Weekend Link-a-Polooza! Other Reality TV News From Around the Web

“Yet you aired scenes about my son pooping in someone’s garage? Make it make sense, MTV!”

The Ashley does her best to bring you all the latest news on reality TV shows and their stars. The Roundup can’t cover every reality TV show and event, though, so here’s a listing of some reality TV stories that haven’t been covered by The Ashley this weekend!

Bummer! The Sun: Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Mackenzie McKee Says MTV Wouldn’t Air Segments About Her Type I Diabetes 

‘Bling’ Baby! Starcasm: ‘Bling Empire’ Star Kelly Mi Li is Pregnant: Watch Her Tell Her Mother the Big News 

WTF? Monsters & Critics: Jenelle Evans Criticized For Allowing Her Daughter Ensley To Cuss Out Her Son Kaiser

Bye Blake! Heavy: Gwen Stefani Reveals Why Her Husband Blake Shelton Is Leaving ‘The Voice’

She’s Outta Here! TMZ: Longtime ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Pro Cheryl Burke Retiring After Dancing on 26 Seasons

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  1. God, the fact Jenelle has spawn and is raising them to use foul language isn’t shocking, but it’s still disgusting. It’s so gross that those kids are probably going to grow up to be just like her and David.

  2. This is a mother who took her son on a road rage trip where she pulled a gun. This is hardly a blip on her radar.

  3. Ensley is repeating what she heard, aka insulting Kaiser so he goes to bed. And Jenelle saying Ensley got in trouble because of that I call bs. She thought she was cute insulting her brother and that’s why she shared the video, otherwise she wouldn’t have done it. Jenelle is the worst mother I’ve ever seen and I feel so sorry for her children. I don’t think they have a chance at life

  4. My heart has ached for Kaiser since his inception when Janelle wasn’t sure if her positive pregnancy test was because of remnants from her abortion with Courtland’s spawn or if it was because of the rush decision to procreate with Nathan. Then a few months later Nathan is on camera questioning if Kaiser should be aborted. Some day Kaiser will see that if he hasn’t already.

    Now he has the golden child of the swamp yelling at him to go to bed when there is still plenty of daylight. I hope he overcomes his upbringing and becomes a contributing member of society but the kid was dealt a lousy hand and all he sees around him is substance abuse, anger and aggression. Kaiser will need a lot of therapy – even if he is in therapy now, how much can it help if nothing changes with his home life with the swamp creatures. Babs isn’t perfect, but she made sure Jace got the help he needed.

      1. Aww, thanks. I feel so bad for some of the kids on this show (especially Janelle’s) and it’s just a minuscule fraction of the kids born into crap situations not of their choosing. I’ve done my tiny part and volunteered as a Big Sister. Those of us raised by halfway decent parents need to be grateful.

    1. I hope Kaiser overcomes his upbringing too but unfortunately with what he has to deal with I don’t see him being any different than they are.

      And as far as Barb and Jace go, I don’t see how getting him hoped up on ADHD meds is getting him the help he needs. He doesn’t go outside and play like a normal child should because hes too dazed from meds to so anything but want tv or play games on his IPad.

      And he’s not in counseling anymore. He was there long enough to know what was wrong then he was prescribed meds and now he doesn’t go.

      I guess since he has Mother Theresa (aka Barbara) she doesn’t think he needs it.

      The only decent mothers who are adamant that their child receive the help they need is Maci and Leah.

      They may not be perfect but NONE of there children seem to want or need for anything.

  5. wish mtv would’ve had that same energy about mackenzie’s diabetes with maci’s pcos

    1. Except she has been known to be disregard-less of her disease a ton of times. Not a person managing her disease properly

      1. Mackenzie’s condition is way more serious than macis. You try being a diabetic and see how perfect it turns out for you. It’s constant everyday

      2. Exactly, getting pregnant a third time when you almost died the first two because of the diabetes was irresponsible (not to mention selfish).

        I understand that “accidents happen” but there are precautions she could have taken.

        She needed to take Gannon and Jaxie into consideration. What would have happened if she had died the third time? They NEED a mom AND a dad!!

      3. While it is true that she wasn’t managing her diabetes well at times it’s also very common. It’s hard disease to control, it’s one of those things that’s a lot easier said than done. I think mtv could have definitely used that storyline more.

        Several people in my family have it and I didn’t think it was that terrible until I got gestational diabetes. I only knew about it for 3-4 months but it was awful and so much worse than I thought it would be. I can’t imagine how it is to live with it your whole life, but given my history there’s a 99% chance I will get it later in life and I am not looking forward to that.

  6. Letting Ensley talk like that to Kaiser. It’s just another way to abuse him. Kaiser has no one. Nathan allows them to abuse Kaiser. If you can kill A small helpless dog. You don’t deserve to see day light. If you’re a mother who lets someone abuse your child. You deserve even worse punishment than him,

  7. That little girl yelled “asshole” not “a-hole” no matter what her mother claims. And the person who commented that she was repeating what she’s heard is dead on. Children don’t come out of the womb knowing phrases like that. And if she’s “hearing worse at school” you need to talk to someone because that is not normal behavior for her age group. That’s an upper elementary school habit that’s common on the playground. Ensly is five. Kid’s that young are still HEAVILY watched during free play and would have minimal time to teach each other to curse. Good try, Janelle! Just more proof you are still mistreating Kaiser. Poor child. Now you are encouraging his siblings to bully him too. There is a special place in hell for his parents and step-monster.

    1. Well, Barb isn’t much better when it comes to letting a child say what they want because she sat by and let Jace say “mom and David are pieces of shit”.

      Not saying he was wrong in WHAT he said but it baffled me that she would sit by and let a 10 year old say that without a reprimand for saying that word or anything.

      I lost ALL respect for that woman right then and there. She could have let him express himself without cursing at that age. But because he’d heard that (and worse) from her he just let it rip and she LET HIM!!

      That whole family is worthless in my opinion.

      1. Huh? When Jace said that, she looked shocked and said “what did you say?!” When he repeated it, she still looked stunned and then the clip ended. We have no idea whether she reprimanded him unless you have access to footage the rest of us don’t.

        1. She should have immediately after making sure she heard him correctly told him “dont talk like that” or “don’t say that word” but because she has said that (and worse) she was okay with it.

          She had to have known that when she didn’t reprimand him IMMEDIATELY then that would make people turn on her.

          And let’s face it, the apple don’t fall far from the tree. Barb is the parent that was around so obviously Janelle is how she is because of her.

          So like I said, that whole family (aside from Jace, Kaiser and even Maryssa) is WORTHLESS!!!

          1. “She had to have known that when she didn’t reprimand him IMMEDIATELY then that would make people turn on her.”

            Lol you mean you turned on her. No one else did, at least not based on that clip.

          2. Yeah I turned against her (she had my unmost respect until that very moment).

            And how do you know nobody else did based on that clip and for MANY other reasons?

            Including the fact that ALL HER children are worthless!!

            Granted Jenelle is the worst of the 3, but her sister Ashley has three kids (and custody of 0), last I heard they lived with their fathers.

            And her brother Colin is living with Barbara with NO job and Barb has custody of his son Gabe.

            Everybody is on Jenelle for her worthlessness but nobody sees the worthlessness in the person that bored her and raised her to be what she is. Not to mention her worthless siblings as well

      2. What Jace said was, and is still to this day, true, came from his own mouth and point of view-he is entitled to feel that way about them. I’m glad she let him say it, trying to stifle how he feels is definitely not going to help him any. Weren’t you just rambling on in another post about how she doesn’t take him to get help? Maybe being able to express how he’s feeling is something he learned WHILE getting help (it is btw, I know for a fact that the kind of therapy he gets puts great focus on expressing one’s self better). I would let him say it too. In fact, I have let my children say that, and worse, about their bio parents (as does their therapist, btw), because it IS in fact, cathartic/therapeutic. It helps them deal with the shitty hand those morons dealt them at birth. They don’t go around curing up a storm, treating others badly/calling them names, or generally being bad at all. But in this kind of context, yep, they’re allowed to be angry, allowed to express that anger verbally and allowed to use whatever language they want to do it.

        What Jenelle and Captain Caveman make Ensley say directly to Kaiser, is not, nor has it ever been anything more than straight up verbal abuse. She is mimicking what she sees and hears, because the two people in her life that should be teaching her how to be a good human being are, themselves, terrible human beings. There is a massive difference between both instances and I’m sure you’re actually smart enough to see that, you just like arguing.

          1. My goodness, lol. You fly off the handle so very easily and that isn’t healthy, for anyone. That level of anger is likely to lead to all sorts of health problems, and no one here wants that for you. People have been telling you, for quite a while, to calm down and think before you post, but you never do. Your anger is going to eat away at you and regardless of how wrong I may think you are at times, I don’t think even you deserve to experience whatever horrible side effects that eventually has on your life-it clearly already has to some degree.

            Please reconsider finding someone, not grief counseling, but go find someone you can talk to in order to get some of that anger back into check. Therapy really isn’t what you think it is. ALL adults need some kind of outlet, hell all people do. Man, life’s not easy, it’s rough…none of us are getting out alive. There is nothing at all wrong with admitting we need assistance figuring out our best coping mechanisms, so we can be our best selves! You’re not yet your best you, and you owe it to yourself to get there!

            Even if you don’t, I still hope you have an awesome day and hope eventually you figure out how to be a happier person, in all facets of life.

        1. I said that WHAT Jace said was right, I just don’t agree with HOW he worded it, especially at 10 years old. I feel like he could have chosen his words a little more wisely. A CHILD shouldn’t have to be bleeped, he could have expressed himself without cursing, such as saying “Mom and David are pieces of crap”, and as a supposed “loving” grandmother shouldn’t she promote his having cleaner language (at least on camera) because it’s only making her look worse in my eyes. She’s promoting behavior that is gonna make him no better than Jenelle.

          That’s where it all starts, first she’s letting him use whatever language he wants, then he’ll be ripping and running and getting AT LEAST one chick pregnant and not wanting to take care of it/them because he’d rather go put and party.

          She keeps saying that Jace is better off with her but she’s NO BETTER in the behavior department than Jenelle is (he’s gonna pick up unfortunate behavior no matter where he is).

          I have a really strong feeling she (along with Deb) got picked up by Girls Night In because money is running out and they want to reap the benefits again.

          1. Again, being able to express themselves, verbally, is a technique that is well practiced (and has plenty of research to back up its efficacy) in therapy on a daily basis. Whether or not you like the word he chose is irrelevant. Whether or not anyone likes the word he chose is irrelevant, really.

            It’s pretty damn offensive of you to jump to such odd conclusions about where children who occasionally curse are going to end up as people. You clearly don’t understand children, or being a parent, or really much of anything (it’s pretty evident in all your rantings). Then again, considering a lot of the things you’ve said in your comments on this site, maybe your parents did a really shitty job with you and you have some deep-seeded issues related to it-and that’s the angle you’re coming from. Even if not, I hardly think you’re the best judge here, since you’re literally ignoring everything I said and going off on weird assumptions.

            You might want to look into therapy for yourself, some of your tangents you get off on are indicative that you’ve got some issues you need to work through. That’s not an insult, btw, therapy is helpful and healthy for ALL people.

          2. So because something didn’t work for you, it can’t work for anyone? You seem like the kind of person who it wouldn’t work for anyway, because you can’t admit when you’re wrong, at all. That’s part of counseling and therapy, realizing your own place, faults, and issues surrounding whatever is or has negatively affected you in life. For children, especially those in this kind of position (horrible bio parents) it is ESSENTIAL. I don’t believe you gave it a real try if you still think it was shit. I do hope eventually you realize that you probably do need it though, that need seems to grow with every post you make on this site. You’ve definitely not dealt with whatever demons are in your life and it skews your view on everything. You’ve very negative person, all the time, never anything positive, and that’s not healthy for anyone. (and that’s also not an insult, just an observation)

            You did in fact ignore everything I said, because I specifically mentioned how using a curse word, or words, can actually be used as a therapeutic method for dealing with a child’s station in life. Again, I do not reprimand my children when they curse about their bio-parents. Is that the START of them being horrible people? No, it’s not. It’s me allowing them to use the methods of self expression that they have learned are HEALTHY for them while they deal with the hands they were given at birth. If my child wants to call his or her bio mom a bitch, because that’s how they feel at that moment, they are more than welcome to do so. They don’t go around knocking up girls, acting like little thugs, or misbehaving. It’s is merely a verbal expression, and it is also only a word. They are not taboo words in our household, so they’re not said for simple shock value (which perhaps is where you’re so hung up on it..it’s a taboo word to you, you should get over that belief)

            You are so focused on your belief that Jace needs to be admonished, on camera, for expressing himself, that you’re ignoring the possible benefits of allowing him to do so (which I’ve explained, and you’ve ignored, multiple times). You also don’t know that he wasn’t admonished, off camera, because not everything needs to be put out there for the world to see. Why do you want to see a child punished so badly? Why are you so hung up on this?

          3. Again, HOW he said it is also perfectly okay, and a coping mechanism taught to children in his kind of position. I don’t know how many more ways that can be said. That is the part you’re ignoring, it is a taught behavior for numerous children, and adults, the world over, every single day. You don’t have to like that kind of language being used by a child to know that, sometimes, it IS necessary. Children with the amount of built up stress, anxiety and mental health issues that come with having a parent like Jenelle are not only *allowed* but also *encouraged* to use such words in self expression. This is how I know you don’t actually know what it’s like to be a parent of a child who struggles with any kind of mental health issues, anxiety, stress, depression, especially children that come from a horrible start to life. You just don’t get it, and I don’t know if you just can’t, or you’re just too stubborn to really read anything people say.

            Not every parent believes in beating their children, nor is everything children do that we don’t like worth being admonished (verbally or physically), especially on camera. You are really hung up on this belief that she should have done something to him, about the word shit, on camera, and it’s creeping me out at this point. NO ONE should be encouraging ANYONE to publicly admonish their children, most definitely not in the way you seem to think. Being beat for it, is horrible, you had very shitty parents if either of them ever thought that about you! No child deserves to be spanked, beat, or publicly humiliated in any manner, regardless of what they do or say. No sane adult would ever make such a suggestion. So I will go back to my…get yourself in therapy, ASAP, because that’s not a normal thought process, at all. You actually WANT him humiliated by being admonished, even verbally, in a place where *YOU* can see it, so absolutely wrong in every way possible! I am not sure how you can’t see that in your own words, maybe someone else will be better at pointing it out to you than I am, but that’s really not normal, at all and a red flag that you’ve got some issues you need to work through.

            I encourage anyone to get help for any issues they need, it helps, it works, if YOU put in the work and sometimes that’s the only way people will ever realize they had issues to begin with (because they’re not always obvious to us).

          4. Anyone that thinks beating children into submission is okay, is not right in the head. I don’t care what generation you came from, you had shitty parents, plain and simple.

            It’s very clear why therapy didn’t work for you. I hope someday you get you fix that and get your head on right. It’s not normal for ANY human being, especially a grown adult, to desire a child to be beaten into “respecting others”-that’s really just not an okay mindset. You can teach respect without ever laying your hands on a child. If YOU can’t, then YOU are what’s wrong with this world.

            Maybe you ought to take your own advice and choose your words better, lest they reflect the sad state of your mind right now. Remember, you’re the one who has, repeatedly, for everyone here to see, said you wanted her to punish him, right there on camera for the world to see. YOU wanted him humiliated. YOU equate being beat to somehow developing a sense of respect for others. None of those things are normal, not by a long shot.

            I truly hope you do not have children, because I would honestly fear for their safety. But I do hope, someday, when you do finally get actual help, you can look back on your opinions now and see just how off kilter they really were. Then, perhaps, if you desire, you can have a family and you’ll understand things better. Right now, you’re definitely not in a sane frame of mind, so much focus on harming children, both verbally and physically, it’s disturbing as hell. It definitely paints a very terrible picture of you, and your upbringing. You didn’t deserve that as a child any more than any child today deserves it. I hope someday you actually understand you were abused and not just “punished”. At least now we can understand a bit better why you have such an abrasive approach to literally everything on here, you had a horrid childhood. I’m very sorry your parents weren’t better towards you and didn’t give you a better start to life, truly. You deserved better than that…we all do.

          5. I am nowhere near California, and quite far from being a liberal, lol, but thank you for making my point for me. Good parents don’t need to lay their hands on their children to teach them and raise them properly. Being “spanked” for using a WORD, is abuse. You can justify it all you want, it won’t change the truth. Just look at the way you talk to people on here, you put so much emphasis on swearing now, even as an adult, you can’t seem to make any points without it because you use them for shock value. You were raised to believe they have shock value. Good parents know how to remove that taboo and put more focus on why a child feels that way, rather than the words they use to describe it. As an adult, you still can’t cope without using taboo for emphasis, unsuccessfully (you do it in most posts here). All that tells us is that while you may love your parents, at least your mom, very much, they did a terrible job giving you the tools you needed to be a productive adult. It’s okay to admit they aren’t perfect, no human being is or even can be. We all make mistakes, we all eventually learn from them. It’s okay to admit that hitting a child isn’t the right way to go about things. Spankings ARE being hit, you are being struck, that IS hitting. Hitting children to get them to comply is abuse. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are the most terrible parents in the world, but it certainly doesn’t help teach coping mechanisms, nor does it help to create good human beings. Look at just how mad you got at a perfect stranger….

            Your anger isn’t healthy and the fact you focused almost all your posts around a child deserving humiliation and punishment in a place where *you* can see it (your words, not mine) so you’ll feel satisfied that she did it right, is very telling…and also, very scary.

            I hope you have a fantastic day, and I do, truly, hope someday you find someone, something, anything, that can help you straighten out your frame of mind. You deserve to be a happier more productive human being, everyone does.