MTV Sets Premiere Date for ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’: Watch the First Trailer & See the Return of Jenelle Evans

Much like a nasty case of chlamydia you get after banging your baby daddy in da club…this show will never go away…

We’ve been watching the Teen Mom girls for well over a decade— from the moment they shot a baby out of their underage hoo-ha, to them attempting to raise toddlers while also navigating their relationships with their bad baby daddies, and finally to them being 30+-year-old women getting plastic surgery, buying houses (and horses) and trying to find storylines for Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2.

The Ashley broke the news earlier this year that the two shows would be combining into one joint show (starring eight of the cast members). On Friday, MTV released the first trailer for Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, which stars Maci BookoutAmber PortwoodCatelynn Lowell, Cheyenne FloydJade ClineBriana DeJesusAshley Jones and Leah Messer.

‘Teen Mom: The Next’ Chapter— which premieres September 6— will show the girls hanging out together and supporting each other through their life “trials” (which previously included bad plastic surgery, failed business ventures and court battles).

When you realize you have just bought yourself a few more months before you actually have to get a real job…

“You were there when they first became moms,” the trailer states. “Now be there as they turn their next page together.” 

Some of the things covered in the first season of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ (according to the trailer) will be Jade’s baby daddy Sean Austin picking out a diamond (assumingly to propose to Jade— again); Amber getting a celebration for getting off probation (as you do); and the girls’ recent trip to a Florida dude ranch (where Briana’s relationship with a ‘Teen Mom’ security guard was outed!

Briana’s party to celebrate her lawsuit win over her nemesis former co-star Kail Lowry will also be shown.


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As The Ashley previously told you, ex-‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans attended Bri’s “Bash Kail” Bash in May, where they were filming for ‘Next Chapter.’ In the trailer, Jenelle is seen exiting a car and joining the festivities, marking her first return to a ‘Teen Mom’ show since she was axed back in May 2019.

“I finally made it back! Hopefully David refrains from killing any more dogs. I don’t want them to edit me out of the footage!”

(Jenelle discussed filming at the party in a May YouTube video. You can read about that here.) 

“Was MTV there at the party? Yes. Did they film me at the party? Yes, I signed an agreement to film,” she said in the video.

‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’— which MTV is billing as a “mother of a super-sized new series”— premieres Tuesday, September 6. The Ashley hears that MTV gave them a relatively large episode order; with 15 episode being produced. 

Watch the first trailer below! 

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  1. If any of you are opposed to Jenelle returning to teen mom, please join me in emailing MTV with your objections. I feel it’s a disgrace to allow this child and animal abuser to have any notoriety or income based on her Illegal and immoral behavior. All those opposed, say I ….

      1. Very good point my friend. And I believe she said KILL white babies? Is this not one of the worst things any human being can say? And WHY was she not fired??

  2. What test audience did MTV have in mind? I don’t know one person who used to enjoy TM signing up for this snoozefest.

    Literally the most boring people are left. Those who brought the drama crossed a line and there’s no bringing them back (*cough* Jenelle).

    Young and pregnant really held my attention initially, but even that has become boring and lame. This pattern isn’t it, MTV. I don’t want to watch 30 year old make 600k a year that don’t even have kids on a show about motherhood. It’s done…

  3. This show way past its time. Why not go back to REAL 16 AND PREGNANT and quit making these parents actually work instead of using their poor kids as paycheck. Could help more teens and prevent pregnancy instead of filling these losers pockets full of money.


  5. Honestly, I’m expecting this to completely flop. My guess is viewership is going to be equivalent to Y&P give or take. I wonder how badly this will have to fail for MTV to finally pull the plug.

  6. Yeah, not making these GROWN women any richer by watching this garbage….this show will flop, and hopefully result in the end of the franchise! Also, MTV is disgusting for filming Jenelle, she’s ignorant White trash, just like her unemployed loser husband.

  7. How is Leah Messer the only one from Teen Mom 2?

    Of the Original girls from both seasons, only half the cast is original girls.

    I like that the only shot of Amber and Leah is Amber trying to hug her and Leah pushing her away.

    Also, is Jenelle getting paid to appear or is she just their being Briana’s “friend”?

  8. whether or not if y’all choose to watch this, can we all agree to skip brianas party episode? don’t wanna give her trashy antics any attention or chinelle any satisfaction of us tuning in for her return

  9. I wasn’t going to watch this anyway and just read The Ashley’s recaps. The fact that Catelynn thinks that Amber needs to have a celebration because she is off of probation for chasing Andrew (and more importantly ignoring that James was in his arms and could have been hurt or killed) with a MACHETE is ridiculous!! Not to mention the return of animal abusing, child abusing Jenelle? Nope. Hard pass.

    1. Cheyanne is on and she posted tons of racist shit about white people and more disgusting white babies, she said she wanted to hurt them… mtv is a joke

  10. Nope I’ll won’t watch a show where they condone bullying with a immature psychopath and dragging the other one down with her where they constantly bullying a former cast member and you have a another one who is a convicted felon who doesn’t even have custody of her children!!!

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