

With one week to go before the premiere of Teen Mom: The Next ChapterMTV is starting to reveal some of the storylines that the girls will be dealing during the season.

New information was added to the girls’ bios on the MTV website recently that reveals shocking details about the medical crisis that Cheyenne Floyd was going through in early July. Cheyenne’s bio announces that the former Teen Mom OG star had to undergo surgery after being injured in what appears to be a shooting that happened while she was on the road with her kids.

“Cheyenne reveals she was shot at while driving her car with her children Ryder and Ace,” her bio states. “She undergoes surgery for her injury and plans her dream wedding to Zach.”

Back in July, Cheyenne hinted that she was having a mystery health crisis and revealed that she had to go to the hospital for it. While she refused to share details at the time, she did thank her ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars who sent her get well gifts. 

“Thank you to everyone who has reached out and sent their prayers,” Cheyenne wrote on Instagram at the time. “I’ll be able to explain more later right now I am focused on healing.”

She also thanked her fiancé Zach Davis on Twitter for helping through her “worst and vulnerable moments” in recent times. 

Fans assumed that Chey was ill but in a Q&A session on Instagram held in July, she revealed that she “wasn’t sick.”

“I had to have a surgery and I am recovering very well,” Cheyenne wrote. “It’s hard to answer some questions because it will just lead to more questions and I would like to explain everything from the beginning so we just have to wait for [‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’] to air. That will explain everything.”

At this point, it is unknown if the person or people who shot at Cheyenne and her kids knew who she was or if it was a random act of violence. It is also unknown how Cheyenne was injured during the incident. 

Cheyenne– who is set to marry Zach next month—had to take time off from her Think Loud Crew podcast to recover from the surgery. 

Cheyenne will be joined on ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ by Amber Portwood, Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell, Briana DeJesus, Jade Cline and Leah Messer. The new show premieres on MTV on September 6. 

Click here to watch the full trailer. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

15 Responses

  1. And as for Cheyenne, if she can’t give any info on why she’s in the hospital, why even post at all? Oh wait, her need for attention eclipses everything else. Plus, I really wouldn’t be advertising that I had been shot at, don’t look good. Who knows with Zach’s into, he might be the reason she got shot. With his zone baby in the car SMH

  2. Why is it always the accounts that have never commented before that spout the disgusting racist bullshit? Pot calling kettle black, no? What you said was a hell of a lot worse than what Cheyenne said. And no, her children would never get over watching their mother gets shot while driving, and the children could’ve been killed themselves, especially if she wrecked after being shot fatally. I suspect it’s too late, but grow a fucking heart. Hate is the number one problem in our country today. Initially fueled by our orange ex-president, Who hopefully will be indicted after possessing over 300 top-secret documents on nuclear weapons. Which he probably planned on sending to his buddy Vlad over in Russia.

  3. MTV needs to get rid of nasty Briana and WT-Jade!! They are not OG’s and don’t have half of the respect the real OG’s do. Where is Kayle? MTV is stupid.

  4. Cheyenne when you first came on the the show I could tell that you had a good comment sense very responsible and you cared very strongly about who you were around and your daughter Ryder is so precious the Lord has his Angels you and your family in that horrible incident You and you’re family are very Special now you have two babies and they are beautiful one thing I noticed about you is that your not selfish you have a heart of gold take care of yourself and your family Congratulations on your Engagement God Bless Y’all(hope you get to read this)

  5. real racist here is you because i don’t see any of the same reactions towards jenelle or farrah ??‍♀️ hell has a special place for people like you

  6. there’s no way y’all are still finding negative things to say about cheyenne, when her poor babies could’ve possibly lost a mother or something possibly happening to them!!! and if you’re one of those people then idk what to tell you other than you’re a horrible person. thank god they’re all alright but i can’t imagine the trauma that a little girl like ryder has gone through.

  7. This is beyond disgusting. She can go on social media and talk about being in the hospital; thrive on the attention that it brings to her. But she and MTV await the televised shat show that is these girls’ lives to speak about why. NDA or no NDA, that is insidious.

    Additionally, how does this happen to someone and they continue to put themselves on TV with their children? Machiavellian!!! Maci all over again.

    1. this comment is disgusting jenelle. this horrible thing happened to cheyenne in front of her small children and she can talk about it however she wants to! where was this energy with maci? ? but regardless if this is jenelle or not just know you’re a terrible person

      1. Off topic just a bit. Although Andreas and Jenelle seem to be the same hateful person JE could NEVER form a complete sentence or thought like the above comment! ????

        1. I was thinking the same thing, Melisb! ‘Machiavellian’ is a dead giveaway that it’s not Jenelle.

          Besides, Jenelle is probably way too busy to comment here, she has so many huge projects in the works! ?

      2. I am sorry to disappoint you, but I am just me. And I have an opinion just like you do. Additionally, you’ve missed the point of my comments.

        I hold great sympathy for the events her children have been through. I have no sympathy for Cheyenne making it into a storyline that profits from her children’s pain.

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