Former ‘Southern Charm’ Star Thomas Ravenel Slams Bravo Over How It’s Presented His Custody Case With Kathryn Dennis: “I Think Bravo Is Corrupt”

And so it continues…

Former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel criticized Bravo this week, claiming a false narrative has been portrayed regarding the custody situation of the two children he shares with ex Kathryn Dennis

According to Page Six, the 60-year-old took to Twitter this week, calling the network “corrupt” and accusing it of making it look like Thomas “bought” custody of the kids. (His tweets were deleted shortly after he posted them, though.)

Thomas stated that, had the situation been reversed and Kathryn been given full custody, he feels the network would have done its best to exploit that.

“If I lost all custody of my kids, all the Bravo-controlled media would be talking about what a horrible father I am,” Thomas tweeted and soon deleted.

“Instead, as I have full custody, the narrative is that I’ve bought off the system and Family Court is corrupt. I think Bravo is corrupt.”

“Wait….was buying off the court an option? Asking for a friend…”

When someone responded, “Money always wins,” Thomas clapped back.

“Money can be a double-edged sword,” he tweeted. “It can put a target on your back and invite frivolous lawsuits and allegations.”

Though he didn’t clarify what led him to fire off the tweets, Thomas was seemingly referencing the fact that Kathryn lost temporary custody of daughter Kensie and son Saint in March 2021.

The Dennis-Ravenel family, before everything went to complete hell.

Just last month, Kathryn opened up on a podcast about the current custody agreement between her and Thomas, calling it “f**king horrible.” She also discussed factors that contributed to her losing temporary custody of the kids, citing a failed drug test for marijuana, which she said the court considered to be a relapse on her part, as she previously went to rehab in 2016 for a self-admitted “problem with weed.” 

Thomas in the courtroom, probably.

Due to the custody agreement, Kathryn is only allowed to see her children every other weekend from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. during visits that are supervised by someone appointed by the court.  

During the podcast, Kathryn also alleged that the situation had been orchestrated by Thomas to ensure that he would be allowed to take Kensie and Saint with him to live in Aiken, South Carolina. (Meanwhile, Kathryn continues to live in Charleston, which is about 2.5 hours away.) 

While Thomas did not mention Kathryn by name, he seemed to respond to Kathryn’s version of events last month, arguing that his main focus is protecting his children.

“I take it as a badge of honor that I don’t give way to being hated, lied about and attacked for fulfilling my most sacred and moral obligation: protecting my children!” Thomas tweeted in August. 

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  1. Thomas your a bad father. Using weed to prevent your kids from having a healthy relationship with their mother is wrong. No one is perfect, your a great example of that. You have the ability to give your kids a good full life with both parents involved. It’s so sad that for weed which is basically legal everywhere, you would force your kids to suffer unneeded negativity. It’s sad. Your kids will grow up and see all you have done to make a relationship with their own mother hard because of your own selfish cruel choices. Hey, I can’t wait to see read your kids views of this when it inevitably comes for you.

  2. I’m no huge TRav fan but I’m less of that trashy mom Kathryn fan.Shame on any mom who puts drugs and alcohol before their children.Thomas may be the lesser of the evil after watching season after season of Kathryn’s racist remarks,inability to maintain any actual friend or sig other relationships, has a child with fetal alcohol syndrome, unstable homes and continued trashy existence never putting children first. Maybe TRav at least can use money to make sure the childrens basic needs are met.

  3. Could you explain why you haven’t been scrutinized and examined for alcohol and cocane abuse? Money can cover up a lot of failures, but doesn’t make one a better parent, honest or liable. Money covers up, able to shift focus from one and spotlights people of lesser incomes. It doesn’t make a better parent. One day all your moral attacks on Kathryn will backfire on you and your children will turn on you and will know the truth; not your version!

  4. Says the daddy who wouldnt allow his young children in the main house. Yeah a POS if you ask his children and i agree. No father of the year. Another whore dog like trump thinks he is above everybody.

  5. I would rather have my children raised by a parent who occasionally smokes pot than an alcoholic, rapist, crook. Thomas is just buying custody, it’s not fair to the children & their mother.

  6. I love how he thinks he is dropping truth bombs about Bravo. As if people were under the assumption that they some sort moral compass! Also why is he sitting around watching a show he isn’t even on anymore. What a loser!

    He is lucky he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth because he is so stupid.

  7. No matter what is wrong with Kathryn the children need their mother . I worked in a psych ward for sick/addicted women and the good parents would go out of their way to bring the children in for visits so the mother/child relationship could continue. She loves her kids and they love her and no court or money will ever stop that. Never move your kids away from the parent they ❤️

  8. Okay Mr can’t leave it in your pants. First couple of seasons went well for you didn’t it? The first season when you decided to come on to the show that’s when you are an open book. To bad you took it to where you think it’s Bravo’s fault. But you’re in politics you should already know this.

  9. Isn’t Thomas Ravenel,recipient of former plantation family wealth due to free enslaved labor, involved in a rape case?
    Left show due to rape allegations?
    Not a good time to make a fuss over custody of children.
    Lucky to have visitation so shut up for once & leave 2 mothers of your 3 children alone. Would u rather see them in foster care

  10. Protect kids ? that’s why he made them live in guest house with nanny. He convicted felon for selling cocaine. His family bought off judge. Called good ole boy system.

    1. Moved to NMB. Wrote mayor re assault by town manager on citizen business owner in may. Sled investigating still. Mentioned backwoods hick town good ole boy system. The response was i shouldve investigated further about NMB before moving here. Only fecklessness and good ole boys survive in the south. Everything else isnt important. Forget right or wrong.

  11. Bravo wasn’t corrupt when he was on TV. Bravo is only corrupt after his sexual assaults came to light and Bravo fired his ass.

    As far as Katherine I have no clue if she is sober or not. But if she went to rehab for weed logic would tell the average person that you never put yourself in the position of smoking it again and losing your children. Especially when you know that the father is manipulative.

    1. Kathryn lost custody due to excessive alcohol drinking, cocaine and I believe weed. In all fairness.. He was doing the same thing but he was functioning at a much higher level. I think his was recreational and hetrd was pretty steady. On NATIONAL TV!! when it came time for court…he got his shit together because he knew what was coming …Kathryn did not. Neither one would win a prize parent trophy but he is the lesser of two evils in this case, IMO, when it comes to his kids.

      1. The guy is a scumbag but I agree with you – only because he has the money and sense to employ a nanny 24 hours a day, thus minimizing his interaction with the kids. As sad as it is, their children are better off with a qualified nanny than they are with either of their parents.

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