‘Sister Wives’ Star Mykelti Brown & Husband Tony Padron Welcome Twin Boys: See the First Baby Photos!

“Here’s hoping that neither of you inherit your grandpa Kody’s personality.”

The Padron twins have arrived! 

Mykelti Brown, daughter of Sister Wives stars Kody and Christine Brown, welcomed twin boys this week with husband Tony Padron 

Mykelti and Tony chose the names Archer Banks and Ace McCordon for their sons, who were born November 17 after Mykelti was induced. Archer arrived at 10:54 a.m. and weighed 6.15 lbs, and Ace made his debut two minutes later, weighing 6.8 lbs. 

“I’m so happy my boys are finally here and we’re all doing well,” Mykelti told People.

“I’m glad my sons have finally come to play,” Tony added. 

Archer and Ace join big sister Avalon Asa, who was born in April 2021. 

Mykelti and Tony announced in June that they were expecting twins, and while sharing photos from their gender reveal party in August, Mykelti revealed she was due December 1, but she and Tony were expecting the boys to make their arrival before Thanksgiving. 

In a series of photos shared by the couple with TLC, Mykelti and Tony showed off their new additions, revealing that Christine has already met her grandsons and so has her former sister wife Robyn Brown, who remains married to Kody. 

Mykelti gave birth in a hospital this time, unlike her birth with Avalon, which took place at home. The photos showed both Christine and Robyn visiting the babies while in the hospital. Kody, however, was not seen in any of the pictures.

“And be that close to Christine? NEVER! If those babies want to see me, they need to start making an effort!”

On Sunday’s episode of ‘Sister Wives,’ viewers saw Mykelti and Tony spending time at Robyn and Kody’s house in Flagstaff, Arizona, prior to helping Christine move to Utah. Despite the ongoing tension among Christine and Kody (and Robyn and Meri), Mykelti explained that she and Tony have always been very close to Robyn.

During her visit, Mykelti also assured Robyn that she would always be a “grandma” to her and Tony’s kids.  

Archer and Ace are Kody’s fourth and fifth grandchildren, though No. 6 is due to arrive soon, as Kody and Janelle’s daughter Maddie Brown is expecting her third child with husband Caleb Brush in February. 

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC) 



  1. When Tony first appeared on the show , I thought he was a jackass immature young man. However , seeing him on this last episode , I really liked him . His facial expressions alone were priceless. Mykelti is so soft spoken and calm like her amazing mother. I wish them nothing but the best. Congrats to the Padron family and Oma Christine. But not Sobbin Robyn. She can get wrecked.🤣

  2. This weeks ep was my first experience with Tony and Mykelti, and I have to say, I was extremely impressed by them. They are kind, reasonable, logical and strong-willed in the best way. I thought Mykelti’s speech at the farewell was mature and compassionate.

    I wish them and their little family the best. And if that means avoiding those with ramen hair, so be it.

  3. Congratulations to Mykelti and Tony, and also to the sweetest grandma in the world, Christine. Forgive me, but I don’t count Robyn as a grandma.

  4. Very happy for them. Tony is a real dude, doesn’t give a F and I love him for it tbh did she have a C-section?

  5. They are absolutely precious! I also enjoyed seeing Avalon on the last episode. What a little cutie she is too. Congrats to Mykelti and Tony!

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