Former “90 Day Fiance” Star Paul Staehle Claims His & Karine Martins’ Parental & Custodial Rights Were Terminated Unfairly; Calls Legal System “Corrupt”

The only thing more difficult than keeping up with Paul and Karine is keeping up with all 83 of the 90 Day Fiance spinoffs…

Just days after Karine Martins updated fans on the custody situation regarding the two children she shares with ex Paul Staehle, Paul has come forward claiming he and Karine’s parental and custodial rights were terminated “without a fair opportunity at reunification.”  

The former 90 Day Fiance star took to social media on Tuesday, claiming on his Instagram Story that, despite Karine doing “everything CPS and the “harsh” judge has asked her since December,” she is only permitted to visit their sons Pierre and Ethan once a week for an hour. Paul’s lengthy rant was reposted by @rewatchreality on Instagram.

“Karine works hard at any job she can to earn money,” Paul continued. “She has lost any government help from food stamps to medical. Lost her housing assistance.” 

As you may recall, Paul revealed in July that Karine was receiving financial assistance and housing through a government program. Paul said Karine was accepted into the program after claiming she was a victim of human trafficking–- an allegation Paul disputed. He also confirmed in July that Pierre and Ethan were in CPS custody, noting the children may eventually begin living with his family members at some point. (It has not been confirmed if this updated living situation has occurred, or if the kids remain in foster care.)

On Tuesday, Paul went on to blame Karine’s limited access to their children on Judge Tara Hagerty, the family court judge who made the ruling, calling the former prosecutor “a harsh judge.” 

“I have seen other judges allow a mothers opportunity to get their children’s custody back,” he wrote. “Our children miss their parents. The termination of our parental and custodial rights without a fair opportunity at reunification shows how corrupt the system is.” 

Paul claimed he and Karine completed classes, therapy and drug and alcohol tests throughout the last year and still, neither he, Karine nor his parents were “given an opportunity to speak” in court. Instead, Paul said the discussions in court took place between only the prosecutor and CPS.

 Paul insisted he and Karine–who are no longer together– will do “what we have to do to hire a legal team” to fight for their children, claiming he and his ex have been treated “like complete trash” and offered “zero help” by their case worker. 

Paul, running to talk trash about his case worker to anyone that will listen…

“CPS [in Kentucky’s] Jefferson County needs to be evaluated,” he wrote. “My case worker hung up in my face for asking for assistance with services. She talks to me and Karine like complete trash and offers us zero help. When you vote please make sure you understand who you are voting for.” 

While Paul and Karine appear to share similar feelings regarding the current custody of their children (at least this week, anyway) things aren’t exactly civil between the parents at the moment. Just weeks ago, the Kentucky Court of Appeals ruled to uphold a restraining order taken out by Karine in December 2021 against Paul–- the very order that led Paul to file two petitions for emergency protection against Karine.

The (un)happy couple, back when they first appeared on “90 Day Fiance”…

Karine filed the initial restraining order while in the process of divorcing Paul, and after the decision of the court was made public, it was revealed that Karine accused Paul of forcing her “to have sexual intercourse without her consent multiple times,” with the alleged incidents recorded and posted online. Paul also allegedly engaged in other abusive behaviors, including threatening to have Karine deported.   

Still, Paul insisted in his rant that “our children miss their parents.” 

While Paul and Karine have both expressed their desire to get their children back, both continue to live their best childless life online. Paul is currently living it up in Brazil, while Karine continues to use her social media accounts to make dance videos and makeup tutorials. Their actions have garnered them a lot of criticism online over the past few months.

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  1. So I don’t get this. They actually terminated parental rights before an entire year had passed since their removal? I have never heard of this. It usually takes much longer unless there is severe abuse (like Turpin level) where there is no possibility they would ever allow reunification. The fact that she is still being allowed to visit them would seem to indicate that there wasn’t such severity present. It also makes no sense if there are family members that would take them in and are safe people. They usually don’t move as fast on TPR when it is a kinship placement because they aren’t trying to move the case to adoption.

  2. Trigger Warning : baby death discussion

    I live in the same city as these two pieces of shit. And let me tell you , it is pretty difficult to lose parental rights to your kids here. A personal example : in 2020 , my nephew was born addicted to drugs. heroin. His twin sister wasn’t born addicted. My nephew was in the picu because of opiod withdrawal. CPS made the decision to send the children home with their parents , who also tested positive , because they “promised” to work a program and get on Suboxone.

    Fast forward to 4 weeks later , my sister in law and baby niece have both passed away. SIL overdosed while holding my niece and fell on top of her. Causing her to suffocate

    CPS didn’t even show up on scene that day. I had a Louisville homicide detective tell me they I should call them over concern for my 4 week old nephews safety because cps would come faster if I called them. As opposed to a homicide detective calling them! The local news plastered my pics and videos of me being told SIL and baby girl were deceased.

    The detectives also said to me that I needed to keep an eye on my brother because he was high as shit and the baby boy wasn’t safe with him. But , without a legal order from a judge or CPS there to remove baby boy, there wasn’t anything they could do about it. ( Gee, I don’t know , maybe take him to jail for child endangerment . Something ? Anything? No? Ok then )

    So I told my very intoxicated brother that the cops said baby boy could come with me or go to foster care and I took him home with me that day. And that is where he has remained for the last 27 months.

    Was my brother ever charged with a crime related to the death of his daughter ? He was present when this happened. He was using too and just as responsible. No. The answer is no. He was not. During the emergency guardianship hearing for my nephew , my brother did plead guilty to wonton endangerment of my nephew. He got no jail time. No probation. And no other charges regarding either baby.

    And guess what ? I have custody of the baby and to this day , my brothers parental rights still have not been terminated by the state of Kentucky. He has since relapsed several more times. Fraudulently claimed the baby on taxes , got the child tax credits the last two years. Received the stimulus money for the baby .and also had a food stamp case with the baby on it. He doesn’t have a visitation order per family court. It is solely my discretion and well, you can figure out my choice.

    But , after all that , his parental rights are still not terminated. So , these two grimy pos parents are not telling even a fraction of the truth . Not even close. No way.

  3. They are dumb pieces of shit that should not have kids or a ticket to the welfare system as these two have found out. Now that cum pet money is being used by the state to house the babbyses elsewhere, they have to go back to pr0n hustling and etc for their oxy/booze money. Boo hoo hoo.

  4. These two were clearly not compatible…and never should have become parents! That woman was a money hungry, self serving, not too nice person>according to filming…He was not motivated to work hard and make money to better their situation…>again, according to filming.

    Those children deserve a stable, reasonably settled and “normal” home…the hut or room or shack was never going to be a great place for anyone to live! Sensationalism was the key to this show…and a lot of it was disgusting…and really poor life choices by greedy people wanting money for their “trash” to be “aired”.

  5. I have been through this myself and the court system is so very unfair and behave as if you are a complete criminal when nothing has happened!!!They only listen to the social worker and don’t give parents a chance the majority of the time, you just get convicted with no opportunity to speak!

  6. Karine, I feel for you, but choosing to marry and stay with Paul was a terribly bad decision. He was a complete baby, literally running away from you before the 2 of you came to the US rather than acting like an adult and talking to you up front about his past. Then he practically drags you with him to the US and refuse ms to get a job. He’s a giant toddler always relying on his mother for everything. I recall him making his mother pay for a huge bag of dog food while being unable to pay for groceries for you and your children. I’m glad you got away from him, and it was a complete “Paul move” to report you to CPS. If you are able to, I would take my children and bid him and the US goodbye. You have good parents and a life you loved before you met him. Even then it seemed as though he was dragging you to the US.

  7. These two idiots should have had adoption agreements before either kid was born. Everyone – including Paul, Karine, and their parents – knew from day 1 in the rainforest that these two shouldn’t be together, much less procreate. I feel terrible for the innocent kids. Such sweet boys, hopefully they’re young enough that a stable home will put them a good track. I can’t imagine what the foster/adoptive parents will go through for the next few years. It’s sad that this whole dumpster fire has been filmed and will continue to be “news.”

  8. I feel the system should work closely with them to gain custody of children. I am a african American and I feel these things happen far to much. I hope with their continued follow-up of positive actions they should be able to have joint custody as long as they are cooperating with the system, so unfair the system can be. I pray for them

    1. What does race have to do with any of this? You are either a competent parent or not. Being a certain race does not give you special privileges. There are laws and requirements for caring for a child. You abide by certain standards or you don’t. Nothing to do with color of your skin.

  9. Paul has torn down Karine’s parenting online. Karine has torn down Paul’s parenting online. Do they not think that a court would take notice of that? Paul is acting like he is shocked Karine lost her housing. He is the one that called attention to the fact that she was getting free housing fraudulently for victims of sex trafficking. In trying to hurt each other online they ended up proving to everyone that they are unfit.

    Neither are stable and fit to raise those precious boys. I truly hope that they are adopted together by a nurturing and loving home. They deserve it.

  10. The system is corrupt but I believe they are train wrecks so there’s probably some evidence that showed they were unfit. But over all the CPS is corrupt and no one talks about it!

  11. If there parental rights were terminated then that means they are severed and the children are eligible to be adopted so has their parental rights been terminated. Is there some sort of right to appeal a parental rights termination order? Otherwise I don’t understand why she is getting to see the children at all.

    1. My adopted sister had bio parents where the rights were terminated but until she was twelve and decided she didn’t want to see them anymore they were allowed a two hour visit once a month at a visitation center. It’s kind of used to transition a child from bio parents to adoptive or foster parents. No matter how bad the parents are it is always traumatic to transition from your birth home to a new family and new parents. But the good news is that if the rights really were terminated these fools aren’t ever getting those boys back. It’s over for them. The boys can be adopted by a decent family now and once they reach the age of choice (usually between 10-13 depending on state) they have the control to cut these monsters out of their lives forever. My sister did. This judge saved those little boys. Too bad she wasn’t the one on the Jenelle Evans case.

    1. Ah, the ‘I will do anything to get my children back’ rants from parents who did not in fact do the bare minimum to keep the children safe and well.
      The judge might make the final decision, but they go off social worker reports and the most probable countless panels in which these turds got chance after chance to sort it out.

  12. Jesus God Leah. I’m sure the case workers point of view would fill in the missing pieces of Paul’s ranting and why Karine can only see the kids an hour per week right now. Also, case workers aren’t voted in lol.

    1. Keep shooting off at the mouth dude, you just prove their point that you and Karini are wack jobs. I am glad you lost your kids you idiot. Thank you Judge for getting this one right.

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