Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Call Out Their Biological Daughter’s Parents Brandon & Teresa For “Refusing to Make Time” for Annual Visit; Tyler Denies His Actions Played a Part in the Decision

“What’s the deal, BrandonAndTeresa?”

Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra sounded off on social media this week after learning they would not get their annual visit with their soon-to-be 15-year-old biological daughter, Carly. 

As fans know, Cate and Tyler placed Carly for adoption immediately after her birth in 2009 and over the years, the couple have maintained a relationship– albeit estranged at times– with Carly and her parents Brandon and Teresa Davis. 

“Do you really have to ask why?”

Cate and Tyler have also publicly discussed the highs and lows of their adoption experience over the last 15 years, often to the dismay of Carly’s parents, who have asked the reality TV stars not to post about them or Carly on social media.

On Friday, Cate spoke to one of those “lows” after revealing her and Tyler’s annual visit with Carly wouldn’t be happening this year. She expressed her frustration and confusion over Carly’s parents not making time for her and Tyler to see Carly.

“Adoption is wild… Being at the mercy of someone that can say no.. (I know I chose this no need to tell me!)” Catelynn wrote on Instagram Stories. “I just will never understand how you say that you ‘love’ us and will always be ‘blessed’ for us.. BUT you can’t take TWO days out of your entire year to just meet up for dinner and do a park or something small? Especially when we said we would travel to YALL?!”


“I know for me.. the people I LOVE and are blessed to have, I MAKE time for!” she continued. “So now we most likely won’t see her until she’s 16… and who knows if that will even happen… Sorry I had to vent because I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that you ‘love’ and ‘care’ about us but refuse to make time… .” 

After revealing the news, Cate posted a quote to her Instagram Story that mentioned the “heartache” that often comes with adoption. 

“‘Adoption is a beautiful thing,’” the quote read. “Oh how I often hear those words and it makes me cringe… Yes, adoption is a beautiful story. But that phrase brushes aside the heartache, the pain, and the loss that so often comes along with it.” 

After Cate revealed that her and Tyler’s annual visit with Carly wouldn’t be happening this year, some fans began speculating online the reasons why Brandon and Teresa made the decision, with some assuming Tyler’s OnlyFans side hustle–- which Cate runs on her husband’s behalf–- may have played a part in Carly’s parents noping the hell out of this year’s meetup. 

This certainly didn’t help things…

Other theorized that it was comments Tyler made online about Brandon and Teresa earlier this year that made Carly’s parents decide to forgo their visit with the Baltierras.

As The Ashley previously told you, Tyler received backlash from fans in February after dropping a fresh crop of man-meat modeling pics on OnlyFans, with several people warning Tyler that Brandon and Teresa wouldn’t approve of the content. In response, Tyler said he couldn’t get the approval of Carly’s parents even before he started showing off his Batman-tattooed body online. 

“What are you going to do in 10 years when the MTV money is gone and no one gives a damn about your [OnlyFans]?” one person asked Tyler in a tweet. “Oh, and how do you expect Brandon and Teresa to respond to this? They don’t want to be associated with this nonsense!”

“IDK, I’ll prolly just move back into a trailer park where I belong,” Tyler responded. “And as far as B&T go, I couldn’t please them or get their approval if I was damn Mother Teresa herself lol. Besides, I refuse to live my life trying to live up to anyone’s expectations besides my own!” 

On Friday, Tyler took to his Instagram Stories  to address the “comments, opinions and theories” fans had on why Brandon and Teresa made the decision to not arrange a meetup this year. In his statement, Tyler noted that, while annual visits with Carly were something they had “mutually agreed upon,” Brandon and Teresa have chosen not to follow through with them “MULTIPLE times.” 


“This is nothing new or foreign to our story,” he said, adding that Carly’s parents’ decision was not made due to anything he or Catelynn did.

“There’s nothing we have done in our personal lives that has influenced this decision,” he claimed, admitting that not getting to visit Carly has been “disappointing” and “hurtful.”

However, he recognized that Brandon and Teresa are Carly’s parents and “the only ones who have the authority to make these decisions.” 

Tyler went on to say that he and Cate have to “trust” that Carly’s parents are making decisions that are in the best interest of Carly.

“That is the honor, privilege and gift we chose to give them when we decided that they would raise her and be her parents,” Tyler wrote, before going on to express the pain that comes with placing a child for adoption. 

“Hmmm…maybe we don’t need to mention that?”

“ … Most will never know what it’s like to grow, nurture, love & carry such a beautiful perfect innocence like your own baby…only to painfully relinquish that natural bond to another to do what you know you can’t for the sake of your baby,” he wrote. “It’s a pain that’s equal to death & I don’t wish it upon my worst enemy. At least with death, there’s a tragic finality to it…tragic yes, but it’s final. 

“ … grieving your own child while they are still [alive] is truly an unexplainable pain in so many ways, I won’t even attempt to put it into words,” he continued. “So with that pain, inevitably comes emotional reactions & expressions.”

He then asked fans to show Catelynn some grace and not judge her for showing her frustration with the adoption.

“My wife fights this pain every day,” Tyler wrote. “Some days are a victory & some days are not. But her expressing that pain on those particular days when she’s vulnerable, sad & at a loss, should not be used as an attack against her character.” 

Tyler added that while “assumptions, criticism and judgments” come with being in the spotlight, he and Cate are “still human beings at the end of the day.” 

“This whole thing is hard for everyone involved,” he concluded. “We’re only human after all & I believe we could all use some more grace and understanding towards one another!” 

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  1. Its sad that Catelynn was taken advantage of by the adoption agency, they really didn’t know what they were signing. Dawn is and was a predator.

    But at the same time, its been 14 years, I don’t think B&T thought that C&T would still be together, they would have had 3 more children, who are biological 100% Carly’s siblings. How famous C&T would be, what would happen to Butch and April.

    Carly is 14 now, I can’t imagine one planning such a trip, plus the emotional toll it takes on Carly, seeing her 3 full siblings being raised by her bio parents, the hormonal imbalance of a 14 year old girl.

    Carly probably has summer camp and activities, the few weeks she’s free, I highly doubt B&T want to spend their vacation driving to meet up with C&T for the really a hard sad event. This isn’t like going to Disneyland. And B&T are the ones who have to deal with the fall out. I think they also have another child they adopted too, and they would also have to do both then.

    I really feel more for Cate than Tyler, she has really tried to work with them, where Tyler is purposefully trying to push their buttons.

    I don’t think C&T need to or should live their life based on what B&T want, but they should also stop wallowing in this. Get some therapy, hope that maybe next year you can see her. And if Carly wants at 18, she can always reach out.

  2. These two need to just stop. B&T are likely doing what is best for Carly and she likely has a say. Look at what they’re doing on OF and how they behave on social media. Even on the show recently Ty threatened to divorce Cate. Their behavior is just terrible, they can’t seem to grow up and actually think about Carly or their other kids. I’m sure Carly would love to see her siblings but not so much her parents who gave her up who still can’t get their lives in order.

  3. How well do C&T really know Carly? Do they know her favorite activities and subjects in school? The names of her closest friends? Favorite songs? Doubtful. They have built Carly up in their heads, but they don’t really know her. Maybe Carly wants a relationship with the non-Carly’s. Or maybe it’s hard for her to be around them. Hopefully B’nT have given her a wonderful life, free from the reality TV spotlight, dysfunctional grandparents and I doubt Brandon does OF for extra cash.

    I don’t doubt giving up a baby is a gut wrenching decision. Who didn’t shed a tear when Tyler handed tiny Carly off to Theresa in the hospital parking lot. But two kids with difficult upbringings made the right decision at the time. They’re not the brightest bulbs and probably haven’t stopped to think that if TM didn’t happen, raising Carly would have been very difficult. Cate could not have raised her in April’s home. They probably would have moved in with Kim, but what if C&T didn’t last? And look at how crappy of a person and mom Tyler’s sister is. Her parade of criminal loser men would have been around Carly. Dawn was probably not upfront enough about the openness of the adoption, so shame on her. Point the finger at Dawn, not B’nT who want their daughter out of the spotlight.

    1. Yup! She’s 15! Of course she has a say in this…she barely knows them, idk what they are whining about.

  4. I feel for them BUT come on. Tyler, look at what you are doing for “work.” Carly’s parents job is to protect her.

  5. These two are absolutely disgusting and it’s so difficult to feel any sympathy for them. Yes, I can only imagine how difficult and heartbreaking it is to give up a while, however, C&T have zero respect for Carly and her parents. They assume they’re owed something. They’re not. They have never respected B&T’s wishes to stop talking about them, and they post pictures too, even though her face isn’t shown, it’s not much better. They’re not her parents. I hope Carly goes into witness protection when she turns 18 and never has to see those two fools again.

  6. I’m sure that 15 year old Carly is not humiliated AT ALL by the fact that Cate and Tyler air all their issues + Tyler’s junk all over the internet and on Teen Mom on a regular basis. I’m sure she’s dying to see them *eye roll*

    1. Although I had good adopted parents they didn’t want me to know I was adopted & I found out in my 30’s. I found my bio family & it stung a little knowing I was the second born out of 6 kids/girls. 2 passed away as infants. Why was I the one given up for adoption?

  7. I understand adoption is necessary sometimes and best for the child but in this situation it just seems predatory. C&T obviously wanted Carly but we’re worried about the kind of life they could provide because of their own parents deficits. Also, B&T led them to believe that it would be a semi open adoption. Idk just something about two wealthy adults lying to teenagers about the amount of contact they would have with their baby in order to adopt said baby is really messed up. I do not agree with the way B&T have handled this at all. At the end of the day Carly does have 3 full biological sisters and they are also keeping her from having a relationship with them. They are also denying a visit with Carly and her sisters. The children are innocent in this and the adult’s behavior is disgusting.

    1. Maybe if C&T led semi-normal lives, that might be true. But, these two air all their dirty laundry in a very public way and seem to have no boundaries. You don’t get to do whatever you want and then be surprised when people distance themselves from you.

    2. There is nothing at all predatory about anything Brandon and Theresa have done.

      Adoption is an emotional rollercoaster you are on, for life, no matter which side you’re on. That’s the reality of adoption and something that not everyone is really (or will ever be) prepared to handle. Catelynn and Tyler were not, are not and will never be really prepared for what their end of this entails. It’s a sad reality, but it is reality, for them. They behave more like people who are just letting someone ese borrow a kid for a bit.

      Open adoptions are nearly always far more complicated, even if there are a massive amount of restrictions within those contracts. This is why it is the worst choice most people can make, both those giving a child up and those taking a child on.

      It is beyond hard and should honestly nearly never be a first choice (again, because it’s such a difficult thing that MOST people can’t handle it). Of all the things that were made clear in the beginning, this is one of them. Catelynn and Tyler KNEW that any amount of openness would come with serious stipulations and requirements. They have failed to follow them year after year, can’t even comply with some basic common sense and courtesy behaviors. They have only themselves to blame that things are not as open as they want.

      I have had children with parents like these two. They are hell on earth to deal with. Eventually, in every single case, new stipulations have to be made that are in the best interest of the child which involve cutting any and all contact until or unless the child turns 18 and decides to change them. It sounds mean, it sounds cruel, and no one who isn’t right there in the shit of it will ever understand why it has to be done. You might think you do, but you don’t. Your post is a perfect example of someone who just doesn’t get it. You are blaming her parents for putting HER first instead of putting two grown adults who can’t even offer Carly some common courtesy. They are the reason, and the only reason, Carly cannot see her sisters. Arrangements can and could be made, as long as those two don’t need to be involved. If they gave a shit about Carly, they’d opt for that, but they refuse. It’s on them, full stop. THEY won’t let the girls visit Carly without them. 100% selfish!

  8. I cannot imagine the pain that comes from regretting giving your baby up for adoption. I believe Tyler when he describes it as comparable to death.


    They have been disrespectful for YEARS. I also cannot imagine jeopardizing time with my biological child and then acting like the victim over and over and over.

  9. The situation is unfortunate. However, it’s B&T responsibility to protect Carly. C&T used to be respectful and understanding but the longer they’ve all been in this situation together the more tension has occurred and the two families have grown apart. I️ can imagine that’s incredibly hard for C&T but this is the life they chose. Unfortunately when you give your kid up for adoption you are at the mercy of that kid’s legal guardians. And when you disrespect the legal guardians, have trouble getting along with them, do inappropriate things for the world to see, post about them and their teenage daughter on social media, and are late to visits (anyone remember the scrapbook fiasco?), you become less desirable for the legal guardians to deal with. Also, maybe it’s difficult for Carly to see C&T with their 3 children. I️ mean imagine having to see your birth parents that put you up for adoption having a family without you, raising your 3 biological siblings, and seemingly thriving. A teenage girl may have a hard time grasping the concept that they were doing it to give her a better life.

  10. Carly probably doesn’t want to see them. And like good parents, B & T are taking the fall for the decision on behalf of their daughter so she doesn’t have to be put in a bad position with her birth parents.

    Let’s not forget the time C & T were late to their meeting with Carly. Thank God she has B & T to give her a stable, happy life. The other children don’t have much of a chance with a mom who would rather run off to retreats to ride horses & a dad who shows his schlong on the internet. In Jesus name we pray.

  11. Did it ever occur to them that maybe it’s Carly that doesn’t want the visit this year. These two have always come off entitled and they’re going to have a rude awakening when MTV paycheck ends.

    1. Honestly this was my first thought. Idk what Catelynn and Tyler’s relationship with Carly is like but maybe it’s HER who doesn’t wanna see them and Brandon and Theresa are just taking the fall for her. Carly probably barely knows C&T, I mean she only sees or has contact with them once a year, right? Plus with the fact that C&T tend to bring their parents and families along on the yearly visits could make things even more uncomfortable for Carly. C&T should think about these possibilities before immediately going on the attack against B&T. It seems the four of them just need to have an honest conversation about why the annual visits aren’t happening and what can be done to ensure they get those visits

  12. I know it’s not the popular opinion, but I’m on Catelynn and Tyler’s side. They were pushed into this as young teens by Brandon and Teresa and the terrible “counselor” Dawn. I don’t believe they fully understood what they were doing. They had no decent adults in their life to help guide them. It should be illegal for teens to make such a big decision without having someone appointed to be on their side and help guide them and make sure they understand what is actually going to happen in the short and long term. They were under the impression that the adoption would actually be open, which it hasn’t been.

    1. Is that on B&T or Dawn? I agree with what you’re saying but they have gotten more and more disrespectful over the years and it’s only hurting Carly and themselves. They are no longer teens and need to be held accountable for their stupid choices they’ve made SINCE the adoption and maybe realize that THEY are the reason the visits have dwindled.

      1. I honestly think all three preyed on teenage children to get what they wanted. I do think Dawn is worse because she had a professional obligation, but I believe Brandon and Teresa were so desperate for a child they were willing to say anything at the time to make it happen.

    2. Dawn is a predator, plain and simple. Brandon and Theresa had nothing at all to do with that part though. They were clear from day one about what they wanted, what they expected, what they wanted to offer Catelynn and Tyler and have never waivered.

      They have asked some very basic things of these two who are no longer teens and quite capable of behaving like normal adults if they want to. If Catelynn and Tyler cannot respect Carly enough to follow some very basic common sense, common courtesy things that help protect them, they shouldn’t have any contact with her at all. They are choosing to make HER life difficult, and that’s on them. The consequences of their action rest solely in their own hands and they are doubling down on a really bad hand.

      They knew, and have always known, exactly how open things would be. Yes Dawn did act predatory in ways I think should be criminal, but the paperwork, the contracts, the discussions, the phone calls, the emails, every other bit of contact that they have all had with Catelynn and Tyler has been very clear. They just don’t like the current outcome. I don’t blame them, they are on a hellish rollercoaster they will be on for life, but this IS what they chose. They choose to not comply, which means they choose what happens now too.

      They aren’t children anymore, that whole “they were teens, they didn’t understand” hasn’t applied in years. Brandon and Theresa have been way more understanding of their circumstances than they ever should’ve been, to be honest. MOST adoptive parents would’ve cut contact completely by now. I’ve had to do this with bio-parents too, and it’s not something anyone goes into lightly. But, in a case like this, where two entitled POS people continue putting a child’s right to be respected on the backburner because of their own selfish desires….yep, contact cut. Follow the rules you all agreed on, and things would be better, continue to break them for years on end, don’t be surprised when it bites you in the ass.

      1. Why do you believe Dawn’s actions were “predatory”? Genuinely asking.

        To me, it has always seemed like she went above and beyond her general job description to help Catelyn especially to deal with the emotional challenges of adoption. It seems doubtful to me that a predatory adoption counselor would continue to accompany C&T on visits or even counsel with them at this point. But again, I’m asking in sincere curiosity as I am unfamiliar with the practices and particulars of the adoption industry.

        Respectfully, I do disagree with comments made that oppose teenagers making the decision to place a child for adoption. Without that option, we would have even more teens raising babies because more states are banning abortion. Adoption isn’t a perfect, or easy, solution but it seems doubtful to me that it is a worse choice than having children raising children in poverty.

        1. I think she failed to really prepare them, and even their families (shitty as they are, it’s often important to at least give them the information, whether or not they listen) for what was going to happen. I do think she saw two teens who had shitty home lives, no real parents to speak of, no adult mentors or people helping to guide them and no real foundation to make this decision on. I DO think it was the best decision, for Carly, but also for them (I just care more about Carly here, tbh, it’s in my nature to do so).

          I think Dawn saw an easy target, and she went for it. I think they likely would have come to this decision anyway, but as teens they needed a bit more prep work and she failed to provide it.

          I deal with adoptions, people who give their children up for adoption, agencies, organizations and individuals constantly. Adoption is always a difficult process, even when it seems smooth, it’s really not. It’s emotionally and psychologically ramped up and will always be that way. I DO think it’s the bets option for a lot of people, especially teens and young adults who are ill-prepared to even take care of themselves (note I am not saying teens and young adults cannot be good parents, they can). Poverty has very little to do with it, most of the time, even though it seems that it would be an obvious reason. Children are raised in poverty (sadly) every single day, in millions of families, all over the US (billions the world over).

          Adoption is rarely ever the worst choice. The instances where it is not has more to do with the adoptive parents than most other aspects. Although many will often express regret over giving a child up for adoption, in 9 cases out of 10, it was the best choice. It’s human to feel that regret, despite this fact.

          Bad agents only serve to make things worse and Dawn is absolutely a bad agent, plain and simple. She’s not good at her job and definitely not a good person. She did some things right, but did many very, very wrong. I’ve had dealings with people like that before, it rarely ends well.

    3. They had an adoption counselor every step of the way. They didn’t make this decision “on their own” They knew what they were doing when they got pregnant, so they should know enough to deal with the consequences. These two are so trashy and selfish, that they shouldn’t even be allowed to see Carly if she no longer wants too. Can you imagine how embarrassing it must be for Carly to have Tyler, who is showing his junk on only fans, as your biological father? And Catelynn, who looks like a trashy, truck driver and acts like a deranged fool on television for all to see, as your biological mother? Remember how they acted on that ridiculous special they did where all of the teen mom couples went on “vacation” and and moaned and lap-humped on tv? You think a fifteen year old wants anyone to associate those two with her?

  13. It couldn’t be because of their disgusting grinding on the reunion, could it? No, probably has nothing to do with it…..

  14. B&T owe you two nothing, Annual Visits are a privilage and not a right.

    You are not role models for any of the kids you had, carly is B&T’s daughter not yours, you have zero rights.

    If i were carlys parents, the open adoption, would be permantly closed, and after 18 it would be up to carly if she wants to make contact.

    I think B&T have been very accomodating thus far, many times C&T have messed up regarding respect for carly, B&T.

    You two have accomplished nothing you said you were going to do.

    1. Just like Adoption is a privilege, not a right…
      They would not have Carly if it wasn’t for C&T. If Brandon and Teresa are doing their job as parents, then Carly wouldn’t know about what these two do on their personal time. There are 365 days in a year and C&T gave them their own child. Their first child. It was clearly devastating for them, and we saw a lot of the mental health issues it caused both of them. IDK- I personally think B&T should carve out a day or two so that they can go somewhere private and have the visit they likely agreed to, before Carly was born. I just think the whole attitude of “I’ll tell you what you want to hear, so I get what I want” attitude is disgusting and wrong. With that said- if they are saying this because Carly does not want to see them, that is a different story.

      1. Adoption is a legally binding contract, so therefore B&T DO have rights. Their contract also said open for the first 5 years. These extra 10 are a privilege for C&T. Carly is almost 15 and I’m sure has access to the Internet and a television. There is only so much shielding that B&T can actually do for her at this point. I watched MTV at 15. A lot. I’m willing to bet it’s Carly that does not want to see them and B&T are taking the fall for it.

  15. Yea. Trash talk your daughters parents. That will work out great for you. While.youre at it, humiliate her with your OnlyFans. You’re doing this to yourself. They owe you nothing.

  16. In 3 years Carly will be 18 and can do whatever she wants. I know multiple cases where the child has run back to their natural parents when they’re legally able to do so, and resumed a much better relationship. (Of course then the adopted parents are mad they paid all the bills for nothing.)

    1. And I know of multiple adoptees (two of whom are related to me) who searched for their birth parents and were wildly disappointed with what they found and profoundly grateful for what they have.

    2. I don’t know a ton of people who were adopted as babies, but all of them have a much deeper love and respect for the parents that raised them. I can’t speak for everyone, but the ones I know are pretty unanimously in favor of the adoptive parents.

  17. Dawn should have given them grief counseling. They aren’t wrong when they said adoption is like death but without the finality.

  18. C&T have become gross and unlikeable. They seemed like sweet kids in the beginning. Carly has B’nT to give her cover from the ridiculousness of these two, especially with the OF. The Non-Carly’s are stuck with them and they will absolutely get picked on by kids at school because Tyler parades around on OF instead of getting a job or at least learning a skill while the TM money train keeps rolling.

    If not for the financial comfort afforded by the show, they probably would not have regretted giving Carly up since they would have struggled in young adulthood. Tyler might have landed on his feet if he went into the Air Force which he was considering. He’d probably have more direction in his life.

  19. It wouldn’t surprise me one teensy little bit if Carly is driving this not wanting to see Cate & Tyler.

    B&T probably realize Cate & Tyler would turn on Carly & guilt trip her if they knew Carly didn’t want to fool with em. B&T likely taking the heat for Carly- like true parents would do in this situation.

    1. 100% this! This is exactly what I think every time I see them blaming B+T for not seeing Carly. She is a teenage girl with difficult life circumstances and Cate and Ty of all people should be understanding and give her grace not run to Instagram to “vent”.

      1. Tyler and Catelynns pain and grief over the adoption and their immaturity and entitlement are not B&Ts concern.

  20. Shame on Carley’s ‘adopted parents’. They clearly signed up to get Carley, knew that they were on 16 and Pregnant. They took advantage of two teens in a horrible situation. At that time, they clearly agreed to an open adoption and agreed to be on the show. They are doing Carley a horrible disservice by not honoring their agreement. Shame on them. I hope that Carley will seek her real parents out.

    1. You have no idea what Carly wants and if she wants any kind of relationship with C&T.

    2. But 16 & Pregnant was a one time deal that no one would really remember now if hadn’t turned into Teen Mom. No one knew Teen Mom and thus Catelynn and Tyler regularily showing their asses on national television was coming. And most of the time they’ve lost visits it’s because they refuse to respect B&T’s wishes regarding discussing them or Carly on social media.

      That said, I do wish the fact that ‘open adoption’ isn’t really a thing in the legal sense was more widely discussed so biological parents don’t get blindsided.

    3. They reluctantly signed up to be on ONE episode of television that was pitched as a documentary style show about pregnant teens. They agreed to one episode and a reunion. They did not sign up to be part of the MTV circus for 15 years to follow. It is not reasonable to even say that they did. Teen Mom was not part of the discussion AT ALL yet when this adoption took place.

  21. There are two sides to every story. I don’t know B&T’s side. Therefore, I cannot look at Tyler & Catelynn as victims.

    Also, I don’t know about you guys but if someone hurt my feelings and I didn’t understand the actions they were taking, I would address it with that individual, not bitch about it on social media.

  22. If I was Carly, I wouldn’t want anything to do with Catelynn and Tyler. They’re embarrassing and majority disrespectful to her parents.

    Also, they’re so obnoxious with the whole “WE GAVE THEM A GIFT!” thing and constantly acting like martyrs. I’m not saying giving up a child is easy at all, but these two act like B+T begged them to get pregnant so they could give them Carly. Does anybody else remember early in Teen Mom when they had a pregnancy scare and joked about asking B+T to take that one too? Irresponsible as hell.

  23. B & T seem VERY conservative so Tyler on Only Fans I’m sure is a problem for them. The fact that Tyler & now Cate gaslights them publicly time and time again is an issue. They are trying to lay a guilt trip on B & T. The fact of the matter is they don’t have to take 2 days out of a year if they have reasons not to. Carly is B & T’s daughter and there is a distinct possibility that Carly doesn’t want to see them. She is also old enough to Google Cate & Ty and see the nasty things that they are saying about her parents. Even worse is that I am sure some knucklehead kid at school or Carly herself has seen Tyler’s Only Fans. Can you imagine how humiliating that would be for a 15 year old?

    1. Exactly, I can’t imagine being 15 and having to deal with these two and their messiness. They only think of themselves.

  24. I mean Carly is 15. What are the odds that child doesn’t have a cell phone? If she actually wanted to be in contact with her birth family, she would be. C+T need to start considering the possibility B+T are lying because Carly doesn’t want to be around them.

  25. more loser behavior from these two. do they think that B&T facing potential harassment from TM fangirls is gonna make their situation any better? they haven’t grown up at all and it continues to be a shame.

  26. This is what most adoptions end up like. The PAPs promise the birth parents the world to get them to sign on the dotted line and then toss them aside once they get the baby. If C&T weren’t in the public eye they would never have seen Carly again after B&T got her. #savingoursisters

    1. This is absolutely NOT how most adoptions end up. There are exceptions to everything, but how this is going sits squarely on the shoulders of Catelynn and Tyler and their shit behavior for years on end.

      Please stop spreading misinformation about adoptions. There are always going to be bad outcomes, sadly, on both sides of the coin. I really wish we had better ways to stop this. Don’t even get me started on how the foster care system can be either. But the vast majority of adoptions are not negative experiences, provided the CHILD’S best interests are the guiding light. Brandon and Theresa are using Carly’s best interests to guide where things should go. Catelynn and Tyler are using their selfish desires to claim that things haven’t gone their way.

      There is a reason an “open adoption” is never a first choice, never recommended except under very specific circumstances and would never be advised in a situation like this in the first place (nor is it really a legal thing anyway). In this case, the ground rules were set from day one, they ALL knew them. They have never changed, they have never waivered. No one was thrown aside. These two just decided they never had to and will certainly not in the future follow any of the ground rules literally put on paper. Giving up a child is never selfish. Acting like you still get to do and be (to the child) whatever you want after doing so, while not offering an iota of respect to the child or her PARENTS, is 100^% selfish. They do not respect Carly, which means they should not have any connection to her anymore. They chose that, and they know it. They know their own behavior lead to this, it’s been going on for years, it’s not sudden.

  27. I feel for them. I really do, but I have and continue to endure the death of my baby girl. Similar as they may be, they are not the same. We are left wondering what they would look like as they grow up, and who and/or what they would have become.

  28. Tyler basically told them to fuck off and then wonders why they don’t want their child to see them??

    All these 2 had to do was keep their mouths shut and play by the rules, idk if it’s immaturity, ignorance or entitlement, but being a respectful adult is just beyond their capacity.

    I fear in 3 years when they can bypass B&T, the adults, and head straight for the young adult.
    She’s going to block them so damn fast lol.

    1. Sadly I feel like this is all for show at this point and they only really want Carly visits for the attention it brings them. Maybe MTV can be there? New click bait? New show storyline? If not then they both need a lot of therapy because they choose to wallow in this after 15 years.

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