Chelsea Houska Talks About Her Former ‘Teen Mom’ Co-Stars, the Possibility of Having Another Kid & More

“Wait…those shows are still on? You’re kidding.”

Chelsea Houska may be an HGTV star now, but she said she still cares about the girls she grew up with on Teen Mom 2.

In a recent video interview with Entertainment TonightChelsea spoke about the MTV show she starred on from 2010-2020, noting that, while she’s not really tuning into to see what Leah & Co. are up to these days, she does wish the franchise’s remaining stars well.

Here, The Ashley breaks down some of the most-interesting parts of Chelsea’s interview, which was done to promote the Season 2 premiere of Chelsea’s show, Down Home Fab, which she stars on with her husband Cole DeBoer.

On how she feels about ‘Teen Mom’ now:

Chelsea made it obvious that, these days, she’s not exactly a faithful viewer of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise. 

“I feel like after I left that [show], I was just ready to leave it behind,” Chelsea said as diplomatically as possible. “But, of course, I see clips online.”

Chelsea said that she does still care about her former ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars, though. 

“These girls were a huge part, a very important part, of my life as well,” she said. “We all kind of went through the same thing at the same time together. Even if I don’t talk to these girls all the time, my heart is still with them.”

“Well…maybe not with Jenelle in the swamp…but otherwise…yeah.”

“I still care about all of those girls so much,” Chelsea continued. “I just wish them so, so well.” 

Chelsea added that she doesn’t actually speak to any of the ‘Teen Mom’ girls, other than the occasional text with Kail Lowry. However, she does follow their lives via social media.

“No chance you’d put a good word in for me at HGTV, Chelsea? I want to make my ‘Down Holler Fab’ show happen!”

“I would be so down to grab dinner or get together with some of the girls,” Chelsea added, without saying which girls she’d go eat with.

On how her dad Randy Houska played a part in her turning out successful:

Chelsea stated that she still goes to Papa Randy for advice, even now. She also credited Randy for the way he handled the difficult situation of her teen pregnancy and the years afterward. 

“I loved how my dad approached things,” Chelsea said. “It was very real, but gentle. Like, he accepted a lot but he let me know that he didn’t agree with it.”

“Basically all of the ‘Adam Years’ fall into the category of ‘Didn’t agree with it.'”

“It was the perfect balance of not pushing me away, not shutting me out, but still guiding me,” she said, adding that she credits “Randlicious” for her being where she is today.

“He played such a role, and people definitely saw that [on the show] and connected with that,” Chelsea said. “I for sure credit him. Shout out to Randy!” 

On how she & husband Cole DeBoer keep their romance alive:

Chelsea and Cole have been married for seven years, but said they genuinely still enjoy being around each other. 

“I do think that us being together all the time only helps us because that’s just what we both need,” Chelsea said.

“Stay where I can see you, DeBoer!”

“”I feel like it’s fun for us and it works for us,” she said. “I do think people are different, some people probably can’t stand the thought of being with their partner everyday 24/7. But I feel like, for us, it does work… I think our love languages are similar and I think that helps. It’s like quality time and physical touch and we get that every day. So we’re very fulfilled!” 

However, Chelsea said she and Cole are “not great” at prioritizing romance amongst their litter of children, animals and dozens of cans of black paint.

“We try to get our dinner dates in, but there’s phases of life and right now we’re just in the chaos,” Chelsea said. “…but we do definitely connect after the kids go to bed. We make sure to sit down and have actual quality time.

On possibly having more kids:

Chelsea currently has four kids–Aubree, Watson, Layne and Walker— and has said that she and Cole are likely done having children. However, both stated that having another kid is not off the table completely. 

“I still think I might get a wild hair [and want another baby],” Chelsea said. “It’s possible. We don’t know and I don’t want to put that final stamp on, like, ‘Oh, we’re done having kids.’… so, we’ll see. But five seems like a lot.” 

“That’s all she has! That’s nothing! Try seven, honey!”

“It’s not just her either,” Cole added. “I have the bug all the time too.” 

On how ‘Down Home Fab’ Season 2 is different from Season 1:

“I feel so excited. I feel like the projects are better. I feel like we are more confident. I just feel like it is definitely a level up,” Chelsea said, adding that she even had to stray from her habit of painting everything black and add some color into the Season 2 houses.

“That’s where the silver disco balls come in!”

“[This season] allowed us to get a little bit more creative… I feel like we’re having a lot more fun, we’re showing ourselves, and we’re just enjoying the process,” she said. 

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(Photos: HGTV; YouTube; MTV) 


  1. Jenelle: Chelsea was talking about grabbing dinner with the other girls, not you. You can stop checking your phone now.

  2. Randy is a great dad and a big part of why Chelsea was able to pull it together and get on track. Remember how pathetic she was in the first couple of seasons? She’s come a long way!

  3. “ perfect balance of not pushing me away, not shutting me out, but still guiding me”
    I love this, I would love to be this kind parent for my kids. Totally what I needed growing up!!

    1. This is my parenting approach for my 3 kids. I have. 15, 10 and a 3 yr old. I’m definitely the mother I wish I had. It’s very healing to have difficult conversations end in resolution and understanding. To see my kids reach for a hug and say “thank you for talking to me mom I feel better” means the WORKLD. When I was a kid my mom screamed at me or just wasn’t there. I was so lost. Glad to have learned from that and not repeated the cycle with my little chickens. Literally 3 days ago my son’s old friend ran away and was being hidden by “friends”. My son was so upset and couldn’t understand why he would do that and why his mother was so cold about it. She literally did not care and kept saying “I don’t think I love him anymore he’s a monster and he’s the rotten egg” and my heart broke. Poor kid is rebelling and wants love and a mother and she just refuses.

      1. I’m proud of you! Thank you for being an awesome mom. So many of us out here appreciate the hard work you’re doing!

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