‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Chelsea Houska Awkwardly Comments On Jenelle Evans’ Divorce; Kail Lowry Says She Has “No Communication At All” with Jo Rivera & More

“Jo pretends I live in a cave…with no phone service or Wi-Fi!”

From commenting on each other’s divorce drama to commenting on co-parenting, it’s been another busy week for the stars/former stars of the Teen Mom franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom Family ReunionTeen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last week or so…

Chelsea Houska Awkwardly Comments on Jenelle Evans’ Divorce Drama 

“Jenelle you lost weight! Like 250 lbs of swamp waste and man-pigtails!”

Chelsea has done her best to distance herself from ‘Teen Mom 2’ over the past few years— making it clear that she has no interest in revisiting her time on the MTV show…or the drama (or people) who come with it. However, in a recent live interview with Access Hollywood, Chelsea was put on the spot and asked to comment on the recent divorce drama surrounding her former co-star Jenelle…and things got awkward.

Chelsea— who was doing the interview with her husband Cole DeBoer to promote the currently airing second season of their show Down Home Fab— seemed to be caught off-guard when the reporter asked for her thoughts on Jenelle’s pending divorce from David Eason, and then asked Chelsea if she had any “advice” for Jenelle.

The actual faces Chelsea and Cole made when they realized the reporter was gonna “go there”…

“I have not been in contact [with Jenelle],” Chelsea said after stuttering a bit. “But obviously I can’t imagine how going through a divorce would be, in general, so I hope she’s doing OK.

“And I wish her, just the best.”

Chelsea’s reluctance to speak about Jenelle may be due to the fact that Jenelle has bashed Chelsea online numerous times since Chelsea departed ‘Teen Mom 2’ in 2020. (As fans know, Jenelle was fired from the show in 2019.) Back in 2021, Jenelle stated online that she felt Chelsea was “a complete bitch to her” during their years on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ 

After Chelsea left the show in 2020, Jenelle shaded her, telling her online followers that she felt Chelsea (and her story) were “fake.”

“Dude, I wouldn’t even WANT to have an HGTV show and a happy, healthy marriage! So there!”

When Chelsea was asked if she still keeps in contact with the ‘Teen Mom’ girls in general, she stated that she does keep in touch with Kail Lowry, but none of the other girls.

“I still follow, we all kind of follow each other on social media,” Chelsea said. (For the record, Jenelle and Chelsea do not follow each other on Instagram as of press time.)

“…As far as, are we calling each other all the time? That’s not happening but I love all of those girls, they always will hold a special place,” Chelsea said. “I’m rooting for them from afar, for sure.” 

“Preferably very, very far, especially from The Land!”

Kail Lowry Says She & Jo Rivera Do Not Communicate “Whatsoever” & Haven’t for Years; Says Her & Javi Marroquin’s Co-Parenting Has Improved

“You have 37 podcasts…what more could you possibly have to talk about?”

On the latest episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Kail Lowry opened up about the rocky co-parenting relationship she has with one of her baby daddies and for once, she wasn’t talking about Chris Lopez. 

“Jo and I don’t communicate,” she said of her first baby daddy, with whom she shares son Isaac. “Like, we have no communication whatsoever. We don’t talk.” 

Kail added that when a fan stated that she and Jo would “win” for “most-improved co-parenting” relationship, she disagreed. 

“No, literally me and Javi [Marroquin would win]. Me and Javi are— you guys know– strictly email [communication only]. We are so cordial,” she said of her co-parenting relationship with Baby Daddy No. 2. “We may not be friendly in public, but if Lincoln is there and we need to have a face-to-face conversation, like at a sporting event or whatever, we are cordial, straight to the point, no extra bulls**t. We don’t fight.”

Kail added that she and Javi have not fought at all since last year, when Kail said something he didn’t like on a podcast. 

“We have no arguments whatsoever. We have nothing to argue about because no lines are blurred. We aren’t overly friendly, we don’t talk if we don’t have to,” she continued. 

“I told ya Big Papi could play nice!”

“But Jo and I? We don’t communicate at all. We don’t text, there’s nothing,” Kail added.

When asked by her co-host Lindsie Chrisley how she and Jo co-parent if they don’t communicate, Kail admitted that they will send each other the absolute bare-minimum amount of texts to get plans relayed for their son Isaac. 

“We are not friendly,” she said. “Jo and I have been like this for a long time. I don’t know when it started or why it started…I’m not hurt by it; I’m not upset by it. But with that can come feelings of resentment.”

Kail didn’t discuss what role Jo’s wife/her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast co-host Vee Torres plays in co-parenting Isaac, or how her friendship with Vee is affected by her poor relationship with Jo. 

“I’ll referee this thing ’til the wheels fall off if it means job security!”

Kail said there wasn’t a certain incident that caused her and Jo’s relationship to be the way that it is, though she claimed it has been this way “for a long time” and she doesn’t know when it started. 

While she acknowledged that there will be times where she and Jo will need to discuss important things regarding Isaac, she doesn’t see them communicating otherwise.  

“It is what it is, like, I’m not hurt by it, I’m not upset by it … I just, I think that … with that can come frustrations and with that can come feelings of resentment and things like that,” she said. 

Maci Bookout Says She’s Still Open to the Idea of Turning Her Family of Five Into a Six-Pack.  

“Here’s to raising tiny athletes and never having to get real jobs.”

The McKinney family may welcome another child athlete into their family in the future. 

In a recent interview with In Touch Weekly, Maci admitted that the possibility of adoption will “never be off the table” for her and husband Taylor McKinney, who are already parents to daughter Jayde and sons Maverick and Bentley– the latter of whom Maci’s shares with ex Ryan Edwards. 

Maci and Taylor— who, in the past, have talked about their desire to adopt a child— said that they have no plans to adopt any time soon, though. 

“I just know we have specific expectations and goals of what we want to be able to provide and what we want to be able to give,” Maci said. “And we are just not in that space right now. We’re drowning with ours and everything else that right now, it’s just not realistic. 

“Even if it was fostering and not adoption–- just fostering in hopes that they do find adoptive parents-– I could never take it off the table,” she continued. “But right now, it’s just not realistic for what we wouldn’t be able to give, everything that would need to be given and what we want to provide. It’s just not possible right now.” 

“Our hands are full, y’all.”

Taylor agreed that as of now, the topic is “on the back burner.” Still, he admits there’s some hesitation on his end. 

“There was a couple years where even after Maverick, I still kind of wanted a fourth child, even though Maci didn’t,” he said. “And then we kind of brought up adoption, too, but I don’t know. 

“I think, I know for me at some point, it kind of turned where I was like, I think we’re good with three [kids],” he continued. “I don’t know, a fourth one would be tough.” 

“I mean, unless this new kid already knows how to tap a keg…”

On a 2019 episode of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ Maci pressed for Taylor to undergo a vasectomy, arguing that she was “100 percent” sure she did not want to have any more biological children. 

“‘Biological’ children? Ain’t that when a kid is real good at the science?”

Taylor ultimately didn’t go through with the procedure, though Maci claimed they both were “very respectful of how the other feels about it.”

“We’re on the same page as far as it being OK that we’re on different pages,” she told Us Weekly in 2020.

Kail Lowry Applauds Herself For Jumping Off the ‘Teen Mom’ Train(wreck)

“…and my decision to leave this crapshow just proves it!”

It’s been two years since Kail barrel-rolled herself off the moronic monorail that is ‘Teen Mom,’ and the former reality TV star congratulated herself for making– and sticking to–the decision to leave the show.

In a post to Instagram Stories on Wednesday, Kail revealed that it had been two years to the day that she last filmed for ‘Teen Mom 2.’ 

“2 years ago today, I filmed my exit from the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise,” she wrote, in the caption of photos from that day of filming. “Thankful for the opportunity & proud of myself for making that decision & following through.” 

On a recent episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, Kail spoke about how things changed during her time on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ in regard to how issues with the cast were dealt with.

“I think that ethics and morals go out the window at some point when you’re looking at dollar signs,” Kail said. “If the price is right, they’ll let anything slip under the radar.

“I feel like that started to happen with ‘Teen Mom, to be honest,” she said. “I think that things started to occur— and because there was so much money being brought in— that eventually they were like, ‘We’ll let this slide and see what happens.

“[The network and the producers] don’t care, as long as they have jobs and money,” Kail said.

“That’s fair. Larry’s gotta eat!”

During an appearance on the Dumb Blonde podcast last year, Kail opened up about the two main reasons she left the show, one of which was because she felt betrayed by those making the show because they refused to discipline Kail’s nemesis Briana DeJesus for the acts she committed against Kail

“I paid my dues in the industry. I don’t feel like she has,” Kail said of Briana at the time. “We’re talking about [me sharing] divorce, cheating scandals, STDs, and you can’t even say, ‘This is unacceptable’ and do something about it. There was no regard or human decency. So that was turning points [for me to leave the show].

In addition, Kail said she wanted more privacy for herself and her kids. 

“My kids are getting older, Isaac really didn’t want to film anymore,” she told podcast host Bunnie XO. “So I was just kind of feeling like, ‘Maybe this is time for me to move on,’” she said. “My kids didn’t want to film. I just wanted the privacy and to kind of just move on.”

To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

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  1. Kail is so out of content she needs to make a show about people she doesn’t talk to??? LMAO. Girl always has a way to sell their stories and put words in their mouth. Just go work in Tractor Supply store already…

  2. Janelle, Chelsea might be “fake” but that seems to be working for her… I mean, she’s got a successful TV show with high ratings, she hasn’t had CPS OR the cops called on her OR her husband, she’s married to a good man that is good to the child that isn’t biologically his, and actually has raised ALL her children, herself. I guess if being real consists of having to call the cops every other day, marrying a man that kills animals regularly and abuses children, is under CPS investigation and has CONSTANT drama then I’m thinking I’d like to be Chelsea. Chelsea answered with class and is a better woman without trying, than you will EVER be. As far as her being a bitch to you, I’m 100% sure you deserved it and wern’t exactly Mary Sunshine to her either.

  3. Kail and Jo definitely don’t have a social relationship at this point but I’d still consider texting each other about Isaac as “communication”.

  4. That caption with Ryan’s pic is HILARIOUS! xD (I really hope this guy doesn’t have a kid with anyone anymore)

    Typical Kail. It’s ALWAYS everyone else’s fault. Javi might be cordial with her because he hasn’t lost hope for a meet up at Wawa perhaps. (And we all know he cheated on Lauren before) How about Chris? I guess those two are cool now, otherwise she would talk badly about him too. Damn, this woman created this mess and I don’t feel bad for her. That’s why you don’t have children with multiple baby dadii.

    Lol, Chelsea being asked about Jenelle. No one cares, I bet she doesn’t either. I only feel bad for the kids being tied into this mess (esp Kaiser and Jace!)

  5. I swear every time I see some sort of kail headline like this, I thought it was the other way around. That’s how much she flip flops her story about relationships with all the baby daddies. We don’t need to hear about it!!! Like literally no one cares haha

  6. Of course Kail and Javi are super cordial, now that all their communication goes to an email address that Lauren monitors.

  7. Kail always seems to want to fight with one baby daddy at a time. Loves the drama. When she and Jo are good, she’ll turn on Javi and there’s her content for attention. Pathetic.

  8. Why was Chelsea even asked about this? Jenelle has always tried starting jealous drama with her and Chelsea would never play her games. Chelsea has never been divorced or, as far as I know, experienced escaping domestic violence so asking her if she has advice for Jenelle was a pretty lame excuse to bring her up. No wonder she was caught off guard. Her answer was perfect.

      1. Chelsea actually has class!!!
        But yes what an odd question- did the interviewer even research for the questions?!?!?

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