Former ‘Southern Charm’ Star Thomas Ravenel Calls Protecting His Children His “Most Sacred & Moral Obligation” After Kathryn Dennis Criticizes Their Current Custody Arrangement

Co-parents of the year.

Former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel is seemingly responding to recent claims made by his baby mama Kathryn Dennis, with whom he shares seven-year-old daughter Kensie and six-year-old son Saint. 

As The Ashley told you last week, Kathryn opened up on a podcast about the current custody arrangement between her and Thomas, calling it “f**king horrible” that she is only allowed to see her children every other weekend from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. during visits that are supervised by someone appointed by the court.

Thomas and Kathryn, back when they were capable of taking family photos together.

While discussing factors that contributed to her losing custody of her children in March 2021, Kathryn cited a failed drug test for marijuana, which she said the court considered to be a relapse on her part, as she previously went to rehab in 2016 for a self-admitted “problem with weed.” Kathryn claimed the situation was orchestrated by Thomas to ensure that he would be allowed to take Kensie and Saint with him to live in Aiken, South Carolina. 

Although Thomas did not mention Kathryn by name, he seemed to respond to her recent claims last week on Twitter. 

“I take it as a badge of honor that I don’t give way to being hated, lied about and attacked for fulfilling my most sacred and moral obligation: protecting my children!” Thomas tweeted. 

My face when Thomas talks about his morals…

In addition to Kensie and Saint, Thomas is also a father to son Jackson, whom he welcomed with then-fiance Heather Mascoe in June 2020. Thomas and Heather called off their engagement in August 2021. 

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  1. You people are such hypocrites to think Kathryn can better herself but Thomas can’t. Those kids lived in the guest house because the main house was being restored historically for sale and profit. Those kids have a great life with Thomas and have spent the summer at camp away from him too learning how to water ski and socialize with other children while learning more than they would hanging with Kathryn posing for pictures. They have a pool to swim in, horses to ride and private schooling. If Kathryn had any sense she would have spent the summer with her mouth shut improving her life instead of posing in bars. Her dad bought her a vehicle and she was evicted from her apartment for not paying rent. She won’t even show pics of her new place… I wonder why?

    1. If that was the case then why wasn’t Thomas living with his kids in the guesthouse? Was the guesthouse not up to his standards? I mean, it was good enough for the kids, right? I’m sure that coke snorting rapists can change but I sure wouldn’t bet on it. I don’t believe that Katherine has changed either so I’m not quite sure how that would be deemed hypocritical? I think both are selfish, immature assholes. You do realize that kids that go to camp and swim in swimming pools and ride horses can still have bad parents.

      1. He did live in the guest house when the nanny wasn’t there. And I think you forget how Kathryn and half the cast have inserted a poop ton of cocaine up their noses right along with the rest of the bar crowd. Not to mention the other drugs everyone was on. Thomas was just one of the few to get busted. A lot of kids have parents who have done bad things but that doesn’t mean they are bad parents.

        1. This is comical coming from cocaine convicted felon who had kids living in guest house with nanny. It’s good ole boy system in court in South Carolina. So what she smoke a little weed when she doesn’t have the kids. Those kids will HATE him when they get old enough to know he’s behind them not seeing there mom.

        2. Thomas is convicted felon spent time in prison for doing and selling cocaine. No he didn’t live with kids in guest house. Thomas uses his family influence on court system very well known. Big damn deal she smokes a little weed

  2. On the show Thomas had his children live in a separate guest house with the nanny. He said he didn’t like sticky fingers and his kids messiness. He popped in for breakfast with his kids that the nanny made of course because he couldn’t even bothered to cook his kids breakfast. He kisses them on the top of their heads and says, “I will see you tonight at bedtime.” He doesn’t want to be around his kids when they act like children. Sticky hands, messiness, crying and fits are all part of parenting. The other beautiful part of parenting far outweighs messiness and sticky hands.

    Thomas doesn’t want to raise his children. Thomas leaves that up to a stranger. What Thomas wants is to win at all costs. He feels like he won by taking the kids and moving to another state and controlling their visitation. He is not doing it as a moral obligation to protect his children.

    Who is going to protect the children from him? I am not a fan of Katherine but honestly do we really believe that Thomas isn’t on drugs? He has been arrested in the past for cocaine. The difference between Katherine and Thomas is that she got caught abusing drugs, he didn’t. Yet. Not to mention the fact that he is a rapist.

  3. That’s hilarious coming from a man who did jail time for selling cocaine no less. Not a fan of Catherine but this man is obviously no saint. As past history shows. He better be careful someone has his number and the receipts.

  4. Thomas is diabolical. He’s super manipulative, loves to gas light people, and doesn’t give two shits about having his children…he just doesn’t want to pay Kathryn child support, and wants the control.

    1. Katherine, unfortunately, did not lose the kids JUST because of 1 positive test for weed. She lost custody after the judge gave her multiple chances to get sober, get medication, go to therapy, and prove she can be a stable parent. Not only did she fail a drug test, but Thomas was able to prove she was out at bars and clubs while having the kids (which is not illegal, but not a good look when you are trying to prove you are stable), and Kenzie the little daughter was caught wandering the street by a neighbor and called police. Katherine was inside the house not in the best mindset. Anywho, Thomas is no saint. However, as someone already stated, the kids are enjoying the best childhood money could buy, and being raised by competent strangers, and a father that YES probably they hardly see, but when they do, he is not unstable, drunk, or high.

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