‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Javi Marroquin Confirms He’s Dating Co-Star Briana DeJesus

“Be mine!”

Javi Marroquin has made it official with his Teen Mom 2 co-star, Briana DeJesus.

The ex-husband of Kail Lowry and Briana have been hinting that they might be together for a while now, and Javi confirmed it to People on Tuesday, stating that he and Briana became boyfriend and girlfriend at last weekend’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion taping (in between all of the Reunion drama, of course).

“We are dating,” Javi told the magazine. “We’ve been friends for a while and we weren’t in a rush.”

Javi did not reveal how the pair became “official.” (Perhaps Javi got a piece of paper from his Drake stationary set and wrote “Be Mine? Check yes or no.”?)

“I am gonna need my suit coat back at some point, though…”

As The Ashley previously told you, Briana and Kail got into a screaming match (reportedly at least in part over Javi) behind-the-scenes of the Reunion taping last weekend. Tensions have been high between the two ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-stars since Briana and Javi vacationed (with their kids) together in Orlando this summer.

Kail has yet to comment on Javi and Briana’s official declaration of couple-dom. She did tweet “Lmao don’t s**t where you eat,” after the news broke, which many assumed to be directed at Javi.

Javi has had a few long-distance (and short-lived) relationships since his divorce from Kail. He previously dated ‘The Real World’ star Madison Walls and Lauren Comeau. Although Javi currently lives in Delaware, and Briana lives in Florida, they don’t seem to be worried about the distance. In fact, on Tuesday night, Briana tweeted about needing a snowsuit, stating, “I might end up somewhere in Delaware soooo….”

Briana seems to be getting a lot of heat for entering a relationship with her co-worker’s ex-husband. On Wednesday, she deleted all of her tweets, as well as all of her Instagram photos, except for one of her daughters.

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  1. So I’ve been watching marriage boot camp… was this filmed, like.. awhile ago?? Or is Kail full-on in the beginning of her pregnancy in this?? It’s so confusing why they even would go on that show, other than the checks.

  2. Oh no, Javi. Briana is one of those people who is a perfectly fine friend, even a fun slightly flirty friend, maybe even potentially a great family friend for group vacations and like multi-generation pot lucks if you include the whole DeJesus class in that, but she will release live crickets into your house and call you at 2 am crying for the rest of your life if you date her.

  3. Javi’s a stand-up guy, but he’s an idiot for getting involved in that mess (What could he possibly see in Briana?!?).

  4. Brianna and her family need their own show “ghetto Mom” . Even Janelle has more class than she does. And that’s not saying much. Good luck with Javi. Maybe he could be your “Ghetto Mom Co-star

  5. I think it’s funny everyone is taking about how they may make a good couple, Briana could possibly grow up dating him, etc. When I heard they were dating, the last thing I thought about was them being long term. Just see this as a publicity thing, nothing about “love” or long term. I do agree that the Hulk is the type of girl who wants to f**k whoever she wants but gets pissed If her ex tries to move on. And I do recall her freaking about Vee at first but Vee is amazing for Joe and they are a couple who truly put the kids first. Something this show rarely shows. However, I don’t blame her one bit for not approving of Briana. Kail and Briana are 2 peas in a pod. Only difference is Briana started out horrible and Kail used to be somewhat likeable until her true demons came out.

  6. Just ewww.
    They do have similar amounts of brain activity and it takes two undateables off the market 😉

  7. Funny that they’ve been friends for a long time but he’s only interested in dating her now that she’s a cast member. Seems very Javi to me. I think dating Kail and being on teen mom 2 has gone to his head and now he’s all about expanding his “fame,” and continuing his reality tv “star” career. I think, like most reality tv ppl, Javi’s life would have been happier if he had never been on tv. He seems like a decent guy with good values and a supportive family, but now he seems to make decisions based on whether they’ll benefit his reality tv career/social media presence.

  8. She literally just gave birth to someone else, who she barely knows child like 3 months ago. I fucking can’t with how trash she is, or how thirsty he is. Couple of nasties.

  9. They did not “vacation together” in Orlando. The Coven lives near Orlando. Disney park entry is like 32 cents if you’re a FL resident (I can’t be bothered to look at the actual cost but it’s hella cheap).

    I do not believe this for one second. Sure, he may sleep with her because she’s a bird. But this is publicity. Javi wants MORE TM2 money. You know the 2nd (and subsequent, sheesh) dads don’t make as much money as the moms and ‘main’ dads.

  10. Just remember, the more shit they can stir up between them, the higher the paycheck goes from MTV.

    So stay tuned all ye fans of teen mom! We are the one’s because we watch (with a bag of popcorn of course) that keep this franchise of freaks going.

    Do I hear a spinoff w Javi & Bree in the starring roll”?

    I do hereby give the academy award to………fill in the blank.

  11. Great decision there, Javi. Maybe for an encore you can drink straight from the Ganges, or invest your life savings with an anonymous Nigerian prince.

  12. javi is probably the only man on earth that,the coven approves of.This might work. Javi wants,fame and Brianna,has it and Briannas dumb enough to,be,submissive to Javi,without question

  13. I think Brianna’s the real winner in this case if they end up with a real relationship. We’ve seen that Javi is a good stepdad. I don’t think Brianna would be a good stepmom though. She isn’t going to behave any differently with Javi’s kids than she does with her own. You’ve all seen the kind of language and topics she discusses in front of her kids. She’s not going to all of a sudden censor herself for Isaac and Lincoln. I also don’t think Brianna can live without her DeJesus clan. Javi gets deployed and works a lot. She would then have to take care of her own kids alone with no Mom or sister to help. Not to mention if she has all 4 kids on Javi’s weekend and Javi has to work a day, she’ll be responsible for all 4 kids. She can’t do it. Lastly, all relationships have disagreements; how will Javi handle it when the DeJesus clan goes manhater on him. Just my opinion, but I don’t see this working out. Wonder if they’ll try for a spin-off show. I hope not.

      1. She will let Javi take Isaac if it benefits her but keep him from him when it punishes him or if she can use it as leverage to get what she wants. She is heartless

  14. So he traded one crazy for another? And this one comes with a sister and mother who are equally if not more crazy.

  15. Kail upbringing is going to affect her boys. All she wants is attention. Without Teen Mom where would she be right? Right

    1. Kail needs to shut up. She doesn’t care about how her dating life affects her boys and didn’t see how brugibn a third baby daddy into the picture affects them. She just wants attention and drama. She wants to be able to sleep with whoever she wants, but Jack has to be a monk.

      1. So, guys that, repeatedly, date women with children are what then? You don’t think he wants the very same thing…to be able to do who, or what, ever he wants? He doesn’t seem to care how his dating life affects them either. Dating someone that already has children, introduces them into your children’s lives, regardless of who you are(or gender, or anything else)

        Not a Kail fan here, and not saying anything you said is false, it’s all pretty damn true, lol..but this isn’t about Kail, it’s about Javi and Brianna and how utterly phucked up those two are acting 😉

  16. Makes you wonder if ANY of these reality “stars” give a rat’s butt about how this will affect their kids after they grow up and look back on all this. Their kids seeing and fully understanding all the sleeping around amongst their parents not only on the outside – but also with each other.

    Clearly, on one hand Javi appears to be level-headed and sensible. But I have to say that for me, after this he’s probably just as fame whorish and “do anything for a buck” as Farrah and Michael Abraham — and Debra Danielson.

    Not a great comparison, Javi.

  17. Brianna no need to be ashamed & delete evething! You do you! Javi is an amazing catch & this is the type of man you have been waiting for! And Kail you need to just keep your mouth shut girl! Talk about don’t shit where you eat just keep it in the neighborhood right!!!! Maybe Javi finally has someone that deserves & appreciates him!!!

    1. I remember when Joe was first dating Vee. Kail did not like her and said bad things about her. She did not think she was good enough to be around Isaac. Vee is a much nicer person than Kail, more stable , a great mom and great with Isaac. She will probably do the same with Brianna. It is like she does not want Joe or Javi but does not want anyone else to have them. Sorry Kail you can not have it both ways. I wish Brianna and Javi well.

      1. Kail was wrong about Vee, but she would be right for not wanting Briana around her kids. We see how much Briana exposes Nova too. She has seen and heard way too much. Isaac and Lincoln don’t need to be around her and her crazy family. Briana is neither nice nor stable.

      2. Brianna would be absolutely deserving of it. She is far from stable, and not exactly good for those children’s(including her own) lives.

        That said, I would honestly expect ANY person, man, woman, doesn’t matter….to be VERY critical of anyone the other party brings into the child(ren)’s life/lives. Any parent that isn’t, likely isn’t putting the kid(s) first, and that’s not kosher in my book. Of course that doesn’t mean you treat the undeserving(Brianna is very much deserving, she’s a lunatic, lol) terribly, but being cautious, having strong opinions, even a desire to not have your child(ren) around a new “temporary life partner” of your ex…yep, I get ALL that(and I commend it!)

        Anyone that Brianna gets involved with, who also has at least a child of his own should be prepared for some seriously strong opinions-or more from his child’s mother.

  18. I don’t buy it- he’s so thirsty he just wants to sell stories.. And ensure he’s on TV so now he has two hoes to help him out with his D list status in life- way to go Javi- good luck figuring out which one is worse.. But it pisses Kail off so that’s good

  19. At least we know Javi will treat her kids as his own and that’s a plus for the children and I’m sure she won’t mind giving him another child of his own

  20. his logic seems so warped…one minute he makes all the sense in the world with the whole the girls need to stop complaining because this is what they signed up for….and the next he goes off and dates space cadet Briana…this is the second opportunist MTV reality weirdo he’s gotten with since Kail….First was Madison from the Real World who was hoping for a reality show with him, now friggin Briana?….Briana?? Outta alllll the girls that have gone through MTV’s reality TV circus, he picks BRIANA?? She’s so….tainted….and dumb.

  21. I honesty don’t get why these girls (Kail and Briana) are so worried about dating so soon after having a baby!!! I have a 3 month old baby boy and I hated having to come back to work. I cant imagine leaving him with a babysitter to go out and date.

    1. “go back to work”
      These guys have no work to go to. Brianna doesn’t do anything with her kids…they just sit in their tiny apartment. Her mom and sister are always around.

      Kail actually has involved fathers to her kids and so 50% of the time she’s “childless”.

      Sooooo yeah…not the same.

    2. Same! Mine’s four months and I’d prefer if my husband would leave me alone, lol. The idea of dating sounds horrible!

  22. Eh, this actually doesn’t sound so bad. Briana would probably appreciate Javi more than Kail ever did. If it works out then Javi would probably be a good stepfather to the girls since both of their baby daddies are POS’s. Although It’s somewhat possible Luis the Loser is getting a bad edit and/or he’s just so uncomfortable every time he sets foot in Man Hating Manor. Javi does seem to have a thing for nasty stuffed butts courtesy of Dr Miami and he can probably do better since he’s a CrossFit obsessed D-list celebrity – Briana and her family would be the big winners if it lasts.

  23. I think that’s awesome!!! They both had their problems and I’m glad they both finally found happiness? and love❤❤ I wish them the very best and hope it works out for them….

  24. A total disaster relationship-wise but if this makes Kailyn’s head explode I hope they stay together forever. Karma sure is a bitch ?

    1. I was going to write the same exact thing, how he thinks this could work is beyond me, unless he’s doing it JUST to piss Kail off, then I can see it!

    2. I agree, he does. The one exception is Madison from The Real World. I saw her season and she’s actually a really sweet girl. Yeah, she went through a rough patch with a bad ex boyfriend and drugs but she’s in a completely different place now and has been even before she was on the show. I didn’t like that Javi dumped her after finding out about her past drug problem. I feel like he judged her based on her past which isn’t relevant to her life anymore. She has been clean for years and has a child. She seems to be a great mother.

      1. I thought he dumped her because he felt like she was using him as a publicity stunt/for relevance, being that she went public very, very quickly and was already in talks about them doing a challenge together.

        1. Really? I didn’t hear anything about her saying they were going to do a challenge together. All I know is that when Nessa asked him about their break up, he said that he “found out things from her past” that she didn’t tell him or something. So I’m assuming he was talking about her being a former addict. If he felt like she went very public too quickly then I would understand why he would be put off but he made it sound like it was about her past drug issue.

  25. LOL…K.

    This won’t last but at least we can all laugh about it later. Must be the fake ass Javi is going for? I at least hope Javi is smart in terms of birth control, because I’m not sure Briana even knows what that is. And if she is so fast and willing to get knocked up twice by two complete deadbeats, I’m sure she will be even thirstier to get knocked up by a good dad like Javi!

  26. I wish them well. I don’t think Brianna has ever lived on her own . Maybe she will change and grow up if she moves out and does not have her mother and sister’s influence. And maybe her mom needs her space and just be grama instead of full time mother in that cramped apartment. I know Roxanne is a little overbearing but I can also see why she is upset about another baby daddy not supporting or helping with baby. She and Brittany have to pick up their slack probably financially as well as physically. She has been down that road before. She also has a serious health condition. Good luck to Javi and Brianna

  27. So….Briana has nearly as much baggage as Kail. I don’t get the appeal. Yes she’s cute, but that’s it. She is trashy and picks terrible men…has 2 kids with 2 separate absent fathers and tons of momma drama with her own man hating mom. It’s too bad Javi couldn’t pick someone that could provide a stable household for his kids like Vee did for Jo…instead just grabbing that low hanging fruit because it’s easy. Usually Javi seems to make good decisions and put the kids first, but not this time.

    1. She’s cute with makeup on, but when she has her frizzy hair, facial discoloration, and Tony Montana mouth on full display, she’s repulsive. In fact, she has one of the biggest transformations I’ve seen!

    1. Right? I would find it weird if Kail had anything negative to say considering the way she ended things with Javi (i.e. cheating while he was deployed and intentionally getting knocked up by another dude before her divorce was even final)
      Why would she even care?

      1. Kail doesn’t want these men. She just wants to hurt them and for them to want her back. She only wants kids to terrorize the fathers.

  28. Bets on whether they’ll name their baby Glad or Hefty? Because they’re both big ol trash bags!

  29. Javi obviously has really bad judgement… Im ready to start a petition for Joe and Vee to adopt Lincoln and keep him and Isaac full time. They dont need to have new step daddies and mommies coming in and out of their lives. Who knew Joe was going to be the one to grow up first

    1. Jo has a really bad edit when the series first began, he always tried to be the bigger person, it seemed like he truly put his son first, unlike Kail who basically started dating a guy the next episode they broke up and some how he is the bad guy.

  30. This is hopefully a publicity stunt because Javi’s taste in women is pretty much the worst if he picks Kail and Briana. Also, while Briana and her daughters just hit the jackpot, this sucks for Isaac and Lincoln. Those innocent boys will be eaten alive by the coven.

    It’s like Javi saw how trashy Kail was being and decided to one up her by dating her co-worker who has a 3 month old with some dude she met at a club. Stay classy, TM2.

  31. I think that’s awesome and I think Kail’s just being a b***** about it cuz she’s jealous yet she didn’t want Javi and she’s been rude to him & nasty and mean and I think it’s funny and she needs to keep her comments to herself.. cheating on Javi with his best friend getting pregnant by another dude after she made it clear to hobby that she didn’t want any more children with him at the time I’m glad he’s done with her she’s just a s*** anyway.. sad part is I used to like kail and then she just became so b***** and nasty and mouthy she just makes me sick..

  32. It seems like a good move on Briana’s part. She’s picked two absentee baby-daddies, and Javi has shown himself a stand-up guy who loves kids. If she moves away from the coven, she may even have a chance to develop into a functional human adult. Her family is toxic, and Javi might be a way out for her. No idea what Javi sees in Briana, but that poor dude is going to be used for his stability and benefits yet again. I’m guessing he’ll be devastated again sometime in the future when he realizes that the person he’s with doesn’t really love him.

  33. He is way too vocal about this way too soon… Something about this whole thing seems off javi I feel is looking for somebody in all the wrong places

  34. HAHAHAHA I’m sorry but this is really funny to me. They deserve each other and Javi’s taste in women still hasn’t gotten better.

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