‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Star Brittany DeJesus Announces Her Engagement: See the Proposal Video

“Treat me right or you’ll be dealing with the business end of Mama Roxy’s high heel!”

Wedding bells will soon be ringing for yet another Teen Mom star.

Brittany DeJesus— the sister of Teen Mom 2 star Briana (and the unofficial Queen of the ‘Teen Mom’ One-Liners)— announced on Thursday that she’s officially engaged.

In a video posted to Instagram, Brittany is seen accepting a proposal from her boyfriend, Steven, while they’re on vacation together in Oahu, Hawaii, celebrating Brittany’s 31st birthday. Steven gets down on one knee in the video and asks Britt to be his bride.

“He loves my birthday cake so much he wanna eat it foreva,” Brittany wrote in the caption of a photo she also posted, showing Steven grabbing Britt’s Dr. Miami-inflated behind.


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“My fiancé and I woke up to a beautiful view this morning,” Steven posted to his private Instagram the next day. “Happy birthday my love.” 

It’s unknown exactly how long Brittany and Steven have been dating, but she soft-launched him on Instagram back in May.


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Brittany and Steven received plenty of congratulatory messages from Britt’s ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars.

“One one kneeee, OMG!” wrote Jade Cline.

“Let’s go!!!” Zach Davis commented. “Congrats!”

“Yessssssss ma’am,” Leah Messer wrote.

(Briana— as well as Britt and Briana’s mom Roxanne— have yet to comment publicly on Britt’s engagement.) 

“You know I’ll have something to say, though!”

To The Ashley‘s knowledge, this is the first time Brittany has been engaged. Her sister, Briana, though, has had at least two engagements so far— one very short “sorta” engagement to Javi Marroquin and another slightly longer but still ill-fated one to Javi Gonzalez.

Brittany is not the only ‘Teen Mom’ alum who will be getting hitched soon. Jade and her fiancé Sean Austin are set to get married in October in a “Gothic Victorian” wedding that Jade described as “an elevated Addams Family” theme.

“You go ahead on that one. Don’t worry about me stealing your wedding theme, girl.”

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV)


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        But don’t bring me into this. I state my opinion and take a biblical approach any time I post.

        Don’t name names and accuse people of being this person and tell them not to respond when it’s not true.

        You sound crazy now, because I’m not pearl, T, Karol, or whoever.

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      2. Offended by the truth probably.

        Alot of these idiots as Jack Nicholson says in A Few Good Men “can’t handle the truth.”

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      Leave me out of y’all’s pettiness.

      When I post, it’s never attacking anyone on here.

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        2. It’s clear that t and pearl are the same person. Good job stating the obvious.

          But don’t bring me into this. I state my opinion and take a biblical approach any time I post.

          Don’t name names and accuse people of being this person and tell them not to respond when it’s not true.

          You sound crazy now, because I’m not pearl, T, Karol, or whoever.

          So leave me out of it.

        3. It’s clear that t and pearl are the same person. Good job stating the obvious.

          But don’t bring me into this. I state my opinion and take a biblical approach any time I post.

          Don’t name names and accuse people of being this person and tell them not to respond when it’s not true.

          You sound crazy now, because I’m not pearl, T, Karol, or whoever.

          So leave me out of it.

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  1. I see the theme for the engagement pictures was “steamy, not dreamy”, keepin it classy. Or was that a teaser for her OF?

  2. T, while I agree about the molestation/Rape scenario being understandable I don’t agree with the scenario of it being okay if the mother’s and child(ren) lives are at stake because I have a friend whom was told to abort her daughter because the baby wouldn’t live but a few days due to the fact that her organs we all in a ball but they miraculously spread out and she is about to be 21.

    “God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.”

  3. I’m so happy for Brittany. I also thought she would be engaged to a certain type of “partner”. I don’t think she was as hood as she portrayed. I think beyond the toughness, she is probably smarter than her sister and mother.

  4. Subject change: But did anyone see that there’s a rumor that Devoin and Bri are back together?

    Oh I hope this rumor’s true!!!

          1. Oh sorry, I hope so, they made a cute baby the first time around, theres no doubt in my mind they could again.

            Brittany wouldn’t bother me half as much if it wasn’t for the abortion thing. The bitch should have kept it, she thought she was grown enough to lay down and make it so she should’ve raised it!!

          2. It’s one thing to have an opinion about a matter such as abortion. An OPINION. But to say one is not “woman enough” to keep the pregnancy is just disgusting. That is pure judgment. I’ve had one and I don’t regret a darn thing. My life would have turned out absolutely horrible if I chose to keep a child with who would have been the father. And to say adoption is an option, it is, but Jesus if you only opened your eyes to the many children abused who are waiting or are placed is horrific. Your comments are just vile T. Mind your own business and do your own thing but to be so hateful is so low.

          3. Frontdoor, it’s my opinion and I stick to it. You and those that have had one will have to answer for it on Judgment Day.

            I would rather be a child waiting to be placed than to be dead.

          1. No it’s not my choice, but if it were my choice that option wouldnt even enter my mind. Abortion=Murder to me.

            There is only 2 scenarios in which it is even fathomable to me:

            1) Molestation/Rape
            2) If both the mother’s and baby(ies) lived are at stake

            Otherwise if a person WILLINGLY lays down and makes a baby they should:

            1) Keep it
            2) Put it up for adoption

            Because there are thousands (if not more) families that want children and can’t have them but we have idiots like Britt out here killing their babies because they ain’t woman enough to do the right thing.

            It makes me sick!!

        1. Judgement day? F*ck off. Keep your religious bullshit to yourself. Be grown enough to stop believing in invisible friends in the sky lol

          1. Everybody seems to wanna talk about me being hurtful but about Mick’s garbage.

            I have every right to believe in who I want to believe in and if Mick or anybody else for that matter doesn’t like it, they can keep their ugly traps closed!!

          2. T, you are absolutely correct that you have the right to believe in who/what you want – but, so does everybody else!!! Its fine that you are anti-abortion for yourself, but you don’t have the right to tell every other woman what she can or can’t do with her own body!

          3. I didn’t say anything about what another woman can or can’t do with their bodies, all I did was say what i think about her for doing it.

            She did what she did but I don’t have to like it.

          4. I can agree to disagree, I’m fine with that. You shared your reasoning and I shared mine, neither of us will change our minds. But I’m happy that we were able to have a conversation that didn’t result in named calling and insults that people often jump to. I actually hadn’t seen your comment until after I had relied, otherwise I would have added this to it.

        2. Do you have an idea how much it costs to adopt a baby? Yeah there are lots of people who want to adopt, but they can’t afford to. It was her decision to make & it was right for her! I don’t know if its one I could make for myself, but I’m not going to tell another person what to do.

          1. Again, I didn’t, I just happen to feel that it was the wrong decision. I dont think she is a bad person for making the decision she made and I get that she was young and virtually alone in the parent department but she WILLINGLY laid down and made the baby, that baby didn’t ask to be created and it definitely didn’t ask to die without being able to see what life had in store for it. Who knows, people who kill their babies could be killing the next President or a successful lawyer, doctor, etc. But we will never know because grown ass people that know they have options take the easy way out because they don’t want it. Abortions aren’t birth control, if you don’t want a baby use contraceptives or better yet DONT HAVE SEX until you’re ready to accept the responsibilities that could possibly come with it.

            And yes I know how expensive adoption is but people that are desperate enough to become parents will scrape up the money to get their wish.

          2. T, your comments are incredibly judgemental, you can have an opinion without being hateful. People have abortions for many different reasons and it’s not taking the easy way out. I have never heard anyone say it’s easy, most people say it’s the hardest decision they ever made. There’s also the woman’s health and mental health to consider. Having a baby when you aren’t ready can take a huge toll on your mental health and especially so if you have a mental illness. Birth control isn’t 100% effective and people are going to have sex it’s a biological desire. There aren’t families waiting to adopt babies that can’t because of terminated pregnancies, if that were true there would be a lot less children in foster care. And to say the next president or doctor could have been aborted is only a half truth because the opposite could be said as well. It’s just as likely that the next Hitler, Sadam, or serial killer could have been aborted too. The next president or great doctor could already be out there but are receiving a poor education because of the neighborhood they live in.

          3. Jade, did I not say in an earlier post that the only times it would be fathomable to me would either be molestation/Rape (even incest) OR if the mother or child(rens) lives are at stake?

            Im talking about those that WILLINGLY get pregnant and abort without even thinking their options through and that’s because they aren’t educated enough to realize they have other options but most people (adult or teenager) here the word pregnant and automatically think “abortion” and don’t think past that option before they act. Then they regret their decision or at least should regret the decision.

            And yes I know the opposite is possible, that’s why I said “could be the next president or successful doctor or lawyer etc”

            And yes people that have abortions are causing issues with adoption being possible because like it or not people unfortunately most parents want babies and the fact that people are having abortions is causing a problem because they’re taking the option of adopting a baby away.

            And yes, I know birth control isn’t 100% effective but it’s better than taking a chance at getting impregnated when a person isn’t ready. And yes I also know that people are gonna be sexually active early because of desires but if a person is raised right then they can wait until they are mentally, physically and emotionally prepared and not jump in the sack with someone they barely know because or their desires.

            And to have a negative opinion is to be negative and yes sometimes hateful. You literally can’t make a negative comments without negativity.

          4. Yes you did say in the cases of rape or life threatening situations, which is not the same as what I said for health and mental health. Mental health isn’t necessarily life threatening but could lead to it or abuse. Some people shouldn’t be parents and that’s ok. I literally have seen a pregnant woman drink a 6 pack of beer and say…it’s only a 6 pack not liquor, at least I’m keeping it and didn’t kill it. There is such a stigma around abortion that some women choose to have a baby suffer through their addiction instead. Sometimes abortion is the better choice. Could she have put the baby up for adoption? Yes, but good luck finding a family that is fully capable of understanding and providing the needs a child of an addict will have.

            I feel like most people know their options with pregnancy. There are only 3, you either keep the baby, abort it, or put it up for adoption. Each option has it’s pros and cons. What’s right for one person’s situation may not be for the next.

            When you say ‘those that willingly get pregnant’ if that includes those who accidentally get pregnant than we are talking about the same people. I personally do not want more children but I’m still going to have sex with my husband. We have taken measures to prevent it but if I got pregnant it would be an accident and we would discuss the option of abortion. Adoption shouldn’t be the only other choice to a woman who doesn’t want to be pregnant or have a baby. Being pregnant and recovering from birth is hard physically and mentally and can interfere with someone’s career or lifestyle.

            I have never heard of anyone not being able to adopt a baby because of abortion. But I have heard of frozen embryos being destroyed because they weren’t chosen. Maybe these families waiting on babies should choose an embryo and surrogate if needed. Or adopt an older child that deserves a family just as much as a baby does.

            There’s also a larger picture to look at as to why someone would pick abortion over adoption. The world already has 8 billion people in it. Could you imagine what it would be like if people didn’t get abortions? The healthcare system, education, food, and other resources are already strained as it is.

            I don’t know if I could personally choose to get an abortion myself or not but won’t judge another woman for doing it. I don’t care if she’s had 10 sexual partners in a month and doesn’t know who the father is or if she’s been married for 10 years and doesn’t want to start all over again. Abortion is an important option to have and it’s no one else’s business why someone would choose it.

          5. Jade, the older the woman the more likely they are to suffer emotionally, mentally or physically, yes I know women of all ages get postpartum depression but there’s medication for that.

            As for the rest what you say, I’ll pray for you and those that think like you because you are clearly not realizing that these babies are LIVING creatures and to kill them in utero is no different than somebody going out and killing someone else because “they felt like it”, murder is murder no matter the circumstance.

          6. T, you can’t say abortion is ok under the conditions of rape or life threatening situations and then turn around and say murder is murder no matter the circumstance.

            I will pray for you too. I’ll pray for you to remember that those who judge will be judged too and in the same way.

            And you can quote though shall not kill and anything else you want to me after you tell me where in the bible it mentioned ending a pregnancy being considered murder or where exactly it states that life begins at conception.

          7. Jade, I never said abortion was okay, I said it was fathomable aka understandable in those circumstances.

            “But for the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murders and immoral persons and sorcerers and idolators and all liars, their part will be in the lake that burns in fire and brimstone which is the second death” Revelations 21:8

            It doesn’t list abortion specifically it does list murders.

            And you can feel and hear the heartbeat as early as 6 weeks, now who in their right mind and a loving soul would kill something so precious?

          8. Jade, this was startling!!

            “Over 98% of the abortions performed today involve women who simply do not want to have the baby. Less than two percent of abortions are for the reasons of rape, incest, or the mother’s life is at risk. With today’s technology, a child can survive outside the womb at just 21 weeks gestation.”

          9. Jade, it crazy to me how sweet you can be about Cory and Taylor’s little girl Maya but so heartless about the life of an unborn child being taken

            What if Taylor had aborted that beautiful little girl sight unseen?

          10. Saying something is fathomable or understandable is very similar to saying something is ok or condonable. So that’s like the fifth time you’ve contradicted or back tracked something you have said throughout this whole comment section.

            You’re right your quote does list murders but the bible does not say abortion is murder or at what point in gestation that it could be. However I am willing to agree that at a certain point in pregnancy abortion could be considered taking a viable life, outside of medical necessity of course. Heartbeat at 6 weeks,sure, but people that are/or nearly brain dead on life support also have a heartbeat. It’s generally considered humane to take someone off life support. A fetus doesn’t have consistent constant brain activity until around 22-25 weeks, which is also about the time they are able to survive outside the womb.

            If aborting, for example, a 6 week old fetus is considered murder/killing a person than that raises a lot of questions. If babies are considered an individual in utero then should women start collecting child support after the first positive pregnancy test? What about life insurance, taxes, preschool registration? If a pregnant woman is arrested should she be let go until she gives birth because the baby was an unwilling participant and shouldn’t be punished? If a pregnant person gets baptized does it cover the baby too? Where do their rights begin?

          11. A person on life support has a heartbeat due to a machine…its artificial whereas a baby’s heartbeat is real.

            An unborn child’s rights begin at conception in my opinion, when the sperm fertilizes the egg and you bring forth life their rights begin.

            And yes, if the parents aren’t together then the mother hould most certainly pursue child support immediately, and that whole baptism comment is just ignorance, no a pregnant mother getting baptized doesn’t cover the baby, the baby is an innocent soul who has done nothing wrong.

            Baptism should only take place for the child when they reach the age of accountability and understand the process of giving their life to their Lord and Savior.

            But let’s stop this back and forth right now, you will NOT change my opinion that abortion is wrong, it’s murder, you can disagree that’s fine.

            You’re conscience is your business but mine is clean. I’ll go to my grave and face my maker knowing I stood for what I believe.

          12. Cory and Taylor’s baby has already been born, she is a living breathing person. If she had chosen to abort her than that would be her choice and no of my business. I believe if a person does not want a child than they should not have one. Some people never want children and some people just aren’t ready. As a parent I can confidently say that there is nothing in this world that anyone could have say to me that would accurately prepared me for everything that is involved in parenthood. And if someone knows they aren’t ready it’s a good thing that they have the capacity to understand that and have options.

            I did say at a certain point in pregnancy I’m willing to agree abortion could be considered taking a life. I think if a woman is beyond 20 or so plus weeks than adoption should be the first choice to consider if the baby is healthy. But again I wouldn’t judge someone if that’s their choice. I feel like that’s getting into a moral gray area because that is no clear answer on if a baby should have personhood before birth.

          13. And I think life begins at conception.

            Didn’t I ask you to stop the back and forth because it’s not doing anything, my opinion is mine and yours is yours…that’s all there is to it.

          14. I can agree to disagree, I’m fine with that. You shared your reasoning and I shared mine, neither of us will change our minds. But I’m happy that we were able to have a conversation that didn’t result in named calling and insults that people often jump to. I actually hadn’t seen your comment until after I had relied, otherwise I would have added this to it.

          15. Jeremiah 1:5 – “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

            Life happens at conception not once a baby is born.

            Thank God we serve a forgiving and merciful God who forgives when we ask to be forgiven.

            But the millions of babies we’ve aborted, innocent lives we’ve killed, in this nation, is not something that will go unpunished.

            And I speak from having unfortunately had an abortion myself. A decision I regret almost every day.

            we are not to judge but we are to bring sin to light.

    1. Doesn’t God forgive those who have repented for their sins and let them into the pearly gates? If so, why and who are you to make comments/judgements in the life choices others make? Judgement day comes for us all, you should only be worried about your life choices then. No one else’s.

      1. Boom… are you saying that I shouldn’t care about the salvation of others?

        That’s selfishness and NOT of God.

        Yes in the end I’m only responsible for me, but as a Christian I am led to encourage others to seek Him. If I fail at that then it’s on me but I refuse to not even try.

        1. Saying “ the bitch should have kept it, she thought she was grown enough to lay down and make it so she should’ve raised it!!” doesn’t sound very Christian like or encourage others to go and seek Him. It sounds extremely judgement and very “what you’re doing is completely wrong and there’s no coming back for you for it.”

          1. Seeking God, is to do His will, aborting an innocent life is NOT his will.

            But unfortunately, I can’t encourage her to seek him other than to pray for her because she is too far away to witness to her.

            Not that she seems very repentful or regretting about her decision, she seems to think that taking care of her nieces replaces the care for HER BABY that she could have kept or at least given up for adoption, she didn’t have to kill it.

            And there is a way of doing an adoption where the child doesn’t have to enter the system, look at Cate and Ty and the others who have chosen the adoptive parents while pregnant so the adoptive parents can take possession of the baby at the hospital and not 5 years later.

          2. It may not be His will but people can repent can they not? They can ask for forgiveness at any stage in their life and it’s up to HIM to decide. No one else. You are the exact reason as to why people turn away from God because of a choice they made.

            Right or wrong it is not up to us to decide that. It’s up to Him if he chooses to let them in. Your comments do not represent the Christians out there that actually care and understand that some choices people make are “bad” but it doesn’t mean that person is deemed a horrible human being and incapable of repenting for their sins.

            I get shit talking on the internet is a huge thing and fun to do in some cases but people need to try and keep religion out of it especially if their comments are hypocritical.

      2. First off I said that just because she made a bad choice doesn’t mean she’s a bad person. Ive met some truly AMAZING people that have done or are doing wrong in their lives.

        Christians can say if an action is right or wrong, that’s judging the action NOT the person. Which IS allowed, believe it or not.

        And yes people can repent and ask for forgiveness at any stage in life, but bringing it up once and saying “sometimes I wish I can take it all back but I cant” then acting like a complete and total ninny the rest of the time doesn’t cut it. If she’s really sorry shouldn’t she ALWAYS wish she could take it all back and not just SOMETIMES?

        But we won’t know for sure and for certain if she’s really sorry until she gets pregnant again and we see or hear what decision she makes the second time around, but something tells me she’s gonna make the same choice twice because I don’t truly see repentance in her words or actions.

        And you’re right, it’s not up to us, it’s up to Him if he let’s them into His kingdom but it IS up to us to witness to those that are do wrong/have done wrong and have them turn away from the wrongdoing so they can get in. And if we don’t, then we’ve failed and that’s on us.

  5. I can see Brittany getting married before Briana, but I don’t think it will last. Roxanne would be the mother in law from hell.

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