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“Dern that Ryan!”

The Ashley does her best to bring you all the latest news on reality TV shows and their stars. The Roundup can’t cover every reality TV show and event, though, so here’s a listing of some reality TV stories that haven’t been covered by The Ashley this week!

Maci Speaks! Page Six: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Maci Bookout Says She Gave Up On the Idea of Her Ex Ryan Edwards Being a Good Dad Years Ago

New ‘Bachelor’ Alert! Hollywood Life: Zach Shallcross Announced as the Next ‘Bachelor’

Um…?! Starcasm: Bar Smith’s Mother Shen Williams Explains the (Very Strange) Significance of His Full Legal Name 

Split! The Hollywood Gossip: ‘Love Is Blind’ Stars Deepti Vempati & Kyle Abrams Have Broken Up

Mad Mama! The Blast: Nick Cannon’s Fifth Baby Mama, Bri Tiesi, Claps Back at Trolls & Insists Nick’s Not Her “Sugar Daddy” 

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  1. I am seriously not understanding Bre’s outrage towards the person that recommended a night nurse… It was completely appropriate and she said it in a perfectly normal way. It DOES take a village. Also, I am not understanding why she is so outraged towards the “Tell Nick” comment… Yes, he’s the baby’s father LOL that makes him 50% liable to pay at LEAST 50% of the cost for said night nurse. Sounds like A) someone knows she’s an idiot and had a child with some dude that is apparently out to populate the earth and B) Nick is probably long gone physically and financially as he’s out to get MORE women pregnant, after all the fanfare and hoopla of announcing his millionth child for the moment. Defensive much?! Maybe she’s finally seeing she wasn’t “the one” to get him to change. The only one looking disgusting is “your baby daddy” and the only one looking like a clown, is you, Bre. And you KNOW it! That is why you are all bent out of shape! These woman are stupid.

  2. It’s so strange to me that none of the people involved seem to find this situation a bit odd!! People, it’s not normal for a man to get this many women pregnant in such a short period of time nor is it normal for the woman to not seem to think anything of it and just keep having babies with this man! There’s no way he can give his time equally to all of his kids! I don’t think the fan said anything wrong or out of line to her at all..simply made a suggestion. Maybe she wouldn’t be so snippy and tired if she had a baby with a normal man that could help her every day instead of someone with 6494693639 different kids to take care of!

  3. It’s tough being a single mom, that’s why she’s so angry. Poor BT, if only she’d had a crystal ball to know what she was getting into. ?

    1. Nick Cannon obviously has a God complex. He feels it is his mission to populate the world. He took that Kodi Brown “love should be multiplied , not divided ” bs line to heart. These women are gross AF for riding so hard for Nick and his mission too. Blessed be the fruit or whatever.

      Ps Maci, you’re boring and an alcoholic. No one cares . Bye.

  4. When you are not in a committed relationshit with a man and decide to have his 50th kid (this year).. The only person you should be mad at is you.

    And no, sweetie. We dont think he’s a “sugar daddy”… We were just hoping he was a father.

    But good luck and all.

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