Briana DeJesus Says Her Ex Javi Marroquin Desperately Wanted To Get Her Pregnant; Says Kail Lowry Is Still “Obsessed” With Javi

“Why do I feel like I’m gonna have 15 missed calls from Javi and a PFA from Kail after this?”

Briana DeJesus was positively dumping Teen Mom tea over the weekend, spilling on Instagram Live about her relationship with her former Teen Mom 2 co-star Javi Marroquin, as well as her long-standing battle with Kail Lowry. In addition, Bri gave her thoughts on Kail’s relationship with Javi following their divorce. 

Briana— who recently confirmed that she is single again, following a breakup with former ‘Teen Mom’ security guard Bobby Scott— also stated that she felt like she was “used” by several people (including Javi and Kail’s other ex Chris Lopez) who wanted to get back at Kail for various reasons.

Here, The Ashley breaks down some of the juiciest tea Briana spilled during her Live!

(By the way, Briana did not use Kail’s name during her Live; she only referred to her as “that person” or “the evil one” but it was obvious she was speaking about Kail.) 

On How Javi Basically Stalked Her Until She Dated Him:

“Me? You know the ladies can’t resist Big Papi!”

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, Bri and Javi dated in 2017–and even became (kind of) engaged before breaking up in January 2018. Their romance did not set well with Kail, leading to a feud with Briana that has continued for years. 

On her Live, Briana told her version of how she ended up dating Javi, stating that he seemed to be determined to get with her. Briana said her first indication that Javi might be trying to hook up with her came when she went to New York City–while pregnant with her daughter Stella– to film a ‘Teen Mom’ “intro” segment with her mom and sister.

“Javi ended up going to the special,” Bri said. “I don’t know why but I’d assume he was trying to pursue me…I remember Javi trying to flirt with me behind stage. It was so weird. Now that I look back on it, I am like ‘Sneaky mother f**ker.’ But back then…I was like, ‘No we’re just friends, I’m about to have a baby.’ I had no idea what his situation was with his ex-wife [Kail], but I knew she was pregnant [with Chris Lopez’s baby, Lux]at the time…”

Bri said that after Stella was born, she went back to NYC to do some press and “coincidentally” Javi showed up where Bri was…again. She said that Javi continued to message and pursue her.

“Hold up…I just HAPPENED to be in all of those places you were but it was a coincidence.” 

“He was heavily messaging me, in my DMs, wanting to hang out all this stuff…” Briana said, adding that he wanted to hang out with her when they all met up at the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion. 

She insists that she didn’t date Javi to make Kail mad or jealous.

“I didn’t go into it like, ‘I’m going to f**k with someone’s ex-husband.’ No, I was minding my own business and this man wouldn’t leave me alone,” Briana said, adding that eventually she gave in.

“…I was like, ‘F**k it, what’s the worse that could happen?’ Woooow…I should have never said that. If I knew what would happen with him, I would have never done it,” she said, adding that she hadn’t watched earlier episodes of ‘Teen Mom 2’ and did not know much about Kail and Javi’s history. 

“I should have done my research and watched previous episodes of ‘Teen Mom 2’ [before dating Javi],” she admitted.

On why she felt that Javi only proposed to her to make Kail mad: 

“I mean, that wasn’t the ONLY reason…but it sure was a nice perk!”

Javi eventually (sort of) proposed to Briana, despite having only dated her for a few months. Obviously, the “engagement” never went anywhere, but Briana says she now feels like Javi did it to make his ex-wife jealous.

“I really think that engagement was to piss someone [Kail] off,” Briana said. “He only really proposed to me and dated me to piss someone off. I really think the true victim here was me because I was thrown in the middle.”

“I don’t even think that relationship was ever real,” Briana said later in the Live. “I think it was for TV. Not by my part, but I think [Javi] did it out of malicious intent, because [Kail was having a baby with Chris Lopez].”

On Javi’s alleged quest to get Briana pregnant:

“Psst…psst… have my baby. Come on, Dr. Miami can totally fix any damage!”

According to Bri, Javi— who shares son Lincoln with Kail— was determined to get Briana pregnant. However, she did not want to get knocked up again, as she had just had daughter Stella, so she says she had to go behind Javi’s back to make sure she didn’t get pregnant by him.

“There was a time that [Javi] wanted to get me pregnant so bad, but I didn’t want that…I secretly had to get on birth control,” Briana revealed, adding, “The tea is hot!”

Javi would go on to date Lauren Comeau shortly after his breakup with Briana, and Lauren–who really was “ready to move to Delaware”– gave birth to her and Javi’s son, Eli, soon after.

On why she feels that Kail is still obsessed with Javi: 

“We usually just call that foreplay!” 

Briana insisted that Kail is still “obsessed” with Javi, which was the real reason—according to her— that she and Javi could have never worked out.

“[My feud with Kail] could have been avoided if people weren’t obsessed with people, or if I had done my research [on how Javi and Kail were]. I need to stop living in the moment and maybe do my research,” she said, adding later, “I do take accountability for some of my actions that happened afterwards, but I never dated [Javi] with malicious intent…

“…Some people had negative intentions, I wish I was smarter back then to know what’s going on…but I’ll never date a person where there’s another person out there that’s obsessed with them. It’s terrible,” she added.

Briana claimed that Kail was constantly sending Javi jealous messages. 

“I remember one time I went to a basketball game with [Javi], and that person got messages [from Kail] like, ‘I can’t believe you’re at a basketball game with Bri, that’s stuff we used to do.’ It was some crazy stuff,” Briana said. 

She stated that she never had anything against Kail in the beginning.

“I remember having an hour-long conversation with [Kail] trying to squash all the beef, but that went nowhere…there’s so much that happened behind the doors, without the cameras that no one knows, but who the f**k cares? It’s years later,” she said. 

Briana said that she doesn’t understand why anyone would care who their ex is dating, because she doesn’t care who her baby daddies– Devoin Austin and Luis Hernandez—date.

“Wait, there are girls willing to date me? Send them over to Big Lu!”

“Nobody should be mad at me for who I let into my personal life, and nobody should be worried about what their ex is doing,” she said. “I’m not worried about what Devoin is doing, or Luis is doing. I don’t view them as property…I’m not obsessed with anybody.

“…It’s hard for me to understand how people get mad at me for ‘messing around with someone’s ex,’ because everyone is someone’s ex…we’re all exes at one point, so it’s like, why do you care so much?”

On the ‘Teen Mom’ fans who slammed her for frequently dating her co-workers:

Briana, talking about the amount of men associated with ‘Teen Mom’ that she’s dated…

In addition to Javi, Briana has also dated former ‘Teen Mom 2’ security guard Bobby Scott–whom she recently split with.

Briana responded to fans who criticized her for dating the people she “works” with, stating that dating someone on the same show as you is very different than dating someone you see every day in an office.

“I can see that, it is a little weird,” she admitted. “I used to work in an office and I would never want to mess around with anyone at my job. I have to see them everyday and that’s a recipe for disaster. But these people [on the show] I only see them at reunions so it’s kind of different.

Bri insisted that she is done dating people within the ‘Teen Mom’ world.

“I’m never dating a cast member or crew member ever again, scout’s honor. I learned my lessons,” she said. 

On why she feels like Chris Lopez used her:

Tell us who used who in this situation…

Briana has denied that she ever hooked up with Chris–whom Kail shares two sons with. However, ‘Teen Mom 2′ fans watched as she met up with him and appeared on his podcast.

During her Live, Briana said she feels that Chris probably used her, too.

“Now that I look back on it, I was used by a few people to get back [at Kail],” she said while discussing going on Chris’ podcast. “…now I know better. I know what you’re up to.”


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  1. Neither Kail or Javi are on the show……. Why is Brianna still talking about them??

    Brianna is creepy obsessed with Kailyn. In a way that is actually scary. Like boiling bunnies on the stove scary

    1. Cindy I ?% totally agree!!!! What baffles me is how MTV and the producers of the show are not seeing this psychotic’s actions are extremely disturbing!!! What’s going to take to make her stop?!?!?! Remember how recently her and Ashley got into a fight where things (this is not the first time where The Psycho started fighting with a then cast member Kail) turned physical after The Psycho revealed that Ashley was pregnant (it was not her business to announce it to begin with!!!)!!! Backed into a corner, Ashley had to confirm that she was indeed pregnant with her second child with her husband the very next day!!!! A few months later, Ashley is asking for privacy after she made a sad comment online (make you want to bet that The Psycho caused Ashley to have a miscarriage!!!) I think it’s time for someone to start a petition for the show to fire The Psycho and her family or a petition to end the show completely because most of them are approaching or are 30 and don’t have REAL jobs only to rely on the show as their job!!! But it can be over in the flip of a switch anytime!!! It’s definitely absurd that fire Jenelle and her husband being violent why they can’t do the same thing with The Psycho and her family along with Amber, who has served actual prison time for being violent towards Gary and was recently violent with Andrew and doesn’t have her children!!!

  2. Sure, Kail is the one who is obsessed. Bri is just the one who made it her whole storyline and still talking it about it 5 years later. But yeah, Kail is the one who is obsessed.

    I do believe the one with Javi wanting her to get pregnant tho – it would had given him more time on the show, so yeah, it seems plausible

  3. Brianna stating the bleeding obvious.
    As obvious as Kail originally marrying Javi for his ‘benefits’, ahem, sorry, marrying him for love.

    Javi is surely still trolling Z list reality stars behind Lauren’s back to build his crappy empire. Maybe if he continues scraping the bottom of the barrel & waits long enough he could shoot his shot with the swamp lady rat herself, Jenelle!

    1. I am no fan of Kail, and I hate sticking up for her, but I don’t think she married for benefits.

      What benefits could she get from being married to a military member that she couldn’t provide for herself?

      I think she rushed into the married to prove a point. She was knocked up again, by someone else. She’s impatient and wants everything when and how she wants it.

  4. A woman should never have to secretly take birth control with a man she just started dating. Ever. If you feel the need to do that, your homeboy is a creepy asshole and you need to run for the hills.

  5. Can we please stop writing articles about her. She is the reason I don’t watch this show anymore.she is just distasteful…it’s not entertaining…just leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

  6. no shit briana it was obvious to the whole world that they were all using you. she knew what she was getting herself into

  7. The only one obsessed here is you, Bri. Why are you talking about things that allegedly happened 5 years ago?? Go get therapy, it’s weird.

    1. Mick completely agree!!! Even Kail said whenever The Psycho kept taunting and forcing a confession out of Kail, with Kail being the mature one saying that she doesn’t care about who her ex-husband dates and just stop making up lies about her on and off online!! The Psycho clearly belongs in a mental institution for a LONG TIME!!!

  8. Ok I’ve seen the messages about kail complaining that he did the same activities with Bri as her. Like, sorry ma’am but sports games aren’t exclusive to you and your ex. What a nut

  9. If you are someone that guys know they can get with.. without any problems at all.. and you never say no…

    That makes you…


  10. How convenient to only leave certain parts out of the story..I’m not sure what Briana’s intent was or what really happened with Javi. However, what has transpired isn’t flattering..I don’t like Kail, and I could put in my two cents about things with her, but she’s not going around talking about a 4 to 5 year old relationship.

    Isn’t Briana running her mouth what started the lawsuit that is still in progress. The money which Briana might not have won or been paid back yet.

  11. ?‍♀️Didn’t do her homework?? For real? We all know she checked everything available prior to Javi “stalking” her or Chris “using” her. This one doesn’t make a move unless she can build a narrative around it, making herself some sort of victim. Most people aren’t nearly as gullible as she hopes they are?

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